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September 6, 2012

Michelle Obama's Gray Nail Polish At The DNC

The First Lady grabbed some attention at the DNC with non-traditional gray nail polish. What's your take on the look?

Rob Delaney Likes His Women Hairy @

Rob also prefers a lady whose "body parts go slappa-dappa-doodle."

Study Shows That Fantasy Football Costs Businesses $6.5 Billion

A random study suggests that fantasy football could distract American workers for up to an hour each day, costing businesses billions.

Miley Cyrus's First Photo Shoot With Her New Hair

You know the drill, people. Fab or drab?

Joe Biden Wipes Away Tears As Son Nominates Him For Vice President, Calls Him His "Hero"

The Vice President wiped away tears as his son Beau, the Attorney General of Delaware officially place his name for nomination as Vice President at the Democratic convention.

Beautiful New Tiananmen Square Protest Street Art

In Cologne, Germany. In collaboration with Amnesty International to raise awareness of China's continuing human rights violations.

John Kerry's Bin Laden Joke

A zinger from his speech in Charlotte.

Congressman John Lewis: "I Don't Want To Go Back" To Pre-Civil Rights Policies

The Congressman implies that Mitt Romney would take America back to pre-Civil Rights era policies in his speech to the Democratic convention.

8 Famous Women Attending The DNC Finale

What are Scarlett Johansson and Kim Kardashian doing at a political convention?

Boxed Wine, Now In The Shape Of A Pocketbook

But does this make it classier?

15 Strange Claims Naomi Wolf Makes About Vaginas

In her new book, gender-politics author Naomi Wolf says vaginas can control our minds, make us more creative, and feel "vaginal grief."

New Video Of A Cheetah Cub And Her Puppy Playmate

The Cincinnati Zoo decided to introduce Savanna to someone her own age – he's just not the same species... But they don't seem to give a care.

Conan's Video Blog: Animals With Paul Ryan's Eyes Edition @

Official site of Team Coco & Conan O'Brien - watch Conan full episodes, get the latest news about Conan on TBS, watch Conan videos, Conan on the intertubes, fan sneak peeks, plus sundry worthless hilarity.

Melissa Etheridge: ‘I’m For Gay Divorce’

"I’m for gay marriage because I’m for gay divorce." — Melissa Etheridge

Is Brooklyn Better? Has Manhattan Gotten Worse? Revisiting NY Mag’s “I Hate Brooklyn” Article Seven Years Later

Seven years ago, Jonathan Van Meter, the writer and Vogue contributing editor, published an essay in New York magazine called "I Hate Brooklyn." Here is how it begins:

When Senator John Kerry Dined With Assad

The top Democratic foreign policy figure was among those hoping for an opening in the early Obama years. He now calls for an end to the Syrian leader's "reign of terror."

Famous Celebrity Teams...MERGED

The mash-ups are predictably horrifying. And occasionally disturbing in their attractiveness.

Seven Of The Most Stylin' Looks On The Doggie Fashion Runway

The "Furry Friends on the Runway" fashion event was held at the Ritz Plaza Park in New York last night. "And I do my little turn on the dog-walk."

Democrats Offer Overflow To Shut-Out Supporters

Hundreds line up outside the convention center.

Obama Campaign Won't Join Clinton In Hailing Recovery

The former president sees shades of 1996, but selling an improvement is difficult politics. "That was him. That was President Clinton talking," says Messina.

Charlie Crist Used To Attack Barack Obama....A Lot

The former Republican turned independent former Governor will speak in support of Barack Obama at the DNC.

Sports On TV: Married... With Children's 20 Greatest Sports Moments

Each week, Sports On TV looks at the 20 (or so) greatest sports-related moments from television shows that aren't always about sports. This week we tackle the low-brow 1987-97 FOX classic 'Married... With Children', and honestly, it's the closest we…

The Incredible Identity Politics Of Tumblr

Ever heard of otherkin? Transethnicity? Demisexuality? Transablism? Soulbonding? Now you have! Once you strip away all the GIFs, Tumblr is one of the most fascinating and bizarre places on the internet.

