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May 7, 2012

I Can't Believe You're A Human Photo

I can't believe you're a human! Living dolls Venus Angelic and Valeria Lukyanova have both become internet sensations thanks to their striking resemblance to dolls. Russian girl Valerya is about as close to a living Barbie as a real person can get w…

Top 11 Turtles Humping Inanimate Objects

Based on the amount of action these little guys are getting, I've got an idea to pitch to Petco: turtle Fleshlight. I'll take million dollar check, thank you.

Baron Davis' Career Might Be Over, So Let's Watch Him Dunk

With the news today that Baron could be out 12 months after tearing basically every ligament in his knee, it seems right to remember how incredible of a dunker he once was.

Awkward Comic Coloring Error

Please draw your eyes to the flesh-colored stick in the bottom right. Now look away really fast because EW.

What Will Happen If North Carolina's Amendment 1 Passes

Residents of North Carolina will vote on Amendment 1 today. Amendment 1 says: "Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state." Here's everything you need to know about the consequences of its passage.

Everything We Know About Tonight’s Met Ball (We’re Updating All Day!)

It’s Met Ball day! We’re gearing up for all the festivities, which we’ll be live tweeting at 6:30pm EST today when the red carpet livestream begins. Until then, we’re diligently keeping track of Twitter and our inboxes to see what kind of preparatio…

Miuccia Prada Served With Shoe Karma

The fashion designer — arguably the most influential living today — is a host of the Met Ball taking place in New York this evening. But she might not attend, she told the press, because she hurt herself on her platform shoes.

Floyd Mayweather Vs. Miguel Cotto Results

Floyd Mayweather Jr. won a world title in his fifth weight class tonight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, defeating Miguel Cotto for the WBA world light middleweight title by unanimous decision.

Lug Nuts Stolen From Chicago Cop Cars

CHICAGO, May 6 (UPI) -- Chicago police were investigating the theft of lug nuts from squad cars sitting in a police station parking lot on the city's Southwest Side, officials said.

Jay Carney Jokes About Being White

Obama's press secretary—then a reporter for Time—made an appearance in the 2002 documentary "Journeys With George". "We don't want you to get the impression from this picture that Time is completely staffed by white males with blonde hair."

Florida Library Pulls "Fifty Shades Of Grey"

The Brevard County Public Library system has removed all copies of the novel from shelves. The reason: "We don't collect porn."

The Incredible Gifs Of Mr. Div

If you're a regular tumblr user, chances are youv'e already seen some of these massively popular, science fiction-looking .gifs floating around. For those unfamiliar, meet Mr. Div, otherwise known as motion graphics designer Matthew DiVito.

Is This The Worst Nail Trend Ever?

Behold, the manicure that results in "duck feet" nails. If you picture these nails scratching a chalkboard, I guarantee you'll cringe.

When Jon Hamm Met LMFAO

Everything about this image is perfect.

Lena Dunham Wanted To "Avoid Tokenism" In Casting "Girls"

First HBO's Girls was celebrated for finally accurately depicting the lives of young professionals in their early twenties living in New York. And then came the onslaught of criticism about its racist casting and privileged point of view. Creator Lena Dunham responded to the backlash on NPR.

The World's Biggest Smile

Which, in turn, will give you a big smile. Taken today at the Rotary International Convention in Bangkok, Thailand. This smiley face is composed of exactly 2,012 people wearing yellow and blue ponchos, which organizers believe has set the world record. The Rotary is attempting to eradicate polio, so smiles all around.

7 New Songs From Old(ish) Bands That Were Released Online Today

New material from Ben Folds Five, Animal Collective, Passion Pit, and more! I don't know why these all appeared on the web today of all days, but I'll take it!

Bethesda Finally Takes The Elder Scrolls Online With New MMO Teaser

Fans get the game they've wanted for years with Bethesda's new MMO.

Set Report From Octomom's Porno, Aka Nadya Suleman

While I’ve been screaming to anyone who would listen for the past five years that Lindsay Lohan should be sentenced to do porno, she has somehow continued to commit crimes and book fake movie roles while not sucking penises on camera as a slap in Go…

Awesome Plastic Bag Song Cover

Better than the original. Eat your heart out, Katy Perry.

Romney's Answer To Off-Message Right Wing: Silence

An Ohio town hall highlights the candidate's struggle to find his voice in fights with the right wing. A sign of insecurity with the base.

Bad Dad? Junk Food Will Solve That

Wow. This new German McDonald's campaign is cynical. "Forgiveness is never far away" says the fast feeder to dads (and moms) who destroy their children's cherished things.

