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February 23, 2014

Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston Have Put Off Their Wedding, Report Says

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston are reportedly at an "impasse."

When You're Too Good At Trivia...

We all get there eventually, to that point where no one will play trivia games with you anymore.

12 Disney Princes Ranked By Intelligence

Because it's not only looks what matters

The Crisis In Ukraine Now Has Its Very Own Movie Trailer

"Danger is real, but fear is your choice."

Oldest Known Holocaust Survivor Dies At 110

Pianist Alice Herz-Sommer died in London on Sunday.

6 Severely Accurate Illustrations About Getting Older

You will always feel 19 until you're 30. Honest comics about aging.

22 Terrific Non-Fiction Running Books

What better way to relax after a run than curling up with a good running book? Well, except for maybe beer and a good running book.

The Post-College Version Of The "Farmer's Riddle"

A farmer needs to bring a fox, a hen, and a sack of corn across adulthood. Comic by KC Green.

Handsome Cat Has The BEST. DAY. EVER.

Handsome the cat is having a pretty amazingly awesome day.

PICTURES: Miley Cyrus Kisses Katy Perry In Concert On Caitlin O'Brien's Blog

Last night Miley Cyrus brought her Bangerz tour to LA. Many from Hollywood came out to see the spectacular, including Katy Perry. In the middle of "Adore You," Miley came down to the front row and gave Katy a big kiss. The act seemed to take both singers by surprise. Afterwards

19 Chicken Recipes For Even The Pickiest Eater

Disclaimer: All recipes have been tested out on the pickiest eater I know.

Which Magic Mike Stripper Is Your Soulmate?

With so many potential male stripper boyfriends out there, you probably need help narrowing down your options.

Things Liberal Arts Grads Are Tired Of Hearing

Why, thank you, interviewer/potential employer/relative/party-goer. I have seen the error of my ways! I will now return to school, borrow another $80,000 and get a more "useful" degree.

Heartwearming Pictures Of The First Same Sex Couples Allowed To Marry In Cook County, Ill.

Same-sex couples in Cook County, Ill., originally had to wait until June 1 to wed. But on Friday, U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman ruled that same-sex couples could marry immediately.

11 Things I Overheard During Miley Cyrus' Bangerz Tour

I went to Miley's show Saturday at the Staples Center and these were some of the things people said.

Vladimir Putin Is Former KGB

Wait.... what? If I were a Russian Olympian, I’d be doing everything possible to win also. No wonder they were ready.

Why Rose-Gold Hair Is Our New Favorite Thing

Why rose gold is our new favorite hair color.

Kerry Washington Is Maybe The Most Gorgeous Pregnant Woman On The Planet

Scandal star Kerry Washington is picture-perfect in Thakoon at the NAACP Image Awards.

The Unnecessarily Censored Version Of Finding Nemo Is Freaking Hilarious

"Just keep ****ing, just keep ****ing, what do we do, we ****."

Miley Cyrus Kissed Katy Perry

And I think it's safe to assume that she liked it.

Brooklyn Nets Sign Jason Collins, Making Him The NBA's First Openly Gay Player

The 35-year-old Collins will sign a 10-day contract and be in uniform by Sunday night.

Ollie Is The Coolest Persian Cat You Can Follow On Instagram

Olliethecatoffical is doing cat things to make everyone's lives better.

Susan Rice: "No" Regrets Over Benghazi

The national security advisor denied misleading the American public last September during an array of Sunday show appearances, saying she used the best information available at the time.

How To Piss Off A Stripper - Thrillist Nation

Want to get kicked out of a strip club? Follow these tips...

The Atlantic Partners With Mormon-Owned Deseret News For Series On American Fatherhood

The four-part series "The Father Factor" will be co-published in The Atlantic and Deseret News and will feature reporting from both staffs. "Why not collaborate and double the amount of stories we could deliver to our respective audiences?" Atlantic Digital Editor Bob Cohn said.

Erin Murray Selects Best Oysters From All Over The US And Canada

Because we wanted to provide you with the knowledge you need to order the most beautiful bivalves no matter where you are, we asked oyster expert/Shucked author Erin Byers Murray to select her favorite salty, slippery gems from all over the US (and…

Why I Quit Birth Control

One woman quits birth control after six years. And, the changes she saw in her body were significant.

This Shelter Got The World's Cutest Paper Delivery

I'm going to start buying Office Paper now.

18 Things That Are Easier Than Paying Off Student Loans

You laugh, but there are many things easier to do in this world than paying off those painful student loans. So. Many. Things

40 Awesome Signs You'll Want At Your Wedding

A good message is a telltale sign it's going to be a great day.

Having Kids: Expectations Vs. Reality

Your birth plan is just the first thing that won't go as expected.

Lo que dice tu animal bebé favorito acerca de cómo morirás

¿Es un cachorro o un gatito? De cualquier manera, todos vamos a morir.

Watch These Crazy Daredevils Try To Cross A Tightrope Between Two Hot Air Balloons

Filmmaker Seb Montaz-Rosset said he and his friends at Skyliners were "bored of winter" so they went to Spain and did this. And it's a jolly good thing they did.

13 pratos que na verdade são bem pouco mexicanos

Então você tem certeza de que seu jantar noite passada era uma receita mexicana original? Pois pense de novo.

Ukraine: Tymoshenko Ally Handed Presidential Power

As parliament's speaker takes control, the whereabouts of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych are unclear.

36 "Light The Dark" Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

On Sunday night, thousands of people around Australia held candlelit vigils to protest the inhumane treatment of asylum seekers. The photos will give you goosebumps.

