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September 5, 2012

Kellie Pickler Shaves Head To Support Friend With Breast Cancer

In solidarity with her BFF Summer Holt Miller, who starts chemotherapy for breast cancer this week, Pickler shaved off all of her long blonde hair. A video of the American Idol alum going under the razor premiered Wednesday on Good Morning America. …

Snuggie Kid's Guide To The VMA Best Choreography Nominees [EXCLUSIVE]

The Snuggie Kid is back at it — this time, guiding us through the VMA nominees for best choreograyphy — and it might be even BETTER than his Beyoncé tribute. Just watch, you'll see!

No Vote And Now No View: DNC Snubs DC Delegates

"It was an insult to [DC] personally that our congresswoman wasn’t invited to speak," top delegate says of speaking snub for Holmes Norton. Worse seats than Guam.

At The Democratic National Convention, Michelle Obama Is Winning

It’s Michelle’s world, and we’re just living in it. On day two of the convention, FLOTUS addresses blacks, Hispanics, and gays.

20 Photos Of Anna Wintour Having A Blast

Fashion Week is about to start in New York. Prep for the madness with this warm, fuzzy post about Vogue editor Anna Wintour being a joyous individual. The ANGEL wears Prada?

Heartbreaking Photos From The Final Loss Of Andy Roddick's Tennis Career

After announcing that he would retire following the U.S. Open, Andy Roddick was defeated by Juan Martin del Potro in the tournament's fourth round.

DNC Photograph Was Super Awkward

Okay, nobody move or blink.

"The Sandlot": Where Are They Now?

How has time been to the best group of pick-up baseball players the world has ever known? Find out.

Introducing The Awl Music App: Music Videos For And By People, Not Machines

Today, we launch Awl Music as an app on iTunes. You can watch your favorite music videos on your iPad, or throw them to your Apple TV like any other television channel. Get it here! Here's why we think this needs to exist.

Bad Lip Reading's Video Twilight Mash-up Is The Best

Oh thank God, Bad Lip Reading made a Twilight video. Everyone has their comedy sweet spot. Frotcast Brendan’s sweet spot contains farts and banana phones, and mine happens to be gibberish and mistranslations. I still remember where I was the first t…

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Guess Who Taylor Swift's Never Getting Back With

Taylor Swift is notorious for writing hit songs about her ex-loves - just ask Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner and John Mayer! Ever since her catchy new pop single "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" hit the airwaves, there's been constant chatter an…

Beautiful Albino Animals Photo - Buzznet

Albino look is soooo gorgeous. Did u know that the zero pigment alien looking beauties not only exist amongst humans but also grace some animal species? Check out this stunning gallery of amazing albino creatures. One Love, k

Now Kanye West Is Rapping About Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape

You know, the one that launched her career? That and other stories in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup.

Just Three Perfect Photos Of Alpaca Faces

These are by photographer TC Morgan and they should be enough to convince you that alpacas are one of the universe's greatest gifts. Smile, it's alpaca time!

Life With A Giant House Cat

Seems fairly pleasant and not incredibly dangerous at all!

The Transformation Of Josh Peck

The former star of Drake and Josh looks gooood. Alternate post title: The Transformation Josh's Pecs. Ha ha, get it?

Why Gender Trend Pieces Just Won't Go Away

The Great Recession and women's increased economic power have brought "women's issues" stories front-and-center. But popularity sometimes means glossing over the details of actual women's lives.

Ticket Holders Left In The Dark About Convention Venue Change

Some found out on Twitter, others still didn't know this afternoon "I could organize this thing better than some of these people did."

Cat Mom Of The Week

I'm going to go ahead and give this cat mom my newly made-up Cat Mom Of The Week(™) award, though, in all honesty, who wouldn't want to hug that kitten? Too easy, IMO.

Your Definitive Guide To The 2012 NFL Season

A discussion, in Q&A format, of the game with the weird-looking ball.

The Cat-Tunnel Sofa

From South Korean designer Seungji Mun. I'll take two, please!

Are Your Favorite Athletes As Popular As You Think They Are?

Who gets the most love on Facebook? The Cleveland Browns or Family Guy's Cleveland Brown?

Michelle Obama’s DNC Nail Polish Revealed

By now you’ve probably heard about Michelle Obama’s inspiring, tear-jerking, “mom-in-chief” speech at the DNC last night and ooh’ed and aah’ed over her pink Tracy Reese/J.Crew ensemble. But until a few minutes ago, there was one style mystery that n…

Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell Get Key Todd Akin Endorsement

"I'm fully behind [Mitch McConnell], I'm fully behind our great team of Ryan who I work with in the House," the controversial lawmaker tells Fox's Neil Cavuto.

