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February 28, 2014

Listen To The Funniest Discussion About The Oscars Yet

Podcast stars Ronna and Beverly talk Sandra Bullock, Woody Allen, "Chewie Edge-jew-i-for," and why American Hustle may be overrated. BuzzFeed's Jace Lacob, Kate Aurthur, and Adam B. Vary — guests on the latest Ronna and Beverly installment — survive the experience.

28 Bad Movies We Can't Help But Love

Every year, The Razzies honor the worst cinematic achievements. But not all ignoble offerings are created equal — in fact, some movies are so bad, they're good! And these are BuzzFeed's favorite films that fall into that category.

7 Interesting Things From The Newly Released Clinton Documents

The Clinton Presidential Library released thousands of documents Friday from the Clinton presidency that had been previously held from public view. The documents, part of a batch to made public in the coming weeks, offered an insight into the Clinton White House not previously seen.

Why The Democrats Won't Stop Saying "Koch Brothers"

Majority Leader Harry Reid caused a stir attacking the Koch Brothers on Senate Floor this week, but that's probably on purpose. "There's no downside to any elected official in this country attacking the Koch brothers," said a Democratic strategist.

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