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September 17, 2012

Porn Consumption

According to porn researchers and psychologists, tens of thousands of men spend up to five hours a day watching porn. Here are the details of the study.

How Jessica Simpson Is Losing The Baby Weight, One Step At A Time

Liz Josefsberg, the star’s Weight Watchers leader, gives us the details on her diet, and how she deals with cravings, traveling and a busy schedule as a new Mom

YouTube Video Provides Proof That Kristen Stewart Didn't Cheat

A new video breaks down the theory that Kristen Stewart never cheated on Robert Pattinson, despite that whole admitting it part.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Says Romney Was "On Message" Regarding 47% Comment

The Republican leader doubled down on Mitt Romney's statements that were secretly recorded during a private event.

Conservatives Embrace Romney's 47% Remarks

The right thrills to an alleged gaffe. "It only serves to excite the conservative base," says Raccio.

Interview: Building A Better Pokémon From

JM: The primary reason for putting it on the DS was that we really wanted the games to be able to communicate with Pokémon Black and White, the original games. You'd be able to battle and trade using the infrared functionality, just as normal. That …

12 Black Flags Spotted At Anti-U.S. Protests Around The World

The al-Qaeda-linked Islam flag that declares "No God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet," has flown over Innocence of Muslims-related protests from Cairo to Sydney.

Alyssa Milano: Champion Of '90s Style

It is clear that Alyssa was "The Boss" of all teenybopper magazines in the '80s and '90s. You need to see these outfits to believe them.

A Tribute To Amanda Bynes' Amazing Twitter Account

Let's take a minute to reminisce about the best thing to ever happen to Twitter. I'll use any excuse to post some vintage @Chicky. RIP.

Dealing With Silence

Ian Lang examines the waiting period -- and silence -- that comes with being unemployed.

Watch Springsteen Go Viral (For 40 Years)

A heat map of the Boss's touring history. Set to music, of course.

12 Adorable Children In Tiny Cars

At a racing festival outside London this weekend, kids learned to drive tiny cars while wearing cool hats and game faces.

The Fantasy Football LOL Awards: Week Two

Grading the weekend's fantasy performances.

Young Sofia Vergara's Poolside Workout

She's apparently had the same "assets" for a long time.

Leaked Fundraiser Video Shows Romney Saying 47% Of Americans Are "Dependent"

The videos were orginally posted online in brief segments three weeks ago by YouTube user "Anne Onymous." Video researcher James Carter said he contacted the original uploader who gave the whole length of the fundraiser to David Corn of Mother Jones who has posted longer versions.

Conan Hands The Mic To A Man On A Mission @

Official site of Team Coco & Conan O'Brien - watch Conan full episodes, get the latest news about Conan on TBS, watch Conan videos, Conan on the intertubes, fan sneak peeks, plus sundry worthless hilarity.

Little Damn Heroes Make The "Firefly" Cast Adorable

They aim to misbehave. And look cute doing it.

Faces Of Misery: The Florida Gators Made Tennessee Volunteers Fans Sad

Beating the Tennessee Volunteers 37-20 on Saturday, the Florida Gators made some college football fans very sad.

Rupert Everett "Can't Think Of Anything Worse" Than Having Gay Parents

What an awful thing for anyone to say — especially an actor who has been out for decades! That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup.

The NFL's Replacement Refs Keep Trying To Ruin Football

Phantom penalties! Mistaken fumbles! An abject disregard for players' safety! Here's the best of the NFL's replacement refs in the second week of football.

River And The Doctor Share Their Jammie Dodger Recipe!

Fangirling at its most delicious.

Remembering The Deadly Iranian Earthquake And Other Links

Fifty years ago, tremors in the Qazvin Province resulted in over 12,000 deaths. Also, Nature can be unnaturally beautiful and the sequel to Angry Birds was finally announced.

Bill Murray And A Plant

Aren't these photos so soothing?

"Major Payne": Where Are They Now?

Are you curious what became of the misfits from Madison Preparatory School? Check out what has become of the stars from the mid-90s cult classic.

