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September 12, 2012

Pi In The Sky

See some weird clouds in the Bay Area around noon? They're just a little piece of pi.

The Olate Dogs Got Talent

The America's Got Talent finale is tonight on NBC and BuzzFeed Animals has all of our chips on this amazing father and son dog act, featuring rescued pups. Dog conga!

Kindness Saves The Life Of A Tiny Blind Kitten

Reddit user Mantees posted a story of coming across a tiny kitten baking in the sun in southern Italy and soon discovered that she was completely blind, and always will be. He took care of her infections and fever and took her home. She's now all grown up, named Skunky, and is his beloved pet.

The Robin Hood Car Chase

A few guys robbed a Bank of America, then threw money out their car's windows while police pursued them in South Los Angeles. Dumb criminals or 'hood heroes?

30 Renowned Authors Inspired By Cats

Cats – with all their mysteriousness and adorableness and softness – have served as muses for some of the most brilliant writers in the world for centuries. Some notable examples, amazing pictures, and charming quotes from 30 of the best kitty/writer combo deals.

Learn How To Chill Like A Bear

If you are not chilling like a bear, you are probably not chilling anywhere near as effectively as you ought to be. Take a second to learn from the masters.

Cat Finds Possum, Gives Him Piggyback Ride

"I was washing the dishes and I heard her scratching at the flyscreen to come in. When I went to let her in I saw something on her back and it was a possum," says the cat's person. She thinks, rather wonderfully, that they must have met before.

Long Box And Maru

What is Maru going to do with the long box?! He is going to get in the long box, is what he's going to do. Like a fucking champion.

14 Fashion Week Food Trends

People who participate in Fashion Week don't just eat regular balanced meals or civilized sit-down dinners. Fashion Week is its own little microcosm of strange foods and bad eating habits. Here are real photos from Fashion Week that prove it.

So Much For Eradicating Fashion Stereotypes

"We don't eat because it's Fashion Week." "We just pretend." I want to transcribe every word of this interview with Anna Dello Russo and read it over and over again.

Diplomat's Death in Libya First Reported on Gaming Site

News of U.S. official Sean Smith's death first broke on a gaming site, where he was remembered fondly as "Vile Rat," an avid player of Eve and a good friend to other online gamers. Chillingly, Smith was online chatting when the attack on the American Consulate in Libya happened: His friend says that he typed "FUCK" and "GUNFIRE" before getting disconnected. (via Talking Points Memo.)

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