Chris Davis Just Became The Fifth Position Player Since 1900 To Win A Game Pitching

Position players don't win games at pitcher very often, unsurprisingly.

Republican Women Who Want The Government Inside Of Their Lady-Caves

Ladies, don't want someone like your Dad in your vagina? Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer and Andrea Savage sure do.

Some People Are Just Really Sentimental About Sex

Well, this is one way to keep track of all the guys you've slept with. Umm, maybe this is an art installation or some kind of bizarre stock photo.

MSNBC Accidentally Calls French President Nicolas Sarkozy A Prostitute

The network apparently mixed up the outgoing president with Colombian prostitute Dania Suarez. The gaffe is especially ironic given some of Sarkozy's policies.

Buffalo Wing-Flavored Soda

From the company who brought you Bacon Soda comes a drink that I can't imagine anyone ever ingesting unless they were double-dog dared to.

White House Advisor: You're Not Responsible For Everything Said At Every Event

Democrats are capitalizing on comments made at town hall by a woman asking a question who said President Obama should be tried for treason, comments not immediately disavowed by Mitt Romney. In 2011, during a Labor Day rally with Obama rally, Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa said Democrats should "take these [Republican] sons of bitches out". WH Advisor Daniel Pfeiffer responded in an interview with AM 630 that officials shouldn't be responsible for everything said and don't have to serve as the "speech police."

Mark Wahlberg Also Doesn't Understand How Glass Works

Or maybe he does and he wants the world to know how good he still looks wearing only boxer briefs. Either way, he definitely could have taken a lesson from Zac Efron on this one.

Hey, What's Wilson Phillips Been Up To Lately?

Oh, just discussing the benefits of douching instead of working on the setlist for an upcoming show, no big deal. The following conversation (filmed for their new reality series) may scar you for life.

Delta Pulls "Daily Show" Ads After Catholic Complaints [Updated]

Catholic League chief Bill Donohue is still on his campaign against Jon Stewart for a weeks-old "vagina manger" bit. The next target: Kellogg's.

"The Dictator" Red Band Trailer

Another trailer for the upcoming Sacha Baron Cohen film, but now with naughty bits! How naughty? "That's the wrong hole!" WARNING: Potentially offensive language and 9-11 jokes.

Stars Give The Finger To Hollywood And Flock To YouTube

A new YouTube channel featuring stars like Jennifer Garner and Julia Stiles is an "eff you" to Hollywood's bad treatment of women and its subpar female roles.

Smiling Dog Is A Jerk

What a smug gloater the smiling dog is.

This Photo Of Arnold Schwarzanegger Shaking Hands With The Predator May Make You Cry A Little

I can finally mark this off of the list of things I never expected to see in my lifetime.

If Only Photoshop Could Solve Our Real-Life Problems, Too

Unfortunately, there's no solution for this girl's epic duckface — whether she's smart or not.

Facebook Social Readers Are All Collapsing

Are you annoyed by all those automatic Facebook news apps? Apparently you're not alone. They're falling off a cliff right now.

Ex-General Teaches Off-The-Record Class With “Sensitive” Material

Stanley McChrystal is teaching an off the record course on leadership at Yale, despite the school’s “anti-military” faculty, says the New York Times. The newly minted professor was as surprised by his firing as if he’d been “killed by stampeding giraffes.”

This Sex Bomb Is About To Explode

Take cover! Thank you, Femen, for producing the best photos of the day.

Scenes From A File-Sharing Marriage

Meanwhile, in Sweden...The first wedding ceremony by Sweden's officially recognized religion based on file-sharing happened recently at a tech conference. On the religion's site, it wishes the happy couple well: "Hopefully, they will copy and remix some DNA-cells and create a new human being."

The New York Knicks: Basketball Trolls

How the Knickerbockers did it for the lulz.

The Prada Effect: Why We’re Seeing The 50s Everywhere

There are some glaring differences between these two Italian women – time being the most obvious one. Schiaparelli closed up shop in 1954, and though innovative and highly influential, she does not have much as much of a direct conversation with the…

Two Kids In A Car Produce Emotional Gotye Lip Dub

These two kids managed to capture the essence of this song just by lip syncing it. It will leave you feeling emotional and wonder what is in store for their future.

Check Out How The NHL Is Pissing Off Fans Of Eliminated Teams

By emailing them deals on golf equipment 10 minutes after the final horn.

This Is A $590,000 Nissan Juke, Called The Juke-R

I think someone at Nissan may have made a big mistake.

Can You Imagine Falling Into A Pool At A Party In Front Of George Clooney?

