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September 10, 2012

The Biggest Statement At Fashion Week Is A Plain White T-Shirt

Where everyone now works so hard to say something new with their clothes, the most unexpected thing one might do with them is... nothing unusual at all. My dispatch from the runways explains.

The Essential 100, No. 49: Super Mario Kart From

hen Shigeru Miyamoto first created Mario, he originally thought to call the then-nameless hero "Mr. Video." His thinking was that Mario -- or rather, Mr. Video -- would serve as an all-purpose protagonist, able to stand in for any role his creators …

Cicely Bolden: Man Stabs Girlfriend To Death For Not Telling Him She Had HIV Before They Had Sex

'She killed me, so I killed her', Larry Dunn Jr, 36, told officers in Dallas, Texas, after the body of Cicely Bolden, 28, was found by her two young children returning home from school.

Elizabeth Warren On How Joe Biden And Hillary Clinton Sold Us Out

Jeffrey Toobin's profile of Elizabeth Warren is subscriber-only in the New Yorker, but that's the tip of the iceberg. The woman does not, it's safe to say, care to politic. Very wonderful.

29 Random Things That Happened At Fashion Week, According To Instagram

A search through the #NYFW tag on Instagram reveals the real behind-the-scenes happenings of New York Fashion Week. If you're sick of seeing pretty people wearing semi-insane outfits, you might enjoy some Fashion Week coverage that deviates from the norm.

Secret Menu At Guy Fieri's New NYC Restaurant

Today is the launch of Guy Fieri's new Times Sq. restaurant, but due to hackers targeting GoDaddy, his was down today. Luckily, @a_girl_irl sent BuzzFeed an exclusive look at his menu.

Arkansas Fan Tapes Nose To Look Like A Pig, Writes Weird Song To The Team

When your team is ranked and gets crushed by University Louisiana-Monroe, your fans may lose their minds. That must be what happened here.

Life Inside A Chinese Slaughterhouse

And you thought your job was rough. Photos of a day in the life of abattoir workers outside of Beijing. Pork is China's favorite meat, and these guys have to struggle to meet the nation's growing appetite for luxury.

Watch Jessica Simpson's Weight Watchers Commercial

Does she come across as "real" or "desperate for a paycheck" to you?

5 Zac Efron Quotes In Support Of Gays

In an interview with the Advocate, Zac could not make his admiration and support of the gay community any clearer. He is perfect.

Putting Men First (In A Sentence) May Be On The Way Out

"Women and men" is the new "men and women," and "wife and husband" is the new "husband and wife."

My Sims Supernatural Makeover On Kerli's Blog

I used to play so much Sims when it first came out that I'd forget to eat and sleep. To this day, it's my favorite video game ever so I am super stoked that us Buzzmakers get to be a part of their campaign. To show my undying love for the Sims and c…

See The Hosts Of "The Talk" Without Makeup On

Just in case you wanted to know what Sara Gilbert, Sheryl Underwood, Aisha Tyler, Sharon Osbourne, and Julie Chen look like in the raw.

Scar Spotted In Kenya

He was not prepared. It was supposed to be the coup of the century. (Warning: Mild Blood]

So This Is How They Celebrate Winning A Race In Spain

Cyclist Alberto Contador simultaneously won both the Tour of Spain and the Tour of Blatant Innuendo. From this weekend's victory ceremony for the Tour of Spain, or La Vuelta.

Artist Makes Tiny People In A Big World

Street artist Slinkachu makes tiny dioramas, without the sideways shoebox.

Tween Girls Will Freak Out If Their Pens Aren't Pink, Says "Bic For Her" Ad

Amazon reviewers have endlessly mocked Bic's new "pen for girls." If the product weren't already absurd enough, now witness the commercial.

Carly Rae Jepsen Has A New Song

"This Kiss" is produced by Redfoo of LMFAO fame and it's super 80s. What do you guys think? Any good?

Kim Kardashian Compares Her 72-Day Marriage To Having Cancer

This, of course, comes alongside the "news" that Kanye used to watch Kim's sex tape while having sex with other women. The classiest couple in celeb-dom and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

Teaser Trailer Drops For "Lincoln"

Sadly, Spielberg is covering up Lincoln's vampire hunter past. But this still looks fantastic.

Fandom: Changing Society One Ship At A Time

Bronies, and Holmies, and Hiddlestoners, oh my! If you don't know any of those words, trust me, you will.

