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September 27, 2012

Alex Morgan And Conan O'Brien Danced To 'The Final Countdown'

This week’s segment reviews ‘Just Dance 4,’ enlisting the help of U.S. Olympic soccer gold medalist/the Internet’s girlfriend Alex Morgan. Alex and Conan dance their way through Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ and Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown’ …

Millionaire With Cocaine Habit Is Jailed After Police Find Drugs Stash In The Folding Roof Of His Bentley

The 45-year-old has now been jailed for five years after a haul of cocaine was found hidden in the air vents and folding roof of his luxury Bentley.

What Happens When You Put A Bunch Of Sheep In The Middle Of Manhattan?

PETA protests, men show up to knit things, and the cute sheep get bored and fall asleep.

The Time Todd Akin Got Arrested

In 2011, said he'd been arrested at an anti-abortion rally.

Check Out This Parrotlet Playing Peek-A-Boo

Because cats are overrated. Yeah, I said it.

12 "Bagel Head" Transformations

The Japanese body modification trend, unfortunately, has nothing to do with real bagels.

How The NFL And The Refs Finally Agreed To A Deal

This is how it (probably) happened.

Important New Cat Science

Your blotchy tabbies are mutants. Go ahead and sign them up for The X-Men.

Fitness Bucket List

Having a bucket list is important. Here's what's on our fitness writer's.

New Images Of Brooklyn Nets Edgier Dancer Uniforms Revealed

The other day, the above image of the Brooklyn Nets dancers, the Brooklynettes, hit the webs and two things occurred to me. First, the Brooklynettes is such an awesome name for their dancers and I will flick a booger at anyone who disagrees. Second,…

25 Ways Celebrity Closets Are Different From Yours

Chandeliers, multiple Birkin bags, tiny white dogs on really huge ottomans, extremely organized shoes — these are the privileges of famous people. You probably can't have their closets but maybe they'll inspire you with decorating ideas for your, like, living room.

The Best Corgi Tattoo Ever?

Pretty sure this is it.

Azealia Banks Has Green Hair Now

It supposedly took over 10 hours to create. Fab or drab?

11 Coolest Bedtimes

In order of least cool to most cool.

Nigerian Sex Doctor Ad

Seems legit.

How Kelly Clarkson Made Me Stronger

A messy breakup made me understand the greatness of pop's least pretentious superstar.

Kelly Osbourne Is Sorry She's Not Sorry For Her $250,000 Manicure

So what if that's more money than some of us will see in a lifetime? That story and more in today's Celebfeed Gossip Roundup.

Now You Can Gift Stuff — Real Stuff! —To Your Friends On Facebook

Up until today the only real answer to "how does Facebook make money?" was "with ads, I guess?" Facebook Gifts is markedly more concrete: you can buy your friends real things through the site using real money. In other news, Facebook's stock price is still at about 1/2 of its initial offering.

Nickelodeon Scraps TMNT "Cowabunga" Catchphrase

You won't believe what they're replacing it with.

Awesomely Awkward! Politicians In High School

An admitted high school goof off, President Barack Obama, then known as “Barry” to his teachers and classmates, was more interested in playing basketball and enjoying the weather in Hawaii than hitting the books. The future president graduated from …

Male DNA Might Get In Women's Brains And Protect Them From Alzheimer's

When a woman gets pregnant with a male fetus, bits of its DNA can get in her brain and stay there. Weirdly, they might be good for her.

You Are Probably Going To Hate This Video And The People In It

"This surprise wedding music video was created for my husband," the star of this video, Jacquelyn, explains on YouTube. It's called "I Just Want to Ride Bikes With You" — and you just have to watch it.

Things You Don't Want To Come Home To And Other Links

No matter how bad your day is, at least you aren't these people. Plus, Mila Kunis is all wet and Einstein's office hours after he died.

Now You Can Buy T-Shirts That Celebrate Chavril's Engagement

It was only a matter of time. Avril and Chad's union is basically the Canadian Royal engagement, right?

Clever Ambient Ad Campaign For The Movie "Lincoln?"

Cheap too. They just need to alter another 100 million pennies, or so.

Why You Shouldn't Do Cocaine

Besides the whole "illegal" thing.

Documents Show Changes To Ryan Social Security Views

A decade of mailing to constituents reveals a shifting position. An early promise not to raise the retirement age.

Infographic: The Story Of Star Wars

See the story and meet the characters of Star Wars in an easily digestible, beautifully crafted format. It even makes the prequels bearable!

Worst Ref Calls

Sometimes, the ref really is blind.

