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September 11, 2012

Bachelor Pad 3 Finale Recap

Who won Bachelor Pad 3? That depends on how you define "winner." After a more or less typical season of gratuitous hookups and embarrassing challenges (ranging from a rhythmic gymnastics competition to a humiliating Karaoke contest), the finale came…

The Essential 100, No. 47: Guitar Hero From

efore Guitar Hero set living rooms across the U.S. ablaze with the sound of rock 'n roll, Konami had already successfully married rhythm and plastic for their own music-focused series, GuitarFreaks, a spin-off of the already popular (in Japan) Beatm…

Ann Romney Declines Invitation To Value Voters Summit

After program confusion, the campaign confirms she declined the invitation. Avoiding a risk of turning the popular spouse into a divisive figure. (Updated.)

Rachel Leigh Cook And Chad Michael Murray Have The Most Epic First Kiss

This puts all of their kissing scenes in Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill and She's All That to shame.

Have You Seen This New Comic Strip About The Fat Orange Cat?

Get this - Garfield is a cat who loves... wait for it.... LASAGNA! Here's the first week of comics which debuted June 19, 1978.

17 Groovy New Kitchen Gadgets Your Mother-In-Law Is Scared Of

Owning an electric can opener is like having a magician in your kitchen, say nothing of nonstick pans.

What Is This Awful "Punk" Stuff?

These kids with their hairdos and their torn clothing! Photographer Romany WG took these photos at the gigs he attended in London in the late '70s.

Celebs Partying At Studio 54

All the stars show up at the hot new club.

12 Worst Sharks Of The 1970s

What a bunch of bad vibes sharks.

This Computer Wants To Be Your Next Microcomputer System

Sure, you probably have never heard of APPLE Computer, and neither have we, but with 8K bytes of RAM on a Single PC Card we think we may have found a winner.

Freddie Mercury's Vocal Tracks Acapella

The acapella version of Queen songs with just Freddie's voice are available, and they're fantastic.

Will This Bitchin' New Candy Make Your Stomach Explode?

Parents nationwide are totally spazzing out about Pop Rocks. Are they right on, or do they need to take a chill pill?

BUZZNET Exclusive: Sneak Peak Selena Gomez & Vanessa Hudgens In Spring Breakers (NEW VIDEO) On Brandon Thompson's Blog

Like I told y'all last week Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine and James Franco star in the new Harmony Korine film ‘Spring Breakers’ which like Kids (the infamous film Korine wrote in 1995) is fascinated by youth gone wild.…

Kelsey Grammer On Playing Sideshow Bob On "The Simpsons" @

Kelsey explains how the homicidal maniac also ended up a songster.

Madonna Reveals Obama Tattoo During Yankee Stadium Concert

During a recent concert in New York, Madonna stripped to reveal a tattoo on her back with the word “Obama.” Comedian Jessica Kirson and pundit Joe Levy offer their takes on Madonna’s latest exploits.

Nixon's Biggest Mistake: Letting Teens Vote

President Nixon has made the boneheaded mistake of signing an extension of the 26th Amendment which lowers the voting age from 21 to 18 in all states. That means we're letting TEENAGERS vote. These kids are awful!

Beatle Mystery: Is Paul Dead?

Disturbing clues suggest bassist Paul McCartney is dead, and there's been a massive coverup. Here are the clues:

We Landed On The Moon Yesterday!!!!

Yesterday on July 16, 1969 — a day that will surely be remembered — America landed on the moon! It really happened! NASA will live forever!

The World Loves Twiggy!

The lovely English model has taken us by storm! From her uniquely long eyelashes to her bold boyish haircut, here are some of our Twiggy favorite looks.

The Kennedy's Pets

Parakeets, horses, rabbits - the Kennedy family has quite the menagerie!

Television Sets Are Ready To Change Your World

Trash those radios ladies and gents, televisions are here to stay! Most of these babies get a whopping 5 channels! Get one now in time for President Eisenhowers next speech!

How The '50s Saw The Future

Step right up ladies and germs, and feast your eyes on the world of tomorrow!

Where Was Elvis's Bottom Half On Ed Sullivan Last Night?

On last night's hotly anticipated Ed Sullivan show, Elvis Presley appeared and sang a few songs. But why wouldn't they show his whole body?

Everything You Need To Know About The Revolutionary Kitchen Tool: Tupperware!

Have you heard about tupperware? The new swell kitchen aide will let moms all over save the food they worked hard to make! Check it out!

The 9/11 Truth Movement Wants You To Know It's Doing Fine

Eleven years later, Truthers are still out there — and they think they're winning. "We have more factions now."

