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September 8, 2012

"Do We Have To Die?"

1941 ad for the Institute of Mentalphysics, in Los Angeles. It's still there, unlike the pictured founder, Edwin John Dingle, who is indeed dead.

Chic Or Freak?

The outfits costumes fashion show attendees wear to New York Fashion Week are often chic, frequently interesting, and of late, unfailingly elaborate.

What Serena Williams And Roger Federer Have On Their iPods

While Wimbledon is known for its respect for tradition, white outfits, and most of all, silence, the US Open is a rollicking free for all. The U.S Open's executive producer, Michael Fiur, exclusively reveals to BuzzFeed what gets the top seeded players' adrenaline pumping.

Let's Grade Final Fantasy VII's Cutscenes

The latest viral buzz from

50 Dinosadorable Animals Dressed Up As Dinos

To be specific: 28 dogasauruses, 18 cat-certops, and 4 miscellaneous rexs! Rawrrrrrr!

Obama Campaign Debuts "Rocky IV" Movie Poster

The president charged that Mitt Romney is stuck in a "Cold War mind warp."

What's The Best YouTube Cover Of Your Favorite Song?

If you're like me and you can't choose a "favorite song" because of your musical commitment issues, just look at what your most played jam on iTunes or Spotify is and use that. Add the song's best youtube video cover in the comments!

Romney Brings God Into His Stump Speech

A new focus on the campaign trail, or just improvising? The conservatives in Virginia Beach ate it up.

Obama Gives Bill Clinton A New Title: Secretary Of Explaining Shit

President Obama told Democrats yesterday in New Hampshire that Bill Clinton should be appointed "secretary of explaining stuff" — but "stuff" was the censored version. The president can't quite get his story straight.

Rare Photo Of Emily Dickinson Emerges, Only Second Known Photo Of Her In History

And it shows the legendary poet with the woman long suspected to be her lesbian lover. An anonymous collector donated this photo to the Amherst College in Massachusetts in 2007. Researchers are now confident that the circa 1860 daguerreotype is in fact of Dickinson in her early 30s.

Romney Goes On Air With Spanish Commercial Slamming Obama

The ad features testimonials from Hispanics who are disillusioned with Obama. "Ya no más."

Ubisoft Prepares To Do Right By PC Gamers

The latest viral buzz from

Cats On Stacks On Stacks: The Ca$h Cats Art Show

On September 6, caternet history was made when the cat tumblr Cash Cats had a real life art show at The Dumbo Loft in Brooklyn. Here are the best photos from their celebration of the one purrcent.

Rachel Zoe Announces Her Show Is Coming Back For A Fifth Season, Addresses The Rumors About Her ‘Failing’ Clothing Line

Stylist and designer Rachel Zoe spoke today at the Lucky FABB conference in NYC where she confirmed that The Rachel Zoe Project has been picked up by Bravo for a fifth season, SheFinds is reporting. This comes on the heels of former Zoe assistant Br…

Our Favorite Tweets About Jennifer Granholm's Speech At #DNC2012

Twitter was on fire Thursday night with comments about Current TV host and former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, who rocked the 2012 Democratic National Convention with a speech on President Obama’s support for the auto industry (see the full tran…

American Hollister Models Mock Asians

Make squinty eyes faces and flip off photographers at the opening of the first A&F brand store in South Korea.

Ashlee Holmes' Photos From The Gallery Hair Do Or Don't

Hair DO Or Don't: Miley's First Photoshoot Feat. Her New Look Hair DO Or Don't: Miley's First Photoshoot Feat. Her New Look Hair DO Or Don't: Miley's First Photoshoot Feat. Her New Look Hair DO Or Don't: Miley's First Photoshoot Feat. Her New Look H…

Video: Cincinnati Trumpet Player Falls, Ruins Trumpet, Fakes It Anyway

Watch as a Cincinnati trumpet player faceplants during the Bearcats/Pitt pre-game, loses his mouthpiece and goes through the motions anyway.

Sofia Vergara Eating A Banana

Yes, this is news.

Sneakers Don't Have To Be Ugly Photo

Hi babies! I travelled 28 hours straight yesterday to get back from Estonia:) I always travel in my Jeremy Scott panda sneakers but they're getting broken (lol) cause they have these huge holes in the soles from when they used to be a pair of my DIY…

Running Gear

The latest viral buzz from

In Defense Of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children From

Though not perfect, the cinematic counterpart to FFVII was by no means a failure.

New Phones

Here's your new phone releases preview.

Hair Do Or Don't: Miley's First Photoshoot Feat Her New Look

When Miley first chopped off her locks it was basically the talk of the town. I feel like alot of people were un sure of what they thought about it because it was such a drastic change. She just recently did her first photoshoot with her new hair an…

Obama Stuck To His Script

In a marked contrast to Bill Clinton's extemporaneous address, the president's convention speech mostly adhered to the prepared text. Obama's most notable departure from his prepared remarks was a call back to Clinton's "arithmetic" line.

Olvido Hormigos Carpio: Spanish Councillor Forced To Resign After Home-made Pornographic Movie Was Leaked

Spanish politician Olvido Hormigos Carpio has quit her post after a porn film she made of herself was leaked onto the internet.

It’s Like Romney And Ryan Are Trying To Make People Hate Them?

How can we trust the political opinions of a family that allows their children to wear their hair like that?

“Dear Abby, When I Was A Young Man”

How exactly I came to write a "Dear Abby" letter from Dick Diver, the protagonist of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night, I don't know. When exactly I did it, I can't say. I discovered this overwrought, clicheful, usage-challenged soliloquy—fo…

Ben & Jerry's Sues Porn Company Ben & Cherry's

It identified some of the X-rated names similar to its own as “Boston Cream Thigh,” ‘‘New York Fat & Chunky” and “Peanut Butter D-Cup.” Ben & Jerry’s has ice cream flavors titled: “Boston Cream Pie,” ”New York Super Fudge Chunk” and “Peanut Butter C…

Team Obama Rides Post-Convention Wave

Obama hits rough waters with a scary job report. The president acknowledges bad news, but tells supporters in Iowa not to "buy into the cynicism" and to register for early voting.

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