Apocalypse: The Supercut

We sure love to watch the world end. Let's get all that pesky "plot" out of the way and skip straight to the juicy part.

Kate Winslet's "Titanic" Screen Test Is Awkward

And Jeremy Sisto plays Jack!!!!

Rory McIlroy Isn't Ready To Declare Himself British Or Irish

McIlroy, the world's best golfer and a native of Northern Ireland, posted a message today via Twitter touching on his feelings about Great Britain, Ireland, and the 2016 Olympics.

The Robocop Commandments

This needed to be shared. Don't ask why.

Anderson Cooper Speaks Publicly About Coming Out

Interestingly he did so without ever saying the word "gay."

The Last Story Review For Wii From

For the best Reviews of The Last Story for Wii, check out this page on

Man Found Dead In Street Below Heathrow Flight Path Could Be Illegal Immigrant Stowaway

The body of the man, thought to be in his 30s and from North Africa, was found on a car parked in a road near London Heathrow Airport by shocked residents at 7:55am yesterday morning.

New Master Clip: Rorschach. Joaquin Phoenix Thinks Everything Is Pussy

As if my anticipation boner for Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master couldn’t get any more turgid and veiny, MovieClips just added this new clip to promote tonight’s 70 mm showing in Austin. The clip features Joaquin Phoenix as his character, Freddie, …

Nicki Minaj Celebrates Obama Comment In Twitter Spree

President Obama debunked a seemingly pro-Romney verse of hers this morning. "If that's not winning, idk what is."

The World's Fattest Dachshund And Other Links

Poor Obie weighs in at a staggering 77 lbs. Plus, the Dali Lama is on Facebook and Canada has pole dancing lessons...for kids.

Melissac14 went back in time! 3

Click Here to create your own Then and Again image!

Obama Gave The Chicago Teachers Union A Shout Out In 2008

The president doesn't have a position on the Chicago teachers strike this week. But he has had a warm relationship with the union: In 2008 video message to the the American Federation of Teachers in which Obama gives a shootout to the Chicago Teachers Union and their president.

Mitt Romney No Longer Concerned About God Being Taken Off Coins

Drops the reference from his stump speech after pushback over the weekend. Warning against encroaching secularism remains.

Does Ashlee Simpson Look Different To You?

In these recent photos she looks more like Kristen Cavillari or an Olsen twin than her old self. :(

How To Pull Your Tooth Out With A Monster Truck

First grader Easton shows you how to do some RC, DIY dentistry.

Harry Reid Slams Paul Ryan For Marathon Embellishment

The Senate majority leader slammed "Ryan math" on the Senate floor today. He also applied the formula to his own marathon times.

Stripper Pole Vs. Drunk Bears Fan

If you're not betting heavily on the pole, then you are underestimating how much a Chicagoan can drink.

This Kid Is A Pretty Decent Piano Player

I mean, he's not like a prodigy or anything. Oh wait, he totally is.

Ewan McGregor Is Also A Fan Of Aaron Paul

Even though at this point you'd be hard-pressed to find a person on this earth who doesn't love Aaron Paul, seeing Ewan McGregor get so excited about hanging with the Breaking Bad star is pretty adorable.

Study: "Don't Ask Don't Tell" Repeal Had No Negative Impact On Military

GIF patrol, what do you think of these findings?

This Is A Mashup Of R. Kelly And An Anti-Masturbation PSA

Jehovah's Witnesses made an anti-masturbation PSA for the deaf: so obviously, someone out there set it to R. Kelly's "Ignition (Remix)." THANK YOU INTERNET!

What Does Your Internet Instabituary Look Like?

If you made national headlines right this second, how would the world get to know you? It's worth thinking about! *knocks on wood*

Pat Robertson Encourages Man To Move To Saudi Arabia So He Can Beat His Wife

Romney ally is joking. But, "something's got to be done," he tells a man whose wife won't submit.

Summer 2012 = Victory For Nerds

We landed on Mars and a room full of cheering nerds became stars. Apple prototypes blew our minds. GIFs...never die. BuzzFeed's John Herrman joins Katie Linendoll on SPIKETV's All Access Weekly to round up the summer of tech to remember. Never forget.

The Most Embarrassing Moments Of The NFL's First Weekend

Not everything about the NFL is impressive.

3,000 People Doing Yoga At Once

That's a lot of yoga pants. From Brussels, Belgium.

How Decorative Candles Are Made

This is the most hypnotic 5-minute video about candle making you'll ever see.

