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September 19, 2012

VIDEO: RHONJ Cast Make Their Own Sauce On Ashlee Holmes' Blog

Hey!! As most of you may already know, I went to visit my family back in New Jersey recently. One of the days during the last week that I was there, the men decided that they wanted to make their own sauce in the garage. Check out this video to see …

‘The Master’: We Do Not Wish To Join Your Cult

Maria Bustillos: I'm trying to parse all these Metacritic reviews of The Master. Mainly they seem to be saying, "I hate it, but I think I'm supposed to. A masterpiece."

Mitt Romney: Barack Obama Sometimes Calls Me The Grandfather Of ObamaCare, It's a Compliment

The Republican presidential candidate said the President tried to hurt him during the Republican primary by saying he RomneyCare served as he basis for ObamaCare and didn't me it as compliment. Romney added "I'll take it" as a compliment.

Romney: "My Campaign Is About The 100%"

Asked at a Univision forum about the leaked fundraiser video, Romney plays the uniter. Still concedes he's probably not going to win every vote.

Jessica Simpson's Style Inspirations And Moments

They're both blonde, curvy and undeniably sexy -- so it's no surprise that Jessica Simpson cites French actress Brigitte Bardot as one of her style inspirations. "If I’m gonna hit the red carpet or just go out on the town, I always try and do a Bri…

Could Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley Become A Superstar?

She's the first plus-size model to ever appear in an ad campaign for Ralph Lauren — one of the biggest jobs a model can book. It's a coup for her and all plus-size models who don't work nearly as much as their skinnier peers.

Read The Department Of Defense File On The Man Who Led The Attack On The Libyan Consulate

A 2005 Department of Defense file on Sufyan Ben Qumu, who Fox News reported tonight may have led the attack on the US consulate in Libyan, describes the former Gitmo detainee as "a dangerous man with no qualms about committing terrorist acts." The file was released by Wikileaks last year.

This Sentence Is Going To Blow Your Mind

Seriously, just read this, it's nuts.

College Regrets

Here's what Ian Lang would have differently if he could do college all over again.

Is This "Vogue" Cover Dangerous?

Domestic violence advocates say yes.

Cassadee Pope Talks About National Singles Week On Cassadeepope's Blog

In honor of National Singles Week Buzznet had me answer a few fun questions based on that! In honor of National Singles Week tell us what your ideal “treat yourself” solo date is! I would love to take a drive to Malibu and eat at a place called Para…

Jessica Simpson Family Photos

It's been over four months since Jessica Simpson and fiance Eric Johnson welcomed daughter Maxwell Drew -- and according to Jess' best friend, the new mom is elated. "She’s just in the happiest place I’ve ever seen her in," CaCee Cobb tells iVillage…

The Eclectic Modeling Career Of Robin Williams

He's even funny in his serious pictures!

14 Phenomenal Butts Of Cycling

When you need the motivation to select the hill sequence at the gym. NSFW

Does Nostalgia Make Crappy Things Seem Good?

Singer Mike Hadge seems to think so, anyway. It's a pretty convincing argument and I'm almost tempted to agree. ALMOST!

Sexy Halloween-Inspired Menstrual Pads You Can Actually Buy

There's no better way to get into the Halloween spirit this early in the game. Collect 'em all!



8 Things You Need To Know About The Magazine That Published Topless Kate Middleton Photos

Closer, the French magazine now being sued by the British royal family, has been sued by public figures multiple times for publishing scandalous bathing suit photos.

Everything You Need To Know About iOS 6

Here's what'll happen when you hit "update."

This Beyoncé Booty-Clapping GIF Is Truly Hypnotic

WARNING: Bootyliciousness ahead!

Shakira Is Pregnant!

She announced it on her blog today that she is expecting with her boyfriend Gerard Pique. Her hips don't lie so she must be telling the truth, right!? Ha Ha Ha.

Happiness In 26 Photos

If you don't smile after looking at this then you probably have no soul. SO JUST DO IT THEN. : D

Chicago Cubs Blowjob Guy Pantomimes Blowjobs At Cubs Game, Is Ejected

"Chicago Cubs blowjob" is now an Internet search option, as a bored fan reenacts his favorite porn scenes during Tuesday's Cubs/Pirates game

The Best Picture Of Adele On The Internet

Try to find me a better one.

Hillary Clinton Says Burmese Politicians Learned Democracy From "The West Wing"

At a ceremony honoring Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi with the Congressional Gold Medal, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the Burmese Speaker of the lower house told her that they learned about democracy by watching old episodes of the West Wing.

