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September 13, 2012

Attack Of The 8 Foot Lindsay Lohans

Lindsay Lohan serves as muse and collaborator in artist Richard Phillips' new exhibition of large scale paintings.

The Most Unpopularest Internet Meme: Needy Cyclops @

Thanks for helping with an internet meme no one asked for or wanted.

Ryan Lochte Not Sure If The Fashion Industry Actually Accepts Him

But he says he wants to show his clothing line at Fashion Week next year, anyway.

29 Instagrams Of The Guatemalan Volcano That Beat The News Wires To The Punch

Hours after a volcano erupted in Guatemala, the major international news wires had only published two images. Instagram, on the other hand...

A Song Of Ice And "The Wire"

Hot tumblr of the day: Game of Thrones mashed up with quotes from The Wire. Some marriages are just made in the stars. Spoilers for the first two seasons of Game of Thrones ahead!

Abigail Breslin Sings With Indie Bands Now, Apparently

She lent her vocals to this new tune by the band Stargroves. It's not even bad!

How To Cook Like A Cowboy

The best part of the Lubbock, Texas Cowboy Symposium is the Chuck Wagon cook-off, where cooks use authentic antique wagons and tools to cook a cowboy feast. Here's how to do it just like they did in the Old West.

Rebound Relationships

Doc Love advises a reader whose girl can't stay away from her rebound.

Chatting Up - AskMen

Two Fridays ago I was enjoying a drink on a rooftop City bar with my friend Mary. She’s the type of girl who, even if she had turned up having not showered for three days and sporting facial stubble, men would still probably find irresistible. Ther…

Lady Gaga Shaved Half Her Head On Lindsay Woods' Blog

Lady Gaga is changing her hair more than usual. Today she appeared with a new haircut in honor of a friend. Crazy, no? Lady Gaga posted on her Facebook: "I did it for u Terry. I'm sorry about ure mommy. She has princess die, but were all princess …

Carey Mulligan Does Her Best "Bubble Boy" Impression

A high fashion Bubble Boy, of course.

Wii U's Price May Prove To Be Too High As It Focuses On Casuals, Not The Core

Nintendo's next console will be out on November 18 in two versions for $300 and $350 each.

68 Amazing Things I Learned At A West Texas Cowboy Symposium

The 24th annual Cowboy Symposium took place last weekend in Lubbock, Texas. Did you know there's a cowboy version of The Night Before Christmas?

House Republicans Start Circling Ryan's Budget Chair

New Jersey Rep. Scott Garrett becomes first to throw his hat in the race to take the reins of the powerful committee — if Ryan wins in November.

Rapper Drunk-Tweets "YOLO," Then Dies In Car Crash Minutes Later

One week later, Ervin McKinness' friends are trying to clear his name — he wasn't the driver — and draw attention to the amateur rapper's YouTube account.

Can You Make It Through This Post Without Yawning?

I yawned at least 35 times while making it. You've been warned!

All The Single Ladies Are... Unemployed

Despite talk of the "end of men," single women have been one of the groups hardest-hit by unemployment — not just during the recession, but long before it even started.

John Kasich's Wife Isn't Just "Doing The Laundry"

The Ohio governor recently said that male politician's wives stay home "doing the laundry" while their husbands are on the campaign trail. Strange, because Kasich's wife Karen has had a long career.

31 Fuzzy Little Lamb Pictures To Brighten The Day

Mark my words: lambs are the next big cuteness.

12 Hair Trends That Fashion Week Designers Stole From The Internet

Thank goodness you can't copyright a hairstyle. Here's more evidence that trends perhaps aren't originating from the runways.

Aziz Ansari Wants Arnold Schwarzenegger To Do His Voicemail

The Governator is currently running a contest in promotion with his new book where he will do a custom voicemail each week for a special fan and Aziz thinks he has got what it takes to be that fan.