A Tribute To Young Alec Baldwin: A Hottie That Cannot Be Forgotten

Oh Alec, how we yearn for the days of yesteryear when your hair flowed in the wind and wearing shirts was frowned upon.

What She Said: I Think Of Myself As A Good Person

So Jason’s ex, Sam, and I were almost officially acquaintances who have no problem with each other until the fall of last year. That was when I published an adorkably wacky account of how obsessed I was with the fact that she was able to move on wit…

Cat Reunited With Owner A Year After She Went Missing

"My friend just went to pet cats at our local animal shelter, and found her cat that had been missing for over a year." Redditor sweeetniblets says "She called her name (princess) and she came running."

The Most Adorable Halloween Costumes For Your Little Meth Dealers

Breaking Bad is big with the kids again this year.

Everything You Need To Know About Butt-Chugging

Is butt-chugging the new bath salts? No. Sorry, Media Hysteria, but not even close. (WARNING: Graphic images. It's about butt-chugging, so, you know.)

A Fascinating Look Inside The Great Nickelodeon Time Capsule Of 1992

Twenty years ago, the kids of Nickelodeon put things that were important to them in a time capsule.

Poll: Libertarians Are, In Fact, Voting For Romney

A Reason-Rupe poll shows that libertarians (defined loosely) will turn out for Romney after all.

Henri The Existentialist Cat Expresses His Political Ennui

Henri, here at BuzzFeed, we totally took that cat running for mayor seriously. Je vous en prie.

17 Dos And Don'ts For Wearing Clothes, Direct From France

The Paris fashion shows are supposed to showcase the very best clothes the world has to offer. Let's take a look at what probably none of us will be wearing but what probably everyone will be knocking off.

Mitt Adds Fuel To The Fire

Mitt Romney doesn't understand how planes work. Or fire.

Our On-Again, Off-Again Relationship With The Male Birth Control Pill

He keeps disappointing us, but we're still holding out hope.

Just A Baby Doing A Keg Stand

In what may be the most Arizona State thing in the history of that temple to gonorrhea and binge drinking, this is a photo of a baby doing a keg stand.

Wachowski Siblings Become Wachowski Starship, According To Andy

Back in the Matrix days, Andy and Larry Wachowski (above, with Cloud Atlas director Tom Tykwer), who direct their movies together, used to be known collectively as “The Wachowski Brothers.” Simple, memorable. But ever since Larry became Lana in 2002…

Ace Of Base: Champions Of '90s Style

Don't turn around or you'll miss these egregious outfits from nearly two decades ago.

Why We All Have Trust Issues

This explains why we're all messed up.

Brown Staffers Attack Warren By Mocking Native Americans

Staffers of Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) were caught on tape mocking Elizabeth Warren for her claims of Native American ancestry by making "war whoops" and tomahawk-chop gestures. While the video has prompted criticism over the racist stereotypes, nei…

To The Last Cart: The Enduring 2600 Collector Community From

The first issue of Digital Press came out in September of 1991, and true to its mission, it featured want lists by the writers, thoughts on current and classic games alike, and an early version of what would eventually become the Digital Press video…

Patrick Stewart Went All Shakespeare On The Referee Lockout

Captain Picard took over for John Oliver on The Daily Show to explain the NFL referee lockout.

Romney On Veteran Suicides: "This Is A Crisis!"

Ties his opposition to defense budget cuts to the psychological needs of veterans.

24 Terrible Books For Women

Don't read these. Seriously. Awful Library Books lives up to its name.

A Lamb And A Dog Canoodling Together

Lambs and dogs are so hot right now. Most adorable trend ever.

10 Useless Childhood Collections Your Parents Threw Away

Not "Pogs" useless, but "Don't Keep Trash In Your Room" useless. Awwww Mom, I worked really hard on that!

Then & Now: The Classic Video Game Characters Seen In "Wreck It Ralph"

Check out what your favorites from Street Fighter, Q*bert, and others look like today — and meet a few new characters, too!

The 20 Most Important Online Videos Of All Time

Web video – which slowly grew from web-cams and MPEG videos in the '90s to the streaming video of YouTube and Vimeo – has ushered in a new era of instant global sharing. Whether it's cats from Japan, music videos from Korea, or political news from Egypt, the world will never be the same.

37 Easy DIY No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas

No need to wield a giant knife, risking injury to yourself and others. These no-carve pumpkin ideas will help your pumpkins last longer, too.

This Dog Became A Kitten's Adoptive Mother

When her owner took in a stray kitten, Mittens did what any super-duper-heroic Pekingese would do: she nursed the kitty back to health and is raising it as her own.

How The Atari 2600 Shaped Pop Culture From

Atari's classic home console has affected our lives in ways we never anticipated all those years ago.

