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September 20, 2012

Jessica Simpson And Eric Johnson: Cute Couple Photos

It's been a whirlwind two years for Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson! Together since the spring of 2010, the happy couple (pictured in N.Y.C. on Sept. 11) met at a party at her house and have been crazy about each other ever since. They were engaged…

Japanese Cell Phone Treasures: 5 Mobile Games We Won't Be Seeing From

Unfortunately for those of us outside of Japan, many of these titles are unlikely to ever end up being brought elsewhere for one reason or another -- legally, at least. That means the only opportunity many of us will ever have to play these games is…

The Latest Mugshot Of Aurora Shooter James Holmes

Somehow, it's more haunting than the last one.

What Terrible News Did Conan Get From His Dentist? @

Official site of Team Coco & Conan O'Brien - watch Conan full episodes, get the latest news about Conan on TBS, watch Conan videos, Conan on the intertubes, fan sneak peeks, plus sundry worthless hilarity.

Japanese Games That Turned Genres On Their Ears From

Some of the most memorable Japanese games were helmed by developers that wholly embraced offbeat ideas. They forged ahead where many others might have backed off, following the unconventional path as far as it would take them. The results weren't al…

If I Weren’t An Actor…

If I weren't an actor, I'd be a waiter, obviously.

"The Little Giants": Where Are They Now?

See what the best damn pee wee football team from Urbania, Ohio is up to now.

Penn Staters Defend Joe Paterno With A Garbled Billboard

"You can't COVER UP 61 years of success with honor." Eh?

The Woman Who Could Bring Down Fashion Internships

Diana Wang sued Hearst after she finished her unpaid internship at Harper's Bazaar — and her lawsuit is going forward as a class-action. But previously unseen court documents show that her case might not be as strong as she thought.

22 Things You're Doing Wrong

It's okay. These little tricks will help you become the highly advanced human you've always dreamed of being.

7 DIY Beauty Treatments Made With Booze

If for some reason you don't end up finishing your Champagne, margarita, or vodka, you can use it for skin treatments and nail art. I haven't tried any of these personally but people on the internet vouch for them.

Sarah Silverman's Profane New PSA

Sarah Silverman tries again to mobilize elderly Jews and other minorities she says will be "fucked in the ass" by new voter ID requirements.

Career Confidential: The Gay-Club Bouncer Who Takes Bribes, But Only In Money

He's also been offered dates, sexual acts, and drugs.

Video: Caroline Wozniacki's Underwear Line Sneak Preview

Back in June, Danish tennis fox Caroline Wozniacki announced that she was launching her own line of signature underwear, because sometimes people earn a lot of money and want to make a little more, so underwear, right? Anyway, after what I can only…

A Dog Bottle-Feeding A Baby Lamb

No big deal A really huge deal.

R.I.P. Animated Twitter Avatars

They're either the scourge of Twitter or its best feature, depending on who you ask. Now they appear to be getting phased out.

Eva Longoria Sleeps Nude And All Dainty Like

She posed for photographer Jork Weissman's new book, Asleep At The Chateau along with several other celebrities. [NSFW]

Meredith Vieira: Mitt Romney Should Be Afraid Of 'The View'

Meredith Vieira tells her former “View” colleague Joy Behar — host of “Say Anything!” — why she thinks Mitt Romney is right to be afraid of entering the “lion’s den” that is “The View.”

How Presidential Candidates Begged Women For Their Votes In The 1950s

"You women are doing a lot of thinking about a lot of important things." But also grocery shopping and sweeping.

Amanda Bynes Says She Is "Doing Amazing"

...obviously! That and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup.

29 Insanely Elaborate Custom Coffins From Ghana

In Ghana it's popular is to bury a loved one in a coffin that represents something about that person - a think he loved or his occupation. Ghana Coffin specializes in these custom ones, and they're awesome.

Dear Pamela Geller, If Someone Rips Down Or Otherwise Defaces The Disgusting Racist Advertisements You Have Won The Legal Right To Display In New York Subway Stations, I Will Not Know Anything About How That Might Have Happened

We've never met. My name's Dave. I don't know much about you personally, but from what I have read about you, and from watching you talk on TV about the proposal two years ago to build a mosque five blocks from where the World Trade Center once stoo…

Dr. Dre Stars In Outtake From Ice T's The Art Of Rap Documentary

I never listened to a lot of rap, because the coarse native rhythms and incorrigible rambunctiousness frightened the help and made my wife clutch her pearls, so to this day I remain ignorant to much of the history. Luckily for me, that fine light-sk…

The Incredibly Dumb Political Spending Of 2012

Lost causes, mixed messages, and random states. At least the consultants are getting paid.

