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September 24, 2012

'Saturday Night Live': Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt's 'Magic Mike' Striptease

For the "Dark Knight Rises" star's opening monologue, Gordon-Levitt did his best Channing Tatum impression, spoofing a striptease from this summer's ode to the male form, "Magic Mike."

1st Picture Of Hugh Jackman In The Wolverine 2, Shirtless And Veiny

Speaking of movies doomed by association from the start, here’s Hugh Jackman (more like HUGE JACKEDMAN, AMIRIGHT) in the first publicity still from The Wolverine Saga: Retracting Knives Part 2 or whatever it’s called. 2009′s X-Men Origins: Wolverine…

First Ladies Posing With Ridiculous Things

The main job of a first lady is to pose for pictures with random objects. At least that what it seems like.

Joan Rivers Makes Sense Of Fashion Week For Everyone

"Trying to make sense of New York Fashion Week is like trying to make sense of a party at Charlie Sheen's house: tons of beautiful women, lasts for days, and it's a miracle that no one died."

13 Pop Stars In Catsuits

Skin-tight getups are a mainstay of pop fashion, from Britney and Beyoncé to Lady Gaga and...uh, Marilyn Manson.

Things To Know Before You Watch Homeland

Homeland just cleaned up at the Emmy's. Here's a list of some random things for new fans to know before they delve in and watch all of season one.

Jeremy Renner's (Fictional) Sex Tape

Words in sentences go here. How to write-up? Higher brain capabilities malfunctioning. (NSFW)

Christina Aguilera Will Miss Adam Levine On The Voice

Christina Aguilera is leaving The Voice next season, but doesn't plan on being away for too long. The pop star is taking a break from coaching the talent competition to promote her new album, Lotus. (She and Cee Lo Green will be temporarily replaced…

Where Your Favorite "TRL" Hosts Are Now

Spoiler alert: many of them had babies.

Madeline Albright Playing The Drums In A Jazz Competition

The photo you never knew you needed.

What Lana Del Rey's Vagina Tastes Like

Just in case you've been wondering, Lana Del Rey revealed what her vagina tastes like in a new song.

The Most Embarrassing Moments Of The NFL's Third Week

There are highlights, and then there are these moments.

39 Easy DIY Ways To Create Art For Your Walls

Who says art has to mean anything, or require any creativity whatsoever? Here are some cheap, simple ideas to decorate an otherwise boring wall.

Is Beyoncé Pregnant Again?

She may or may not be, but pictures of her "baby bump" are making the rounds. That and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

Granholm Introduces The GOP To The Concept Of 'Context'

Mitt Romney is doing poorly in the polls and is being written off by political pundits. In response, the Romney camp is doing one thing: Taking President Obama’s words out of context, deceptively editing him and hoping no one notices.

The Top 25 People On Twitter We'd Go To Burning Man With

(Burnsy here. The other day, me and the fellas were chatting around the UPROXX whiskey fountain, and we decided that Sports Illustrated and Deadspin are on to something. Last week, SI – for no reason other than passing out some cyber ass slaps – lau…

What Do These Horses Remind You Of?

It's photo shoot time!

10 Photos From Miss Poledance Hungary

Saturday's competition in Budapest proved that the sexy exercise can also be a real — albeit unclothed — sport. (Safe for work.)

Ecstasy, Agony, And Thuggery In This Week's Soccer Action

Cristiano Ronaldo's in the dark, Jonjo Shelvey has a great name, and John Terry's quitting.

Someone Got A Lil Bub Tattoo On Their Palm

Okay, so unless you've been living under a rock, you know Lil Bub is an adorable freak of nature who has amassed leagues of followers on the internet. I'm glad someone had the guts to reveal the downright evil nature of the Cult of Lil Bub.

Tara Reid And Jedward's Relationship, Explained

Why are they always together?!

First Look! "Vamps" Trailer

From the director of Clueless comes a new breed of vampire movie. Sigourney Weaver as an undead? Sold.

Meanwhile In Australia...

I beg to differ: the smell Down Under your pants after consuming one of these will be quite worrisome.

The "How I Met Your Mother" Button Set

And you thought the cockamouse couldn't get any scarier.

The Best Sci-Fi Couples And Other Links

Humans (and robots) need love even in space. Plus, busting the "myths" on religion and weird things done in the name of charity.

31 Spectacularly Quirky Animated Celeb Caricatures

Artists, take note: This is why God gave us animated GIFs.

Presidential Relationship Horoscopes

B.O. and Joe, Mittens and Rye. It's like they were meant for each other.

How To Survive A Day At Oktoberfest

I went to Oktoberfest and lived to tell the tale. It's not all about beer, but mostly it is.