Harold Preview For PC, PS3, 360 From

For the best Previews of Harold for PC, PS3, 360, check out this page on

Will.I.Am Solves Unemployment Crisis In 3 Easy Steps

Will.I.Am, noted economist and auteur behind "My Humps," took to the stage at the Democratic National Convention and fixed the economy.

Batgirl Mashed Up With Nancy Drew And Other Links

I'd read it. Also, Muppet balloon animals and ping pong is kind of hard core.

PricewaterhouseCoopers On Romney's "Ransomed" Tax Returns: We're Working With The Secret Service

The firm from which Anonymous hackers claim to have obtained Romney's tax returns is taking the threat seriously: "[A]t this time there is no evidence that our systems have been compromised."

Sea Wolf "Old World Romance" - Full Album Premiere @

Official site of Team Coco & Conan O'Brien - watch Conan full episodes, get the latest news about Conan on TBS, watch Conan videos, Conan on the intertubes, fan sneak peeks, plus sundry worthless hilarity.

What Does This Rainbow Mean? @

The latest viral buzz from

When G-Chat Love Is Painfully One-Sided

"Do you want to see me again? Because I can't tell at all."

Breaking.... Hacker Group Claims To Have Romney's Tax Returns // Current TV Mitt Romney’s tax returns are reportedly in the hands of a team of hackers who plan on

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Watch 49 Quadrocopters Fly Together Like Beautiful Glowing Insects

They make 3D shapes, change colors, swirl around one another. You know, quadrocopter stuff. Just *imagine* the UFO pranks you could pull with a setup like this.

Mitt Romney In 3 Words

I asked 30 DNC delegates from around the country to describe Mitt Romney in 3 words. Here's what they said. Also, add your own in the comments if you'd like.

How To Have A Retirement Party The Michael Phelps Way

It's good to retire at 27 as the most famous person in the history of your field.

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Melissac14 went back in time!

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Where Are The NYC Troublemakers?

Find out where the petty criminals and boozehounds hang out in the city.

Everything You Need To Know About Michelle Obama's Gray Nails

We might never know the exact brand and shade of the polish, but it looks similar to a few things you can buy now.

JetBlue Is Courting Bronies, Knows About Illicit Ponysex

Bronies love planes, planes love bronies. But does JetBlue know about r/ClopClop?

Obama Campaign Shared '08 Polling With Silver

An "obsessive following" in Chicago, and a confidentiality agreement.

George Carlin Summed Up Everyone's Feelings About Lance Armstrong

Yesterday, I was listening to a stand-up comedy station on Pandora and treated to a clip from George Carlin’s 2008 TV special, “It’s Bad for Ya!”, and I was a little upset that I hadn’t thought about it when the big Lance Armstrong news broke on Aug…

Kirk Herbstreit Talks College Football Playoffs And The Upcoming Season

The ESPN Analyst stopped by BuzzFeed Radio to share his thoughts on the college football landscape.

The Murders And The Journalists

In February 1970, at Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, North Carolina, a pregnant woman named Colette MacDonald and her two children, Kimberley, 5, and Kristen, 2, were slaughtered in their home. Colette's husband, Jeffrey MacDonald, a 26-year-old doctor …

Can You Die From A Nightmare?

It was creepy to wake up violently in the middle of the night. It was creepier when no one could tell me why it was happening.

What's The Last YouTube Video You Watched?

Whether you're at work or back in school, chances are someone sent a YouTube video pretty recently. Throw your most recent one in the comments! (Proceed with caution... people look at some weird stuff...)

The Bowels Of The Internet Have Farted Up Atheist Brony Dubstep

This video is the black hole that will suck all points of the internet onto themselves, and negating all canceling out all light and matter forever. If only Ron Paul could hear this.

One Direction Does Slow-Mo, Drool Inducing, VMA Promos

Each 1D member got their own 57 seconds worth of slow-mo walking and making love to the camera while their song One Thing plays in the background. I used to be team The Wanted, but now I don't know what to think or how to feel.

Austan Goolsbee's Mom, Texas Delegate

The outspoken economist's parent represents deep-red Abilene." Prairie Dog Democrats.

Penguin Puberty Just As Embarrassing As Human Version

Mom, stop. Seriously Mom, stop. This adolescent King Penguin gets help molting from his doting mother.