Meg Ryan And John Mellencamp Are Still Dating

It would seem that John has found his "cougar" again.

The Struggles Of Girl Models

This story has nothing to do with eating disorders. Models' biggest problems — like getting paid for their work and maintaining decent working hours — are actually much more basic than that.

A Lesson In Trolling From The Cast Of MTV's "The Inbetweeners"

Zack Pearlman and Bubba Lewis talked with BuzzFeed about how they deal with internet haters and twitter trolls. We'd be smart to listen.

Is Maria Shriver Confused About The Origin Of The Sock Bun?

The journalist and ex-wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger might think Sarah Palin invented it — instead of, you know, everyone on Pinterest.

JD McPherson "Fire Bug" - Exclusive Video Premiere @

Official site of Team Coco & Conan O'Brien - watch Conan full episodes, get the latest news about Conan on TBS, watch Conan videos, Conan on the intertubes, fan sneak peeks, plus sundry worthless hilarity.

This Is How Fantasy Football Should Be Scored

Fantasy football scoring has gotten a bit stale. After the NFL's first week, it's clear these point bonuses need to be added immediately.

Now THIS Is A Music Video

It's business goblin vs. "Brad."

Why Music Gives You The Chills

I never knew what the intense physical sensations certain songs gave me were until I heard about the phenomenon called ASMR. Could it be the answer to my musical mystery?

Nancy Pelosi Wants You To Believe That Democrats Can Retake The House

The conventional wisdom says Republicans have it locked up. But Pelosi spent her week in Charlotte obsessively making the opposite case.

Meet SNL's Newest Cast Members

Just when you thought SNL would crumble and fall into obscurity (JK, that could never happen), we learn that they have just hired three new cast members. Thank goodness because the new season starts this Saturday. Let's meet 'em!

Jon Hamm Is Proof That There Is A God And God Is A Woman/Gay Man

This weekend Jon Hamm/Jesus gave us this present. Slightly NSFW, but totally worth it.

In Memoriam: Monty, The Royal Corgi

It's a cruel, cruel world. Queen Elizabeth II has lost one of her three beloved corgis.

Beyoncé Says Changing Diapers Is Beautiful

Jay-Z changes Blue Ivy's diapers too. Which is also beautiful.

Why Everything Old Is New Again: Part 2

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Mindy Kaling’s Fake Fashion Week Tweets Are A Hilarious Antidote To NYFW Fatigue

Fashion Week is serious business and with zero sleep and zero downtime, covering a ton of shows and events every day can get a little stressful. But yesterday, comedic actress/our imaginary BFF Mindy Kaling kindly reminded us just how fun fashion co…

36 Reasons Why Dragon*Con Is One Big Awesomely Geeky Party

Dragon*Con is best con. Held every year in Atlanta during Labor Day weekend, Dragon*Con is one of the largest sci-fi/fantasy conventions in the world.

The NFL's New Nike Pants Only Had One Job...

And it was to keep us from seeing lineman ass. This may be safe for work, but it's not safe for life.

Bill Cosby Tweets About Cosby Sweaters Tops The Morning Links

It will never not be surreal when celebrities become aware of being a meme. Plus, it's football season again and a little girl shook off the bubonic plague.

Lady Gaga Goes To London, Pretends She's A Princess

Ugliest fascinator of all time?

How Azealia Banks Made Me Fierce

The rapper's queer-friendly rhymes were the soundtrack to my exploration of gay culture this summer.

Young Afghan Skateboarders Killed In Kabul Suicide Bomb

Remember Skateistan? The non-profit skateboarding school lost four members in a bomb that detonated Saturday outside the International Security Assistance Force.

Julian Castro Makes Post-Convention Gridiron Video

The San Antonio mayor and Democratic convention keynote made an iPhone-themed video for the 2012 Gridiron dinner.

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz Fundraises Off Sexist Insults

Photoshopped with a "dog collar." "Not a lady." "Right wing applause line." The always outspoken DWS asks supporters for $50,000 in email blast that's the latest in the politics of victimhood.

Elizabeth Warren Tricked Into Signing Native American Cookbook

The Brown campaign circulates video of the candidate signing "Pow Wow Chow." Courtesy of conservative talker Howie Carr sneers at Warren.