The Official Aging Timeline Of Hanson

Remember Hanson (the original Jonas Brothers)? Well now they are 32, 29 and 27. Let's take a look back!

How To Never Lose A Fantasy Football Trade Again

Our ace consultant from Football Guys returns for Week 2 with some lessons about friendship.

Jason Bateman Has Been Accidentally Leaking "Arrested Development" Information

He's made a huge mistake and Mitch Hurwitz isn't pleased — and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

Super Creepy Vintage Ads Of The Week

Disembodied heads—rarely a good fashion look.

Kanye West Unveils New Song Featuring R. Kelly

"To The World" is the first official single released from West's new G.O.O.D. Music project, an album called Cruel Summer.

Chic Or Freak? (The Sequel)

People are still getting (over-) dressed for Fashion Week, with a few exceptions. Here's what people wore to the last couple days of shows in New York.

eBay's New Logo Will Hurt Your Eyes

It's sleek! It's modern! And it'll give any font nerd an instant migraine.

Boy Makes His Dying Service Dog's Wishes Come True

Bingo came into Cole Hein's life when he was just two-years-old in order to assist the boy with an undiagnosable disorder that stops Cole from breathing. The dog has saved Cole's life on countless occasions. When Bingo was diagnosed with a debilitating disease, Cole decided to create a "lick it list" of things he wanted for Bingo to experience before she dies.

The Methods Of An NFL Hatchet Man

The newly accessible NFL coaches' film lets us see how multi-dimensionally vicious safeties like the Jets' LaRon Landry do their job.

How A Major League Baseball Player Faked Out The Entire Stadium

This is what they call the old "dog and ball" trick.

State Department: Egypt Is An Ally

The State Department's confirmed Egypt's legal status as an ally Thursday in a press conference. The statement appeared to be a contradiction to President Obama saying Wednesday in an interview, "I don't think we would consider them an ally. But we don't consider them an enemy. They are a new government that is trying to find it's way

Watch Dustin Pedroia Learn That His Wife Is Going Into Labor During A Game

It's nice to see someone running away from a Red Sox game this year for a good reason, and not because of the horrors that are happening on the field.

7 Tips And Tricks For Growing Out A Skrillex Haircut

So you buzzed the side of your head. In a few months, growing out sidecuts and undercuts is going to be a wide-sweeping epidemic. What can you possibly do with those pesky little tufts??

Mitt Romney Wants You To Fly On "Hair Force One."

The latest fundraising pitch from the candidate invites two lucky people a day on the campaign trail with Romney.

ZOMG Fashion Week? Time For Cocaine Jokes!

Here are 17 that wound up on Twitter.

17 Photos Of Fashion Toddlers

This Fashion Week's hottest "it" people? Children. They sat on front rows, DJ'd and even helped backstage with the collections.

Jesse Ventura: The Only Difference Between Bush And Obama Is "The Color Of Their Skin"

The former pro wrestler and Minnesota governor is on an unconventional book tour. He doesn't have a cellphone, and he doesn't fly.

Joe Biden Calls Outsourcing "Not Bad If You're Running A Company"

The vice president called Bain Capital "a good honorable company" today in Wisconsin. Biden added outsourcing is "not bad if you're running a company like that. Your job is to make money for your investors. It's a different job than the president."

Sports On TV: 30 Rock's 20 Greatest Sports Moments

In a few months, I’m going to sink into depression. It won’t be because the Miami Dolphins will be 0 and whatever and it won’t have anything to do with the Orlando Magic embarking on a 4-win season. My misery will stem from 30 Rock airing its final …

11 People Completely Outraged By The Concept Of "Shopping" For Men

A French dating site hosted a party featuring male models in boxes, like Ken dolls. Commenters were horrified by this unprecedented objectification.

20 Dogs And Cats Who Are Stoked That Football Season Is Finally Here

It's football season, and for these animals that means that life finally has meaning again.

