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    Posted on Sep 25, 2012

    "Ant Man" Teaser Poster Is A Hoax

    And by hoax, I mean fan art. Marvel confirms to Buzzfeed that no official promotional images have been released.

    Over the last few days, this poster has been showing up on Hollywood news websites and Tumblr blogs, claiming to be the first promotional image for Marvel's Ant Man movie. But since the movie isn't scheduled for release until at least 2014, it seems to be jumping the gun.

    A quick reverse image search brought back pages and pages of Tumblr reblogs but no actual source. The closest Buzzfeed could find was this Facebook photo which was cited as the source for several articles.

    Cutting through the middle man, Buzzfeed asked Executive Editorial Director for Marvel Digital, Ryan Penagos, what was up. His response?

    Negative. Marvel did NOT release this promo image. Sorry folks. Looks like a case of really good fan Photoshop.

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