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September 7, 2012

The Best Beauty On The VMA Red Carpet Photo

As important as it is to have the perfect outfit for an award show, your makeup is just as crucial to complete your look. I put together a gallery of some beautiful ladies rocking some gorgeous makeup looks from the 2012 MTV VMAs! Who gets your vote…

Nickelodeon Apologizes For Jason Biggs Twitter Controversy

Bear with me, folks, this one requires a journey deep down the rabbit hole. So, American Pie‘s Pie effer in Chief Jason Biggs is apparently voicing Leonardo in a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show for Nickelodeon. (Stay with me here, we’ve got a …

Where Does Jay Leno Rank Among The Rest Of Late Night?

"The Tonight Show" host took a $15 million pay cut to prevent staff layoffs, so where does this place him among his rivals?

How A Worldwide Shopping Party Became A Dangerous Liability

Fashion's Night Out, the global fashion event dreamed up by Anna Wintour, has devolved into a drunken mess.

The 7 Storylines Predicted By Madden NFL 13 That Will Hopefully Come True

Records falling? Crazy, violent college students? Nightmares finally ending? Check, check, and check.

Political Animals In The Wild At The DNC

Politicians, media figures and celebrities in their natural habitat...a political convention. I shot some candid (ie, terrible) photos of the famous and the powerful at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

The 8 Best Online Reviews Of Blowup Dolls

"Dear Inflatable John, I never thought it would come to this. But I fear it's time to say good-bye."

BUZZNET Exclusive: Stream BLAQK AUDIO's New Album 'BRIGHT BLACK HEAVEN' On We've Got You Covered's Blog

Friday just got better! We are happy to host an exclusive stream of BLAQK AUDIO's new album BRIGHT BLACK HEAVEN here on BUZZNET! Take a listen to the full album here and be sure to pick up the new record when it drops on September 11th! Yay! What is…

Miley Cyrus, Pink Have Same VMAs Hairstyle

Miley Cyrus and Pink caused a stir when they showed up at the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday night with matching 'dos. Both stars added volume to their platinum locks, spiking their short strands into dramatic mohawks and exposing the shaved sid…

The Most Unpopularest Internet Meme: Nihilist Pancakes @

Help us pollute the internet by combining words and pictures.

Arctic Melt Could Affect Weather Long-term

OLSO, Norway, Sept. 7 (UPI) -- This summer's record-breaking arctic melt is accelerating, with sea ice becoming significantly thinner and more vulnerable, Norwegian researchers say.

Awkward Family Photos Got Their Own Show

Isn't this the Internet equivalent of dividing by zero?

Automated Cocktail Machine

This is why our ancestors invented machinery. Sorry barkeep, you've been replaced.

Bed Bunker Lets You Sleep On Your Guns

For the zombie enthusiast that wants to sleep in peace. Or some other paranoid slogan.

29 Ridiculous Photos Of Fashion's Night Out From Around The World

The event began four years ago as a way to try to get people to support fashion and shopping in the worst of the recession when no one could afford anything. Whether or not you're "better off now," the tradition continues today with events in stores around the world involving celebrities, bad art, and weird stunts. Here's a recap.

Important Question On The VMA Red Carpet: Puppies Or Kittens?

We asked celebs on the red carpet the most important question of all: puppies or kittens? Bonus question: how much do you love corgis?

Grooming Picks: September 2012

Here are the grooming products you need to try this month.

Robert Pattinson Used To Enjoy Licking Kristen Stewart's Armpits

K-Stew also said that she wanted his babies and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

Jazzed Up Gin And Tonic — With Jam!

A more festive way to get your daily dose of antioxidants.

The Semi-Charmed Life Of A Tech Company Chef

Free food is now an expected perk at all the shiny new tech companies. A former Google chef says, “They had no budget, it was foie gras and Kobe steaks every day.”

The Players Punished In Bountygate Have Had Their Suspensions Overturned

Saints captain Jonathan Vilma and three other players could see the field as soon as this Sunday after the NFL's penalties were overturned today.