Emma Watson's Wobbly-Looking Shoes: Fab Or Drab?

Emma was spotted walking around New York City in these unique-looking heels on her feet. Do you love 'em or hate 'em?

Just A Hand-Raised Hyrax Chilling Out On A Car

I would drive him anywhere he wanted to go.

Who Is Sandra Fluke?

You might want to use this in the comments section after you see CNN's chryon describing the women's reproductive rights activist.

Things You Will Never Hear Gamers Say And Other Links

Friendship and companionable competition? Not on my watch. Plus, NASA has a full-time scientist dedicated to calming people down and some awesome abstract self-portraits.

THEN And NOW: Ryan Lochte's Dramatic Style Evolution

Now: he's wearing stylish suits on the front lines of Fashion Week. Four years ago: he went to fashion shows in ill-fitting purple man blouses.

Gore Calls Bill Clinton's DNC Speech 'A Masterful Performance'

Al Gore and Current TV hosts Jennifer Granholm, Eliot Spitzer, Cenk Uygur and John Fugelsang reflect on former President Bill Clinton's speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Shai Lindsey Goes Full Nick Diaz, Gets Knocked Out

Tuff-N-Uff "FestiBrawl" was highlighted by fighter Shai Lindsey smiling, doing a COME AT ME BRO taunt and getting knocked the hell out. +

Drew Peterson Found Guilty Of Murder

The Illinois police officer was convicted Thursday of killing his third wife, Kathleen Savio, in 2004.

Ad Urges Female Voters To "Break Up" With Obama

"Listen. This just isn't working. It's been four years."

Is The New SportsCenter Commercial The Best Ever?

John Clayton has a ponytail. I repeat: John Clayton has a ponytail.

Hippie Single Dad Skeleton Will Never Find Happiness

Hint: I think it's probably the finger toe shoes, dude.

3D Tattoos Photo - Buzznet

Check out these extreme 3D tattos!

Homophobic Alabama High School Students: "Purple? Man, That's GAY."

Alabama High School Spanish Fort shows what they're made of with giant homophobic banners, as seen on ESPN. Sorry about all this, Daphne High

Glenn Beck Wants To Answer Your Questions About Mormonism

The conservative host talks to BuzzFeed about the one-hour Mormon-themed special on his online network tonight.

14 Most Important Sex Ads Of The Democratic National Convention

Delegate group-sex and Republicans seeking Democrats. "How about a little bipartisanship, ladies?"

Clinton To Tour Midwest For Obama

An itinerary for the president's most effective supporter.

The Great Pug Race

Heaven exists: The International Pug Meeting was held in Berlin, Germany this summer and over 50 pugs ran around "racing" and being their stupidly cute pug selves.

Jerry Jones Is Too Rich To Clean His Own Glasses

When you own the Dallas Cowboys, you pay someone to follow you around, just in case you might need a wipe.

The Democratic Platform In 15 Songs

Beyoncé's music can summarize two different policy points!

Just A Lab Making Friends With A Fish

I think what we can learn from this is that everyone, regardless of species, loves Doritos.

What Is Conan Doing With Those Keys? @

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Paul Thomas Anderson Showed Tom Cruise The Master

Director Paul Thomas Anderson said it’s no secret that the central character in “The Master” was inspired by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. The highly-anticipated film, which premiered Saturday at the Venice Film Festival, stars Philip Seymour…

Every NFL Fan In 90 Seconds

Giants: "No I don't root for the Jets, I'm not an Irish fireman."

The Subtle Tyranny Of Nostalgia

Nostalgia is powerful for a simple reason: it makes people feel good. But it can also make people insane. Congratulations on growing up, everybody! Now it's time to grow up.

We Inform The Guys Of "Awkward" Of Who They'll Be Sitting By At Tonight's VMAs

We talked to Beau Mirchoff and Brett Davern about whether or not it's going to be "Awkward" when they sit behind the cast of the Jersey Shore (because their show, Awkward, was renewed while the shore was canceled). Also, The Situation apparently owes Beau $100!

