18 Great Pre-Deployment Gifts For Military Families

The only thing harder than deployment is finding the perfect gift to give before they leave.

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1. Meal Improvement Kit

Military food can get old after a month. Send your soldier with their own stock of spices to jazz up their MREs. Get it here!

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2. A Journal

Purchase your loved one a journal to write down all their experiences here!

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3. Engrave a wallet insert.

Give your soldier something they can keep with them all day. Pick up a personalized insert here.

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4. Energy Jars

Pack emergency energy jars for the days when your soldier needs a pick-me-up. A plus: the jar can then be used to hold other things around the base.

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5. Write “open when…” cards

Purchase a collection of cards ranging from love, encouragement, funny, etc. Then write a personal note in each. Write on the envelope when they should open them, for example: when you are missing me, when you are frustrated, when you are having a bad day, or when you just want to laugh.

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6. If you’d rather buy the cards.

Grab these sweet long-distance cards here.

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7. A Kiss Jar

Fill a jar with Hershey’s kisses for a cute countdown gift.

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8. “Seven Days of Love” Pill Case

Fill a pill case with candy and love notes for a daily treat.

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9. Send hugs!

Who doesn’t love a good hug? Send one along with your loved one to keep with them. Learn how here!

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10. Matching bracelets

Purchase matching bracelets for a nice reminder that you’re always there. Pick up this American flag bracelet here!

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11. A countdown sign

Grab one for your loved one here.

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12. Personalized Thumbprint Necklace

Personalize this necklace with both your and your loved one’s fingerprints for a unique love token. Purchase it here!

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13. Make them a food journal.

Make your loved one a journal to keep track of where to take you when you get home. Learn how here.

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14. The Military Wives’ New Testament

Purchase this military Bible here!

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15. Keep a key for every place you call home.

Use a shadow box to create some personalized art that will remind your loved one that home is a state of mind.

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16. 52 Things I Love About You Cards

Make a little book of all the reasons you love your significant for them to keep. Learn how here.

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17. Customizable latitude necklace

Order two: one for you and one for them so you can wear each other’s coordinates with pride! Grab this great necklace here!

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18. “Remember Me” rings

Grab this classic ring here!

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