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May 23, 2012

The Nintendo Play Station: A Retrospective From

s we gear up for E3 2012, the biggest announcement expected to come out of the L.A. Convention Center this year is the latest generation of gaming's console goliath, the Play Station 4. Based on early reports from trusted third-party developers and …

Chad Ochocinco Had Something Very Important Stolen From Him Today

I'm willing to bet you won't guess what it is.

Buzznet Exclusive: Midnight Red's "Hell Yeah" Premiere On We've Got You Covered's Blog

Midnight Red are the next boy band for you to become obsessed with, and lucky for us their new dance track Hell Yeah premiers today! The Interscope artists have been making a lot of noise on the music scene and after you hear, Hell Yeah you will kno…

Diablo III Sales Bode Well For PC Games, Poorly For Always-Online Haters

Blizzard says Diablo III has already broken the sales record for biggest PC game launch.

World's Most Pointless Candy Wrappers

Well, someone hates the environment. What possible reason could exist for this?

The Greatest Musical Artist Of Our Time

If you aren't thoroughly entertained by his unique covers of popular songs, you are probably deaf, blind, and a terrible human being.

WoW Resurrects Childhood Companion

Warning: This image will give you feelings. Unless you are some jaded monster. You aren't a monster, are you?

What Should Snooki Name Her Baby?

She's having a boy. Should he be called J-Whoa, or perhaps KoKo – an allusion to Snooki's fondess for "gorillas"?

18 Things We Learned From "Boy Meets World"

Boy Meets World taught us pretty much everything we need to know about life. Here are 18 specific things.

Gingrich Super PAC Still Deciding Fate Of Leftover $5.6 Million

Winning Our Future still has $5.6 million in the bank, and will decide how to spend it "soon," spokesman says.

Grieving Pit Bull Won't Leave His Dead Partner

You may get misty-eyed. Tear-jerking photo taken in Phoenix, Arizona.

This Poor Stock Photo Model Is Stressed Out All Over The Internet

Can one woman carry the weight of the whole world's anxiety? If she's this hard-working stock photo subject, then yes.

What If Shigeru Miyamoto Had Become A Manga Artist? From

1979 -- Miyamoto the Manga Artist: Shigeru Miyamoto graduates from the Kanazawa Munici College of Industrial Arts and Crafts. Because Miyamoto's father is a friend of Hiroshi Yamauchi, he soon receives an offer to work for Nintendo. But Miyamoto is …

What It's Like To Watch Porn For A Living

When you're a cable TV porn scheduler, you have to come up with a lot of euphemisms for "handjob." And sometimes, you have to watch people vomit.

Rihanna's Preacher Warns She Might End Up Like Whitney Houston

Bishop Vibert Lowe, Rihanna's childhood mentor and preacher tells Now magazine: "She's drunk a lot, she's smoking a lot ... It's really bad behaviour and she's getting worse ... She could head down the same route as Whitney Houston."

When To Say "Gay" Chart

Not sure if you're using the word "gay" correctly? Well, use this chart so you don't come off like a complete douche.

Should A Woman's Hair Cut Cost More Than A Man's?

Over 100 New York City salons and barbershops just got fined for charging men and women different prices for various services. Is that fair? Sometimes.

Will Mitt Romney Ever Say The Word "Immigration" Again?

The Republican avoided the issue in a speech to the Latino Coalition. He dubbed education "the civil-rights issue of our era."

Prince Charles Attempts To DJ And Other Links

The look on his face is priceless. Plus, whatever happened to the hole in the ozone and is Ashton Kutcher dating Rumer Willis?

Is Gisele Pregnant? – Fashionista: Fashion Industry News, Designers, Runway Shows, Style Advice

OMG. Is the world ready for not one, but two people running around with the combined DNA of Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady? The buzz in Bundchen’s home country of Brazil is that the supermodel is now pregnant with her second child. As of now, it’s st…

The 2012 Vladivostok Bikini Fitness Open Looks Like An Important Event

I don’t know much about the Russian city of Vladivostok other than it is the largest Russian port on the Pacific Ocean, and I only know that because I

The Facebook IPO In Three Steps

You might've heard that Facebook's being sued over what's happened with its IPO. This is basically how it went down.

So A Guy Walks Into A Bar With A Zebra And A Macaw

Stop me if you've heard this one before. Unfortunately it isn't a joke.

One Thing You Definitely Can't Tweet

Try to tell your Twitter followers to "get" something. I dare you.

This Is The Manliest GIF You Will Ever See

This man is everything I have ever wanted to be.