That's exactly what happened to one guest at a fundraiser Clooney attended in Houston. Clooney made sure to make him feel even more awkward about it, reports Women's Wear Daily: "When a tuxedo-clad party guest accidentally fell into the pool, the actor popped up from his chair and yelled, 'Everybody in!'"

Pictures Of Julia Orayen, Mexico's Presidential Debate Model & Former Playboy Playmate

Did you happen to catch Mexico's presidential debate? More specifically, the beginning of the debate? So much fun shit talking went back and fourth during the broadcast but Julia Orayen, the former Playboy model seen here setting up the candidates, …

7 Adorable Videos Of Kids Falling Asleep While Eating Ice Cream

This is totally a phenomenon. Children tend to learn early that choosing between eating and sleeping is one of life's toughest choices.

Tina Fey Turns The Tables On Zach Galifianakis In Latest "Between Two Ferns"

In the first-ever primetime edition of "Between Two Ferns" not only did the show get a new location (New York City) but the show's host has his ass handed to him on a platter by none other than Tina Fey.

A Tribute For Meow

Let's celebrate his life with song.

The Top 7 Moments From "The Comedy Awards"

Last nights "Comedy Awards 2012" was full of great moments, but here are the top 7 as presented in (mostly) gif form.

Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Give Endorsement For Student Body President In "Breaking Bad" Character

We have no idea how this Maxwell guy convinced the cast of "Breaking Bad" to make this video endorsement in character as Walter and Jesse, but you can absolutely bet on who's going to win this election now. Sorry, Summer Kennedy!

15 "Mad Men" Fashion Highlights: Megan's Last Office Dresses, Pete's Mistress's Dour House Clothes, And More

Now that Megan is going to be an actress, is she going to dress in yoga clothes all the time? I sure hope not.

Lua P On LookBooknu Fashion Inspirations And Music On Guna Campbell's Blog

Lua P is 21 year old fashion merchandise student that has taken over Lookbook in a storm. Her looks are mesmerizing, making grunge seem more that just appealing. Lua also has her own personal blog where she shwcases her killer styling skills to the …

The Magic Bullet Cast Reunited At Last

The reunion you've all been waiting for! In a controversial move, however, they recast hungover Berman as jovial party-man Sherman. And they thought we wouldn't notice.

South Korea Customs Officials Find Thousands Of Pills Filled With Powdered Human Baby Flesh

Thousands of pills filled with powdered human flesh have been discovered by customs officials in South Korea, it was revealed today.

For Black Women, Skinny Isn't Necessarily The Ideal

Novelist Alice Randall writes in the New York Times that black women who decide to diet can run afoul of their partners' and their community's standard of beauty: "I know many black women whose sane, handsome, successful husbands worry when their women start losing weight. My lawyer husband is one."

Conspiracy: Did Anderson Cooper Accidentally Kill Meow?

How terribly sad that the famous 39-pound cat Meow has died, but did his recent fame and slew of television appearances ultimately kill him? The following video says YES!

Why Transgender Women's Breast Cancer Risk Is Still A Mystery

When a trans woman develops breasts, does her cancer risk rise too? Experts say maybe not — but politics keeps them from knowing for sure.

This Upside Down House Might Make You Dizzy

If you suffer from vertigo, you may not wish to proceed. This upside down house was just opened to the public Austria, and I would recommend taking a Dramamine before attending.

Did Charles Barkley Call A Celtics Fan A "Fag"?

TNT claims he said "fan," but we're not so sure.

Previously Unaired Beastie Boys Performance On A Boat With Dave Chappelle

This '04 performance from the Beastie Boys on the East River in New York for "Chappelle's Show" never made it to TV, but it showed up on YouTube this weekend following the passing of Beastie's Adam "MCA" Yauch. Watch it before Viacom takes it down.

The Most Poisonous Myth About Smartphones

Best Buy needs us to to believe we have too many good choices when it comes to phones, and that we're too stupid to make them. We don't and we aren't.

Original Mad Man George Lois Perfectly Describes Advertising In 20 Words

It's a quote from the 2009 documentary "Art & Copy". It's not pleasant imagery.

Robot Dinosaur Scares A Little Kid

This will be the cutest video you watch today.

Hillary Clinton Wants A Woman President

Even though "everyone" wanted Hillary to make another presidential run, she demurred, as usual, yesterday. She didn't exactly rule out a run, though.

Fifty Shades Of Grey On Saturday Night Live

In the May 5 episode hosted by New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, the monologue was followed by a hilarious fake commercial for Amazon. Made in the same style as Amazon's other television spots, the ad shows several moms who'd rather be left a…

This Is Why You Shouldn't Complain About Your Smartphone

Just download your apps and be happy, ok?

