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September 16, 2012

This Steelers Bomb Is The Best Catch Of The Year So Far

If this play is any indication, Mike Wallace could probably catch a mortar shell.

New Magic: The Gathering Card Is Revealed, Bent, And Licked

British musician Alex Day exclusively revealed Magic: The Gathering's upcoming Blistercoil Weird card. He went on to bend the corner, horrifying collectors everywhere.

This Is What The Two Luckiest Brothers Look Like

Adorable baby antics, face waxing, and humpy Hank are revisited in the 1,000th Vlogbrother video.

Fashion At The 2012 Creative Arts Emmy Awards

High marks, all around! For the most part.

"Childrens Hospital" Won An Emmy Over The Weekend

Look how proud Rob Corddry and the rest of the cast are! I hope this means it'll NEVER be canceled!

Oil Painter Finally Finds A Use For Pennies

These beautiful, tiny oil paintings were done by artist Jacqueline Lou Skaggs on pennies she found discarded.

The Top 20 Animals Hanging Out In Hammocks

Ranked using a very exact science involving points for cuteness, relaxedness, and hilariousness.

This Tremendous Interception Return Made The Giants Look Really Stupid

The New York Giants do not look like they won a Super Bowl eight months ago.

Can Rick Santorum And Ron Paul Really Get Along?

Libertarians and social conservatives stage rival Washington summits. Libertarians can be "very positive," he says Santorum.

The 18 Best New Ways To Look Weird

New York Fashion Week just ended. Let's take a look at some of the fashionable — if hard-to-understand — outfits from the runways.

Awkward Family Photos - Buzznet

It is never a boring event trying to get your family to do a successful family photo, especially when it is a very awkward family photo. I was VERY bored one night and started looking up some hilarious awkward family photos and decided I had to show…

Let's All Take New Myspace Profile Pictures

Don't you kind of miss the days when you we were all un-self-conscious enough to take unrealistically flattering / ridiculous self portraits to grace our MySpace profiles? Let's spend this afternoon reliving the good old days. Don't forget to increase the contrast and brightness!

Kate Middleton Topless Photos: Italian Magazine Has 200 Pictures Of Topless Duchess

Everyone is fair game when it comes to the press,whether here or in other countries,makes no odds who you are or what you are,to say that those responsible for taking the photos,or the publishers, should go to jail is so over the top! Does sound …

Honey Boo Boo And Mama June Stop By "Saturday Night Live"

The nation's favorite dollar-makes-me-holler-ing failed beauty pageant contestant and her beautimous mother made a stop at SNL's Weekend Update desk last night. It was kind of glorious.

James Bond Auditions, 1967

Sean Connery made his next to last Bond movie that year—"You Only Live Twice." Here are set photos—with Bond Girls—from five gentlemen looking to take his place.

Kelly Osbourne's Sunglasses At London Fashion Week

Fab or drab? I think they kind of make her look like an ant?

If "Sherlock" Visited "Blues Clues"

Highly accurate. "Of course it's a clue!"

Bird Loss Has Island Overrun With Spiders

HOUSTON, Sept. 13 (UPI) -- An abundance of spiders on Guam is the result of the loss of forest birds caused by an invasive snake that decimated the avian population, researchers say.

Minn. Boy Is Superbug's 7th Victim

BETHESDA, Md., Sept. 15 (UPI) -- A drug-resistant superbug stalking the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center in Bethesda, Md., has claimed a seventh life, officials say.

Kate Middleton Topless Photos: New Agony For Duchess Of Cambridge As Irish Daily Star Publishes Pictures

The Irish paper ran the nine pictures which were not pixelated in today's paper over two inside pages. The Irish Daily Star follows French magazine Closer, and Italian gossip magazine Chi as it publishes the images, taken while the Duke and Duchess …

How To Say Goodbye To Your Co-Workers

This is why email was invented. Adult language ahead.

Obama Appeals NDAA, Indefinite Detention Ban. Media Ignores It. // Current TV

Only hours after a US district judge made permanent an injunction that bans the indefinite military detention of Americans without charge, the White House said

How To Find A Missing Drone In Washington, D.C.

Expect a lot more of this. (via Lawfare).

The Oranges Clip With Catherine Keener And Hugh Laurie

What would you do if you found out your ex-husband was dating your best friend's daughter? In the new dramedy The Oranges, Cathe

The Scale Of Startup Ambition

Over at Hacker News, npguy asked Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham about "the most frighteningly ambitious idea" he'd ever been pitched. Graham declined to answer, citing confidentiality, but Eliezer Yudkowsky responded with what another commenter…

Kate Middleton Topless Photos: French Closer Magazine's Lurid Claims They Have Yet More Intrusive Pictures

The French edition of Closer is owned by Italian media group Mondadori, the chairman of which is Marina Berlusconi (right), daughter of Italy’s former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

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