15 Spectacular Pictures Of Abandoned European Buildings

Urban Explorer Critical Mass has taken some incredible photos from his travels across the continent.

30 Book Covers That Need To Be Stopped

You really don't want these classics on your bookshelf.

You Can Visit An Ancient Chinese City That's 100ft Underwater

What do you do when one of your cities is beneath the ocean? Turn it into a tourist attraction, of course.

These Photos Of Asia Are Utterly Breathtaking

Weerapong Chaipuck is an absolute master of low-light and long exposure photography. He uses Photoshop, but the stunning colours in his landscape pictures are primarily due to his sense of timing. You can buy prints here.

The Essential Ranking Of All 52 Characters From "One Tree Hill"

This is an attempt to rank all the main and recurring characters from all nine seasons of One Tree Hill. Spoilers ahead.

9 Terrifying Urban Legends From Victorian London

The things that scared Victorians tell us a lot about the city in which they lived.

Man Dies After Carbon Monoxide Poisons Dozens Of Diners At Long Island Restaurant

The man died on Saturday evening after 28 people — including three police officers — were overcome by carbon monoxide at the Walt Whitman Mall in Huntington Station.

Things You Learned From Troop #332 (Better Known As Troop Beverly Hills)

In honor of the glorious time known as "cookie time", let's take a look at our favorite troop leader from troop #332 and see what she might have taught you besides cookie-hawking skills.

Former Notre Dame Linebacker Admits Involvement In Alleged 2010 Sexual Assault

Prince Shembo said Saturday that he was the Fighting Irish football player accused of assaulting Lizzy Seeberg, who committed suicide 10 days after coming forward.

10 Stages Of Having A Crush On Someone (in Adam Sandler GIFs)

Because who knows romantic comedy better than Billy Madison himself?

6 Types Of Reactions To The Return Of NBC's "Heroes"

Heroes Reborn will premiere in 2015 as an "event miniseries" of 13 episodes. And people have a lot of feelings about it!

What Should You Make For Dinner Tonight?

Life is stressful, let us simplify your dinner choice.

Ariana Grande Is One Sexy Vegan For V Magazine

Ariana Grande shows off her Victoria's Secret lingerie in a sexy new shoot for V Magazine.

20 Ways To Celebrate Your Revolution Ukrainian Style

You've just witnessed Yushchenko's fall from power on a largely peaceful day in Kyiv. After 93 days of protest, here's how you celebrate a revolution like a Ukrainian.

How To Avoid Pickpockets On Vacation

There's nothing worse than having your vacation interrupted by the sinking feeling that somebody's stolen your wallet. Use this…

How To Dress Head-To-Toe On $75

Sure, we're totally lusting after the designs we saw on the runway during Fashion Week in New York and London. But, in real life, we wear more Zara and Topshop than rag & bone and Alexander Wang. Shelling out thousands of dollars per outfit isn't… And, the pickings are a lot better than one might expect — as long as you're willing to do a little digging (or let us do it for you!). Plus, this tricky, transitional period between winter and spring means you'll be able to score big on all those end-of-season sales. So, in the spirit of saving, we put together five under-$75 outfits that will make you look like a millionaire — even on a broke-girl’s budget. Click ahead and say bye-bye to buyer's remorse!

Living On $2.13 An Hour Plus Tips

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, tips are the property of the employee who receives them; however, an employer that claims a tip credit is required to pay a tipped employee only $2.13 an hour in direct wages, provided that amount plus tips…

Here Are The Housing Markets To Watch This Year

BOSTON (MainStreet) — U.S. median home values rebounded 6.4% last year as Americans put the long-running housing bust behind them — and here's a look at five cities where market tracker Zillow expects the good times to roll on in 2014.

Chelsea Handler Stands Up For Herself In The Most Amazing Way

Chelsea Handler wrote an op-ed piece in The Huffington Post defending her spot in the male-dominated late night landscape.

Can You Match 14 Famous Cartoons With Their Super Famous Voice Actors?

Eliza Thornberry was voiced by a Mean Girl, Lumière was voiced by a Law & Order detective, and Spider-Man was voiced by a guy from How I Met Your Mother. Can you guess which ones?

Twix Lover Robert McKevitt Fired For Allegedly Attacking Vending Machine With Forklift

When McKevitt, 27, couldn’t dislodge the bar by rocking the machine back and forth, he allegedly tried using the forklift. According to state unemployment compensation records, McKevitt used the massive tool to drop the machine at least six times…

Welcome To Subaru Roadside Assistance & Empowerment

Thank you for calling Subaru roadside assistance and empowerment. This call may be monitored for quality assurance. Before we start, we’d like to ask you a few questions so that we can provide you with better service. If this is a life-threatening emergency, or if you have tickets to a WNBA game that starts in fewer than 30 minutes, please hang up and dial 911. —Let’s begin. We have identified you using your phone number. According to our records, your Preferred Gender Pronoun is SHE Is that still accurate? —Great. We have located you using your phone’s GPS. Please be…

Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake's "History Of Rap 5" Is Straight Outta Compton

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake's fifth "History of Rap" medley features Snoop Dogg, Kriss Kross, Kendrick Lamar, Run DMC, and more.

9 Animal Weddings You Wish You Were Invited To

Your invitation must have been lost in the mail, sorry.

10 Best Dressed Disney Villains

Countdown of the top ten Disney villain outfits

Sarah Hyland Got Felt Up Down Under

Modern Family‘s pretend jailbait daughter, Sarah Hyland, had an overzealous fan cop a feel during a photocall event in Australia. The show was in Australia filming an episode to formally jump the shark and Hyland was headed to a party for the cast…

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