The First 31 Days In The Life Of A Hand-Raised Dove

This ringneck dove was raised by the hand of then-13-year-old reddit user HideeDeekee. He took a picture every day of the dove's first month on the planet, and it's amazing to see him grow up before your very eyes.

How To Bury A Great Sperm Whale

A marine sciences college in the Philippines gave a pregnant whale a proper send-off.

Karaoke Stereotypes And Other Links

Which one are you? Plus, insane movie details you never noticed and umpires need to lighten up.

Huffington Post Gets A Spot On "Morning Joe"

Outlets jockey for space, and to help shape MSNBC's identity, on the key morning show. "Just trying out something new," says a spokeswoman.

Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Are Hanging Out Together Again

So I guess the Twihards were right, after all? That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup.

Yelp Reviews A Wife-Cooker

How will Yelpers react to a chef who cooked his wife's remains? Ideally with compassion; more likely with one-star reviews.

Cody Simpson Is Being A Big Ol' Justin Bieber Copycat

At least based off his Instagram. I actually quite like his music.

Fake Bill Nye Twitter Account Suspended

It's a sad day for science. And profanity laced parody accounts.

The 7 Most Dramatic Celebrity Paparazzi Scandals

Kate Middleton is suing a tabloid for publishing topless paparazzi photos. She's not the first to do so.

"Neon Pegasus" Is A 6-Year-Old Girl's Dream Song

It's a good thing this song wasn't available when I was a kid because my family would have butchered me for listening to it nonstop.

Zach Braff Loves His Twitter Followers

After two weeks of non-stalker stalking I have come to the conclusion that Zach (almost always) updates his twitter bio every time he passes 1,000 more followers to let them know they are the sexiest mofos on Earth. Let's review.

Scott Brown Not Abandoning Romney, Campaign Says

A Brown spokeswoman says Senator Brown still supports Romney, despite a report in The Hill in which he wouldn't say whether he still backs his fellow Republican.

A Chameleon With Excellent Hygiene

Someone pass him the soap, please.

Smokin' Jay Cutler Don't Care

An amazing Tumblr tribute to the world's most apathetic quarterback.

Meet Turtle Pals Casey And Shelly!

They love each other and hate everything else. Probably not, but it's fun to personify animals!

MLB Gives Gay Rights Group Unsolicited Donation After Homophobia Incident

Yunel Escobar wrote "you are a faggot" on his eye black and then apologized. His apology, an activist says, illustrates both how far tolerance in sports has come and the lengths it still has to go.

Leaked Romney Videos Make The Front Pages Of 41 Swing State Newspapers

Second day coverage of Mitt Romney's remarks on 47% of Americans focused on Romney campaign damage control.

The DOs And DON'Ts Of Being An NFL Fan

Your ultimate guide to having epic Sundays this fall. Warning: includes photos of people looking like jackasses.

16 People Who Should Just Listen To The Dang Song

Shazam is destroying our brains.

"The Hobbit" Trailer Had Five Endings

And in the age of the Internet, who has time to watch the whole trailer five times? Luckily for you, we've captured the differences in one handy clip!

Elmo Busted In Times Square

Elmo has some anger management problems. Shackle Me Elmo.

A "Real Housewife" Cracks "Vogue"

That would be NeNe Leakes. If her acting roles didn't bother her cast mates (ha ha), you know NOW they're jealous.

This Is Why Jesse Ventura Is Not Allowed On TV! // Current TV

In a monumental television moment for truth seekers, Jesse Ventura appeared on CNN’s prime time Piers Morgan Tonight and proceeded to lash Morgan and his

The Avril Lavigne Story

In 3 pictures. Brody Jenner has no place here.

Study Reveals What Makes Women Speak Up In Groups

A new study shows that when men and women have group discussions, the women are often at a disadvantage — but simple changes could fix the problem.

Mitt Romney Spoke On The 47% In October: "47% Paying No Income Tax Is A Heckuva Big Number"

Speaking at a town hall meeting in Hopkinton, New Hampshire in October 2011 Republican presidential nominee took a question about the 47% of Americans the who pay no taxes.

Look At These F*©king Hipsters?

20 stock photos of "hipsters." I've never been more confused.

The Best NFL Fan Brawls

The takeaway? Seattle is a bad, bad place.

Lindsay Nohands

The internet is strange, strange place.

