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    What The Simpsons Sound Like In Other Countries

    How do you say "d'oh" in Japanese?

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    Interesting things I learned while making this video:

    • There are two Simpsons spanish voice casts, one for Spain and one for Mexico. There are a lot of debates over which is better, with some even preferring them to the original cast.

    • There are also two French casts - one for France and one for the Canadian province of Quebec. Only the French version is featured in this video, sorry about that!

    • When there's a celebrity guest in Spain or Mexico, they get the actor who usually dubs that celebrity. For instance, in Spain Sideshow Bob is voiced by the same actor who dubbed Kelsey Grammer on Frasier.

    • They made the monorail song rhyme in every language!

    • On the German DVDs, the second half of the monorail song is in English. I checked on several German DVD players, and can not figure out why.

    • Sometimes references are updated for the local audience. For instance, a joke about Newt Gingrich was updated for the French-Canadian audience to poke fun at Ontario Premiere Mike Harris instead.

    • According to Matt Groening, "d'oh" is "t'oh" in France because the actor misread the line once and it stuck.

    • America's had the same Simpsons cast for over 25 seasons, but there's more turnover in other countries. The Spanish and Italian Homers have both passed on and been replaced. There's also been some union issues - the entire Mexican cast was replaced after season 16.

    The Simpsons is so good that it's still funny when you don't understand the words.