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September 6, 2012

When Senator John Kerry Dined With Assad

The top Democratic foreign policy figure was among those hoping for an opening in the early Obama years. He now calls for an end to the Syrian leader's "reign of terror."

The Incredible Identity Politics Of Tumblr

Ever heard of otherkin? Transethnicity? Demisexuality? Transablism? Soulbonding? Now you have! Once you strip away all the GIFs, Tumblr is one of the most fascinating and bizarre places on the internet.

Who Is Sandra Fluke?

You might want to use this in the comments section after you see CNN's chryon describing the women's reproductive rights activist.

The Great Pug Race

Heaven exists: The International Pug Meeting was held in Berlin, Germany this summer and over 50 pugs ran around "racing" and being their stupidly cute pug selves.

The Subtle Tyranny Of Nostalgia

Nostalgia is powerful for a simple reason: it makes people feel good. But it can also make people insane. Congratulations on growing up, everybody! Now it's time to grow up.


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Hillary Having A Moment With Bill

He speaks, she smiles. During a State Department stop in East Timor, Hillary beams with pride as she watches her husband do his thing last night at the DNC.

Infinite Jest, The Map

Infinite Atlas is an interactive atlas by artist William Beutler that maps all the locations mentioned in David Foster Wallace's epic, Infinite Jest. This is an extension of an earlier project, Infinite Boston, and it's pretty awesome. You can check out the interactive map here and there's a limited edition print available here.

Lil Bub, The Movie

Vice is making a full-length feature about the most important cat in the world right now (uh-oh, yeah I said it: better step up your game, Maru) and her triumph at Minnesota's recent Internet Cat Festival. Here's a taste. Plus, also, did you know that Lil Bub's person has a tattoo of Lil Bub? That is the real deal Holyfield.

Jimmy Fallon Does His Best Julian Castro

A bunch of people on twitter noticed that Julian Castro is basically Jimmy Fallon's doppleganger (other than Julian's actual twin brother), so Jimmy delivered and gave us his own Julian Castro DNC speech.

Bill Clinton's Biggest Applause Line

The former president ad-libbed a pretty harsh swipe at Paul Ryan during his speech at the Democratic National Convention. Clinton was talking about Ryan's attack on President Obama for cutting money from Medicare, even though Ryan's budget proposal would eliminate the same amount from Medicare, then improvised this zinger.

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