56 Powerful, Moving Photos From The 9/11 Memorial

Family and friends of those who died in the terror attacks of September 11th gathered today at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City, paying tribute and shedding tears at the World Trade Center.

9 Cool, Delicious Ways To Summon Summer Back

It may be September, but holding onto summer is still fair game. Give your wistful summer daydreams a helping hand with one-ingredient ice cream and eight other frozen treats.

Unbelievable Picture Of People Watching The South Tower Collapse

This picture was taken at 9:58am as the tower went down. Patrick Witty, the photographer, is still trying to find the names of the people in the photo.

Top 1 Reason Why 'The X-Factor' Is Going To Be Better Than 'The Voice'

'The Voice' decided to start a war and schedule one of their premiere episodes on the same night 'The X-Factor' premieres. Stupid move. They're going to regret it.

Frozen Margarita Cologne

Yours for a cool $25.99.

The Cost Of Being A Kid In A Classic Adventure Novel

A special after-school installment of Adjusted for Inflation, to be part of this series about youth. You probably haven't been a kid for some years now.

Andrew Rannells Wants Meryl Streep To Be The Mother Of His Child

The star of The New Normal spoke to BuzzFeed about working with Nene Leakes, why he's addicted to Hoarders, and answered the age old question: Cats or dogs?

The Tooth Fairy Is Serious Business Kid

Everything's a bureaucracy these days. When one parent couldn't find their son's tooth under his pillow, they improvised with this letter.

Cat Answers Phone

Nice answering machine, Candy Cane. Also, your phone is, like, plugged into the wall or something. It is also huge.

Mark Zuckerberg: Of Course We're Not Making A Phone

"No, that's always been the wrong strategy for us," says the Facebook founder. It still seems like a Facebook phone prototype at least exists, however. This just implies that it might be a little further off than we thought, or might never make it to market at all.

Lindsay Graham Dropped A Lot Of F-Bombs Talking To Joe Biden

The South Carolina Senator has harsh words for how his colleagues handled the two-month payroll tax cut extension.

Retire A Benchwarmer And A Joke, Get An Epic Highlight Package From The NBA

Brian "White Mamba" Scalabrine has been a long running joke. He's a big, goofy ginger who sits on the end of benches and claps really well. On the occasion of his retirement, the NBA made him a kick ass mixtape.

How Sean Connery Enjoys His Tennis

In a blanket with a cup of red wine in his hand. Now you know.

How To Streak At A Sporting Event And Get Away With It

If you've ever wondered how to run pantsless and not get arrested or tackled by a large, angry man, this is how.

The Coolest Burning Man Pic You'll Probably Ever See

This easily tops all those naked hippie pics currently flooding my Facebook feed.

Hottest Actresses And Celebrities Over 40

As Halle Berry turns 46 on Aug. 14, we celebrate our favorite actresses over 40 who keep getting better with age!

Twitter Is Old Media

Edd Dumbill writes that Twitter, as it strives to become a profitable company, is turning into an old media company. Twitter's ba

Anna Paquin And Stephen Moyer Welcome Twins

Congrats to the True Blood couple and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

Sean Connery Fist Pumps Andy Murray To U.S. Open Victory

Andy Murray got a celebratory fist pump from legendary actor Sean Connery for us U.S. Open victory. Here's video, GIFs and more.

Romney: "The World Is More Dangerous Now Than It Was Before 9/11"

"With less than two months to go before Election Day, I would normally speak to a gathering like this about the differences between my and my opponent’s plans for our military and for our national security. There is a time and a place for that, but this day is not it."

The Mindy Kaling Problem

Whenever her book came out a friend of mine mentioned that she was reading Mindy Kaling's, I guess, memoir?, and I was all, "How is it?" and she was all, "She is the most self-satisfied person in the world," which I kind of discounted because, Women…

Tiny Enemy Of Venomous Spider Identified

ADELAIDE, Australia, Sept. 11 (UPI) -- A small wasp ignored by scientists for more than 200 years has been found to be a predator of Australia's most common dangerous spider, researchers say.

Sean Connery Fist-Pumping Gif: Sean Connery Cheering Tennis At US Open

Sean Connery has tennis fever! Yesterday, Andy Murray broke Great Britain’s 76-year drought with a US Open win over Novak Djokovic in a finals match that lasted a record four hours and 54 minutes. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Hey, why are you …

How Tumblr Temporarily Cut Itself Off From The World

Wooooops. A large portion — maybe a majority — of apps that let people post things to Tumblr have been shut out of the blogging service. It seems to be the result of a miscommunication, but it's likely going to be broken for weeks.

