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September 7, 2012

Political Animals In The Wild At The DNC

Politicians, media figures and celebrities in their natural habitat...a political convention. I shot some candid (ie, terrible) photos of the famous and the powerful at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

29 Ridiculous Photos Of Fashion's Night Out From Around The World

The event began four years ago as a way to try to get people to support fashion and shopping in the worst of the recession when no one could afford anything. Whether or not you're "better off now," the tradition continues today with events in stores around the world involving celebrities, bad art, and weird stunts. Here's a recap.

The Kindles Of The Future Past

We've been promised magical tablets that would do amazing things for decades. Do the tablets we actually have live up to that?

25 Groovy Trends Spotted From Woodstock Festival Street Style

When you're wasted and high, your fashion accessories are probably the least of your cares. These unconstrained flower children weren't trying to make a fashion statement, and yet their common aesthetic could influence generations of festival-attending youths to come.

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