20 Things That Will Help You Through Your Long Distance Relationship

The distance sure isn’t easy, but it’s worth every moment.

1. A Dual Dial Watch

Now you always know what time it is ~there~ at a glance. Buy it here.

2. The DIY Version

Get the instructions here.

3. A Way to Watch Movies Together

Use an app like Synaptop to watch movies together, or you can enter a Google Hangout and watch YouTube Live content together on the screen.

4. Bed Specs

So you can lie in bed while you Gchat each other on your laptop before you fall asleep. Buy them here.

5. Kisses in a Jar

A very sweet way to countdown the days, especially if your loved one is deployed overseas.

6. A Card Deck of “I Love You’s”

This DIY is not only super sentimental, but it’s compact enough that it can be easily mailed for Valentine’s Day.

7. A Book of Your Emails to Each Other

You can purchase these from Memeoirs.

8. A Countdown Clock

You can download a template that lets you print and cut out your own customizable face. Available here for $13.

9. An Imprint <3 Message Ring

The important thing is that you know it’s there. Available in silver or gold here.

10. “Patience” Engraved Bracelet

As seen in the movie Like Crazy. Get it here.

11. Scratch-Off Map

If your loved one travels a lot, or you meet each other in all sorts of exotic places, this scratch-off map lets you commemorate all the amazing places you’ve been. Get it here for $20.

12. “Open When…” Bundle of Letters

Give them something to look forward to with a big stack of “open when…” letters. You can even tuck in little treats, surprises, or photos to make them extra special.

13. The Valentie


This tie has a tiny pocket for sweet nothings. Buy it here.

14. State Rings

Be reminded of ~home~ with a state ring from Etsy.

15. Mail a Hug

You can actually stick stamps on a pillow and put it in the mailbox.

16. The Engraved Distance Ring

Get it here.

17. A Latitude/Longitude Necklace

Commemorate your loved one’s whereabouts. Get it here.

18. A Heart Attack

You can make and send this adorable surprise for your long distance Valentine.

19. The TapTap Wristband

It’s a wristband helps people connect through vibrations. Couples can send each other secret coded messages via taps. Coming in summer 2014.

20. Matching Shirts

Wear them apart, wear them together.

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