Cowboys.Com Now A Gay Dating Site

Back in 2007, the Dallas Cowboys placed a winning bid on the domain name, but never actually handed over the 275K they’d bid “due to an internal miscommunication”. Given the timeframe I’m gonna guess the internal miscommunication was “s…

Did Facebook Reveal Your Private Messages?

The company claims that newly-posted messages from before 2009 are not private. This may be true but people are still freaked out.

Are Facials (Yes, THOSE Facials) Really On The Rise?

Do men really just want to ejaculate on women's faces? Or does the way we talk about the practice overstate the reality — and cause problems in the bedroom?

Terrifying, Heartbreaking Photo Of Attempted Suicide On Brooklyn Bridge

Before the man was rescued, this Instagram was amazingly snapped of a NYPD officer talking him down.

Romney Often Cited People Getting Care At The Emergency Room As A Reason For The Individual Mandate

In an interview on 60 Minutes, Mitt Romney cited the emergency room as an option for the uninsured. While making the pitch for his health care plan previously, Romney often cited the use of emergency rooms by the uninsured as a primary reason for the need of an individual mandate.

1965 Discotheque Dancing

A middle-aged white man named Dick Blake teaches you how to boogie.

Divorce Author: "I Think 17% Of Marriages Are Happy"

Dana Adam Shapiro says talking to people about their divorces actually made him more optimistic about marriage — but he still thinks truly happy ones are in the minority.

Occupy Wall Street Is Not Meeting With Ahmadinejad

They are, however, planning to protest the "fascist dictator," movement activist says.

Kerri Walsh Jennings Was Pregnant At The Olympics

The beach volleyball player says she was five weeks along when she won her third gold medal.

David Axelrod In 2005: Adding Three Trillion To The Deficit In Four Years Is "Madness"

The senior Obama campaign advisor, who ducked a question on having a discussion on Social Security this morning, saying “this is not the time" wanted to discuss the issue on Fox News in 2005. Axelrod also hit Bush for adding three trillion dollars to the national debt, calling it "madness" and "massive."

What's The Worst Thing Your Parents Or Grandparents Do On Facebook?

Do they use weird shorthand? Post chain letters? Embarrass you in front of your friends? Vent it out here. This is a safe space.

Conservatives Embrace Alternate Polling Reality

Dean Chambers, founder of, has reweighted national polling data based on Rasmussen partisan trends. His results give Romney a wide lead.

Barbie Does VEGAS Photo - Buzznet

Seriously.. I needed this Vegas trip! I had such an amazing time with Lauren, Demi & Matthew these past few days.. I don't remember the last time I laughed as much as I did on our Vegas trip! From watching Green Day at the I Heart Radio Music Festiv…

The President Of Iran Doesn't Like Homosexuality Because You Can't Give Birth Through It

Okaaaay then. Watch what Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told Piers Morgan about his views on homosexuality.

Miley Cyrus At The I Heart Radio Festival: Fab Or Drab?

We already know that Flavor Flav mistook her for Gwen Stefani, but should Gwen take that at a compliment or not?

Sheamus, Punk, Storytelling And YOU!

Comics Alliance senior writer Chris Sims stops by With Leather to talk Sheamus, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio and WWE storytelling.

James Franco's Band Daddy, Video For Love In The Old Days

“According to Franco and O’Keefe, the motivation behind Daddy is to push beyond the sonic space of music into the surrounding ecology. Daddy investigates the territories of film/video, installation, and performance while simultaneously exploring the…

If The Avengers Dressed Up As The Justice League

How embarrassing. Well SOMEONE has to change.

Leo And Lobsters

Happy Monday!

Dress Yourself Up Like Azealia Banks

Upload a picture of yourself (or use one of the cats or dogs provided) and see what you can create with her leather overalls corset get-up thing.

Alien Horse

This horse ain't from around here. Get away from the hay, you bitch!

Hillary Clinton Aide Tells Reporter To “Fuck Off” And “Have A Good Life”

As the State Department's story about what happened in Benghazi crumbles, Clinton's personal spokesperson, Philippe Reines, loses his temper. "Have a good day. And by good day I mean Fuck Off."

Maine Firefighters For Marriage Equality

Well this is nice. Maine will vote on gay marriage again in November.

6 Sexy Tramp Lamps

That's one way to put the spark back in the bedroom. Rather than regulating lingerie to the back of the drawer, why not display it?

Feel A Feeling For F. Scott Fitzgerald's Birthday

F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of The Great Gatsby, was born on this date in 1896. In his famously romantic honor, then, here's the top single from Korean boy band 2AM's EP F. Scott Fitzgerald's Way Of Love. Get ready to FEEL.