Soda Ban Enacted In New York

The next Prohibition begins! Because restricting access to Big Gulps of Pepsi is exactly the same as one of the most violent chapters in American history.

The World Reacts To Libya Tragedy

The attack of the U.S. consulate in Libya was front page news around the world.

Romney's Team Turns On The Press

A frustrating week in Boston. "The polls are close, and so the media starts cheering on their guy," says one adviser.

Heckler Prevents Romney From Holding Moment Of Silence

At a Virginia rally, the Republican tries to honor the slain diplomats in Libya, but a protester won't stop yelling. "I would offer a moment of silence but one gentleman doesn't want to be silent," Romney says.

The Least Lovable Liberals On OkCupid

Being awful on online dating sites isn't just for Red Staters.

Amanda Bynes Caught Smokin' The Weed In Her Car

No judgement here, but it does seem like if your license has been suspended for frequent hit-and-runs incidents that it may not be the best idea to toke up in your car in the middle of the day.

Jennifer Lawrence Is A Fancy Bird: Fab Or Drab?

Oh, I get it: like a MOCKINGJAY!

The Ultimate Britney Spears On X-Factor Tribute

Britney Spears is basically the best thing to happen to television ever.

Retro Foods We Love

During a recent visit to New Orleans, I wrapped up a long weekend of eating and drinking with a terrific brunch at French Quarter institution Arnaud’s. At the end of the meal, I didn’t think I would have any room for dessert, until I noticed that …

Griffining Is The New Tebowing

After a killer first week, Robert Griffin III has Washington fans excited about their football team for the first time in years. So excited in fact, that he's inspired a new photo trend.

A$AP Rocky Speaks Out Against Gay Discrimination

"I don't think a man should be interested in what another man likes, unless he's interested in that man," said A$AP Rocky, in a new documentary about the Harlem-born Hip-Hop artist.

Justin Bieber With A Purple Mustache

He's finally growing facial hair!

A Bevy Of Three-Week-Old Baby Sumatran Tiger Pictures

Let's not even talk about these giant blue tiger eyes. Let's just look at him together, and feel our hearts grow a few sizes.

9 Disgusting Things The Government Allows In Your Food

You've been eating bugs your whole life and didn't even know it. The FDA allows a certain amount of "defects" in your food because it isn't hazardous to your health.

Ryan Decends On Capitol Hill For Spending Vote [Updated]

Despite a decade on the Hill, the running mate won't be holding formal meetings with colleagues. But an informal sessions has been planned for this afternoon.

Watch A Man With No Arms Pitch With His Feet

Tom Willis was born with no arms, but that doesn't stop him from being a BAMF.

19 Frightening Photos From The U.S. Embassy Attack In Yemen

Protesters fought their way past two security barriers at the consulate, shattering windows, shaking gates, and destroying anything in their path. Another retaliation to a U.S. filmmaker's offensive Islam movie.

The Wii U Comes Out November 18th And It's Going To Cost $300

At least! $300 gets you the "Basic" version, which comes with an 8GB console and one touchscreen gamepad. The $350 version gets you a free game and 32GB of storage. The big surprise, though, is the "TVii" feature, which turns the Wii U into a sort of cable box. Not unlike what the Xbox is turning into, actually.

The "Hangover 3" Is Filming

And it looks like Stu got his face tattoo removed...womp.

How A Teen Feminist Fell In Love With Henry Rollins

The punk icon has issues with women, but I obsessed over his albums and poetry books anyway.

Britney Spears Tweets Ke$ha About Honey Boo Boo Child

Now imagine Britney saying this in real life. Amazing.

Dresses With Photos Of People All Over Them Somehow Look Amazing

Proenza Schouler's Internet-inspired Fashion Week show consisted of dresses with photos of pool parties on them. How did they manage to make it look this good/cool?

Jack Could've Fit On That Plank: James Cameron Refutes Titanic Meme

Jack Could've fit on that plank: James Cameron refutes Titanic meme. Cameron explains why Jack and Rose both couldn't have fit.

