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September 22, 2012

America Through A Japanese Lens From

ew things are as humbling as viewing yourself through the eyes of another. With a bit of perspective, our greatest strengths as well as our most pronounced flaws become glaringly apparent. But along with these truths come a different sort of insight…

New Photoshoot Mocks Homeless Bag Ladies

In next month's issue of Vogue Germany.

Old Man Finds Halloween Costume Of Himself

That's harsh. He just needs to add a hat and a mustache.

Lady Gaga Flaunts Head Tattoo... But Hides Fuller Frame Under A Leopard-print Dress

And Lady Gaga kept her fuller frame covered up in a leopard-print dress while arriving at her Paris hotel on Friday night.

Gay Texas Police Officers Say "It Gets Better"

A touching video for LGBT youths, by the Lesbian and Gay Police Officers Association in Austin, Texas.

Get Pitched Slapped By The Treblemakers (VIDEO) On We've Got You Covered's Blog

Hey guys, it's almost time to buy your ticket and get in line for opening night of Pitch Perfect! We're super excited and to get us ready to have the ultimate movie going experience, we took time to check out this amazing video chock full of everyth…

Dan Savage: Romney Is 100 Percent Anti-gay

"I’m not going to look into Mitt Romney’s stony little heart, I’m not going to bust open that bank vault in the Cayman islands and retrieve his heart to look at — what I care about it is policy, and his policies are homophobic." —Dan Savage

11 Signs The GOP Is Running Scared From Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney's latest gaffe is still making waves, and Republicans are running scared from his remarks.

Romney Campaign Looking Into Copyright Claim

The font: Wisdom Script. Graphic designers up in arms.

25 Pictures Of The First Day Of Autumn Done Right

OKTOBERFEST! It started today in Munich, Germany where millions of beer drinkers from all over the world will flock for the next two weeks for, well, beer. And sausage flavored ice cream. And pretty girls. And more beer.

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong Has Epic Onstage Meltdown

Watch as he absolutely tears into the people running the iHeart Radio Festival when they tell him to wrap their set to make time for Usher. (via Gawker)

Mario Goes On A Mass Murder Spree

Mario goes all Grand Theft Auto, brought to you by dorkly. Warning: 8-bit violence and NSFW language.

Chris Browns Friends Terrorized People At Subway Today

Everyone was very impressed with Chris Browns fighting skills when he managed to get the jump on a young girl and smash her face into a window, but his friends are super hardcore and brave too. In fact, if there’s four of them, and they have a stun …

How Romney Packed The Univision Forum

Tense moments as the campaign demands to bus in supporters and to retape an introduction. "A little bit of disrespect," complains Univision's Salinas.

An Interview With Jessica Valenti

Ha! A strict regimen of pre-eclampsia, failing liver and hospitalization did WONDERS. Highly recommend it. Seriously though, I was irritated about that ask on so many levels. Obviously the editor hadn’t read the book or didn’t realize I was a femini…

Han Solo Vs. Gangnam Style

Welcome to the best ten seconds of your life ∞.

Eva Longoria Shows Off Her Perfectly Pert Posterior In Stunning Naked Photograph

But Eva Longoria has gone one better and stripped off completely for a new arty coffee-table book Asleep at the Château.

Champion Of Dreams: An Interview With Hideo Yoshizawa From

s director and producer of games like Klonoa, Ridge Racer Type 4, and Mr. Driller, Hideo Yoshizawa played an instrumental role in Namco's PlayStation-era console game renaissance. Emphasizing playability (and great music) over the increasingly compl…

Hotel Transylvania Exclusive Video Clip

Everyone needs a vacation from time to time -- and that includes monsters! In the animated film Hotel Transylvania, Dracula (Adam Sandler) owns a five-star resort where ghouls and goblins are free to relax without human disturbance.

Here's Daddy, James Franco's New Band

James Franco, man of many artistic pursuits, is about to release a Motown-inspired rock album with his new band, Daddy.

Eight Questions With Katamari Damacy Creator Keita Takahashi From

But when art meets commerce, disaster can happen; after the game's breakout success, Namco wanted Takahashi to turn Katamari into a franchise, which he did with reluctance. We Love Katamari made for a fantastic sequel, but the game's story about fan…

Romney Says His Campaign "Doesn't Need A Turnaround"

On "60 Minutes," he rejects the charge his campaign is 'incompetent'.

Coolest Dad Ever Sends His Son's Toy Train On A Space Trip

This awesome dad rigged up a weather balloon with an HD camera and a GPS, affixed his kid's favorite toy train "Stanley," and sent him into space. See the magical journey (with some special effects added in post-production to make Stanley come alive) from takeoff to landing to (most adorably) recovery!

My Attempt To Make The Fritters I Loved As A Kid

In elementary school, back in the 70s in Tempe, Arizona, one of my favorite meals was something called Farmers Fritters. On Friday nights, our mother whipped up a batch of the thin, crisp, tangy-sweet cottage-cheese pancakes, which were actually mor…

Scandals Of Classic Hollywood: The Exquisite Garbo

Greta Garbo did not inhabit this earth. She flitted about in the celluloid heavens, showing her face and, later, offering her voice at sporadic intervals. Her skin was flawless, the arch of her eyebrow was perfection. She was never a child, she neve…

Stuck In Japan From

Four major Japanese series that never took root over here.

See Fiona Apple's Embarrassing Mug Shot!

She had a '90s alt-rock hit with "Criminal," and now Fiona Apple has the mug shot to match. The singer-songwriter, 35, was arrested in Texas on Wednesday after police found drugs on her tour bus. Apple was on her way to a performance in Austin w…

Kathy Griffin Might Be The Devil

Maybe it was just coincidence, but when I opened this picture of Kathy Griffin with no makeup, it started to thunder outside, and all the plants in my room died, and then I got really sad and started to cry, like there was no point in living anymore…

Senate Republicans Vote Down Veterans Jobs Bill

Senate Republicans voted down a bill designed to help veterans obtain jobs in the public and private sector. We're taking a closer look at this interesting story from the Current community. Check it out and add your two cents:

Kate Middleton Closer Photos: Duchess Heads Home After Scandal But Her Dress Is Caught By Wind!

As she headed for home with Prince William after a highly successful tour of South East Asia and the South Pacific, the Duchess was almost left red-faced at Brisbane Airport by a gust of wind.

Pregnant Soldier: MoD Rule Out Pregnancy Tests For Frontline Women Despite Fijian Army Girl Giving Birth

There has been growing pressure for testing servicewomen before they head to the frontline after a Fijian-born British servicewoman had a son in Camp Bastion on Tuesday – just days after the Taliban launched a deadly attack on the UK’s main base in …

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