Watch The Wanted Perform "Gangnam Style"

PSY made a surprise appearance at The Wanted's pre-VMA concert.

Trophy Wives And Sugar Daddies Less Common Where Men And Women Are Equal

Some have argued that women's preferences for older, richer men — and men's for young, virginal women — are hardwired into our brains. But a new study has found that those preferences change a lot depending on what country people live in.

Hot Pockets For Everyone At The VMAs

The swaggiest swag in the VMA swag bag: Hot Pockets! It's all because of Snoop.

Turn Your Horse Into A Dragon

Because unicorns are lame.

Conan O'Brien Shows Off His Ginormous Bruise

It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. But then it's funny again when they show us their massive bruise.

Romney Campaign Quotes Bill Clinton On Obama: "Give Me A Break"

After Clinton's hit speech, the Romney tries to turn his old comments against Obama. Out of the campaign textbook.

Mitt Romney With A Little Face Has His Own Campaign Commercial

I'm Mitt Romney With A Little Face, and I approve this message. So do we, Mitt Romney With A Little do we.

The Most Realistic Pokemon You Never Want To Meet

Nope. I choose you, Scyther! Oh God no, not my small intestines! Bad Scyther!

27 Lovable Shelter Animals

Leah, the photographer, volunteers at Brazos Animal Shelter in Bryan, TX and offered to use her photography skills to help the homeless animals there find new homes. Her brother posted the shots to reddit to bring attention to these cuties and the cause of thousands like them.

Did Tom Cruise, Scientology Turn Nicole Kidman's Kids Against Her?

After Kidman left both Cruise and the Church, she was labeled an "S.P." -- Suppressive Person (a spiritually toxic person to be avoided at all costs). By Scientology standards, this is worse than being a nonbeliever, so members of the Church were …

Ben Folds Five's "Michael Praytor, Five Years Later"

Listen to "Michael Praytor, Five Years Later," an exclusive track from Ben Folds Five's first new album in 13 years, The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind. Originally from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Ben Folds Five burst on the indie rock music sc…

Lesbian Duo Stages Most Popular Counter-Protest At DNC

Bria and Chrissy, who bill themselves as the Lesbian Duo, sure do know how to steal the spotlight away from anti-abortion and anti-gay protesters. Here they are stopping traffic and riling street preachers in front of the convention center in Charlotte.

Andrew Cuomo Acts Like A Candidate In Charlotte

The typically careful governor of New York gives a rare partisan address to delegates. Now everyone thinks he's running for president.

Meet The Armless American Archer Who Won Paralympic Silver

Winning a medal at the Paralympics is impressive enough, but when you don't have arms and that medal's in archery? Now that's mind-blowing.

Jim Clyburn: "Bill Clinton 'Splained It Very Well"

The Congressman told MSNBC's Alex Wagner that it is now up to Obama to "explain his vision" to the country with a big speech tonight at the DNC.

The Weirdest Moments From Jeremy Lin's Taiwanese Streetball Odyssey

Jeremy Lin went to Taiwan and conquered everybody.

8 Kinds Of "Nerdy" Tattoos That Are Not Okay

Being a nerd is pretty great, but having a nerdy tattoo is a bit trickier... Here are 8 nerdy tattoo cliches that need to stop immediately.

Grindr Pushes Gay Users To Vote

Some are skeptical. "When I'm on grindr I'm not thinking about politics."

Ryan Lochte Is Hanging Out With Tina Fey On The "30 Rock" Set

He's filming a cameo for the show today and he's also covering Fashion Week for E! . Guy is busy.


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Hillary Having A Moment With Bill

He speaks, she smiles. During a State Department stop in East Timor, Hillary beams with pride as she watches her husband do his thing last night at the DNC.

A New Baby Sloth Has Entered The World

Baltimore, you lucky jerks. This Linne's two-toed sloth baby was born in late August at the National Aquarium.

