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September 4, 2012

What It Takes to Report on Anonymous

The temperamental hacker/activist/teen group Anonymous notoriously difficult — and risky — to report on. Adrian Chen takes one for the team.

Democrats In The Jimmy Carter Trap

An Obama surrogate makes one of the biggest gaffes of the summer, derailing Chicago’s well-crafted “forward” campaign narrative. How do they get beyond it? “An honest conversation,” says DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Car-Sex Accidents Are More Common Than You Might Think

The son of a Chinese government official was killed in a car accident earlier this year — while half-naked. Unfortunately, he wouldn't be the first person to put himself in danger through sexual activity — or ill-advised stripping games — while driving.

27 Reasons Why Nothing Matters

Having a rough day? Don't worry about it! You're just an atom in a molecule in a grain of sand on a tiny beach on the vast continent of the cosmos! You are small and the universe is indifferent!!!

Sifl & Olly Return!

Talk about a blast from the past. If you don't know why this is a big deal, are you even old enough to be on the Internet without supervision?

What Bella And Edward Are Really Saying

Turns out a lot of original dialog was dubbed over in post-production for the film. The original audio track has just been released, and the movie makes SO much more sense now.

One Man's War In 36 Sketches

Victor Alfred Lundy was an architecture student enrolled in the Army Special Training Program, and in 1944, with D-Day soon to come, he and his company were called up to the infantry. Lundy kept a running diary in his sketchbook, from basic training in South Carolina to the fields of France, and his swell drawings give you a sense of what it was like to be one of our boys in the army.

Anne Frank's Faith In Humanity

On Saturday, July 15, 1944—two years into her life in hiding, and even longer into a nightmarish world war—Anne Frank recorded in her diary a deeply-felt statement of her belief in humanity's essential goodness. She would die in the camps the following March, but her message still resonates powerfully.

20 Pictures From The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

There's no crying in baseball – but there's a whole lot of yelling, smiling, posing, and playing hard. The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was a women's baseball league founded founded in 1943 in order to keep public interest in baseball alive while the able-bodied male athletes were fighting the war abroad.

30 Cute Dog Photos From The '30s

In doing research for this post, I have come to the important conclusion that dogs reached the height of their cuteness in the 1930s. Really, like a fourth of these dogs are wearing little hats.

Bright Young Things: The Glittery World Of 1920s Young Society

Cecil Beaton began his long and illustrious photography career as a fashion and society photographer in 1920s London. Beaton was a member of a lavish and exclusive world occupied by the young aristocrats and socialites of the day who were referred to as "The Bright Young Things". This young and affluent set were notorious for their elaborate fancy dress balls, excessive partying, drinking and experimentation with drugs.

The 10 Best Baseball Players Who Never Got To Play In The Majors

Black Americans were not allowed to play in Major League Baseball until Jackie Robinson was signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1946. Before then, hundreds of gifted black baseball players competed against one another in successful Negro Leagues that formed all over America. There has been a great effort to remember and celebrate these great athletes, and many of them have since been inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

When Michelle Met Kumar

Fist bumps all around. The touching reunion between Michelle Obama and Kal "Kumar" Pen at the Democratic National Convention. Kal Penn, if you didn't know, is a prominent supporter of President Obama and has worked with the White House on public engagement.

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