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May 6, 2012

The 10 Best YouTube Hair Tutorials

We already brought you our 10 favorite YouTube makeup tutorials and now it’s time to get your hair up to snuff, too. From a perfect 5-strand side braid to the elusive beachy wave, we’ve got the best online hair gurus teaching you how to take care of…

Roosevelt, The Border Collie With Wheels

Roosevelt's front legs don't work, but his owner Stephanie Fox saw his potential and adopted him anyway. He balances on his extraordinarily strong back legs some of the time, and when he wants to go for a run, they pop on his wheels!

"The Avengers" Shatters Previous Opening Weekend Record

Joss Whedon's new superhero blockbuster made $200.3 million domestically on it's opening weekend (over $30 million more than the previous record-holder). If you add in the overseas grosses (Avengers opened a week ago internationally), the film has already earned a worldwide total of $641.8 million.

Is Ahsan The Next Big Thing?

This kid is fourteen, he has an amazing voice, he loves "classic music," and he's cute as a button. Watch him sing The Jackson 5's "Who's Loving You" and say you were way ahead of the curve.

Things That Should Fall Out Of A Piñata At A Cinco De Mayo Party

26) Gravy 25) Coupons for candy 24) Pictures of people hitting a piñata from a different piñata party. Everyone will assume they are from your piñata party and it will come across as very clever 23) Dozens of smaller piñatas 22) Sausage links si…

Best Parody Of "The Scream" Ever

Edvard Munch's pastel sold for $119.92 million Wednesday. I'd pay at least $119.92 for the original of this hilarious reimagining.

Here's What The New iPhone May Feature

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Now that Apple(AAPL) has reported record second-quarter earnings, speculation has ramped up about the company's most important product: the new iPhone.

Florida Woman Receives Paper For 80 Years

ORLANDO, Fla., May 4 (UPI) -- A Florida newspaper said a woman preparing for her 106th birthday may be its longest-running subscriber after receiving the paper for 80 years.

Man Finds Turtle With Son's Initials On It

SOUTH STRABANE, Pa., May 5 (UPI) -- A Pennsylvania man said he recently found a live turtle his son carved his initials into 47 years ago.

Girl, 6, Saves Choking Classmate

SACRAMENTO, May 4 (UPI) -- A 6-year-old California girl who rescued a classmate who was choking on a piece of apple said she learned the Heimlich maneuver from watching television.

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