Vladimir Putin Goes Hang Gliding With Cranes

The Russian President Vladimir Putin went hang gliding with cranes in Russia's Yamal Peninsula Wednesday as part of a program to lead the endangered cranes on their migration to Asia.

Chuck Schumer: Israel Fight "Was A Mistake"

And the president will talk about Israel tonight in his speech, Schumer says.

Infinite Jest, The Map

Infinite Atlas is an interactive atlas by artist William Beutler that maps all the locations mentioned in David Foster Wallace's epic, Infinite Jest. This is an extension of an earlier project, Infinite Boston, and it's pretty awesome. You can check out the interactive map here and there's a limited edition print available here.


My dad's pup! She loves everyone.

Formula One Driver Who Lost His Legs In A Crash Wins Paralympic Gold

Reminder: Never feel sorry for yourself, because guys like this exist.

Huge Snake Hitches A Ride On Engine Block Tops The Morning Links

Well there's your problem. Plus another wave of fish are dying in mass and there is going to be a Sopranos movie but it's not what you think.

Prince Harry Teased By A Child During WellChild Awards

Despite his recent nude photo scandal, Prince Harry stuck to his commitment to appear at the WellChild Awards in London yesterday. He would have gotten out of it unscathed, too, if it wasn't for one particularly "cheeky" child.

Here Is Matthew Perry With 13 Cats

Just another reason to Love Matthew Perry.

Lil Bub, The Movie

Vice is making a full-length feature about the most important cat in the world right now (uh-oh, yeah I said it: better step up your game, Maru) and her triumph at Minnesota's recent Internet Cat Festival. Here's a taste. Plus, also, did you know that Lil Bub's person has a tattoo of Lil Bub? That is the real deal Holyfield.

Azealia Banks: The Fashion World's Least Pretentious New Star

She doesn't act — or even dress — like the diva she very well could be.

17 Angriest Anti-Obama Signs From Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy movement camping out in Charlotte is no fan of President Obama or the Democrats, as proved by these protest signs (and a couple puppets).

Jimmy Fallon Does His Best Julian Castro

A bunch of people on twitter noticed that Julian Castro is basically Jimmy Fallon's doppleganger (other than Julian's actual twin brother), so Jimmy delivered and gave us his own Julian Castro DNC speech.

10 Minute Meals

This article was originally published on It is unedited by AskMen. Being hungry sucks (it’s a scientific fact). So why spend hours cooking a gourmet feast when a nutritious and delicious meal could be only 12 minutes away? Skip the gr…

UPDATED: Christian Louboutin Wins Red Sole Trademark Battle Over YSL… Sort Of

Christian Louboutin has a reason to celebrate just in time for Fashion Week–and not just because his namesake shoes will undoubtedly be flooding the streets of New York this time tomorrow. WWD is reporting that after one of the most drawn out suits…

Daughter Of Frankenstein Photoshop

Body from one woman, arm from another, head from another?

10 Apps You Need To Download Before Fashion Week

The non-stop madness that is fashion week begins officially tomorrow (and unofficially today), meaning you have just a short time to prepare. That means stocking up on coffee, granola bars, doing your laundry, picking up your dry cleaning, submittin…

50 Minutes Of Bill Clinton

Did he just win the election for Barack Obama?

Watch David Wetherill's Fantastic Table Tennis Shot At The Paralympics [VIDEO]

We don't see too many table tennis highlights these days, but 22-year-old British Paralympian David Wetherill's rolling dive for the ping pong ball in his match against Germany's Thomasz Kusiak might just be one of the best table tennis shots you'll…

Utah Delegate Makes "We Built That" Joke, Takes Olympic Dig At Romney While Nominating Obama

The Utah delegation used their vote in the roll call of the states to take aim at Mitt Romney's Olympics and make a "we built that joke."

Ashley Judd Nominates President Obama For Tennessee

The actress represented Tennessee in the roll call of the states which officially nominated Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination.