19 Terrifyingly Hyper-Realistic Tattoos

You'll have whiplash from all the double takes.

James Holmes' New Mugshot Released // Current TV

Gee, that's odd. Looks Holmes got some facial work done, especially his eyes, lips,and his nose to a smaller degree to make him look more like the guy that the

Here Is The Angriest Fantasy Football Email You Will Ever Read

That said, I take fantasy football way too seriously sometimes. Everyone does. But a friend forwarded me an email yesterday morning (from a friend of a friend of a friend) and I believe that we have found THE person who takes fantasy football way to…

Gwen Stefani Greeted In Paris With A Portrait Of Herself

It looks as though an artist stopped her on the sidewalk to give her a painting?

This Is A Very Clever Shiba Inu

Meet Elee, a super talented and very lovely Shiba Inu.

The Romney Campaign Is Sick Of Fundraising

But they still need cash! A not-so-subtle effort to mobilize Republican donors on the sidelines.

Never Forget About Ian Somerhalder's Teen Modeling Career

He was a serious model who appeared in spreads for big names like Guess, Nautica and Versace. So, who's excited for the return of The Vampire Diaries?

2,000 Workers Riot At China's Foxconn Factory

Unrest at the notorious factory where Apple manufactures many of its products injures 40 employees, reportedly stems from security guards beating a worker.

Emmys Fashion Recap: The Chic, The Bleak, And The Freak

January Jones finally nailed it, Heidi Klum miraculously looked slightly dowdy, and Sofia Vergara finally took her preferred mermaid look one step too far.

Matt Schaub Got Hit So Hard Part Of His Ear Came Off

And yet he only missed one play. Can you say "badass"?

Obama Says Some Of His Campaign Ads Go "Overboard"

“Do we see sometimes us going overboard in our campaign. Are there mistakes that are made, areas where there is no doubt somebody could dispute how we are presenting things? You know, that happens in politics.”

Try Not To Love Jimmy Fallon's New Puppy

It's impossible, she's too cute.

Aaron Paul Was More Excited To Win "The Price Is Right" Than An Emmy

After his gleaming moment with Bob Barker, everything seems less exciting.

John Romaniello's Rules: Part 1

What would John Romaniello do? Well, here's a pretty exhaustive list.

How Google Bought Legislation to Let Driverless Cars on California Highways

With $140,000 to a prominent Sacramento law firm and a steady drumbeat of state ($64,000 to state senatorial candidates) and federal campaign contributions (over $8 million), Google pushed for a bill that could have been controversial — to let their robot cars onto the freeways of California. But because of their spending (and their savvy), the bill sailed through the state's senate and awaits approval from the governor. Go read the whole story; Zusha Elinson from The Bay Citizen got some choice quotes from politicos about what it looks like for tech money to flex its political power.

Brandon Spikes Talks Shit About The Replacement Refs On Twitter

WARNING: Giant NFL Fine in 5... 4... 3... 2...

How Many Photos Have Been Taken Ever?

Humans have taken a lot of pictures. Every snapshot, family photo, Polaroid and cell phone pic adds up, according to data from 1,000 memories blog .

The 33 Best Piece Of Britney Spears Fan Art

Spearleaders are a talented group.

"Justice League #12" Reprint Cover Colorized

Wonder Woman's new costume is really growing on me. We showed off Jim Lee's pencils a few weeks ago, and the finished product does not disappoint.

41 Things You Can Do While Keeping Calm

Carrying on is only the beginning.

Dad Sends Toy Train To Space Tops The Morning Links

His pre-school son now has serious bragging rights. Plus, the youngest fashionista on the street style circuit and dirty Mother Nature.

Democrats Used George Romney To Attack Barry Goldwater In 1964

In this classic 1964 presidential ad, Lyndon Johnson, running for his first full term as president against Republican Barry Goldwater revived comments by George Romney that nominating Barry Goldwater was "suicidal destruction."

Watch Iman Shumpert Dunk An iPhone 5

And sadly this is among the least wasteful things anyone associated with the Knicks has done in years.

The 25 Most Hammable Moments At The Emmys

Let's take a look at the most visually stimulating moments of last night.

The 13 Best Hat Styles Of Oktoberfest

The opening parade of the two-week German beer festival featured lots of impressive headwear. (And, of course, lederhosen.)

When The White House Argued Obama Would Change Washington From The Inside

Mitt Romney has seized on comments that President Obama said at town hall last week that a lesson he learned as President was "you can't change Washington from the inside." At a 2009 forum, White House senior advisor David Plouffe argued Obama would work with Congress on issues to change Washington from the inside out.