Check Out This Back Flipping Dog

First there was this amazing dog performance, but the following one might out do it. Because there are lots more dogs, and dogs doing back flips.

Let's See How Donald Glover Performed On "Hip Hop Squares"

I know what you're probably thinking: There's a Hip Hop Squares?!?!?! The answer is yes, it premiered last night, and it featured Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover) in the bottom left square.

Fallen Princesses Photo - Buzznet

Dina Goldstein series Fallen Princesses place Fairy Tale characters in modern day scenarios. In all of the images the Princess is placed in an environment that articulates her conflict. The “…happily ever after” is replaced with a realistic outcome …

Target Is Selling Gay Pride T-Shirts

The shirts are only available online through June, and Target has donated thousands of dollars to an anti-equality political candidate in the past, but still... Up to $120,000 of profits from the shirts will go to support the Family Equality Council, an LGBT advocacy group. Multiple styles of the following 4 patterns are available.

Watch A Feature-Length Film About Dennis Rodman Playing Basketball With Dwarves

"This team of little people has street ball credentials and tricks that would make the Globetrotters stop and take notes. They are faced with a challenge in a local basketball tournament. With Dennis Rodman."

Priscilla Chan Is Every Tiger Mom’s Dream Child

Countless Chinese American daughters probably sighed when the ZuckerChan nuptials were announced. Because they knew they’d be getting a call from their mothers wondering why they weren’t more like her.

Awesome Avengers Dresses

These Lolita-style dresses are exquisitely geeky. Quick, someone photoshop all the actors' heads on these!

9 Ways France's First Couple Is Different From Ours

New French president Francois Hollande and his partner Valerie Trierweiler show that French political families have more privacy than American ones — and more crepes.

Topless Activists Repeatedly Attempt To Steal Soccer Trophy [NSFW]

That's so Femen. Ukrainian feminist organization Femen stage yet another semi-nude stunt that somehow, kinda, doesn't really have anything to do with protesting prostitution. This time it's not one, but two tries at stealing the Euro 2012 "football" trophy.

Russian Town Turns Tanks Into Toys

In Soviet, you make the joke. In the military city of Omsk, decommissioned tanks get new life as childhood playthings.

What's Your Favorite Animal Meme?

You know what I'm talking about - memes with animals in them, like the one with the anteater pictured below! Help me out, because I am working on a "best of" post and I am lazy as hell. Also, this will be fun! What's your favorite?

Even Autocorrect Is Over YOLO

Accurate autocorrect or MOST accurate autocorrect? You be the judge.

Jose Canseco Made A Shockingly Cogent Point About Mitt Romney

Despite usually seeming like a huge goofball, Jose has these moments of coherence. And they seem to hint at something more.

Donald Driver's Awesome "DWTS" Victory Lap

Surely, this has to be the best reaction to winning that Dancing With The Stars has ever seen.

Perry Farrell Utters One Of The Dumbest Lines In An Ad Ever

He's the new SpokesDrunk for Dobel Tequila.

13 Photos Of U.S. Soldiers Playing Golf In Afghanistan

Fleeting moments of calm in the chaos of war. Thank you for your service, gentlemen.

Obama Courting Veterans And Military Families

BuzzFeed's Michael Hastings joined Hardball with Chris Matthews to talk about whether the president's courtship of military families will win over a group that has traditionally supported the GOP. "The Obama campaign has bent over backwards to make inroads with military veterans," Hastings said.

Romney: Education Crisis Is "Civil-Rights Issue Of Our Era"

Speaking to Latino Coalition, Romney says minority children suffer the most under Obama's education policy

Most Pressing 1st World Problem Solved: Ketchup Pouring

A crack team at M.I.T. solved the most important technological problem in existence: getting ketchup out of the bottle. A safe coating called "LiquiGlideon the glass makes the ketchup slip right out. Now, if only we can stop people from saying "catsup".

How To Fix Phone Calls

It's time for a unified communications app. Everyone's close, but nobody's done it yet. Here's how smartphones should — and will — work.

Ed Rendell On Obama Ads Attacking Bain Capital

On Tuesdays' Hardball, Chris Matthews pressed Ed Rendell about his comments to BuzzFeed's Zeke Miller calling Obama ads attacking Bain Capital "disappointing."

Animals Obviously DJ The Best Dance Parties!

Animal DJs throw down the sickest beats and phattest jams. No contest.

The Next Generation Of Players May Kill Homophobia In The NFL

In a series of interviews with Outsports, NFL Rookies expressed their opinions on homosexuality. Hopefully this is the beginning of a sea change that will end with players feeling comfortable enough to be open about their sexuality while playing.