Bill Clinton's Biggest Applause Line

The former president ad-libbed a pretty harsh swipe at Paul Ryan during his speech at the Democratic National Convention. Clinton was talking about Ryan's attack on President Obama for cutting money from Medicare, even though Ryan's budget proposal would eliminate the same amount from Medicare, then improvised this zinger.

Conan Drops Trou & Flashes Buffalo Bruise @

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This GIF Sums Up The Giants' Rough Opening Night Loss

This is not the way to repeat as Super Bowl champs.

Things Could Have Gone Better For Arizona

Barry Goldwater's granddaughter didn't give her best performance at the roll call of the states nominating President Obama.

President Clinton Hugs President Obama

A surprise walk-on by the current POTUS following the speech of the former POTUS leads to a hug out.

Eva Longoria Petting Jessica Alba At The DNC

Easily the hottest moment at this year's Democratic National Convention.

Which Celeb Kid Was Banned From Hanging With Miley Cyrus On Patty's Blog

Miley Cyrus seems like a really fun friend to be around - especially when she hangs out with pals like Kelly Osbourne and Khloe Kardashian! (We want to be BFFs with Miley ourselves!) So it comes to no surprise that celebrities and even celebrity kid…

How Final Fantasy VII Got Me (And Everyone Else) Into RPGs From

For Zachary, Final Fantasy VII was the beginning of something greater than any one game: "Final Fantasy VII was the first really big step up in the series, on pretty much ever level of presentation. It was also a stepping stone and gateway, really, …

Leslie Now Hurricane No. 6

MIAMI, Sept. 5 (UPI) -- Leslie became the sixth hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season Wednesday afternoon, U.S. forecasters said.

Fab Or Drab At The Democratic National Convention

All of the fabbest and drabbest looks of the DNC! Check 'em out.

How The Democrats Botched Their Israel Politics In Charlotte

"It reflects the values of the Democratic Party," Hoyer tells BuzzFeed of the party's reversal on Jerusalem. Democrats need to "sack up," grumbles a liberal Jewish leader.

Benita Veliz Becomes First Undocumented Immigrant To Address A Party Convention

The DREAM Act advocate spoke briefly at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night in support of President Obama's policies to allow some young illegal immigrants who would have been eligible for the DREAM Act to stay in the US.

How Mac Miller Prepared For The VMAs

I dunno, three baloney sandwiches and three hours of Law & Order: Criminal Intent per day sounds like a pretty enjoyable routine...

Photographic Evidence That The NFL Is America

This screencap from the opening night of the National Football League proves that football is more American than Mom, apple pie, and the national conventions.

Karlie Kloss Leaves Next For IMG–But Did She Also Split From Mother Model Management?

Not only that, but it seems that with the move from Next to IMG, Karlie may have also dropped her mother agency (a term for the agency that first signs a model), the appropriately-named Mother Model Management. If you take a quick look at Mother’s F…

The Best GIFs From The DNC's Kickoff

The Democratic National Convention started off with a bang Tuesday. America heard speeches from Democratic powerhouses like Tammy Duckworth, Julian Castro, Nancy Keenan, Kal Penn and Deval Patrick, as well as a heartfelt closing speech from first la…

What Famous People Smell Like

Kevin Bacon doesn't smell like bacon?

Michael Close To Hurricane Status

MIAMI, Sept. 5 (UPI) -- Tropical Storm Michael gained strength through the day Wednesday and was getting close to hurricane status far out in the Atlantic Ocean, U.S. forecasters said.

Ariel Levy On Naomi Wolf's New Book, 'Vagina'

“To understand the vagina properly is to realize that it is not only coextensive with the female brain but also is part of the female soul — it is a gateway to, and medium of, female self-knowledge,” Wolf writes in “Vagina: A New Biography” (Ecco). …

Dancing Guy From The Black Keys "Lonely Boy" Video Dances On The VMA Red Carpet

So I guess this guy is destined to dance like that everywhere now.

DNC Chair On Why God/Jerusalem Were Overlooked: The Platform Is Many Pages Long

On CNN, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said that God and Jerusalem were left out of the DNC platform because the platform was "many pages long."

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