IKEA Pulls Pussy Riot Style Photo From Website

It was—far and away—the number one entry in a competition to create the next cover for the Russian edition of IKEA's catalog. Another big company gets burned by crowdsourcing creative work.

Paul Ryan's House Reelection Ads

The Wisconsin Congressman is on the ballot for reelection in Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District as well.

Paul Ryan Didn't Always Shy Away From The Word "Voucher"

At a speech at the AARP, Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan said the word "voucher" was "a poll tested word designed to scare today's seniors." Ryan added "nobody is proposing" a voucher. But Ryan previously embraced using the word, as these two videos from 2009 and 2010 show as well. A a search of the candidates House website also shows he has articles on his website describing his current plan a voucher system.

83-Year-Old Man Raps About His Sexual Prowess

Check out Kwayzar's new music video for "I Can Still Do It." Then try and get the image of your grandpa having sex out of your mind.

Giancarlo Esposito Walked Around With "Gus" Masks On The Emmy Red Carpet

He may have lost to Aaron Paul last night, but he wins in our hearts.

Paul Ryan: Cayman Islands "The Place You Hide Your Money"

Democrats often hit Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for having an offshore bank account in the Cayman Islands. In 2010, during a speech to the Chamber of Commerce, his running mate Paul Ryan called the Cayman Islands "the place you hide your money" while making a push for changing the corporate income tax to make America more competitive.

Tom Hanks Taped His Emmy To His Car And Took It For A Joyride

I've said it once and I'll say it again: Tom Hanks is really cool.

Apple's Strange Weekend

Apple sold about five million iPhones over the weekend, which is a < a href=">new record despite falling short of analysts' estimates. Meanwhile, Foxconn, Apple's controversial manufacturing partner, was forced to shut down a factory in Taiyuan after 2,000 workers were "involved in a brawl at a company dormitory."

26 Ridiculous Sex-Ed Fails

"In my high-school health class they taught us that women pee through the clitoris."

How I Stopped Hating And Learned To Love Billy Joel

The Piano Man symbolized everything I hated about living on Long Island – until his music itself won me over.

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong Heads To Rehab After On-Stage Meltdown

Billie Joe Armstrong has checked into rehab following a major onstage meltdown. While performing at the iHeartRadio Festival on Friday night in Las Vegas, the Green Day frontman launched into an expletive-laden tirade, then smashed his guitar onstag…

The 2012 Emmy Award Winners

Who are you most (and least) happy for?

Mitt Romney Paid For Son's Surrogate 'Abortion Contract', Right To Kill Fetus // Current TV

Mitt Romney's son, Tagg Romney, has been discovered to have engaged in a contract with a surrogate mother with the stipulations that if the child being carried

Jon Stewart, Jimmy Fallon And Stephen Colbert Fight Each Other At The Emmys

When Jon and The Daily Show won their category — for the millionth time — Stephen and Jimmy didn't take it sitting down.

Romney Invests In "Number One Geopolitical Foe" Russia

Mitt Romney dabbled in Russian stocks, buying and then selling shares in a Russian gas company in advance of election season.

Aziz Ansari Adopts A British Accent While Presenting At The Emmys

So now we know: his catalog of accents ranges from British to Raaaaaaandy.

Jimmy Kimmel Airs "In Memoriam" Tribute To Himself

He even got Josh Groban to sing a version of One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" on the piano.

Aaron Paul's Emotional Acceptance Speech For Best Supporting Actor

Also included: his kiss with Breaking Bad costar Giancarlo Esposito before heading to the stage to deliver his speech and the quick make-out session he had with the award in the press room.

Watch Seth MacFarlane's Mic Mixup At The Emmys

I guess that's what happens when you miss rehearsal!

Amy Poehler Steals The Show Again

As usual, even though she lost, Amy Poehler stole the Emmy Awards. JUST GIVE HER AN AWARD ALREADY!

Mario Goes Berserk

Mario has had enough of your bullshit. (via ★robotix)

'The State' Alum Robert Ben Garant Picked To Direct Baywatch Movie

When I read that there was actually (and, well, finally) a Baywatch movie in production, I unleashed a groan that shook Mother Earth to her very core. “Why, almighty Cthulhu,” I screamed while pounding my head against my desk in slow motion. Alas, I…

When "Breaking Bad" Met "The Andy Griffith Show"

From tonight's broadcast of the Emmy Awards.

Fashion At The 2012 Emmy Awards

Who wins and who loses?

Why The Replacement Refs Are Horrible And Dangerous, In One GIF

It's not because the games are slower and sloppier. It's not because they make mistakes. It's because players aren't being protected.

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