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May 18, 2012

27 Photographs Of Turn Of The Century Boston Baseball

The Boston Public Library has a collection of early 20th-century photographs that used to hang in popular baseball bar called Third Base in Boston. When Prohibition hit in 1919, the bar closed and the owner donated the photo collection to the library.

Kim Kardashian Sucks At Waving

In the following photos, all from the past month, Kim Kardashian reveals she is the worst waver in all the land. From alien fingers, to peace signs, her inability to pull off the simplest of hand gestures is somewhat astonishing.

On The Red Carpet At Cannes: See What Everyone Wore

The 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival kicked off yesterday and the eleven-day event is off to a super stylish start. Cannes always has one of the best red carpets–high glamor plus the risks that you’d never see at the Oscars. From Diane Kruger‘s doub…

The St. Louis Cardinals Played Dress Up Before Losing

But as for those happy flights, the Cardinals just try to have fun and keep everyone happy, which is why they showed up to AT&T Park yesterday wearing the goofiest outfits they could find. Led by David Freese, who wore some sort of Dr. Seuss-mescali…

Stay Prepared With Zombie Pepper Spray

If you live in an dicey neighborhood, say, near a nuclear reactor or graveyard, you'll want this for your purse. You don't want some zombie trying to stick you up for your wallet when the inevitable apocalypse happens.

Captain Marvel Looks...Different

I just can't place my finger on it...wait. He's a she again. Starting in July, Carol Danvers aka Ms. Marvel will be putting on pants and kicking butt with Captain America in a brand new ongoing series.

Where To Find Underwear That Doesn't Suck

At times it can seem like every bra on the racks is too padded, too lacy, and too freaking encrusted with unnecessary crap that shows through clothes. But the Fashion Mailbag is here to say: you actually have lots of other options!

Behold, The Lowest Golf Score Ever (55!)

There is one 55 known to have been posted, and it was posted by a golfer you might have heard of: Homero Blancas. Blancas played on the PGA Tour in the 1960s and 1970s, and later on the Champions Tour.

I Was A Child Model! A Tragedy In Nine Pictures

This is me—circa age six, sporting double popped collars, rainbow suspenders, more denim than is acceptable in public, and a smile. I was seemingly happy, making more money than I will ever earn again, and—look at that pose!—brimming with confidence…

Please Come To My Rave

Hi there. It's me, your next door neighbor Ivan. I just wanted to inform you I'll be hosting a rave this weekend, and I'd love you to come.

The 16 Most Endearing Friendships Of The '90s

These are the inspiring friendships that you desperately wanted in your own life during those lonely teenage years. Disclaimer: this is a totally subjective list. Maybe you were more inspired by Joey and Chandler, I don't know.

Alanis Morissette Says Breastfeeding Son Will Keep Him Out Of Therapy

On "The Billy Bush Show," Morrissette explained that she will be be breastfeeding her 16-month-old son until he self-weans because “I think it affords the child, when he grows up, to have a lot less therapy to go to." She and her husband Mario "Souleye" Treadway also co-sleep with their toddler, but she says that doesn't hurt their sex life because Treadway is "a very robust, virile man."

The Opposite Of The Facebook IPO

Tired of hearing nice stories about people getting rich? Here's an antidote: Nokia, once the largest phone company in the world, burned through nearly $3bn in savings in the last five quarters, and could be broke within a year.

Has Miley Cyrus Gone Too Far On Rebeccafreeman's Blog

The ever-shrinking Miley Cyrus and her love for Pilates has been closely followed ever since pics of her emerging from the gym studio wearing belly-baring crop tops started popping up. I'm surprised to see how much weight Miley had lost in such a sh…

DIY - Lolita Crown Photo - Buzznet

Hi BubbleGoth Babies! I made this cute Lolita crown last night and took pictures throughout to show you how to make one for yourself! I got inspiration from this awesome designer Apatico..she's on deviantart, check her out. inspiration: WHAT YOU NEE…

Not Chasing Amy | The Hairpin

We were nestled in the relationship sweet spot: lying on separate sofas watching Gwyneth Paltrow deliver her Oscar acceptance speech for Shakespeare in Love. Then Amy muted the television and cleared her throat. The words came off her tongue too cle…

The Transgender Beauty Queen Kicked Ass

Jenna Talackova, born a man and nearly disqualified from the pageant, dominated the swimsuit and evening gown portions of the Miss Universe Canada competition. The winner will be crowned on Saturday night.

Democrat Invokes Mormon Polygamy In Slamming Romney

North Carolina State Rep. Alma Adams predicts Romney will struggle with social conservatives because Mormons "can have multiple wives." The second Democrat in past month to bring up the defunct Mormon practice.

They Can't Spell, But They Tweet

Celebrity kids as young as four are expected to maintain social media presences, well before they can read, write, or spell. But are there long-term consequences?

The NFL Wants Your Mind

Former Denver Bronco Nate Jackson explains that the concussion issue is only part of the NFL's quest for what's inside heads.

Who Put The Most Work Into Their Cannes Outfits?

The Cannes Film Festival requires some of the most demanding dressing actresses must do all year, since it involves: red carpet premieres shot from an aerial view that seem to make a train non-optional; endless parties and appearances on yachts and docks; and paparazzi just about everywhere. Here's a look at some of the famous people swanning about the festival grounds this year, in order of who looks like they worked the hardest on their outfits.

The Most Sincere Facebook Love Song Ever

"Thank You Facebook" is a song dedicated to the global family that Facebook has created through its social network. This might be the "We Are The World" of our generation.

Bulldog "Throws" Ceremonial First Pitch

The Texas Rangers have dogs throwing out first pitches, so now we know why they're the best team in baseball. (It certainly has nothing to do with Josh Hamilton tearing the cover off the ball.)

The Cannibal Who Loved Me: Hannibal And Clarice's Fanfiction Romance

Hannibal Lecter has appeared in four books and five film adaptations to date, and, with each installment of his saga, he's spun farther along the unlikely trajectory from serial killer to ladies' man. A supporting character in Thomas Harris’ Red Dra…

Carrie Before Sex, The City, And Mr. Big

Finally, we have the trailer for the new CW series starring AnnaSophia Robb as a young Carrie Bradshaw. Warning: this looks terrible! Seriously, can someone please tell me why is this happening?

Capcom Reveals 3DS Spin-Off To Lost Planet Series

With Lost Planet's roots firmly planted on consoles, it comes as a surprise that the series will soon be making a trip to portables in the form of E.X. Troopers for the Nintendo 3DS. Taking an anime-inspired look and featuring gameplay similar to i…

5 Stocks Under $10 Poised For Breakouts

WINDERMERE, Fla. (Stockpickr) -- There isn’t a day that goes by on Wall Street when certain stocks trading near or under $10 a share don’t experience massive spikes higher. Traders savvy enough to follow the low-priced names and trade them with dis…

This Bloody Vice Photoshoot Is About Fashion, Period.

We’ve all been there, ladies: That clothing stain far more mortifying than a drunken spill of Merlot. Ruining your glad rags whilst on the rag. Unintentionally mixing your polka dots with Aunt Dot. Yup, we’re talking periods, people. The menstrual c…

John Travolta's First Accuser Hires Gloria Allred

False alarm: John Travolta's original accuser isn't going away after all. One day after dropping his sexual assault lawsuit against the actor, the masseur known as John Doe No. 1 has re-emerged with a new lawyer: Gloria Allred. Not coincidentally, A…

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