Obama Has Long Held Campaign Events In The Rain

The Democratic National Convention moved the President's Thursday night nomination speech indoors because of a threat of rain. The President has campaigned in the rain in the past.

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Your Food Packaging Is Bad

And you should feel bad. Shame on you, food industry.

Michelle Obama's Democratic Convention Speech By The Numbers

It took 26 minutes, garnered 28,000 tweets per minute, and included 29 mentions of Barack.

Teaspoon-Sized Baby Hedgehog Party!

These little Sonics were born recently at the Cameron Park Zoo and featured on ZooBorns because who doesn't love a pink little old man face surrounded by tiny spikes? Seriously, though, the cute is strong with these ones.

Republicans Also Dialed Back Platform's Israel Language

The missing language: "Undivided" Jerusalem and an embassy move. Democrats under fire for a similar move.

Kellie Pickler Shaved Her Head!

The country music star's best friend, Summer Holt Miller, was diagnosed with breast cancer in June. So in support of her and to promote breast cancer awareness, she shaved her head. Kellie and Summer look amazing.

Is Miley Sending A Bad Message (VIDEO) On Caitlin's Blog

Miley Cyrus has been getting a lot of attention recently for posting pictures of herself on Twitter. She's documented many of her revealing outfits, from mid-drift-baring tops, to a sheer shirt. There's no denying Miley, 19, looks fit and she seems …

Shuster Has Something To Say About Dem's Bad Behavior

David Shuster reports from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte

Gen Y Hippo's Mother Is A Helicopter Parent

Hippo mom is taking a very snout-on approach to teaching her baby to swim. How will this baby hippo ever learn to be on it's own with it's mother coddling it so much?

Massachusetts Republicans Bracket Elizabeth Warren In Cherokee, NC

Warren's big speech to the DNC prompts a visit and video response.

Clevelanders Can't Do Math

I grew up there, so I know they have schools, but you wouldn't know it from this.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Life In Obama's White House

Obama reveals what it's like to sleep at 1600 Pennsylvania in an interview with Michael Lewis in October's Vanity Fair.

Jay-Z, Beyonce And Blue Ivy Vacationed On A Yacht

Welcome to your life Blue Ivy!

Brazen Art Thieves Top The Morning Links

Who says all criminals are dumb? Plus, the biggest cheeseburger you won't eat and the league of extraordinary Internet trolls.

Nick Nolte's Face While In A Bumper Car: An Appreciation

Extra points for having an adorable granddaughter, too!

Oakland's Josh Reddick Enters To Daniel Bryan's Music, A's Fans "YES"

A's OF Josh Reddick entered to WWE star Daniel Bryan's entrance music, so Oakland fans responded accordingly. YES! YES! YES!

Records Request Finds Politics At Play At Federal Aviation Administration

Supervisor John Hickey suggested that if Republicans see office, FAA employees could lose their jobs. "Mr. Hickey was essentially telling them how to vote..."

How Live Sex Will Save The Porn Industry

DVDs are dead, pay sites are struggling and porn is free and unlimited. Why live cams, Twitter and Skype may be the porn industry's last hope.

Green Lantern #0 Introduces First Arab-American Protagonist [Exclusive Interview]

A new breed of superhero is born. Geoff Johns sits down with Buzzfeed to talk about Simon Baz and writing a Muslim Lantern.

Lara Stone Pushing Bras

To "Push It" by Salt-n-Pepa. She dances, sort of, and says "push it good."

Virginia Congressman Says He's Not Afraid Of Artur Davis

Connolly jabs "cranky malcontents of a certain complexion." Davis: "Democrats are really struggling with their word choices."

Republican Group Attacks "Drunk Uncle" Biden

A new ad from the Iowa-based American Future Fund, which doesn't disclose its donors. Running against Onion Joe Biden.

(Real) First Look At Snooki's Baby

It's not a literal meatball like we originally thought but it is an adorable baby boy that People shared with us.

52 Shades Of Greed Playing Cards

Organized by two New York City illustrators for the Occupy Wall Street movement, the informative deck features many of the architects of the economic collapse.

Michelle Obama Nails Her DNC Speech In Tracy Reese And J.Crew

Michelle Obama nailed her DNC speech. (If you didn’t watch, check it out below. It was truly inspiring–I know I’m not the only one who teared up.) And as usual, she nailed it with her outfit as well. She wore a custom silk print dress by Tracy Rees…

If Mitt Romney Were A Rapper

He'd be this guy. "Barack Obama is history/And everyone is pissed at me."

