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September 3, 2012

In 2004, Then-State Senator Obama Dismissed, Criticized Positive Jobs Report

The Democratic Conventions ends the day before jobs numbers for August will be released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a scenario that is high risk-high reward for President Obama. In 2004, then State Senator Obama dismissed a better than expected jobs report for the Bush Administration. Obama said the good jobs report showing more jobs than previous years was a sign of "a structural problem in this country."

Meet The Democrats' Anti-Ryan

Maryland Rep. Van Hollen, the party's top budgeteer, gets a prime time speaking slot to hammer Ryan's budget plan. Democrats want to keep Ryan boxed into the House.

NBC Intern: "I Am Chuck Todd"

This hilarious video, picked up on an online streaming service, shows NBC interns sitting in for a run through while awkwardly discussing Batman. "I am Chuck Todd" has a great chance to be THE catchphrase at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this week.

Before Ann And Mitt, Lenore And George

In this video, cut from a 1962 Romney for Governor informercial, Lenore Romney talks about why her husband would be a good Governor of Michigan. Interestingly, Lenore Romney sounds very similar to how Ann Romney described Mitt Romney in her convention speech last week — though Lenore also describes George as "a refugee from Mexico. He was on relief - welfare relief - for the first years of his life."

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