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September 25, 2012

5 Ways To Piss Off Female Voters

From talking about spouses "doing the laundry" to "an honest rape," these politicians have really bombed with the ladies.

27 Fashion Dos And Don'ts From Milan

At Milan Fashion Week, you can usually count on the clothes to be very shiny. What's less of a guarantee is where they'll next figure out they can cut a hole in something. Here are the new rules for dressing from the spring 2013 shows.

24 Best Monkey Friends

Monkeys seem to make friends with all creatures great and small. I wish I had a monkey friend!

Why You Should Run A 5K

Now that it's officially fall it's unofficially 5k season. Don't worry, snacks will be provided.

Romney Campaign Challenges The Polls

Adviser says internal polling says the race is much tighter than the public polls suggests. "We are, by any stretch, within the margin of error in Ohio," says Beeson.

Obama In 1999: Teachers Union A "Barrier To Change"

The President said the teachers unions weren't slowing the pace of reform and accused Mitt Romney of "teacher-bashing" on the Today Show this morning. In 1999, President Obama said at a forum at Carleton College that the Chicago Teachers Union was being a "barrier to change." Also In 1998, the President said the Chicago public schools were not a model of good policy making.

What Percy Sutton Might Have Been Talking About

A 1979 newspaper column adds a layer to an unresolved 2008 curiousity. Obama's once-alleged benefactor, Khalid al-Mansour, denies that a scholarship fund existed, or had any connection to Obama.

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