Lolo Jones Is The Olympian Version Of Liz Lemon

Lolo Jones, a 29-year-old U.S. Olympic hurdler, recently tweeted that she's a virgin, and is waiting to find the right guy for marriage. On Twitter she's funny, smart, loves junk food, watches bad reality shows, and is totally self-effacing about her single status.

Ugg Boots For Your Wedding Day

Bridal Uggs — are you kidding me?!

30 Actors Playing With Themselves (Action Figures Of Themselves, We Mean)

A year ago, Brian brought you nine pictures of actors playing with the action figure version of themselves. Since then, several more pictures along these

Epic Video Of A Slinky On A Treadmill

I had no idea a Slinky's adventures on a treadmill could be so dramatic or affecting. The stumble at ~1:43 is the most harrowing scene in film so far in 2012.

The Ultimate Collection Of Hot Shirtless Navy Guys Climbing A Monument Covered In Lard

This is my gift to straight women, gay men, and people who like pretty things. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

The "Glee" Seniors Are Moving On

The time finally came to see who was graduating — and who wasn't — on the “Glee” season finale last night. Spoiler alert!

Is Mitt's Mormonism Fair Game?

BuzzFeed's McKay Coppins joins The Young Turks Power Panel to discuss David Axelrod's recent comments on Romney's faith.

A Child's To Do List

This kid can't hold his liquor.

Snooki's Having A Boy

I guess that's a good thing, right?

Katy Perry's "Wide Awake" Video Is Basically A Facebook Ad

Serendipity or did Zuckerberg pay her to promote Timeline? The official "lyric video" tracks Perry's last two years via the social media platform.

The NBA Is Turning Into Pro Wrestling

Heat-Pacers game 5 had more violence than the average episode of Monday Night Raw.

GOP: Artur Davis Is Welcome

The former Democratic congressman will be welcomed if he runs as a Republican for Congress.

5 Animals Who Were The Last Of Their Species

There's plenty of species that have become extinct in the last century. Here are 5 species where the last survivor (called an "endling") was given a human name by scientists and zookeepers who attempted to care for them.

Unearthing Facebook's Lost Phone Numbers

Once upon a time, if you lost your phone, you made a group and asked your friends to post their phone numbers in the open. Those numbers are still on Facebook. So I texted some of them.

You Need A Levitating Bed

Reddit user mememetatata decided to make a bed that floats on magnets. Here is the whole process in 8 easy steps.

You Don't Have To Ditch Your Leather Dresses When You're Pregnant

A new blog, "Maternally Chic," documents how one pregnant stylist works things like her beloved leather Balenciaga pants into her wardrobe. While you probably don't have $2,000 pants to worry about or use the words "body con" with any regularity, her tips actually aren't bad.

Tracy Morgan Thinks Obama Needs A Gangbanger Tattoo

I'm not sure if this president could pull off a face tat.

Metta World Peace Still Says Hysterical Things

When asked how Lakers coach Mike Brown affected the team's season, Metta decided to be hilarious. This may be the funniest thing an athlete's said in years.

Google Moog Is The Best Google Doodle

In honor of it being the 78th birthday of Robert Moog, creator of the Moog, Google's latest doodle is a playable mini-moog. Goodbye, productivity for today!

The Cutest Fire Truck You'll See Today

Awwwww tiny fire truck!

Amazing Getty Images Commercial Made From 873 Getty Images

Titled "From Love to Bingo." Watch lives flash right before your eyes.

You'll Be Seeing These Avatars At Airports Very Soon

Anything to improve the airport experience is A-OK with me.

At Last, An App For Brocial Networking

"Jaxx" is a new social networking app that allows men to organize their friends into "entourages" of friends. Features include the ability to "throw down" on bets or "roast" your fellow bros.

What The Blink-182 Girl Looks Like Today

What's her age again? OLD.

Obama's 2008 Plan Called To Double Cancer Research Funding, But It Has Increased Only Slightly

It's a promise that has fallen well short of the President's goal as a candidate for the White House in 2008. The budget of the National Cancer Institute was $4.8 billion the year before Obama took the office. Now the budget sits at $5.8 billion, an increase, but not of the scale Obama promised in 2008.

Maids In Singapore Seek Protection From Window Deaths

Nine maids, most of them Indonesian, have died this year in Singapore after falling out of high-rise buildings while hanging laundry or washing windows. Workers' rights groups want a ban on such tasks, but the Singaporean government is unwilling, and 80% of Singaporeans recently said in a poll that Singapore is "pandering too much to maids."