Romney Slams Obama For Saying He Can't Change Washington From Inside

Within an hour of Obama's remarks, the president's words makes it into his opponent's stump speech. "His slogan was 'Yes we can,' his slogan now is, 'No I can't.'"

"Game Of Thrones" Season 2 SFX Revealed

HBO has better quality CGI than half the stuff in theaters. In what now appears to be an annual tradition, GoT pulls back to the curtain to show us how it's made.

Courtney Stodden Looks Different

She almost looks younger than she usually does? I guess it's worth noting that she's 18 now and can actually get plastic surgery done without the world having a fit...

Cameron Diaz's Light Pink Onesie: Fab Or Drab?

I can't decide if it's awful or if it's just suffering because it's directly next to a flawless-looking Gwyenth Paltrow.

11 Truly Bizarre Reasons That Real Flights Were Delayed

It almost makes you want to drive.

Woman On Poisonous Plant Bender Steals Ferry While Shouting "I'm Jack Sparrow!"

Wine coolers and Deadly Nightshade do not mix well.

This Iconic Photo Was A PR Stunt And Other Links

Rockefeller Center wanted to showcase their new project in a human way. Plus, interchangeable celebrities and one Florida high school has lost their mind about football uniforms.

Totally Plausible Causes Of Teen Sex, 1936-2012

According to this year's widely reported sexting study, your teen is sexty sexting his/her way to a life of promiscuity. Of course, sexting is hardly the first thing that teen-sex-having has been pinned on. So it's our honor to present to you this t…

Mocking Lined Up Apple Addicts Is Red Hot

Samsung does it again in their latest perfectly-timed ad. But they're not the only advertiser trying to springboard off of the world's leading company.

34 Reasons Why Parent Trap Dennis Quaid Is The Hottest Movie DILF Ever

In celebration of Dennis Quaid in the movie "Parent Trap." He deserves all of this.

50 Soft And Sweet Shelter Rabbits

The Red Door Shelter in Chicago finds homeless cats, dogs, and rabbits find new forever homes. They have been taking these gorgeous photos and posting them on flickr. Guarantee: you will walk away from this post bunny-wantin'.

The Shoes (And Leather Socks) You're About To See Knocked Off Everywhere

They're by Prada so bear in mind this is the pinnacle of high fashion footwear, right here. And what Prada does, everyone copies.

President Obama Says Not Getting Immgration Reform Passed Was His "Biggest Failure"

At a forum hosted by Univision, the President said not getting a immigration reform plan past through Congress was his "biggest failure." The President added it was not because of lack of trying.

Facebook Tries To Fix Accidental Sharing

A nice new way to control the flow of updates from within individual Facebook apps. What I really want, though, is a total reset button. It would shut down sharing entirely, and prompt me each time an app wants to post something. It would be a great way to rebuild my privacy settings from scratch without having to nuke my whole profile.

Barack Obama Dodges Explaining Why The U.S. Consulate In Libya Wasn't Better Protected

The President said Libyan protestors used an anti-Muslim film as an excuse to attack the U.S. consulate in Libya, but avoided explaining why the consulate wasn't better protected on the anniversary of 9/11.

12 Tea Partiers On The Edge

Freshmen who rode the Tea Party wave find themselves in the awkward position of being incumbents. These are the most likely to be one-termers.

Obama Grilled About Immigration On Univision

"I want you to acknowledge you did not keep your promise," says Univision's Jorge Ramos.

My Audition To Be Jim Rome's New Writer

Romey needs a new writer, and to show that I've got the stuff, here is a hot take perfect for Jim's show.

Why Can't Technology Find My Lost Cat?

Earlier this week, I came home to find my two kittens gone. I lost my shit. And I found out that it's hard to track pets even in a world of GPS and microchips.

Brand New Cat Product!

It will be available early next month. Look how happy the cat is.

Charlie Sheen And Lindsay Lohan In Bed Together

A new still from Scary Movie 5.

French People Think You Suck In Bed

A helpful phrasebook offers translations for "I don't like that" and other expressions of incompetence.

L. Ron Hubbard's Weird Music Career

Apart from founding Scientology, Hubbard fashioned himself a composer and musician. There's a small body of his work out there, and it's approximately as good as the movie Battlefield Earth.

