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September 27, 2012

25 Ways Celebrity Closets Are Different From Yours

Chandeliers, multiple Birkin bags, tiny white dogs on really huge ottomans, extremely organized shoes — these are the privileges of famous people. You probably can't have their closets but maybe they'll inspire you with decorating ideas for your, like, living room.

Now You Can Gift Stuff — Real Stuff! —To Your Friends On Facebook

Up until today the only real answer to "how does Facebook make money?" was "with ads, I guess?" Facebook Gifts is markedly more concrete: you can buy your friends real things through the site using real money. In other news, Facebook's stock price is still at about 1/2 of its initial offering.

Infographic: The Story Of Star Wars

See the story and meet the characters of Star Wars in an easily digestible, beautifully crafted format. It even makes the prequels bearable!

Just A Baby Doing A Keg Stand

In what may be the most Arizona State thing in the history of that temple to gonorrhea and binge drinking, this is a photo of a baby doing a keg stand.

The 20 Most Important Online Videos Of All Time

Web video – which slowly grew from web-cams and MPEG videos in the '90s to the streaming video of YouTube and Vimeo – has ushered in a new era of instant global sharing. Whether it's cats from Japan, music videos from Korea, or political news from Egypt, the world will never be the same.

37 Easy DIY No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas

No need to wield a giant knife, risking injury to yourself and others. These no-carve pumpkin ideas will help your pumpkins last longer, too.

Rihanna Has The Munchies

As evidenced is from her twitter last night. At least now we know the way to Rihanna's heart is through TGI Fridays and Ihop crepes.

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