10 Best #MuslimRage Memes

Newsweek trolled Muslims this week, and the Internet responded.

This Is How The Smartphone Wars End

With a long, jargon-filled whimper.

10 Rules For Having Sex In Public Places

Learn from these couples who did something stupid to get themselves caught. (Not that having sex in public is necessarily smart to begin with.)

The Best Outfit Of London Fashion Week?

There's still another day of shows to go, but I'm pretty sure this is it.

Romney Takes Credit For Obama's Trade Lawsuit

A political move by Obama, and some trolling by Romney. "If i'd known that all it took to get him to take action was to run an ad citing his inaction on China's cheating, I'd have run one a long time ago."

Why I’m Still Not An American

It's a simple enough conversation-starter: So, where are you from? What I've learned to say is, "I'm from D.C.," because it's a good enough answer and nobody ever really has anything to say about D.C. anyway.

How Kate Middleton Learned To Let Loose For Her Exotic Island Adventure

Stiletto pumps and anti-frizz cream won't do when you're in the Solomon islands, where the de-facto mode of transit seems to be a boat, and the humidity always wins.

Michael Vick's Eagles: The Most Frustrating, Talented, Hilarious And Exciting Team In The NFL

The most polarizing quarterback in the league is having one the most bizarre statistical seasons ever. But the Eagles keep winning.

The Sweetest New Pet Adoption Portrait Ever

A Redditor reposted this portrait from the Athens Area Humane Society's heartwarming series of cats and dogs who have just been adopted by their new families. This one brought tears of joy to my eyes.

'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Finale: Kourtney Gives Birth

These reality stars do everything on camera, don't they? Sheesh -- even give birth! Viewers of the season 7 finale of E!'s Keeping Up With the Kardashians gained entry into Kourtney's delivery room, right along with her whole family -- including Kou…

The Remarkable Recovery Of A Flesh-Eating Bacteria Victim

Aimee Copeland wasn't expected to survive the bacteria that invaded her system after a brutal zip-line fall. But after spending four months in recovery, she's finally home.

Barack Obama In 2008: You Can't Stand Up To China While Running Up A "Huge National Debt"

Mitt Romney hit President Obama in a statement for taking a trade case against China to the WTO, saying it was political posturing and "too little, too late." In a 2008 forum then Senator Obama hit President Bush for being a "patsy" in negotiating deals with China and said he would shut off access to American markets if China manipulated American currency. Obama also added that the Bush Administration couldn't stand up to China while running up a "huge national debt" to China.

27 Photos That Have Been Recolored And Brought Back To Life

It's amazing how much color can change the way you look at a photo.

Cool Shirt, Pete Wentz

No, really, I mean it! Where'd you get it?

Ireland's Brutal Child Abuse TV Commercials

They are chilling and hard to watch. But do they do any good? God, I hope so.

Jim Carrey's Beach Body

Not that you asked, but 50-year-old Jim Carrey has still got it.

9 Things Banned In U.S. Cities

I thought this was a free country!

Piglet Playing The Acoustic Guitar

That is all. Now have a nice day.

Demi Lovato Regrets Her Tattoos On Tyler Kitching's Blog

Is Demi Lovato sick of her tattoos. True! The former Disney princess plans to erase some of her tattoos! Demi has about twelve tattoos. She has decided to remove some of her tattoos by lazer. "I've been thinking about it for some time because when I…

Uncut Versions Of Old Britney Spears Music Videos

ATTENTION BRITNEY SPEARS FANS: you are going to love this.

This Is What $3 Million Dollars Worth Of Cocaine Looks Like

From a drug bust in Colombia, enough bricks of cocaine to build a white castle.

Barack Obama: "I've actually done my own taxes. I don't know about some of these other folks"

The president hit "some of these other folks," in his speech today saying he's done his own taxes. A reason the President gave for why he wants to simply the tax code The President's tax returns back until 2002, however, show they were done by a preparer.

