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September 10, 2012

Life Inside A Chinese Slaughterhouse

And you thought your job was rough. Photos of a day in the life of abattoir workers outside of Beijing. Pork is China's favorite meat, and these guys have to struggle to meet the nation's growing appetite for luxury.

Scar Spotted In Kenya

He was not prepared. It was supposed to be the coup of the century. (Warning: Mild Blood]

Apocalypse: The Supercut

We sure love to watch the world end. Let's get all that pesky "plot" out of the way and skip straight to the juicy part.

Obama Gave The Chicago Teachers Union A Shout Out In 2008

The president doesn't have a position on the Chicago teachers strike this week. But he has had a warm relationship with the union: In 2008 video message to the the American Federation of Teachers in which Obama gives a shootout to the Chicago Teachers Union and their president.

Ewan McGregor Is Also A Fan Of Aaron Paul

Even though at this point you'd be hard-pressed to find a person on this earth who doesn't love Aaron Paul, seeing Ewan McGregor get so excited about hanging with the Breaking Bad star is pretty adorable.

Summer 2012 = Victory For Nerds

We landed on Mars and a room full of cheering nerds became stars. Apple prototypes blew our minds. GIFs...never die. BuzzFeed's John Herrman joins Katie Linendoll on SPIKETV's All Access Weekly to round up the summer of tech to remember. Never forget.

The Struggles Of Girl Models

This story has nothing to do with eating disorders. Models' biggest problems — like getting paid for their work and maintaining decent working hours — are actually much more basic than that.

Why Music Gives You The Chills

I never knew what the intense physical sensations certain songs gave me were until I heard about the phenomenon called ASMR. Could it be the answer to my musical mystery?

Meet SNL's Newest Cast Members

Just when you thought SNL would crumble and fall into obscurity (JK, that could never happen), we learn that they have just hired three new cast members. Thank goodness because the new season starts this Saturday. Let's meet 'em!

Paul Ryan Has Often Called For Sequestration

The Republican vice presidential candidate has often called for putting in the mandatory cuts known as sequestration throughout his career, as this supercut by James Carter. shows Ryan is now calling to remove that automatic sequestration cuts to defense built into the Budget Control Act he voted for last year.

Joe Biden Once Lived Life Of A Trucker

As a first term Senator, the Vice President took a journey across the country to learn the life and hear the problems of American truckers. Biden's op-ed offers and interesting look at his early career as a Senator.

The Broken-Down Romney Plane Playlist

When Mitt Romney's campaign jet broke down in Virginia Saturday night, bored reporters passed the time by connecting an iPad to some speakers and DJing their night stranded on the tarmac. The candidate stayed in the front of the plane, but the party was in the back. Here's the playlist!

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