Movies Are Getting Shittier Because You Keep Stealing Them

How piracy hurts, but intellectual property theft might actually help the movie industry. Cheezburger Network's Ben Huh gets serious about copyright law.

What's The Best Photo You've Ever Taken?

We all have photos we're proud of, and here's the place to show them off. C'mon, BuzzFeed, let's see the best photograph you've ever taken!

Three Times Barack Obama Suggested Terrorism And National Security Shouldn't Be A Wedge Issue In Politics

President Obama has come under fire from conservatives for his use of Osama Bin Laden's death in an attack ad on Mitt Romney. The Obama campaign has defended the politicizing of Bin Laden's death, but the President himself has argued in the past that terrorism and national security shouldn't be used as a wedge issue in politics.

Best Little Karaoke House In Texas

A karaoke bar in Texas makes these videos of patrons and they air on a local TV station. These are basically a real life Tim & Eric video.

Which Of These Things Is Not Like The Other?

Imagine the one person most likely to be associated with the brutal, testosterone-fueled, machismo world of boxing. Now imagine the exact opposite, and it will probably be the guy on the far left. From Saturday's super welterweight fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Miguel Cotto.

Matthew Perry On How Women Have Always Been Funny

During last night's second-annual Comedy Awards, Matthew Perry called out all of the "idiotic articles" written by men over the past year about how funny women have suddenly become. We agree — women have been funny all along!

Meow, The 39-Pound Cat, Has Died

This is devastating.

14 Photos Of Justin Bieber Balling Out With Floyd Mayweather

We've headlined each one with a rhyme submission for the Biebs. Consider this my official audition to be his ghostwriter.

A Fitting End For Mr. Peanut

I say good riddance. My least favorite ad icon ever. Creepy little highfalutin killer.

Jedi Bubblebath Commercial Shows The Perks Of Being A Wookie

I think it may be time to switch body washes.

Robert Downey Jr. Is An Excellent Math Teacher

Forgot your times tables? RDJ is here to help. (via

A Crazy Stalker Walked Out Onto The Court Of The Nuggets-Lakers Game

A woman, who according to TNT's Craig Sager had a history of stalking Denver Nuggets players, interrupted last night's game before being taken away by police. This could have been scary.

Allen West Surprised That France Elected A Socialist

Or an "openly socialist individual," in his terms.

13 Reasons Why Ken Jeong Should Host Saturday Night Live

It's about time this happens. Does anyone know Lorne Michaels?

Spikehorn, The Bear Whisperer

Meet Spikehorn. Spikehorn was probably Michigan's most eccentric character of all-time. The guy was totally nuts.

Find Out Where You'd Be If You Dug Straight Through The Earth

Spoiler alert: it's probably in the middle of the ocean. Find out where you'd end up and post it in the comments.

Japanese "Lolita" Craze Hits Mexico

Is Tijuana the next Harajuku? A small group of women have adapted the gothic Lolita look and have opened a club called Lolita Paradise in Monterrey.

Here's What Christopher Meloni Will Look Like On "True Blood"

He looks pretty normal for an intimidating vampire wearing a suit.

Lindsay Lohan Cleans Up Her Act For Meeting With Woody Allen... (But Then Heads To Sex Shop)

Woody Allen is known for turning Hollywood starlets into respectable actresses, now perhaps he is planning to work his cinematic magic on the faltering career of Lindsay Lohan.

Joseph Addai Signs With New England Patriots According To Reports

The New England Patriots added another veteran face on offense on Saturday, as the team reportedly agreed to terms on a free-agent contract that will bring former Indianapolis Colts running back Joseph Addai to New England...

The "Mad Men" Likability Index: Megan Has A Dream

And Don will reluctantly let her follow it. No more baked beans for her unless she's cooking them for dinner!

Mitt Romney Was Arrested For Disorderly Conduct In 1981

The charges were dropped after Romney threatened to sue. "I was not a disorderly person," Romney said.

What To Do When Your Male Boss Massages You At Work And Other Lessons From "Girls"

The new episode covered the dangers of sexting, allowing new coworkers to make you over, and leaving your diary out in the open. Here's what I learned from the latest episode.

Watch Bryce Harper Steal Home

Baseball's most exciting rookie meets baseball's most exciting play. It's easy to forget he's 19-years-old.

Another Obama Cabinet Member Comes Out For Gay Marraige

Today it's Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

Tan Mom Takes On Snooki, Calls Her "Snoopy"

Tan Mom strikes again! She's the gift that keeps on giving.