Rob Thomas Has Never Eaten A Human Baby

The Matchbox Twenty singer recently hosted a Reddit AMA, during which he revealed his love for Ryan Gosling and opinion on ants. Here are his best responses.

Creepy NFL Videobomb Is The Best New Videobomb

How did this guy get behind two 49ers after last night's game?

Lea Michele's Ombre Hair: Fab Or Drab?

She premiered the new 'do at a party over the weekend.

35 Clocks That Look Amazingly Not Like Clocks

Not all of these time pieces make it easy to tell the time, but they sure look great so whatever!

Obama Tells Poem About Tax Cuts

Speaking today in Cincinnati, Ohio, the President hit Republicans saying they only offer tax cuts as a solution for America's problems.

Diminished Occupy Celebrates First Anniversary

The movement is much smaller. But the true believers can still cause trouble in Manhattan's Financial District.

Pokémon Is Based On The Real World

Pokémon Black and White was inspired by New York City.

A Can Of Surge Soda Costs $99.99 Now

Plus $6.99 for shipping. WHY DIDN'T I INVEST IN SODA?!

7 Concepts For The Next Great High School Drama

We need to fill the hole left by One Tree Hill.

Is @horse_ebooks Running For President??

Twitter user @robbercat uncovered something startling hidden amongst notorious Twitter bot @horse_ebooks' thousands of Tweets: a rousing stump speech.

Newsweek's "Muslim Rage" Cover Sparks Immediate Backlash

Many are calling Newsweek's new cover offensive and sensational. Twitter users are also now actively trolling Newsweek's #MuslimRage hashtag in protest.

Terrifying, Massive Waves Hit South Korea

Wow. A typhoon by the name of Sanba has been whipping up gigantic walls of water south of Seoul.

The Only Reason You Should Be Watching The New Season Of "Glee"

He's Australian. He sings. And yes, he takes off his shirt.

Two Items Offer Rare Glimpse Into Barack Obama's Past

"It is important that stories like mine aren't used so that everything is okay for blacks," Obama said of his election as president of Harvard Law Review.

Ewan McGregor Races A Motorcycle

At the Goodwood Race Circuit in West Sussex, UK. Pretty hot, right?

The New "American Idol" Judges Arrive For Their First Day Of Work

Auditions for the new season of Idol began yesterday in New York City.

Branded For Life

At least selling your soul doesn't leave a mark. Meet the human billboards that sold their skin to companies that don't exist anymore.

Bizarre Acoustic Cover Of Backstreet Boys

Ordinarius, a Brazilian vocal group, performs an acoustic cover of what is either one of the greatest or worst songs ever produced, depending on who you ask. It's surprisingly catchy.

Ben Folds Five Rocks Out With The Fraggles

My childhood and my teen years are colliding. And I like it.

Lake Offers Underwater Accommodations Tops The Morning Links

Talk about sleeping with the fishes. Plus, Resident Evil sweeps the weekend box office and Lindsay Lohan doesn't like Amanda Bynes.

How Apple Marketing Can Sell You Anything

It's all about the pitch. Jony Ive could sell hair care products to Jony Ive.

Meet The "Filmmaker" Whose Movie Sparked Deadly Riots

See the first photos of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the drug-dealing, identity-thieving felon behind Innocence of Muslims.

This Guy Has The World's Tallest Mohawk

Certified by Guinness as the mightiest mohawk in all the land. At nearly 4 feet, there is nothing faux about it.

'RHOM' Season 2 Premiere: New Gals And Lots Of Elsa!

Wow! Big changes afoot on The Real Housewives of Miami!  (Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo). The season 2 premiere introduced four new ladies: Lisa Hochstein, Joanna Krupa, Ana Quincoces and Karent Sierra. Already they appear to be irritating the thr…

Dead Nevada Man's Home Filled With Gold

CARSON CITY, Nev., Sept. 16 (UPI) -- A Nevada recluse left behind a stunning treasure when he died this spring -- officials say they discovered $7 million in gold bars and coins in his home.

