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    Posted on Sep 27, 2012

    10 Useless Childhood Collections Your Parents Threw Away

    Not "Pogs" useless, but "Don't Keep Trash In Your Room" useless. Awwww Mom, I worked really hard on that!

    1. Leaves - I Pressed Them Between Book Pages For A Reason, MOM

    2. Bottle Caps - But Look At All The Cool Logos!

    3. Feathers - These Were On A Bird Once. You Don't Understand. A BIRD.

    4. Seashells - You Can Hear The Ocean Even If They Came From The Lake!

    5. Wrapping Paper - I Can't Just THROW AWAY Sparkly Paper, Dad

    6. Soda Pop Tops - I Was Gonna Make A Necklace Out Of Those!

    7. Newspaper Comic Strips - A Thousand Paper Cuts Of Love

    8. Pinecones - RIDGES!!!!1!

    9. Buttons - Those. Were. Vintage.

    10. Rocks - Like Snowflakes, But Collectible

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