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September 3, 2012

Here's Karl Rove And Joe Trippi Racing On Segways

Fox News really knows how to transition to a commercial break.

President Obama Seriously Courting The Cat Lady Vote

A very smart play. Governor Romney would be wise to jump on this bandwagon.

Daily Show Mischaracterizes Romney's 2008 Remarks On Obama Succeeding

Edited out: "We want the president to succeed."

Labor Brings Its Frustrations To Charlotte

“Charlotte wouldn’t have been our choice as a city." Lee Saunders beats the hell out of a chair.

In 2004, Then-State Senator Obama Dismissed, Criticized Positive Jobs Report

The Democratic Conventions ends the day before jobs numbers for August will be released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a scenario that is high risk-high reward for President Obama. In 2004, then State Senator Obama dismissed a better than expected jobs report for the Bush Administration. Obama said the good jobs report showing more jobs than previous years was a sign of "a structural problem in this country."

My Favorite Instagram Photos - Buzznet

Instagram is so bomb. I do have a secret account where I have like 3 peeps following me and they kinda have to put up with pictures of scissors of E6000 and scissors since I mainly use it to take pictures for my blogs. Lol. However, I love watching …

Chris Matthews Accuses Romney Of Encouraging White Anger

The MSNBC host told his colleague Andrea Mitchell, "That's the goal. You're laughing because you know it's all true. You don't have to say it. I am."

Pelosi Accuses Republicans Of Serial Dishonesty

“They don’t know when the factory closes, they don’t know how fast they run," top female Democrat says.

The Smartest Dog In Pakistan

An ingenious and energy efficient way to cross a river.

Will Chelsea Clinton Speak At The DNC?

Could the DNC be Chelsea Clinton's coming out party? Rumors swirl.

12 Women Who Have Completely Owned The VMA Red Carpet

...for better or for worse. I, for one, can't wait to see what these ladies show up in this year.

Meet The Democrats' Anti-Ryan

Maryland Rep. Van Hollen, the party's top budgeteer, gets a prime time speaking slot to hammer Ryan's budget plan. Democrats want to keep Ryan boxed into the House.

The Cutest Couple At The Democratic National Convention

Politics (and political conventions) make strange bedfellows.

Creepy Print Ad For Clothing Brand For Devil Worshipers

Or, I should say, "Devil worshipers." Lucille Ball doesn't deserve this.

More Proof That You Need To Go To A Japanese Robot Restaurant

Not that you needed any more proof that go-go dancers in bikinis and giant mecha-women make for the ultimate dining experience.

NBC Intern: "I Am Chuck Todd"

This hilarious video, picked up on an online streaming service, shows NBC interns sitting in for a run through while awkwardly discussing Batman. "I am Chuck Todd" has a great chance to be THE catchphrase at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this week.

Marion Barry Arrives At Democratic Convention, Slams Republicans

“He’ll always be mayor. He’s Mayor for Life,” one convention goer exclaims of DC's former mayor. “The Republicans offer no hope, no direction that’s particularly helpful to us, particularly African Americans,” says Barry.

LeAnn Rimes Harassed A Fan, Is Now Suing Them

To recap: LeAnn Rimes is an unstable lunatic who is on twitter 24 hours a day, mostly to argue with anyone who calls her names. One of those people was a teacher in California named Kimberly Smiley, who then stopped following Rimes. But Rimes had mo…

A Bunch Of Things On Fire At Burning Man

Putting the "burn" back in Burning Man.

Before Ann And Mitt, Lenore And George

In this video, cut from a 1962 Romney for Governor informercial, Lenore Romney talks about why her husband would be a good Governor of Michigan. Interestingly, Lenore Romney sounds very similar to how Ann Romney described Mitt Romney in her convention speech last week — though Lenore also describes George as "a refugee from Mexico. He was on relief - welfare relief - for the first years of his life."

Democrats Wait, Nervously, On Clinton Speech

All other major addresses have been vetted.

Jesse Jackson Has No Questions: We Are Better Off

The former presidential candidate and civil rights leader alleges voter suppression to the Black Caucus. Gaspard calls the RNC a "clown show."

Maintaining Friendships

It's not uncommon for people to be complacent about their friendships. Whether it's because we're busy at work, busy with our significant other or just tired of being busy, it's easy for us to put some of our friends on the back burner. The truth is…

Military Mom Tiffany Klapheke 'Let Toddler Die Because She Was Too Depressed About Husband's Deployment'

Tiffany Nicole Klapheke, pictured, who lives on the Dyess Air Force Base in Texas, admitted that she didn't take the best of care of her 22-month-old daughter, who was found in her autopsy to weigh only 17.5 pounds.

Chuck Norris's Doomsday Election Video

With his wife, Gena, urges Evangelical Christians to get to the polls or else America faces "the triumph of evil" and "1,000 years of darkness."

Meet Invisible Obama

The chair talks back.

Lindsay Destroyed Elizabeth Taylors ‘Cleopatra’ Trailer

When Elizabeth Taylor was filming ‘Cleopatra’ in 1963, movie stars didnt get all the lavish perks they do now, so when Fox built her a custom trailer–which today would be valued at around $560,000–it was a big deal. So much so that it’s been k…

Australia’s First Indigenous Fashion Week Launches, Aboriginal Model Samantha Harris Gives Us The Deets

This week in Sydney, Australia’s first indigenous fashion week opened its door for business. Called Australian Indigenous Fashion Week (AIFW), the organization will be a platform for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander designers to showcase high q…

Laetitia Casta On Modeling With Choupette

Laetitia Casta has done and seen a lot throughout her lengthy modeling career. Naturally, there have been some standout moments, one of which happened just this year: her 10-page, death-defying editorial in V‘s September issue, for which Karl Lagerf…

Marvel Has Re-Released The Avengers For Labor Day Weekend

With the blockbuster film raking in $1.6 billion during its run in theaters, Marvel has re-released The Avengers for Labor Day.

Inside The Democrats' Convention Media Plan

Surrogates and handlers, even for Lifetime! And the biggest surrogate of all: "Obama can't say what Bill Clinton can."

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