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September 30, 2012

Roddy White Kept The Falcons Undefeated With A Dominant Game

Three huge catches by White — one on Atlanta's final, comeback drive — gave the Falcons the win against division rivals Carolina.

16 Reasons Why Band Geeks Rule

Enough with the band camp jokes, already.

The Fall Of Dinosaurs In Dominoes

40 hours of set-up for one minute of sweet earth history action.

NHL Lockout 2012 - AskMen

Toronto Maple Leaf Joffrey Lupul writes his take on the lockout.

Some Gadgets That I Used To Know

Everyone can stop doing covers of that Goyte song now, this one wins. An HP Scanjet 3C scanner on lead vocals, a a pair of hard drives, and a few traditional instruments all controlled by computers, all fed through an oscilloscope.

Lookit This Baby Tiger!

The baby Sumatran Tiger was born at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma.

This Is The Most Disastrous Play Of The 2012 NFL Season

The New York Jets' offense, encapsulated in one horrifying, calamitous GIF/video.

The Weirdest Phone Cases Ever Photo

I have been on the look out for a new favorite phone case. I have seen some crazy ones like the huge diamond covered Hello Kitty, the animal shaped ones and even ones with studs. I recently came across some of the craziest cases that I am not even s…

Arnold Schwarzenegger Opens Up About Cheating Scandal

Arnold Schwarzenegger is releasing a memoir telling the story of his life, and now he can't stop talking about all his dirty little secrets. The former Governator

Justin Bieber Puking On Stage

This happened at his show last night. Amazing how he can throw up and sing at the same time!

Anne Hathaway Marries Adam Shulman

She wore a Valentino gown. Enjoy the blurry, blissfully-happy pics!

NHL Lockout 2012

Toronto Maple Leaf Joffrey Lupul writes his take on the lockout.

A Tribute To McSteamy

Something bad happened in the latest Grey's Anatomy episode and this is how we must deal with it. MAJOR SPOILERS ABOUT THE SEASON PREMIERE AHEAD!!

Hedgehog Enjoying A Nice Belly Rub

Who knew hedgehog toes were so freakin' cute?

High Arctic Warming Exceeds Viking Era // Current TV

Temperatures high in the Norwegian Arctic are above those in a natural warm period in Viking times, underscoring a thaw opening the region to everything from

Celebrities Who Have Gained Weight Photo

Lady Gaga has recently admitted that she has gained 25 pounds in the past several months has gained a lot of criciticsm and gossip as to why she hasn't been maintaining her thin figure. Despite the criticisms, the 26-year-old Mother Monster is quite…

Zidane Head-butting Statue Unveiled In Paris

A 15-foot-tall statue of Zinedine Zidane head-butting Marco Materazzi by sculptor Adel Abdessemed has been placed in the courtyard of the Pompidou Center in Paris.

This Is What It Looks Like To Fire A Gun Under Water

Lovely photo of a gun being fired under water. And here's a slow motion video of the same. Gunfire starts around 2:10. (via

American Pie's Sherminator Is Sushi Waiter Now

American Pie's Sherminator is Sushi Waiter Now: Where Are They Now. Actor Chris Owen aka Chuck Sherman in American Pie waits tables at Sushi Roku in Santa Monica.

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