Study: Spread Of Fox News Made Members Of Congress More Conservative

A study links the rise of Fox News with increasing conservatism of Congress.

China Gives Defense Secretary A Really Nice Plate

U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta received a lovely gift from his Chinese counterpart, General Liang Guang Lie. Then they fell through a time-space wormhole in the Franklin Mint.

Jeff Greenspan Joins BuzzFeed As Chief Creative Officer

Leading social publisher to pioneer new forms of social advertising for top brands

Whoa, Indie Sci-Fi Is Getting Really Impressive

Kind of amazing for the first place you see a great little piece of sci-fi to be Vimeo, right? You're going to want to watch this one in full screen.

Pat Buchanan Calls Obama A "Drug Dealer Of Welfare"

Former MSNBC contributor Pat Buchanan surfaced on Fox News last night to categorize government relief as a “narcotic” and to call President Obama a Fabian Socialist who is a “drug dealer of welfare."

Listen To Madden NFL 13 Slowly Drive A Man Crazy

In fairness, playing on Xbox Live is enough to drive anyone crazy.

A Celebration Of Pimping Your WinAmp Skin

The best part of WinAmp by far was picking out a custom skin. This video compilation runs through skins made in 2001-2002 with the appropriate music to go along with each one.

Jay Carney Struggles To Explain Why Protestors Had Heavy Weapons If Libya Attack Wasn't Preplanned

At the White House press briefing today, press secretary Jay Carney struggled to explain the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi.

Tallulah Willis Got A Corgi Puppy And It's Really Freaking Cute

Bruce Willis' youngest daughter now holds the award for most adorable puppy in Hollywood.

The World's First Li-Liger Is Unsurprisingly Adorable

Kiara's father is an African lion, and her mother is a liger (a lion crossed with a tiger.) AND, to put the cherry on top of this cuteness sundae, she is being fostered by a domestic house cat. I can't breathe.

Marvel "Point One" Takes Aim At New Readers

Kind of like DC Comics "New 52" only without all the retconning.

Lady Gaga Shows Us The One Real Danger Of Weed

So, Lady Gaga smoked a joint onstage at her concert in Amsterdam. She has basically gone all 2007 VMAs Britney on us.

31 Random Things Instagram Reveals About London Fashion Week

London's runways are less boring than New York Fashion Week, so it's only natural to expect a little more pizzazz from them. Just check the #lfw tag for more snaps from this crazy spectacle.

New Full Trailer For The Hobbit

The trailer was supposed to go up later in the morning but here it is a little early. If it gets pulled down, I'll find another

People Magazine Shows Off First Picture Of Jay Cutler's Baby

While People Magazine has released the first picture of Jay Cutler's son, we celebrate our favorite smug QB with the "Smokin' Jay" meme.

The 50 Most Romantic Photographs Of All Time

From twitterpated youths to death do us part, from 1586 to 2012, and from Paris to Times Square: this is the look of love. Warning: heart fluttering, heart breaking, and heart re-making all straight ahead.

The Official Anthem For People Who Loved The 90s

Bowser! Keenan and Kel! Pluto was a planet! Find me in the 90s YO.

Badly Stuffed Animals Tops The Morning Links

Had this taxidermist ever seen a cheetah? Plus, Gangnam Style comes full circle and Honey Boo Boo makes even less sense out of context.

Fitness Modeling Part 2

Ever wondered what it takes to be a fitness model? Wonder no more.

Why I Struggle To Love Madonna

As a gay man, I sometimes feel like I’ve been drafted into liking Madonna by the circumstances of my sexuality.

Lance Bass Guesses The Answers He Gave To A 90s Teen Magazine

We quizzed Lance about the answers to his "favorite things" that he gave a teen magazine over a decade ago. He did pretty well, considering the question about his "favorite babes"!

Surreal Moments In Twitter Political Advertising

The Romney campaign goes subliminal. By accident.

Rashida Jones Is Jaw-Droppingly Gorgeous In New Photoshoot

She posed for Flaunt and looks amazing. I want to be her.

21 Boxes Filled With Snakes

Photographer Guido Mocafico's vision of "snakes in a box" might sound like the next high-concept action flick, but it turns out to be an innovative way to show the diverse beauty of a wide variety of snake species. Gorgeous!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Actually A Ninja

He's a quadruple threat: an actor, singer, dancer, and So I guess the pressure is on for this Saturday, when he hosts Saturday Night Live for the second time.