Yogurt Gives Male Mice "Swagger"

When scientists gave a group of mice vanilla yogurt along with their ordinary chow, they noticed the males had some extra confidence: “You know when someone’s at the top of their game, how they carry themselves differently? Well, imagine that in a mouse.” The reason: yogurt had made the mice's testicles grow 5% bigger than average.

Report: Rahm Emanuel Doubts New French President

The French press reports that Emanuel doesn't find Francois Hollande presidential. Worries about the relationship between Obama and the new Socialist leader. [This story has been updated.]

A 25-Step Guide To The Perfect Summer Day

Everything you must do to make every day of Summer 2012 the best day of your life. Now we all just have to quit our jobs to make it happen, and it will be the BEST SUMMER OF ALL TIME!

Carine Roitfeld Styles Pregnant Daughter Julia Restoin Roitfeld In Racy Lingerie For I-D

Carrying on the tradition of celebs baring their (pregnant) bellies on magazine covers, a prego Julia Restoin Roitfeld covers i-D clad in lacy lingerie and a sheer cape. Though we’re just going to go ahead and say this is probably the most stylish i…

Bryan Fischer's Last Stand Against The Gays

From Idaho to Tupelo, how the last, loudest, proudest scourge of homosexuality made it to the center of the presidential campaign. He thinks Obama is punishing us for our racism, and says he's Romney's "best friend," whether the candidate knows it or not.

A Kid Faces Down The Riot Police In Moscow

Russians protested Vladimir Putin's inauguration as president in Moscow today. "This is Russia's Tiananmen Image," writes journalist Julia Ioffe.


I was away from the computer for most of yesterday, which is a good thing, because I don't think I would have been able to handle people on Twitter even lightheartedly joking about MCA passing away yesterday. I don't know if that happened, and I dou…

Exclusive: Cenk Interviews 'Playboy' Founder Hugh Hefner About Sex, Politics And President Obama

Starting Monday, watch Cenk interview “Playboy” founder Hugh Hefner about President Obama, the GOP’s “war against sex” and how his civil rights work in the 1950s is awfully similar to politics today. Go to to find Current TV.

Engines Of Change

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Chris Harrison Is Now A Bachelor Himself

For a show that purports to bring couples together, The Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise doesn't exactly have a stellar track record. After 23 seasons total, only four couples remain intact. And now even its host is getting a divorce.

I Heart Lily Allen, Part 30

Some people will no doubt get all sanctimonious today and criticize Lily Allen for going to The Box in London last night and then stumbling out at 4am, presumably drunk, but here’s an interesting counterpoint; fuck those people. Lily Allen is awesom…

Natalia Vodianova’s 6-Year-Old Daughter Is Modeling Again

What took so long? Neva Vodianova Portman, Natalia Vodianova’s 6-year-old daughter with ex-husband Justin Portman, has finally landed her first campaign after a little modeling hiatus. She posed for childrenswear label Caramel Baby and Child, with w…

Want A Job At Valentino, Steven Alan, Or Eugenia Kim? Check Out Our Careers Page!

Are you looking for a great opportunity to work in fashion? We’ve got them over at our careers page! Valentino’s NYC press office is looking for PR interns to start ASAP; Steven Alan is hiring retail managers and sales positions in NYC and accessori…

Beth Ditto On That Whole Karl Lagerfeld Calling Adele Fat Thing

From gracing the first issue of Love (naked) to sitting front row at major runway shows, to walking in them, to performing at fashion parties, Ditto, who doesn’t quite conform to the industry’s typical beauty standards, has been described by Katie G…

MURDER At The Kentucky Derby: Homicide Detectives Launch Investigation After Body Found In Barn Hours After Race

Adan Fabian Perez, 48, a stable worker from Guatemala was found around 4.30am in a barn at Churchill Downs, close to where the winning horse I'll Have Another was being kept.

Adam Yauch, 1964 - 2012

Today is a very sad day in that Beastie Boy Adam Yauch has died. He was a terrific musician and filmmaker and a warm, funny person who a lot of people loved. I got to know him a little bit in the '90s because my roommate from college helped him run …

Politics 2012: Ron Paul Raining On Romney's Parade

Mitt Romney may be getting all the splashy headlines in his march toward the August Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., but fellow Republican Ron Paul has been steadily fundraising, visiting primary states, picking up delegates and gainin…

Plot Of Little Bit Of Heaven Recreated With Reviews

Hudson flirts with Bernal as he preps her for a colonoscopy, followed by a fantasy sequence in which Hudson’s spirit travels to heaven and talks to God, who takes the form of Whoopi Goldberg, who informs her, sassily, that she’s dying. The Almighty …

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