Rihanna Got An Under-Booby Tattoo

Her grandmother, nicknamed Gran Gran, passed away in July, and Rihanna debuted a tattoo in honor of her on her twitter last night. [NSFW]

Peaches Geldof Tips Baby Astala Out Of Buggy After Hitting A Pothole In The Road

Having accidentally tipped her baby out of his buggy while chatting on the phone, the young mother (pictured) expertly demonstrated how to scoop him back up…while carrying on the conversation.

How To Make Bourbon Salt

It's come to my attention that a request for bourbon salt has been made, and I feel that it's a safe assumption that if I don't take up this call to NaCl no one reputable will. Which makes me worried for those who wish to try some, who might otherwi…

Paul Ryan Has Often Called For Sequestration

The Republican vice presidential candidate has often called for putting in the mandatory cuts known as sequestration throughout his career, as this supercut by James Carter. shows Ryan is now calling to remove that automatic sequestration cuts to defense built into the Budget Control Act he voted for last year.

Joe Biden Once Lived Life Of A Trucker

As a first term Senator, the Vice President took a journey across the country to learn the life and hear the problems of American truckers. Biden's op-ed offers and interesting look at his early career as a Senator.

8 Photos Of The World Record For Most Cowgirls In One Place

This weekend, a group of escaramuzas (rough translation: cowgirls) came together in an effort to set a Guinness World Record for most members of their sport together in one place. They succeeded — in style.

Obama: Nicki Minaj Didn't Really Endorse Romney

"She likes to play different characters." The President reveals on Orlando's Power 95.3 this morning that he's paying attention.

Romney Campaign Memo: Don't Panic

As Obama enjoys a hefty post-convention bump, Romney's pollster insists "the basic structure of the race has not changed significantly."

Kendall And Kylie Jenner Walk The Runway For Fashion Week

Unfortunately, the looks they wore were very much a blend of Malibu Barbie and your prom dress.

24 New Rules For Clothes From The New York Fashion Week Runways

You have a lot of weird tan lines — and hair thongs — in your future.

Perfect Ad For A Gay Film Festival

Titled "Death of the Gay Cliche," promoting the upcoming Queer Lisboa film festival.

Well Here's One Way To Make Google Glasses Less Goofy (Maybe)

Sponsor a fashion show to get pictures of models (and Sarah Jessica Parker) wearing them!

Forget The Economy — Romney Campaigns On God, NASCAR, And Conservative Values

Welcome to the culture war? "The subject has been the economy, is the economy, and will be the economy," says Fehrnstrom.

15 Students Who Are Psyched About The Chicago Teachers Strike

The Chicago Teachers Union called a strike Sunday night. The kids will learn to spell whenever they get back.

Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Got Married

They wed near Charleston, South Carolina, and Florence Welch performed at their wedding. I wasn't even given the chance to speak now or forever hold my peace!!!

Rand Paul "Hopes" Romney Shares His Views On The TSA

The Libertarian doesn't mention Romney during a visit to New York to promote his book. Suggests that New York could be a prime place for Ron Paul Republicans to make inroads.

Romney Will Insure Pre-Existing Conditions, Aide Says

But only for people who already have coverage. The campaign tries to clean up comments on NBC this morning.

The Broken-Down Romney Plane Playlist

When Mitt Romney's campaign jet broke down in Virginia Saturday night, bored reporters passed the time by connecting an iPad to some speakers and DJing their night stranded on the tarmac. The candidate stayed in the front of the plane, but the party was in the back. Here's the playlist!

Lena Dunham Debuts Short Hair During Fashion Week

She was at the Rachel Antonoff show with Jack Antonoff, Rachel's brother. Do you think it's fab or drab?

The Kindle Paperwhite

Against all odds, I have become a (belated) fan of the Kindle. I still hate doing anything with it but reading words on its screen, but it's light, runs on a single charge for seemingly ever, and I've really been enjoying reading on it lately.

Kristen Stewart Hits The Red Carpet For The First Time Since That Little Cheating Scandal

What scandal? Kristen Stewart put on her game face (more on her face later) and hit the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival last night to support her latest flick, On the Road. According to the Hollywood Reporter, she chose a Fall …

Cop Killed While Escorting Obama's Motorcade

Florida Officer Bruce St. Laurent was assisting the motorcade Sunday when he was struck by a Ford F-150.

The Shining Gangnam Style Mash-Up Video: The Psyning

You really can not go wrong with Psy and Gangnam Style, but even so, this mash-up of The Shining and Gangnam is pretty legit (The Psy-ning). All work and no thrusting make Psy a dull boy. [via Fck Yeah Dementia]

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