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September 19, 2012

Could Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley Become A Superstar?

She's the first plus-size model to ever appear in an ad campaign for Ralph Lauren — one of the biggest jobs a model can book. It's a coup for her and all plus-size models who don't work nearly as much as their skinnier peers.



Shakira Is Pregnant!

She announced it on her blog today that she is expecting with her boyfriend Gerard Pique. Her hips don't lie so she must be telling the truth, right!? Ha Ha Ha.

Happiness In 26 Photos

If you don't smile after looking at this then you probably have no soul. SO JUST DO IT THEN. : D

Zach Braff Loves His Twitter Followers

After two weeks of non-stalker stalking I have come to the conclusion that Zach (almost always) updates his twitter bio every time he passes 1,000 more followers to let them know they are the sexiest mofos on Earth. Let's review.

The 50 Most Romantic Photographs Of All Time

From twitterpated youths to death do us part, from 1586 to 2012, and from Paris to Times Square: this is the look of love. Warning: heart fluttering, heart breaking, and heart re-making all straight ahead.

21 Boxes Filled With Snakes

Photographer Guido Mocafico's vision of "snakes in a box" might sound like the next high-concept action flick, but it turns out to be an innovative way to show the diverse beauty of a wide variety of snake species. Gorgeous!

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