Jessica Simpson: How Baby Maxwell Has Changed Me

It's been four months since Jessica Simpson gave birth to baby Maxwell and like most new moms, the experience has completely changed her life. We sat down with Jessica to get an update -- on Maxwell's sleep schedule, Eric as a dad and the surprising…

Spices That Are Good For Your Health

These flavor-boosting spices and seasonings pack a powerful health punch -- they can ease pain, steady your blood sugar, soothe digestive upsets and more (16 Photos)

Someone Threw A Grenade At A Soccer Match

In case you somehow did not fixate on that blockquote for 20 minutes, SOMEBODY THREW A GRENADE ON THE FIELD DURING A SOCCER GAME. And sure, maybe I’m just a sheltered American guy who doesn’t know the hardships of the world or whatever and stuff li…

Atlantic High School Debuted Outrageous New Uniforms Last Week

Taking a page out of the Oregon Ducks' playbook, Atlantic High School in Florida showed off its new neon football uniforms last week.

African Snails Confiscated In Scotland

GLASGOW, Scotland, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- Customs officers at Scotland's Glasgow Airport say they seized 36 live giant African land snails from a Nigerian man attempting to bring them into the country.

An Ode To The Number 47

Following a look at Mitt Romney's comments on the 47% of Americans who don't pay taxes, a pattern emerges.

iOS 6 Maps Were Imagined By Dali

It's the only logical explanation. Unless....iOS 6, are you drunk?

Let's All Look At This Cat, Smoosh (And Also Lil Bub)

Smoosh the cat has got the best face, and he has also has the best "girlfriend" – Lil Bub! Here are some pictures of your brand new obsession.

Democratic Senate Candidate: I Would Be Open To Taxing The 47%

At a debate today at the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce, Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine said he would be open to taxing the 47% of Americans who don't pay federal income tax.

Blake Griffin Goes To Sesame Street, Does A Chicken Dance

Is it too late for him to join the cast for the new season of Arrested Development?

Dating Your Friend

Here's how to get your girlfriend to be interested in you romantically.

iOS 6 Maps Aren't Just Bad, They're Dangerous

3D maps and turn-by-turn navigation are nice, but Apple's new maps app has grave problems.

Stress More Likely To Cause Weight Gain In Black Girls Than White Girls

Another finding surprised researchers behind this new study: black girls report less stress than white girls overall.

Marco Rubio Stars In New Romney Medicare, But Previously Said The Program "Weakened Us As A People"

A new ad released by the Romney campaign features Marco Rubio talking directly to voters about possible changes in Medicare making the pitch for the Romney-Ryan plan. But in an August 2011 speech at the Reagan Presidential Library Rubio said that entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare "actually weakened us as a people.”

Watch Kate Upton Play With Babies And Small Animals

At one point, she also wears a unicorn hat.

"Mitt Romney Sucks Pass It On" Has Almost 8 Million Notes On Tumblr

While Obama loses Hip Hop, it seems that the Republican nominee has lost Tumblr. Update: Nothing is what it seems on Tumblr.

Blind Cave Catfish Sees With "Skin Teeth"

Ecuadorian catfish used evolve! It's super creepy! And effective.

The Official Mouse-Catching Cat Of Britain Just Got Fired

Turns out, London has a "Chief Mouser to the Cabinet." And apparently, he sucks at his job.

The Backstreet Boys Are Now Starring In Old Navy Commercials

Here they are in an ad for Old Navy's "Rockstar jeans", which is funny because I feel like they should be called "Boy Band jeans" or at the very least "Pop star jeans"? Maybe it's just me.

The MC Hammer Doll And Other Relics From The 1991 Mattel Catalog

I remember Where's Waldo and hammer pants being so hot that year, but what's with the Barbie Bath House?

Fiona Apple Arrested For Hash Possession

Apple was arrested at border stop in Texas yesterday after police found marijuana on her tourbus (via TMZ).

Soccer Player Tosses Stray Object Off Pitch, It Explodes

That terrifying moment when that little piece of trash you toss off the field turns out to be a grenade.

Texas Man Lynches Empty Chair, Says Obama Can "Go To Hell"

"If you don't like it, don't come down my street," the anti-Obama homeowner told Burnt Orange Report.

Here's What A Font For Dyslexic People Looks Like

It sort of looks like the Simpsons title font.

Jon Hamm And Adam Scott In Green Onesies Together

Now in the running for best picture ever.