Rebel Wilson Is Now A Gangsta Rapper

I love this new direction she's heading in. Suits her nicely.

The Best Of The Priority Peter Meme

It's like Chemistry Cat, but for math. What's not to like?

Romney Has Given Two Version Of His 9/11 Experience

Romney's description of his 9/11 experience in a speech today differs in one detail from his recollection in his 2002 memoir. A Romney spokesman did not respond to a BuzzFeed request of clarification of how Romney learned of the attacks.

Disturbingly Great Fake Children's Book And Other Links

I'd read it. Plus, a new "smoking gun" in dinosaur extinction and life trends via graph.

How To Really Understand Pink Floyd

The host of Best Show on WFMU wasn't on board with the band's entire catalog until Roger Waters' The Wall stage show blew his mind.

The End Of Men

We talked to Hanna Rosin about her controversial claims that men are being edged out of society.

The Editor Who Slapped A PR Girl At The Zac Posen Show

Despite the elegant and ladylike atmosphere that permeated the Zac Posen show two evenings ago, there was an actual *gasp* physical altercation. And no, it did not involve Naomi Campbell! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) It all started when the NYFD fire m…

The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 9/10/12

This week's Best And Worst Of WWE Raw handles Bret Hart emasculating CM Punk, Kaitlyn's new outfit and the Jerry Lawler collapse. Not good.

Can You Make It Through This Post Without Squealing?

You squee, you lose. OK, let's do this thing - we'll start off easy, but things are going to get pretty squeeky™ up in here pretty quick, so harden your hearts!

FIRST! "Ecce Homo" Exploitation Ad

What took you so long, ad Mad Men and Women? A not very good ad for a South American optician.

9 Different Opinions On How Many Sex Partners Men Should Have

Prescriptions for a woman's "perfect" number of sex partners vary widely. So how many people should men sleep with?

Microsoft Just Patented The Holodeck

You know what, I'm over the flying car. Just give us this!

Joe Biden's Moving 9/11 Memorial Speech In Pennsylvania

"I wish I didn't have to be here."

Protesters Storm The American Embassy In Egypt

Conservative Islamists, upset over a movie alleged to have been produced in the United States showing Muhammad having sex, have replaced the American flag with a black flag praising Allah.

10 Powerful September 11th Anniversary Local News Headlines

Local newspapers around the country remember.

Pat Robertson Tells A Man To Beat His Wife

Still think there's no war on women? Here's the latest tidbit of advice from right-wing leader Pat Robertson, who tells a man to beat his wife.

Soon Every Quarterback Will Be A Rookie Quarterback

With the need for a top-tier signal-caller becoming inarguable, teams value QB potential so much that it's become more important — in the short term — than winning.

Romney Recounts Where He Was On 9/11

"I could smell burning fuel and concrete and steel. It was the smell of war."

Latest DARPA Robot Can Track Humans Over Terrain

To help them! Not to murder them. Honest.

J.R.R. Tolkein Read Poems In Elvish

Because if you're going to painstakingly create a new language from scratch, you damn well are going to use it. The poem is Namárië.

The 8 Most Eccentric High Dollar Donors Of This Election

These oddities happen to be bankrolling the campaign.

Kris Kardashian Fills Moment Of Silence On 'Today'

On the split screen: CBS and ABC went with the moment of silence this morning. "The Today Show dedicated a considerable amount of time to September 11th coverage this morning," says NBC.

Anna Dello Russo's 17 Best Quotes

"You need a FASHION SHOWER." The Vogue Japan editor-at-large is known for her outrageous street style and even more outrageous sayings about fashion.

Using The New YouTube App Is Like Staring Into Google's Troubled Soul

You would be forgiven for thinking that Google's gone a little bit insane lately. But the new YouTube app for iOS reminds us what, exactly, the problem is: Google is suffering from existential terror.

Rihanna Tells Piers Morgan To "Grow A Dick"

After he told her to "grow her hair back."

26 Very Real Consequences Of DADT Repeal

The liberal media wants you to think that everything is fine in the military after DADT was repealed. But why have they been so silent about these VERY REAL consequences? Tell everyone you know about these issues. We will not be silenced!

Bruce Willis Scores Better Download Speeds, Office Babe

An angry Diehard in a bathrobe storms into a London office.

Blink-182 Made Fun Of One Direction 11 Years Before They Existed

Get ready to have your mind blown out your ears.

Things Joe Biden Said Today

The Vice President was out and about in Pennsylvania.