One Direction Joined Forces With Justin Bieber

To make noodles. Justin, Zayn and Niall had a guys night in together after the VMAs.

The Absolute Strangest Clint Eastwood Movie On Netflix

Clint Eastwood in something almost as off the wall as that empty chair.

39 Things That Should Never Be Cooked In Clear Jell-O

Some of them are food. Some of them are not.

AskMen X Odin New York: New York Fashion Week S/S 2013

In honor of New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013, we teamed up with Eddy Chai of Odin New York to make this awesome playlist. Enjoy!

Magic Cooling Glove "Better Than Steroids" For Athletic Performance Improvement

Leveraging the high number of specialized heat-transfer veins in the palm of the human hand, researchers at Stanford have developed a thermal exchange glove that is able to cool a person's core temperature in a matter of minutes. Turns out this is h…

Renzo Gracie Live-Blogs Own Attempted Mugging

Jiu-jitsu black belt Renzo Gracie live-tweets his own mugging attempt, and it's either an awesome Batman story or complete psychopathy.

Life-Sized Darth Vadar Cake And Other Links

The Force is delicious with this one. Also, ridiculous things cities have tried to ban and almost two dozen rum based cocktails.

The Kindles Of The Future Past

We've been promised magical tablets that would do amazing things for decades. Do the tablets we actually have live up to that?

Romney Endorses Ultraconservative Congressman

Rep. Steve King takes a hard line on issues like abortion and Islam.The Obama campaign seizes opportunity to cast Romney as extreme on social issues.

The Democratic Convention By The Facebook Numbers

Obama has almost twice as many mentions as Romney. Romney beat One Direction; Lil Wayne beat Biden.

MTV Video Music Awards: Best And Worst-Dressed 2012

See whose fashion flourished (Taylor! Rihanna!) and whose failed (Nicki! Katy!) during music's wildest night!

Will Tori Spelling Have A Fifth Baby?

Between TV gigs (Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, Craft Wars), books (sTORI telling, Mommywood, CelebraTORI and more), blogging ( and being a mom, Tori Spelling is a busy gal. The new mom of four (Spelling just gave birth to baby Fin…

68 Things I Learned At The Democratic National Convention

All of the stuff I noticed while I was at the DNC in Charlotte.

One Direction On Their VMA Performance: "The Best We've Ever Done"

Were the boys on a high off of winning three moon men or were they really that good last night?

10 Hat Trends At The Democratic National Convention

Democrats affixed stuffed animal donkeys and Obama bobbleheads to their hats at the convention.

Who Was The Breakout Star Of The Democratic Convention?

Democrat convention-goers answer the question: Everyone from the Nun on the Bus to Tulsi Gabbard.

Demi Lovato Calls Simon Cowell "A Bit Of An Asshole"

Immediately after Demi said she was only joking, but I think we all know it's probably the truth.

Granholm: 'In Romney's World, The Cars Get The Elevator — The Workers Get The Shaft'

Tonight Jennifer Granholm wowed the crowd at the Democratic National Convention when she gave a moving speech about the U.S. auto industry collapse and subsequent bailout. She testified, as only she could, to the success of President Obama’s decisio…

Adam Sandler, Kevin James Played Exhibition Match At The U.S. Open

Now that we officially stand no chance, it’s only fair that us Americans punish the rest of the world’s tennis fans by making them sit through the stuff that pains us most. Yesterday, that agony came at the hands of Adam Sandler and Kevin James, who…

9 Completely Different Opinions On How Many Sex Partners Women "Should" Have

How many people should a woman sleep with in her lifetime? Many people think they know the exact right answer.

Five Things We Won't See In The Final Fantasy VII Remake From

Even if Square Enix updates FFVII, we'll never see its weirder, wackier moments.

Everything You Need To Know About The VMAs Last Night

Hey so the VMAs were last night, and they were fun. Maybe not as crazy as previous years, but still, here are all the moments you need to know about.

The 33 Most Inspiring Photos Of The Paralympics

If you're feeling down about something, you'll want to take a look at these photos. This is what perseverance looks like.

