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September 17, 2012

"Major Payne": Where Are They Now?

Are you curious what became of the misfits from Madison Preparatory School? Check out what has become of the stars from the mid-90s cult classic.

Romney Takes Credit For Obama's Trade Lawsuit

A political move by Obama, and some trolling by Romney. "If i'd known that all it took to get him to take action was to run an ad citing his inaction on China's cheating, I'd have run one a long time ago."

Barack Obama In 2008: You Can't Stand Up To China While Running Up A "Huge National Debt"

Mitt Romney hit President Obama in a statement for taking a trade case against China to the WTO, saying it was political posturing and "too little, too late." In a 2008 forum then Senator Obama hit President Bush for being a "patsy" in negotiating deals with China and said he would shut off access to American markets if China manipulated American currency. Obama also added that the Bush Administration couldn't stand up to China while running up a "huge national debt" to China.

Branded For Life

At least selling your soul doesn't leave a mark. Meet the human billboards that sold their skin to companies that don't exist anymore.

Bizarre Acoustic Cover Of Backstreet Boys

Ordinarius, a Brazilian vocal group, performs an acoustic cover of what is either one of the greatest or worst songs ever produced, depending on who you ask. It's surprisingly catchy.

35 Photos Of The Craziest Hat Show You've Ever Seen

All the models wore Michael Jackson's costumes and were introduced by crazy Lady Gaga, one of milliner Philip Treacy's most vocal modern day champions. Here are highlights from Treacy's London Fashion Week show.

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