35 Photos Of The Craziest Hat Show You've Ever Seen

All the models wore Michael Jackson's costumes and were introduced by crazy Lady Gaga, one of milliner Philip Treacy's most vocal modern day champions. Here are highlights from Treacy's London Fashion Week show.

Can You Guess Who These Frosted Tips Belong To?

This is the most important game you will EVER play.

BuzzFeed Launches Rewind, Takes Internet Back In Time

Social News Site Launches Vertical Geared Towards Nostalgia

Blake Lively's Wedding Ring Is Huge

Check out these first pictures of the happily married couple ... and Blake's gigantic ring!

23 Magical Tree Houses We Want To Play In

Oh, to be 4 feet tall again.

15 Photos From Brazil's First Gay Church

The Cidade de Refugio in Sao Paulo was founded in 2011 by a lesbian couple.

The Queen Of Carbs And Other Banner Ladies

Yes, her hat is made out of bread. And that other lady is wearing baby dolls.

Jenny McCarthy Bent Over In Front Of The Backstreet Boys

That's one way to show off your goods. The only one who looked, by the way, was Kevin.

How Animal Collective Blew My 12-Year-Old Mind

Everything I knew about music came from my hip parents until I stumbled upon the first band I could truly call my own.

21 People Thanking Jews For Getting Them Out Of School On Rosh Hashanah

Many non-Jews on Twitter are psyched that the Jewish New Year means a long weekend. Beyond that, some are a little confused about the holiday.

Watch What Happens When Kim Kardashian Tries To Carry A Kitten Above Water

Poor, adorable cat. It has no idea about the family it's just been adopted into.

13 Interesting Theme Cruises You Probably Never Knew Existed

There is a cruise out there for EVERYONE.

Another Reason To Love Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield

After being tracked by the paparazzi on Saturday, the couple made the most of their celeb status by making signs to raise awareness for the Worldwide Orphans Foundation and Gilda’s Club of New York City.

Experience Tokyo Game Show Live With The Q-Crew!

Tokyo Game Show may not be the mighty presence it once was (unless you're really into Japan-only mobile games), but there'll still be plenty of sights to see during the show -- and even before it! Starting Tuesday night (that's early Tuesday morning…

100 Forgotten Heartthrobs Of The '80s And '90s

How many of these dreamboats do you remember?

Public Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding in public is still illegal in certain states.

Kate Middleton Topless Photos: Closer Magazine France Used Sickly Words To Sugar-coat The Truth

Closer accompanied the topless photographs with saccharine-laced prose, designed to justify the decision to print them. Here are the most nauseating examples.

Romney's New Strategy Turns Right

"This is going to be a base election." More God, less economy.

Lady Gaga's Face-Wreath: Fab Or Drab?

This is what she wore to the Philip Treacy show at London Fashion Week: what looks like an Irish step dancing costume and a wreath of flowers around her entire head.

Lindsay Lohan Shades Amanda Bynes

Love it. @Chicky needs to come back to Twitter ASAP.

Romney Aide: Stuart Stevens Is Safe

"No truth" to rumors that he'll be ousted after Politico story.

34 Things You Can Expect From BuzzFeed Rewind

Hi! BuzzFeed's newest vertical, Rewind, is devoted to everything nostalgic — i.e., everything old. It's going to be awesome.

New Robocop Suit: Set Pictures From New Robocop Remake

The first pictures of the new Robocop suit (above and below) have leaked from the set of MGM and director Jose Padilha’s remake starring Joel Kinnaman, which is currently shooting in Toronto. He looks less like the Robocop we remember than a guy goi…

The Most Beautiful McDonald's In The USA

When Ronald McDonald bought a run-down house that dated back to 1795 with the intention of tearing it down to put up a hamburger restaurant, the citizens of New Hyde Park successfully got the house landmarked. Instead of cutting their losses, McDona…

Probably The Best Follow-Up To A Lost Cat Post Ever

... And we're so happy for them. (h/t Joe)

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