Adam Sandler Played Tennis With Kevin James While He Ate A Banana

It was an exhibition game at the U.S. Open where they played doubles with Johnny Mac and Jim Courier. They got really into it.

Macaulay Culkin Is Now An Artist, Paints Cast Of "Seinfeld" In The Nude

His resume now spans from actor to DJ to ...painter of HeMan, Hellraiser at a Luau, and weird-looking dogs playing poker?!

Without A Doubt Autumn Is The Best Season

Hey summer, it's time for you to skedaddle, we have cozy fall things to do!

Romney: Obama Doesn't Know What He's Doing

As weak jobs numbers drown out the noise of the Democratic Convention, Romney pounces. Also contrasts his own vision with Bush's.

Jon Hamm And All The Other Celebrities At The DNC

Hollywood swarmed the DNC. But not Jon Voight! Remember, he was at the RNC .

NBA Player Can't Post A Picture On Instagram Without Getting Called A Fag

Because he's good people, Russ Westbrook is Instagramming his Fashion Week experience for us serfs. Naturally, there are folks reacting like jerks.

Clint Eastwood Explains Chair Fiasco

The RNC star breaks his silence to The Carmel Pine Cone. "Everybody had advice for me, except the janitor."

Obama's Message Breaks Through In Swing State Newspapers

An emphasis on the path forward. Lukewarm reception to his speech from pundits doesn't make the headlines.

Is This The End Of Daredevil?

To answer my own question: doubtful. But you never know!

So Apparently Ernest Hemingway Was James Joyce's Muscle

Because everyone in 1920s Paris wanted a piece of the guy who wrote Ulysses.

Olympic Gymnast Aly Raisman, Step Away From Chris Brown!


How Much Money Do Tennis Players Make At The US Open?

In 2011 if you lost in the first round, you still made $19,000? Now I just have to con my way into the field!

Eva Longoria Tweeted Her Way Through The DNC

It would appear she had a really fun week at the Democratic National Convention.

Obama Twice Dismissed Bush Jobs Report Showing Gains Of 300,000 Jobs

The August jobs report released this morningshowed the economy gaining a disappointing 96,000 jobs. While running for Senate in 2004, then state senator Obama twice dismissed and criticized a Bush jobs reporting showing a gain of over 300,000 jobs.

Help Identify The Modern Bonnie & Clyde Tops The Morning Links

Do you recognize this man? Plus, the best fashion from the VMA last night and homeland security talks zombie preparedness.

The Worst Wrong-Number Text Ever

Or, how to get arrested for buying meth in the dumbest way possible.

Music Community Band Photos Fashion And Celebrities

The latest viral buzz from

3 Reasons Food Prices Are Rising

Drought isn’t the only reason food prices are high, which could be bad news even as more rain comes in 2013.

Madonna Endorses Obama With A Huge Back Tattoo

I guess it's not technically a tramp stamp since it was positioned in the upper part of her lower back... or is it? #DeepThoughts #YouDecide

25 Groovy Trends Spotted From Woodstock Festival Street Style

When you're wasted and high, your fashion accessories are probably the least of your cares. These unconstrained flower children weren't trying to make a fashion statement, and yet their common aesthetic could influence generations of festival-attending youths to come.

The BuzzFeed Guide To Being A Greaser

Hey squares, hit the curb!

New Controversial Gay Rights Billboard

In New Zealand. Put up by a local Anglican church.

Justin Timberlake: NBA Owner?

The former boy band star is looking to follow in Jay-Z's footsteps.

Hitting The Ground Running: Final Fantasy VII's Amazing Opening From

It's amazing to think that few set out to copy one of the most well-done elements of what's arguably the most popular console RPG of all time. Final Fantasy VII opens in the middle of the action, doesn't concern itself with explaining anything to yo…

Keep Your Interest Level Low

Keeping your interest level low is key to keeping the girl, says Doc Love.

Jennifer Granholm Speaks At The 2012 Democratic National Convention

Tonight, Jennifer Granholm takes the stage at the Democratic National Convention to talk about one thing: jobs.

Interviewing People On The VMA Red Carpet About Jorts

We asked celebs on the VMA red carpet for their opinions on jorts. Fab or drab?