Kendall Jenner Is NOT A Kardashian, You Guys

She just shares the same mother and feelings about famewhoring as the rest of the Kardashian Klan.

Why I Became Invisible Obama

Clinton Eastwood made me do it. Twitter helped.

The Hives "Wait A Minute" 09/12/12 @

Performing a song from their new album, Lex Hives.

OREO Weighs In On The iPhone 5 Launch

More smart cuteness from the brand.

Cenk: 'A Lot Of Conservatives Have Bailed' On Romney After Botched Comments On Egypt, Libya

Cenk and Michael “Epic Politics Man” Shure look at the harsh right-wing response to Mitt Romney’s comments about how the White House handled protests in Libya and Egypt. “A lot of conservatives have bailed on him,” Cenk says. Shure says, “I think pe…

Jeremy Sisto Was Nearly In Titanic Instead Of Leonardo DiCaprio

Despite the fact that Titanic, which has grossed approximately $17 kajillion dollars since 1997, has been released on VHS and DVD approximately 17 kajillion times, Paramount put out yet another edition yesterday, for the first-ever Blu-Ray release. …

Cenk: Inflammatory 'Innocence Of Muslims' Film Is 'A Piece Of Crap' That Looks Like It Cost $50

Cenk digs into Sam Bacile, who was the filmmaker behind “Innocence of Muslims,” the inflammatory film that may have had some role in inciting violent protests in Egypt. “I think this guy is full of it in every possible way,” Cenk says. “If they paid…

Everything You Need To Know About The New iPhone 5 @

Official site of Team Coco & Conan O'Brien - watch Conan full episodes, get the latest news about Conan on TBS, watch Conan videos, Conan on the intertubes, fan sneak peeks, plus sundry worthless hilarity.

Anonymous Romney-Bashing Quote Disappears From New York Times Story

An early version of the article had a campaign adviser saying the candidate had mishandled the crisis. What happened to it?

Justin Bartha Talks 'The New Normal' In Gay Rights

Actor Justin Bartha (“The Hangover” and “The Hangover Part II”) speaks with John Fugelsang about his new television show, “The New Normal.” The show centers on a gay couple who have a surrogate baby. An NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City refuses to air…

Barack Obama Used Troop Deaths To Ding Bush, McCain Support For Iraq In 2008

The Obama campaign hit Mitt Romney for using the "tragic death of one of our diplomatic officers in Libya" to "launch a political attack." On a July 2008 appearance on CNN, then-Senator used the death of U.S. troops in Afghanistan as talking point to ding John McCain and President Bush for their support of the Iraq War.

19 More Photos Of Libyans Apologizing For American Deaths

"This is not how we thank who helped us when we needed help the most." This time, the peaceful demonstrations were in Tripoli. (See photos from Benghazi, where attacks left four Americans dead, including popular U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens.)

The Essential 100, No. 38: Resident Evil 4 From

In a move that would be unheard of in our high-stakes age of HD development, Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami did what had to be done. After scrapping what looked like a significant amount of development -- something Capcom had also done to Resid…

Obama Says He Doesn't Consider The Egyptian Government An Ally

The president added that that current Egyptian government is not an enemy but the United States will have to “wait and see” how they respond to the attacks on the U.S. embassy.

More Lies From The Romney Camp

When the first news reports came in late Tuesday night about the deadly attacks, Mitt Romney issued a statement saying, "It's disgraceful that the Obama administration's first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sy…

Can You Read These Metal Band Logos?

Is there, like, one bad graphic designer in Southern California who gets all the Metal jobs?

Bill Clinton's Biggest Fan

Is Zach Galifianakis?

Muhammed Movie Crew Member Sheds Light On Film's Production

Jimmy Israel, who briefly worked on Desert Warriors, the crude film that would become Innocence of Muslims, speaks out: "I don't quite understand how this film could create this."

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