Shiba Confessions Is Your New Favorite Thing

For some reason when you take pictures of dogs and write all over them like a middle school girl in comic sans something amazing happens.

Tampa Bay Rays Rookies Dressed Up Like Women And Danced To "Call Me Maybe"

Once again, Major League Baseball teams are the best at hazing.

Here's The Chairman Of Google Doing The "Gangnam Style" Dance

You reap what you sow, guy who used to be in charge of YouTube. Apparently Psy stopped by Google's Seoul offices. Eric Schmidt was there.

Azealia Banks Is Single-Handedly Making Cowboy Hats Cool Again

Her new music video for "Luxury" is the video that we can't stop watching today.

Teen Boy In A Ski Mask, Dress, And Rocket Launcher Tops The Morning Links

Michael David Turley and his nephew wanted to test police response times. Plus Facebook is stalking you and pulling back the curtain on red carpet event coverage.

Send Your Own Mitt Romney Love Note

In 1968, Mitt Romney sent this photograph from France to his sweetheart back home. Add your own text in the heart Mitt drew in the sand to express your feelings.

The NFL's Cult Hero Ref Had The Best Response To The Lockout's End

What did Ed Hochuli do as soon as he heard the news that the deal was done?

Actor From “Sons Of Anarchy” Found Dead In Suspected Murder-Suicide

Johnny Lewis, who is best known for playing Kip in Sons of Anarchy and quirky kid Chili on The OC, was found dead yesterday morning at 28 years old.

This Guy Is Offering A Fortune To Whoever Turns His Lesbian Daughter Straight

Hong Kong businessman Cecil Chao Sze-tsung's daughter, Gigi, married her same-sex partner in France last week. So he did what any closed-minded billionaire would do: he offered a $65 million 'marriage bounty' to any man who can turn his daughter straight.

What's The Last Dream You Remember?

Was it scary? Sexy? Weird? Tell us about it! Bonus points for sharing what you think it means.

22 Handheld Games We Wouldn't Mind Playing Again

Remember when you could buy a single, self-contained game for practically any subject you wanted?

Coco Wonders Aloud If Your Dog Has Wet Dreams, Too

Dear Coco: there's this thing called Wikipedia, I don't know if you've heard of it...

Cats Are Evil, Can't Spell

If you're thinking of bringing a dog into your cat household, you better watch this.

Kids Asked: What Would You Do With An Extra Five Years?

The answers range from cute to puzzling to touching to hilarious.

Report: Cameron Snubbed Obama For Tennis

The British Prime Minister was on the court with the husband of former News Corp. executive Rebekah Brooks. "Tell Mr. Obama I'll ring him back." [UPDATED]

Romney's Supporters Reject His Soft Line On Obama

A failed golfer-president, not Che Guevera Lite? Shouts of "No!" in Toledo.

8 Unpopular Morrissey Opinions

Big Mouth strikes again...and again...and again...

Rihanna Has The Munchies

As evidenced is from her twitter last night. At least now we know the way to Rihanna's heart is through TGI Fridays and Ihop crepes.

Baltimore Orioles Get 'The Wire'-Themed Sports Illustrated Cover

To celebrate David Simon’s appearance in SI and his willingness to go, “hey, remember that show I made about Baltimore” on the cover, here are 10 alternate suggestions for Orioles/Sports Illustrated/’The Wire’ story titles.

Sue Simmons On Being Let Go After 32 Years On Air

Sue Simmons, former news anchor for WNBC in New York, tells “Say Anything!” host Joy Behar how she reacted when the local affiliate opted not to renew her contract after 32 years.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Photobombs The Obamas @

The latest viral buzz from

George W. Bush To Keynote Cayman Islands Investment Conference

Not entirely the party's message of the week.

Sweet Beard, Topher Grace

Is his facial hair fab or drab?

Five Surprising Charts About The 2012 Election

The FEC has released a summary of the money raised and spent in the first 18 months of the election. $4 billion in five graphs.

Conservative Polling Alternative Plans Expansion

Dean Chambers, the man behind, looks to "unskew" the media and politics. His numbers have given Republicans "a boost of confidence."

Russia Suspends Import And Use Of American GM Corn After Study Revealed Cancer Risk

The findings, which were peer reviewed by independent experts before being published in a respected scientific journal, found raised levels of breast cancer, liver and kidney damage.   More... Outrage as Pennsylvania high school marching band comm…

Barney Frank: I Had A Pot Brownie Once, It Made Me Sleepy

The retiring Congressman was giving his thoughts on his marijuana legalization tonight on CNN.

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