9 Ways To Land A Job At MTV Photo

In honor of the VMAs, I decided to put together a blog for all of you who would die to work at MTV. I actually interned at MTV (MTV Radio) while I was in college. The experience was amazing and I learned so much about the entertainment and music ind…

The New Obama Gets Past Hope

His convention speech promises a fall campaign on policy as well as character. "The times have changed — and so have I."

The Democratic And Republican Conventions By The Twitter Numbers

Much more engagement on Twitter for the Democratic than the Republican convention, according to Twitter.

Obama Leaves Charlotte With A Strong Hand

A strong position despite a bad economy. “Romney would have to change the basic contours of the race to win,” says Jordan.

17 Things You Didn't See On TV At The VMAs

A couple of things I noticed in the audience.

Fashion At The MTV 2012 Video Music Awards

The good, the bad, and the WTF.

Joe Biden Literally Says "Literally" A Lot

And this is just from his DNC speech.

Artur Davis Unimpressed By Charlie Crist

The newly-converted Republican slams his DNC mirror image on . "I don't know the guy, but..."

Conan's Big, Purple Bruise: A Retrospective In Photographs @

Official site of Team Coco & Conan O'Brien - watch Conan full episodes, get the latest news about Conan on TBS, watch Conan videos, Conan on the intertubes, fan sneak peeks, plus sundry worthless hilarity.

Granholm: 'Cars Get The Elevator, The Workers Get The Shaft’

"In Mitt Romney's world, the cars get the elevator — the workers get the shaft," said Granholm.

Barack Obama To Promise 'A Better Place' If Americans Re-elect Him In November

President Barack Obama will tonight lay out his case for being re-elected to a second term, telling Americans: 'Our problems can be solved. Our challenges can be met. The path we offer may be harder, but it leads to a better place.'

Drake Would Like To Collaborate With Justin Timberlake

When asked who he's never worked with on a song but would like to, he responded with none other than JT (also, Sade). This really needs to happen.

22 Feelings You Can Feel About Ducks

Feel with me. Feel the ducks.

The Most WTF Outfit On The VMA Red Carpet

Congratulations, Alexander Antebi, you win!

Tom Brokaw Hospitalized After Accidentally Taking Ambien

Legendary news anchor Tom Brokaw, 72, was rushed to the hospital on Thursday morning after complaining about feeling lightheaded. Fortunately, the health scare was a false alarm, caused by a medication that Brokaw forgot he took. Phew!

John Kerry: "Ask Osama Bin Laden If He Is Better Off Than He Was Four Years Ago"

The former presidential candidate and Senator asks the crowd if Osama Bin Laden is doing better than four years ago.

Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Preview For PC From

Call me sadistic, but anytime I wander through a digital dungeon trying to survive the intricate traps and deceptive layout that the developers meticulously planned out, I can't help but wonder if I could create a better death-den. Games like Di…

Five Things That (Probably) Influenced Final Fantasy VII And Five Things It (Probably) Influenced From

Well, I was going to say: Final Fantasy VII launched in the United States 15 years ago this month. So now is a great time to remember that Final Fantasy VII launched ten years after the first Final Fantasy. Its release was as much a time for looking…

Silicon Valley Still Doesn’t Get New York

David Ebersman, Facebook's CFO, and the man who planned its wealth-annihilating IPO, "recently came to New York to meet with big investors, including hedge funds and institutional investors. Some invitations for meetings were oddly, and somewhat imp…

Michael Clarke Duncan Mistaken For Seal In Local News Blooper

Buffalo NBC affiliate WGRZ has issued an apology after mistakenly airing photos of musician Seal while reporting on the death of Michael Clarke Duncan on Monday evening. The station reported on Duncan’s death during Monday’s 11 p.m. newscast. During…

Jennifer Granholm, En Fuego At The DNC

Looks like it's time to start watching her show on Current TV!

Gabby Giffords Leads The Democratic Convention In The Pledge Of Allegiance

In one of the most touching moments in recent convention history, the former Congresswomen from Arizona lead the Democratic convention in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

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