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September 25, 2012

How To Tone Your Arms

Don’t spend the fall and winter months hiding in long sleeves. Exercise your right to bare toned arms! The key to stronger, sexier arms is developing more lean muscle and reducing your overall body fat. Fitness expert and certified perso

10 Hi-res Behind-the-scenes Pictures From Kill Bill Volume 1

10 incredible hi-res behind-the-scenes pictures from Kill Bill Volume 1, starring Quentin Tarantino, Uma Thurman, and Lucy Liu.

5 Ways To Piss Off Female Voters

From talking about spouses "doing the laundry" to "an honest rape," these politicians have really bombed with the ladies.

27 Fashion Dos And Don'ts From Milan

At Milan Fashion Week, you can usually count on the clothes to be very shiny. What's less of a guarantee is where they'll next figure out they can cut a hole in something. Here are the new rules for dressing from the spring 2013 shows.

Tim Tebow: I Want A Girl With A "Servant's Heart"

Tim Tebow could have his pick of celebrity girlfriends, but he's holding out for someone special. The former Denver Broncos quarterback, who is starting his first season with the New York Jets, tells Vogue that he's very picky when it comes to datin…

Tagg Romney Blocks Hospice From Being Built

What Tagg Romney only briefly mentions is that he also bid on the land when it first went up for sale. That time, he wasn't so opposed to non-residential buildings, as he and others were hoping to build a Mormon Temple. But other residents objected …

Sean Lowe Named ABC's New 'Bachelor'

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 25 (UPI) -- Sean Lowe, a 28-year-old Dallas businessman, has been named the Season 17 star of "The Bachelor," ABC announced Tuesday.

First Peek At Evangeline Lily In "The Hobbit"

Action figures from the upcoming saga hit a Toys R Us in New Jersey, revealing the first image of Evangeline Lily as "Tauriel" (a character made up for the movie and not in the book). Lord of the Rings fan site has the image.

How To Register To Vote Online (And Off)

It's National Voter Registration Day! Let's get service-y.

Dressing-Room By Nick Ventura Photo

Yay, I took some pictures with my boyfriend this Sunday, nothing was planned, but I quite liked the photos and would like to share with you. I hope you enjoy!

Golden Tate Is Now The NFL's Public Enemy #1

Between last week's cheap shot on Sean Lee and this week's Monday Night Football debacle, the Notre Dame alum has become the NFL's biggest heel.

Dear Marilyn Manson, XOXO Charles Manson

Charles Manson's "truther" site has released a copy of a postcard he sent to rocker Marilyn Manson last month. Just as crazy as you'd expect it to be.

Romney On The Emotions Of Sexually Active Teenage Boys

He appears to be citing a controversial study from the Heritage Foundation in this talk at the Boston Latin School.

The Most Meta Nail-Art Video Ever

Fingernails on fingernails.

6 Minimalist Posters Of Women Who Changed The World

OMG Hydrogen you made my girly, nerdy heart explode!

14 Inspiring Photos From A Wheelchair Dance Contest

The first regional competition in Cancun celebrated some of Mexico's amazing disabled dancers.

24 Best Monkey Friends

Monkeys seem to make friends with all creatures great and small. I wish I had a monkey friend!

"Ant Man" Teaser Poster Is A Hoax

And by hoax, I mean fan art. Marvel confirms to Buzzfeed that no official promotional images have been released.

40 Reasons Why You Can Be Happy About The Bacon Shortage

Let's (try to) be positive, people!

Romney: I Used To Think That Becoming Rich And Famous Would Make Me Happy, Boy Was I Right

Speaking at the St. Patrick's Day breakfast in Boston in 2005.

Ryan Lochte Had His Birthday Party Two Months After His Birthday

Olympic gold medalist and guy who trademarked the word “JEAH”, Ryan Lochte turned 28-years old on August 3, which was almost 8 weeks ago, and that’s important to remember because he was the guest of honor at Liv in Miami this past weekend, as he cel…

The With Leather Hot Twitter List Buzz Words Top 25

Here is Danger Guerrero's list of the top 25 Twitter accounts to follow, and some horrible MS Paint. Twitter list! We're a website!