Blake Lively Married Ryan Reynolds In Marchesa

As you’re no doubt aware, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds got married this weekend (Or maybe you’re not because we never saw it coming either.) And while photos of the blessed event have yet to be released (do we smell a People exclusive?), details a…

Highly Enjoyable: Mindy Kaling's "Fake Fashion Week" Tweets

They're perhaps the best parody of all the absurdity.

New Photos From The Set Of "Thor: The Dark World"

Welcome back, hot older Hemsworth!

Meet The Guy Who Busts Cheaters In Video Games

An anonymous game company employee reveals how people try to cheat — and why they get caught.

25 New Fashion Rules From The New York Runways

Looking like a jail bird is so NOW.

Baseball Rookies Dressed Like The Women's Olympic Gymnastics Team

Hazing: The Washington Nationals are doing it right.

Mitt Romney Said 9/11 Gave The 2002 Olympics Deeper Meaning

In this clip from 2002, then Salt Lake games head Mitt Romney discusses the effects of 9/11 on the winter Olympics. "We also recognized that the Games had more profound meaning. That now the Games affirmed civilizations. Affirmed humanity, if you will. And stood for everything that was the opposite of the September 11th tragedy."

Is Young Adult Fiction The New Chick Lit?

With sales of chick lit falling and big names of the genre entering the young adult market, it looks like YA may be eclipsing its big sisters in the publishing world.

The Wonderfully Weird Sexiness Of Shakira

The Colombian singer was the first pop star I could call my own after years of finding my favorite artists through other people.

Is Chris Brown's New Tattoo Of A Battered Rihanna?

Me thinks not because well...why would he ever do that?? Oh wait...There is a similarity between the tattoo and Rihanna but TMZ reports that it's "just a random woman."

What Brilliant Minds Think 9/11 Was An Inside Job?

Plenty of people are expressing their opinions that 9/11 was an inside job over Twitter. @boring_as_heck has compiled a good sampling of what other opinions those people are expressing over Twitter.

This Anchor Has Great News For A Dead Guy

Hey, maybe she knows something the rest of us don't.

Sean Connery Is Andy Murray's Biggest Fan

It's pretty cool to have James Bond in your corner.

In Case You Missed It: This Cat Is Sitting Like A Human

I don't think you understand the importance of this video.

Leopard Catches Fast Food Tops The Morning Links

Om nom nom. Also, the science behind fall leaves and a new use for eyeshadow.



Watch Democrats And Republicans Beg Women To Vote For Them

At the conventions, both parties did their best to convince female voters that they were the ones with women's best interests at heart.

Testicular Cancer Linked To Pot

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 11 (UPI) -- Recreational marijuana use was linked to an increased risk of subtypes of testicular cancer that tend to carry a worse prognosis, U.S. researchers say.

Why Is Jessica Simpson's Baby In A Bikini?

Dear baby Maxwell: this may be your first embarrassing moment that you'll end up hating your mother for, but it won't be the last.

15 AIM Away Messages You Definitely Had Growing Up

Your Away Message, or my new favorite Twitter account, brings back all the painful memories of the times you had to leave your computer growing up. And it is spot on.

The History Of Sideshow Bob And His Habit Of Singing

Last night Kelsey Grammer and Conan O'Brien reminisced about working on The Simpsons together and the creation of the elusive Sideshow Bob.

"Happy 9/11" Is A Thing That People Actually Say

11 years later, marking this anniversary is still kind of awkward.

More Remixes Of Jehovah's Witnesses Telling Deaf People Not To Masturbate

First, there was the R. Kelly remix, now there's 50 Cent and Gangnam version of this instruction video in sign language warning people of the dangers of cranking one's hog.

Rachel McAdams At TIFF: Fab Or Drab?

Follow up question: pregnant or extremely unflattering dress?

Cobie Smulders And Taran Killam Got Married This Weekend Too!

Even though their wedding was overshadowed by another one (*cough Ryan and Blake cough*) we should take a moment to appreciate this new marriage and the joining of two comedic stars, Taran from SNL and Cobie from How I Met Your Mother .

Mitt Romney And Barack Obama Reflect On Where They Were On September 11th

Obama was on his way to a meeting. Romney on Capitol Hill to secure funding for the Olympics.

Pro-Russian Candidate In Georgia Recruits Prominent American Allies

Larry King, Les Gelb, and Lee Hamilton sign on to the advisory board of a television station owned by a Georgian politician with deep ties to Moscow. The lobbying firm APCO plays a role.

Who Are Your Facebook Friends Voting For?