Xuxa: "Michael Jackson's People Wanted Me To Marry Him, Have His Children"

"Michael Jackson's team wanted him to get married, have children, and they were looking for someone [for him]. I was working in Spain and they invited me to see his show several times. They later called me so I could go to Neverland. He knew everyth…

Cenk Slams Tea Party For Being 'Sell-Outs,' 'Hypocrites' And 'Frauds' Who Now Protect Bankers, Especially 'Tea Party Whore' Joe Walsh

Cenk gets all worked up about a Think Progress report by Josh Israel, “How Banks Bought the Tea Party.” Cenk says, “Every one of those 15 tea party freshman, forget criticizing banks and the bailouts. You frauds! You hypocrites! You sell-outs!”

'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Premiere & Lingerie Photo

Once again, ladies and gentlemen, it's the half-naked Kardashian sisters! To promote the new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (which premiered Sunday on E!), Kim Kardashian blogged this sexy photo of herself, Khloe and Kourtney modeling Kar…

Total Badass's Bob Ray Directed A Law Commercial

If you don’t remember Bob Ray, he’s the guy who directed a documentary about a batsh*t awesome Austin character named Chad Holt – you may remember when I posted the trailer a while back, with the headline “I took a year off to raise guinea pigs and …

'Call Me Maybe:" When Music Becomes Meme

The song that launched a thousand YouTube parodies: Has Carley Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" become the most interactive pop song ever?

Congressman: Photoshopping Mom A Brilliant Media Trick

Rep. Brad Sherman sent Jewish voters a picture of his family including his mother, while other voters got the same picture, minus mom. Today, he claimed it was a clever scheme aimed at forcing the press to print pictures of his family. He doesn't seem to be joking.

20 Awesome Photos Of Money That Was Drawn On

Everyone has at least one talent that they are really good at. For this guy, it's this.

5 Hated Stocks That You Should Love

NEW YORK (Stockpickr) -- After moving steadily higher throughout the first quarter, the markets were roughly flat in April and have been sliding in May. Could they be gearing up for their next upward move? After all, earnings have been quite robust,…

Selena Gomez '50 Shades Of Grey' Parody

It seems like no one is immune to the charms of 50 Shades of Grey, not even Selena Gomez. The 19-year-old singer-actress has recorded a hilarious new Funny or Die sketch, titled "50 Shades of Blue," in which reading E.L. James' sultry tome gets her …

What If The Cost Of Games Continued To Rise Since The '80s? From

It's a bit strange being at school with my friends and talking about video games, because none of us are playing the same things at the same time. Games have gotten so expensive that we can only afford to buy one or two a year, so we've decided to e…

Howard Stern Makes Rapper, 7, Cry On 'America's Got Talent'

What possibly could have made Howard Stern contemplate quitting his judging post on America's Got Talent Monday night? Being the first to hit the "X" on a 7-year-old Philadelphia rapper, that's what. Watch below!

Miley Cyrus Wore This To The Billboard Awards

Normally I complain that girls don’t care enough to dress slutty at awards shows anymore, so Miley Cyrus should be commended for dressing slutty at the Billboard Awards in Vegas last night. The problem is a slutty version of Miley is still Miley.…

The Most Memorable Looks From The 2012 Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet

Case in point: Miley Cyrus showed up wearing nothing but a tuxedo jacket–seriously–while Carrie Underwood sported a princess-y gown with a massive, tulle skirt. What’s more, the red carpet ushered in some memorable looks from stars, both new and old…

Behold MAC’s Massive New Permanent Nail Lacquer Collection

While MAC has a healthy-sized permanent makeup collection whose products inspire a lot of loyalty, we love the brand because of its frequent, creative collaborative and themed collections. The problem with these, though, is that if you fall in love …

The Zuckerberg Wedding Gown Is Going Viral

She may be an unlikely style icon but Priscilla Chan (aka the new Mrs. Mark Zuckerberg) is causing a bit of wedding gown feeding frenzy. After the couple’s surprise and low-key nuptials were announced via Facebook over the weekend, details about the…

Does One Award Warrant A Game Of The Year Edition For Dead Island?

Questioning the baseline for re-releasing a title as Game of the Year.

Lauren Odes Says She Was Fired For Large Chest

NEW YORK, May 22 (UPI) -- A New Jersey woman who says she was first ordered to wear a bathrobe at work and then fired for having an overly large bust has sued a New York lingerie firm.

The Best Names In The NFL

There are a lot of cool names in the National Football League, but these are the coolest.

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