Burn It Down: The New Terrible Million-Dollar Brooklyn Apartment

Thar she blows! How much would you pay for an apartment in Carroll Gardens that is basically two unattractive low-ceilinged rooms on a "ground floor" plus a walk-in closet (or cozy "home office"), with a (truly) big backyard and 16 by 11 feet of sto…

50 Greatest Films You'll Only Watch Once

ReditForward‘s list of the 50 Greatest Films You’ll Only Watch Once:

James Van Der Beek Has Gotten Hotter With Age

He was hot back in the day but in a heart-throbby way. Now he's hot in a very manly way.

Dog The Bounty Hunter Returns To TV And His Biggest Fan Rejoices

CMT just announced it is making a new show with Dog the Bounty Hunter after his A&E show was cancelled this spring. No one will be more happy about this than Esther Rae, Dog's most obessive Twitter fan.

Gallagher, Shirtless, In Slow Motion

With glitter and fire. Just what it says on the tin.

Lady Gaga Poses In Underwear As Response To Criticism About Her Weight

Good on Gaga and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

Disney Villains Take Over Threadless

Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! First our t-shirts, then, THE WORLD.

The Greatest Shoe Collection Of All Time

Has been destroyed. Filipino First Lady Imelda Marcos' 2,700 shoe collection has succumbed to termites and water damage — but it won't be forgotten.

Obama's 2011 Talk About Syria At United Nations

A year later the human rights crisis in Syria has further deteriorated, and president again called for an end to the regime.

23 Photos You Should Not See While Fasting For Yom Kippur

NOTHING IN THIS POST IS KOSHER. And you're not supposed to be eating anything, anyway.

This Is What It Looks Like A Split-Second Before A Charging College Football Player Snaps Your Leg

Photographer Patrick Parton broke his leg when he was bowled over by Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel immediately after this photo was taken.

Why You Should Run A 5K

Now that it's officially fall it's unofficially 5k season. Don't worry, snacks will be provided.

Romney Says Portman Plays A Pretty Good Obama In Debate Prep

By the end of their mock debates, Romney says he wants to "kick him out of the room."

Not Your Ordinary Timelapse Video

Yo, seriously, this is stunning. Ben Wiggins ups the ante with this video, using a technique referred to as hyperlapse.

New BlackBerry Video Could Not Be More Embarrassing

Not even dad rock can save RIM. (via Gizmodo)

Majority Of Women Say Birth Control Keeps Them Financially Solvent

A new study shows how contraception can become an economic issue, helping women get education and hold jobs.

Things No One Admits To Thinking And Other Links

Ha ha, I'd never think those things of course. Plus, The Jetsons turn 50 and the most brutal television deaths.

12 Facts About "The Baby-Sitters Club" That Will Blow Your Mind

OK, "blow your mind" is maybe a trifle strong, but let's talk about The Baby-Sitters Club!

25 Psychedelic Animal Collective GIFs

Animal Collective has some pretty ridiculous imagery in their videos. With friends like this, who needs drugs?

Romney Campaign Challenges The Polls

Adviser says internal polling says the race is much tighter than the public polls suggests. "We are, by any stretch, within the margin of error in Ohio," says Beeson.

The Museum Of Sex Gave Tim Tebow A Lifetime Membership

Because he's allegedly never had sex! Get it? Get it?

Mercy Update: Kim Kardashian's Kitten Still Completely Miserable

So cute, yet so miserable. Seriously, someone tell Kim her cat Mercy is a living being, NOT an accessory!

Walter White's Ricin Cigarettes

Check out this pack of Walter Lights. More deadly than the average smoke.

Here Are Celebrities As Bread

I don't know why this is funny, it just IS.

Robin Williams Gives Great Angry Face

It's for the movie The Angriest Man In Brooklyn so, job well done Robin!

Fan Correction: Conan Can't Drive Golf Carts On The Freeway! @

Official site of Team Coco & Conan O'Brien - watch Conan full episodes, get the latest news about Conan on TBS, watch Conan videos, Conan on the intertubes, fan sneak peeks, plus sundry worthless hilarity.