Make sure you're logged into Facebook, then click below to see who your friends like.

Obama's Plan To Use National Security To Beat Romney

Obama's decision to play offense on foreign policy marks a "real, significant shift" in our politics, says an Obama advisor. Just another "shiny object," a Romneyite fires back.

Aaron Rodgers Lost A Bet To Boyz II Men

According to TMZ, Rodgers asked Boyz II Men to sing the national anthem before the opener at Lambeau Field. Nathan Morris of the group laid a bet on the table. If the Packers lost the game, Morris proposed, Rodgers would have to wear a 49ers jersey …

Where Are Bill Clinton, Heidi Klum And Nicole Kidman Now?

Once upon a time there was a magazine. It was called Talk, and Tina Brown made it with her friend Harvey Weinstein. Now Tina Brown has a magazine called Newsweek and she makes it with her friend Barry Diller. Let's look back, and also look forward.

Etsy Gems - Katherina Andreeva Photo

I'm such a huge fan of etsy and could spend hours browsing through all the amazing creative stuff people sell there so I thought I'd share some of the true gems I've found with you guys as well. My first pick is Katerina Andreeva who doesn't have mu…

Harvey Weinstein, Harassed By Scientologists, Hires Security

Last we heard about Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, inspired by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, Anderson had already shown the film to Lord Xenu’s greatest living enemy Tom Cruise and gotten his blessing. But Scientology is nothing if not a c…

Rihanna's Tattoos: Goddess Isis Photo Patty's Photos

Rihanna got a tattoo image of the Goddess Isis on her chest in memory of her late grandmother. RiRi tweeted: Goddess Isis- Complete Woman - Model for future generations- #GRANGRANDOLLY - always in and on my heart #1love. Songstress Rihanna is almost…

Today's Winner: Razorbacks United We Stand

A weird lady puts on nose-tape, hog flair and a pig helmet to sing "RAZORBACKS United We Stand". Get it before YouTube can kill it.

Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively's Surprise Wedding

When Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds decided to tie the knot in a top-secret ceremony, they turned to the same wedding planner the rest of us do: Martha Stewart Weddings magazine! Unlike most of us, however, the glamorous couple could actually afford…

Jeremy Lin Plays Streetball In Taiwan, Wears Hello Kitty Head [VIDEO]

In a scripted video uploaded to his official YouTube account, Houston Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin sneaks out of his hotel to shoot hoops with local Taiwanese streetballers.

Oprah And Lenny Kravitz Aged 20 Years

The following photos are of the Queen of daytime and her co-stars in costume for their roles in the upcoming movie, The Bulter. Brace yourselves, because Oprah's officially acting again.

Jessica Simpson On Katie Couric Show: Debuts Post-Baby Body

The journalist kicked off her new show, Katie, with revealing interviews with Jessica Simpson and Sheryl Crow

The A Train: The Amazon Of New York City

In a photo slideshow with jazz accompaniment, narrator Adam Gopnik takes us on a short tour of NYC's A train, which runs from the top of Manhattan all the way out to the beaches of Rockaway.

Kelsey Grammer Knew "Frasier" Would Be A Hit @

The latest viral buzz from

Zadie Smith's Jay-Z Profile

I liked this Zadie Smith profile of Jay-Z, and not just for The Wire reference. Smith's got a nice way with words and handles Jay-Z's way with words nicely.

Philip Roth Needs A Secondary Source

Author Philip Roth was unable to correct an error on the Wikipedia page for his novel The Human Stain because, while Wikipedia agrees "the author is the greatest authority on their own work," they "require secondary sources." To create this secondar…

Lena Dunham Tells Us Why She Chopped Off Her Hair

Yesterday, in between the cat-spotting (yep, there was a cat) and PB&J eating at Rachel Antonoff’s spring presentation, we caught up with Girls mastermind Lena Dunham, who was sporting a new cropped haircut and chilling with her BF (and Rachel’s bro…

Deleted Scenes From Prometheus Video Leaks Ahead Of Blu-Ray Release

We’ve heard all about the Blu-Ray release of The Avengers, now it’s hype time for that other big summer movie, Prometheus. It hits DVD October 11th, and LatinoReview (via PrometheusNews) has a cut of some of the deleted scenes. If you haven’t seen i…

Are You Good-Girl Hot, Bad-Girl Hot, Or The Antichrist?

Mostly A’s: You’re bad-girl hot. Men love a crazy-fun girl, but being too uninhibited can send the wrong signals. Try hinting at your bad-girl side rather than putting it on display at all times. Guys enjoy a challenge more than a sure bet.

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