The Most Elaborate Britney Spears Impersonator Ever

If I said this was just as good if not better than the real thing, would you hold it against me? Video of a routine from a Puerto Rican talent competition. There are five costume changes.

Lookin' Good Michael Keaton!

I wish he actually looked like this and it wasn't just for a movie.

France To Shutter Schools And Embassies Over Offensive Muhammed Cartoons

The illustrations come in the midst of violent protests over an obscure American filmmaker's Muhammed movie. ("This seems like a good idea," said no one.)

If Lana Del Rey Were Actually In A Video Game

Finally, we all know what that song was about.

The 6 Expressions Of Anna Wintour At London Fashion Week

Look deep into Anna's eyes, and you can see her soul. Here's what that soul is saying.

Adam Scott Breaks Down The Lyrics To Vanilla Ice's "Ice, Ice Baby"

He had to memorize all the words to the song for what ended up being a one-second joke in Step Brothers. Here's how he did it.

Chick-Fil-A Promises Not To Fund "Anti-Gay Groups," Advocates Claim

A truce in the chicken wars? The chain will cut off the National Organization for Marriage, according to Chicago organizers.

Colognes: Fall 2012

Here are the colognes we recommend for fall 2012.

James Carter IV On Redeeming His Grandfather's Record By Helping To Expose Romney's #47percent Comments

Cenk talks to James Carter IV, President Jimmy Carter’s grandson and a researcher who helped discover a video of Mitt Romney deriding “47 percent” of Americans for not paying taxes. Carter says he was motivated in part by Romney’s scathing criticism…

Critic Armond White Bashes Scorsese, The Master, Paul Thomas Anderson

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, it’s unfair and reductive to call Armond White “a troll.” If he was just a troll, he wouldn’t be that interesting. He’s often right and says things that need to be said, but he tends to fire his truth bul…

Why Gundam Is Gaming's Secret Time Capsule From

A brief history of gaming through the lens of one of its most prolific franchises.

Watch Buyer's Remorse

Dropping 20 Gs on a watch can bring some stress with it. Here's how to cope.

15 Ways To Deal With Political Discussions IRL @

Unfortunately, you can't CTRL+Q a partisan blowhard IRL -- so try these tricks instead.

Our First Glimpse At Courtney Stodden's Foray Into Reality TV

Somehow I'm not sure this the kind of fame she and her creppy hubby Doug were hoping for.

Proof That Rachel Maddow Has Always Been Cool

Is that a trout on your shirt?

Adam Scott Is Not A Manly Father @

Conan Highlight: Adam tries to care about sports, but it just ain't happening.

Bachmann's Seat Is Not A Sure Thing

In any case, the reason the Bachmann race is so intriguing, beyond her wild and controversial statements the past few years, is because her seat is supposed to be a safe one for the GOP. And to the extent a tea party favorite like Bachmann is in dan…

Warning: Nothing About These Campaign Ads Is Real

Those spontaneous conversations candidates are always having with constituents in their ads? They take some serious planning.

Insect Women By Laurent Seroussi Photo

MoonChild Ron posted these amazing insect women on my wall and I had to share it with you guys. These creatures are created by a French photographer and graphic designer Laurent Seroussi. There isn't too much info on him on the internet but lots of …

Reality Check: The Truth About "Perverted" Japanese Games From

Tongues wag at its more salacious games, but what do they really say about Japan?

Will The Real 47% Please Stand Up? 5 Things You Might Not Know

A secret video released Monday and Tuesday by Mother Jones shows Mitt Romney telling a group of wealthy donors that 47 percent of Americans think of themselves as “victims” and that President Obama’s supporters just want government handouts. Reactio…

Homoerotic Window Display Of The Day

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

Russia Diamonds: Source Under Siberian Asteroid Crater Could Supply World Markets For The Next 3,000 Years

Scientists believe the giant stockpile lying in the 35million-year-old crater in eastern Siberia is at least ten times bigger than the entire global reserves.

Study: Rural U.S. More Likely To Be Obese

KANSAS CITY, Kan., Sept. 16 (UPI) -- U.S. researchers say Americans living in rural areas are more likely to be obese than those living in urban areas.

VIDEO: Pee Wee Herman Redubs Lincoln Trailer On Jimmy Fallon

VIDEO: Pee Wee Herman redubs the Lincoln trailer on Jimmy Fallon.

5 Most (Accidentally) Revealing Political Moments Captured on Video

Romney's 47% remark joins a legion of cringeworthy classics.

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