What Allen West Would Say At The United Nations

With the help of the Angel of Death and the American Bald Eagle.

Who Puts A Belt On Top Of A Bathing Suit?

Kim Kardashian does. Is anyone else concerned about her circulation?

Facebook Won't Remove "12-Year-Old Slut" Page

Last month, two 19-year-olds created a Facebook page devoted to mocking "12-year-old sluts." It's sparked multiple protests, but Facebook says they won't take it down.

Ohio Democrats Protest Mitt Romney With "Santa's Outsourced Magic Workshop"

Outside a Romney event in Dayton, Ohio citing a quote from former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland.

20 Reasons We Shouldn't Be Surprised By The Global Bacon Shortage

The world is running out of pork and bacon, according to the Britain's National Pig Association. The signs were always there.

Ben Folds Five Reunited And I Broke Up With Them

They were my favorite band when I was a teenager. But when I reassessed their songs as an adult, I didn't love what I heard.

Cool Animals Created From Fall Foliage

And instructions on how to make your own attempts. Warning: You will create an abomination.

Decide For Yourself Whether The Packers Got Screwed

Use our rubbable GIF to see if you have the judgement and skill to be a replacement ref!

David Arquette Posing For The Puppyrazzi

Damn you, puppyrazzy for being so God damn demanding.

Check Out Leonardo DiCaprio, Breckin Meyer, And Paul Feig In This Old "Looney Tunes" Catalog

Cool Taz shirt, Leo. Also featured: Gene Shalit and Wolfgang Puck.

Couple Sues Fox Game Show After Losing $580,000 'Despite Answering Question Correctly'

Andrew and Patricia Murray, who are both airline pilots, were contestants on short-lived game show Million Dollar Money Drop in December 2010.

Jack In The Box Billboard Referencing Anilingus?

This is a real billboard from 1970, found by the Public Collectors.

Will Smith Is 44 Today And He Hasn't Aged At All

His style has evolved, but his face remains the same. Lookin' good Will!

Romney Doesn't Believe Polls Showing Support For Teachers Unions

"I don't believe it for a minute," he says at NBC's education forum. He adds a reminder: "I know something about polls."

19 Things That Prove "Aladdin" And "Titanic" Are Basically The Same Movie

If you rearrange a couple plot points these movies become remarkably similar. You know, except for the glaringly obvious fact that Jack dies at the end. Um, spoiler alert?

Obama In 1999: Teachers Union A "Barrier To Change"

The President said the teachers unions weren't slowing the pace of reform and accused Mitt Romney of "teacher-bashing" on the Today Show this morning. In 1999, President Obama said at a forum at Carleton College that the Chicago Teachers Union was being a "barrier to change." Also In 1998, the President said the Chicago public schools were not a model of good policy making.

Fans Took To Twitter To Bash Roger Goodell After Monday Night Football

After replacement refs blew a call that cost the Green Bay Packers a win, NFL fans used Twitter to vent their outrage at commissioner Roger Goodell.

The Console That Wouldn't Die From

Here one day and gone the next: That's the fate of modern game consoles in this age of rapidly evolving technology and planned obsolescence. However, one system has managed to buck that trend, bearing fruit for more than three decades. The Atari 260…

Scott Brown Supporters Mock Elizabeth Warren With Native American Stereotypes

The strategy to keep hitting Warren on her questionable Native American ancestry may have gone a bit far.

Standing In The World's Largest Lake Of Lava

A wondrous and terrifying descent into the bowels of the Earth. Geoff Mackley, Bradley Ambrose, Nathan Berg became the first people to pull off this feat.

Illegal Immigrant Disguised As A Car Tops The Morning Links

That's one way to try and sneak into Spain. Plus, Conan doesn't get Resident Evil and Nate Phelps want to reverse his father's legacy.

Rihanna Wears A Jersey As A Dress: Fab Or Drab?

Without any pants. I say fab.

A Very Gross Warning In The LSU Showers

"Pipes in halls are not meant to handle semen." The back-to-school prank strikes again.

Michael Jackson Holding A Pair Of Tighty-Whities With White Doves On Each Hand

Just one of those weird things you find on the internet. This particular pair was auctioned off for charity in 2008.