Chuck Norris's New Anti-Obama Video Warns Of 1000 Years Of Darkness

It’s almost election time here in ‘Murka (thank God) and you know what that means: fighting over the perceived differences between two candidates who are 98 percent exactly the same! Hooray, democracy! Chuck Norris recently released an election-seas…

Michelle Obama: The Anti-Fashion Fashion Plate

Despite the unfailing adoration she receives from the fashion industry, Michelle Obama's style remains surprisingly relatable, likable, and not weird.

Take A Look At The Best New York Fashion Week Invitations

When you were a kid, it didn’t get any better than finding an invitation to the most popular girl at school’s birthday party in the mail. Well, that’s kind of how it feels for us at Fashionista when NYFW rolls around each season–without the added pr…

Final Fantasy XIV: A Franchise Reborn From

The beta for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is set to begin towards the end of the year. Word is circulating that Square Enix has already begun issuing $16 credits to retailers to destroy their existing stock of FFXIV in preparation for the new (…

Deval Patrick: I Will Not Stand By And Let President Obama Be Bullied Out Of Office

The Massachusetts Governor gave a fiery speech at the DNC in defense of the President.

Turns Out Julian Castro Isn't Related To Fidel Castro

Easy misunderstanding. You know, because there's no one else with that last name.

President Obama Watches Michelle Obama's Speech With His Daughters

The President took in his wife's address to the DNC with his two daughters.

Obama Is Trying Too Hard To Be Cool @

Man, that guy behind Obama on the left is cut. I want a V...

Meet Julian Castro

A Democratic star was born on the DNC's opening night.

The VMAs Vs. The DNC

Host Kevin Hart says he's bigger than the President: "How does it feel to outdraw Barack Obama? I do it all the time." The VMAs go head-to-head with the Democratic National Convention on Thursday.

26 Odd Pairings Of VMAs Past

One of the best things about the Video Music Awards is how famous people who are complete opposites will end up hanging out or collaborating on a skit at the awards. Here are 26 fantastic examples.

Fashionista’s FNO Food Guide: How To Work The Night For Free Booze And Munchies

Has it really been a year already? Love it or pretend to dread it, Fashion’s Night Out is nearly upon us again. You know, that all-out crazy, possibly mayhem-filled evening that’s all about fashion and shopping, but is unofficially the time to fill …

Dissecting The 2012 VMA Seating Chart

We got a tour of the Staples Center in Los Angeles today and with it, a look at who's sitting where on Thursday. Here's which pairings make sense and those that really don't.

Ted Strickland Uses Bible Verse To Attack Mitt Romney For Offshore Investments

The former Governor of Ohio uses a verse from Matthew to hit Mitt Romney for keeping some of his money in offshore bank accounts.

Lana Del Rey's Dark Hair: Love It Or Hate It?

Lana debuted her black hair at the GQ Men of the Year Awards last night.

How Dan Harmon Officiates A Wedding

I guess you're supposed to pass out in front of the wedding party after performing your duties?

Early Bart Simpson Doodles That Matt Groening Drew On Bennigan's Cocktail Napkins

From Redditor FixerOfDeath: "My mother recently showed me these doodles that Matt Groening made for her when she waited on him in 1990. I thought they were pretty awesome." Awesome, indeed.

Tom Cruise Has A New Girlfriend Photo Alinne Celestino's Photos

The rumors have been hitting the media that Yolanda Pecoraro is the new girlfriend of Tom Cruise!!! Yolanda is an actress who also happens to be a member of the church of Scientology. Do you think these two are perfect to each other? - Tom Cruise Ha…

DNC Star Julian Castro's "Twin-Gate" Switcheroo

The Parent Trap-style mini-scandal helped sink Castro's 2005 campaign for mayor. Are we sure it's not Joaquin out there tonight?

POLL: How Is Obama Forcing Gay Marriage On America? @

CamPAIN '12: According to a new political attack ad, the President won't rest until every citizen is in a happy same-sex marriage.

An Anna Wintour Documentary Is In The Works

Tucked into Robin Givhan’s lengthy piece (worth a read in itself) on what role Wintour will take on post-Vogue–be it political or otherwise–is this little tidbit: “Both the truth and the mythology of Wintour…has been illustrated in The September Iss…

Oogieloves Movie: Worst Opening Ever For Movie On 2000+ Screens

It was pretty obvious that Oogieloves in the BIG Balloon Adventure wasn’t going to do well, but no one expected it to open this low. The movie earned an estimated $445,000 from 2,160 locations this weekend; that tops 2008′s Delgo ($511,920) for the …

The Most Animated Speaker At The DNC

She's fired up and ready to go!

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