Rare Behind The Scenes "Jaws" Photos Tops The Morning Links

Don't mind me, just giving this shark a well needed exfoliation. Also, Larry David's "secret" project, and suddenly, mattresses!

Perplexing Sign On A Kentucky Strip Club

Also, I know horses are big there, but...?

Parks And Rec GIFs To Capture Your Emotions About The Premiere

Season five starts tonight. Excited yet?

Club For Growth President Warns Romney Hasn't Proven Conservative Bona Fides

“Our expectation is uncertainty,” Club President Chris Chocola says of Romney. A "pander" on China.

Philosophical 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Is The Best Thing

Tumblr users have been mashing up GIFs from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo with really dark existential quotes. The result is amazingly great.

Apple iPhone 5

Our tech expert runs down the pros and cons of Apple's iPhone 5 that you need to know about.

Real Housewives Of New Jersey Cast Make Their Own Sauce (VIDEO) On Ashlee Holmes' Blog

Hey!! As most of you may already know, I went to visit my family back in New Jersey recently. One of the days during the last week that I was there, the men decided that they wanted to make their own sauce in the garage. Check out this video to see …

11 DIY Recipes For Your Favorite '90s Snacks

If you're angry that the most beloved nostalgic snack from your childhood no longer exists, all hope is not lost! Serve at your next Boy Meets World marathon party.

Oliver Stone Gropes Salma Hayek's Boobs On The Red Carpet

For all the cameras to see! At the London premiere of Savages.

27 Ideas For Awesome Accent Nails

Next time you're in the mood for nail art, paint all ten nails and try giving just one of them a little extra pizzazz. Also known as "party nails," sometimes they're the best way to play with nail art if you're too lazy to do all ten fingers.

Britney Spears Singing A Capella For The First Time Since 2005

And it was pretty good! Confidenceney is coming back! <3<3

Paris Hilton Makes Horrible Remarks About Gay Men

This girl just needs to be quiet.

Josh Hutcherson's Pink Motorcycle Helmet

Does it ruin the point of riding a motorcycle to begin with, or do real men wear pink (helmets)?

Kroger Recalls Fresh Spinach In 15 States

CINCINNATI, Sept. 20 (UPI) -- The Kroger Co. Family of Stores says it is recalling packages of fresh spinach in 15 U.S. states because they may contain Listeria.

Cats Versus Window Blinds

They are mortal enemies, but there can only be one winner. Here's a 15-round death match.

10 Campaign Ads With This Season's Favorite Prop: Cars

Politicians have found a new metaphor.

"The Hunger Games" For Post Grads

In the world of Job Hunters there's no Linkedin, but there are fights to the death.

Eastwood OK With Gay Marriage

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- Hollywood film icon Clint Eastwood says his attitude towards gay marriage falls into the "leave everybody alone" category.

Your Mother: Shigesato Itoi From

It's taken a while for audiences outside Japan to understand what makes Mother so special, but series creator Shigesato Itoi has since earned the reverence that we typically reserve for the likes of Shigeru Miyamoto, Hideo Kojima, Gabe Newell, and W…

Rooftop Photo Shoot With Lights

The latest viral buzz from

Simon Helberg Gets Possessed By Robin Williams @

We knew he could impersonate Nic Cage, but Simon's Mork From Ork is just spooky.

Amoeba Adventure: Ashlee Holmes Shares Favorite Records ( VIDEO ) On Ashlee Holmes' Blog

The other day I got to go on an Amoeba Adventure and talk about some of my favorite albums. Being the music freak that I am, it was very hard to just pick a couple albums to talk about. I could literally go on and on and on and on about all of my fa…

Prince Harry, Millennial Royal

It was an unforgettable scene: a wayward prince in virile command of a nubile gathering, booze and shrooms flowing, billiard cues brandished suggestively, gratuitous nudity set against an opulent backdrop. But enough about my “Game of Thrones” fan f…

Full Hobbit Trailer: Trailer For The Hobbit

There were three Lord of the Rings books and three Lord of the Rings movies. Back in July, Peter Jackson confirmed that the movie version of The Hobbit, which was more than 100 pages shorter than the shortest book in Lord of the Rings, would be spli…

Romney Softens Immigration Rhetoric

"Self-Deportation" isn't as bad, he says, as it sounded. A general election concession.

U.S. Navy Wins "Talk Like A Pirate Day"

The U.S. Navy reminds everyone on "Talk Like A Pirate Day" they are patrolling the Gulf of Aden off the Somali coast for pirates.

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