Uh Oh: Google Maps App Might Not Be Coming To iOS 6

"Don't worry about it," they said. "Google will probably just let you download a maps app," they said. "Everything will be fine," they said. "Actually, haha, wait," he said.

Dave Engledow's Awesome Father Daughter Portraits

Internet, meet your new favorite dad. We haven't seen a dad like this since Jason Lee.

NFL Player's Replacement Ref Tweet Has Been Retweeted More Than Obama's Gay Marriage Tweet

Could soon be the most retweeted message of all time. He was responding to this now infamous call from last night's Seahawks/Packers game.

Madonna Endorses "Black Muslim" Obama

Madge the conspiracy theorist?

National Pig Association Says Bacon Shortage "Unavoidable"

I'm not telling you to start panicking. BUT THIS IS HOW THE WORLD ENDS.

'30s Kids Were Awesome Problem Solvers

These depression-era kids didn't let their problems keep them down.

Leonardo DiCaprio Makes It Rain On A Yacht

It's for a movie, but these photos should still be celebrated, no?

Nancy Grace's 15 Worst Twitter Hashtags

The host of "television's only justice-themed/interview/debate show" and longtime Casey Anthony critic wants to make #CrockPotWifeKiller happen.

23 Weird But Awesome Knitted Things

Everything can be knitted. A leotard, that deer head on your wall — it's all fair game (pun most definitely intended) this fall.

Debunking The Myth Of Obama's Two-year Supermajority

Jennifer Granholm takes a look at Mitt Romney’s interview on “60 Minutes” and says that he is perpetuating the false Republican narrative that he should have accomplished more during his first two years in office because he had a supermajority in th…

Al Bundy Was Brock Lesnar To The Gracie Kids

Because “Al Bundy is a jiu-jitsu master” is a story that never stops being amazing, Ed O’Neill stopped by the Gracie Academy in Beverly Hills to make an appearance on ‘Gracie Breakdown’, helping Ryron and Rener Gracie analyze the important moments f…

The Lingerie Football League Says They Fired Multiple NFL Replacement Refs For Incompetence

Any time the Lingerie Football League can land a solid jab on the NFL something is seriously wrong.

Adult Film Star Kayden Kross Tweeted A Hilarious Picture Of Her Script

On the set of her latest adult film, actress Kayden Kross Tweeted a picture of a hilarious joke in her new script.

The 24 Best Twitter Reactions To The Packers Getting Totally Screwed

Even the Packers players themselves went off on the social media service. Fines be damned!

The Most Controversial Play The NFL Has Seen In Years

Tonight's Monday Night Football game is going to go down in history, but not for a good reason.

Jeans Under $50: Fall 2012

We found 20 awesome pairs for fall 2012.

Elizabeth Banks Was A Sexy-Flirty Latin Clubber @

While sharing nerdy college memories, Elizabeth has a wardrobe malfunction.

Nina Dobrev Reveals The Actress Whose Closet She'd Love To Raid

The Perks of Being a Wallflower star names her favorite famous fashionistas and dishes about the return of Vampire Diaries

Why Does Conan Look So Guilty? @

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What Percy Sutton Might Have Been Talking About

A 1979 newspaper column adds a layer to an unresolved 2008 curiousity. Obama's once-alleged benefactor, Khalid al-Mansour, denies that a scholarship fund existed, or had any connection to Obama.

Twitter Cofounder Suggests A Replacement For The Follower Count

"The dream metric is how many people saw your tweet," says Ev Williams. Twitter's own Klout?

CaCee Cobb Talks About Being Best Friends With Jessica Simpson

She has an adorable baby, a handsome fiance -- and she's on her way to having a brand-new body. So it's no wonder that Jessica Simpson often has a smile on her face. "She’s just in the happiest place I’ve ever seen her in," her best friend CaCee Cob…

Police Help Blind Author Recover Novel After Ink Runs Out

In a heartwarming story of people helping people and triumph over adversity, police helped a blind British novelist recover 26 pages of her book when she continued writing without realizing that her pen had run out. Unless of course her book turns o…

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