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May 20, 2012

15 Animal Couples Who Are Ruining The Sanctity Of Marriage

Don't they know that traditional marriages are a man and four or five wives?!

This Is How Christians In The Philippines Are Protesting Lady Gaga

A couple weeks ago Christians from South Korea protested Lady Gaga coming to their city. Now Christians near Manilla, Philippines are doing the same thing. I can't believe these protests aren't a joke. It's all so ridiculous.

World Leaders Hang Out And Watch Sports Together, Too

Check out these awesome pictures of the US President Barack Obama, UK Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso, and others watching the Champions League final together at the G8 Summit. People who run the world: they're just like us!

A Breathtaking Skateboard Video Plays With Shadows

Skater Joe Pease made this video using just sunlight, his skateboard, and a camera. Beautiful!

Five Beautiful DC Superhero Travel Posters

Artist Dave Ault makes the valid point that Batman probably is the number one attraction in Gotham City. Done in a cool minimalist/art-deco style, these would be right at home in a travel agency -- if only they were real.

Vogue UK’s Alexandra Shulman Says Adele Was Worst-Selling Cover, Thinks Sample Sizes Are Too Small

British Vogue EIC Alexandra Shulman gave a talk in London Wednesday night and the magazine published some of the most interesting takeaways on its own blog–something we can’t imagine ever happening at American Vogue. And at Italian Vogue, Franca Soz…

Two Canadian Youth Lacrosse Teams Had The Most Insane Sports Fight Ever

Complete with bare-knuckle boxing, spearing, flipping off parents in the crowd, fighting referees, and both benches clearing.

Kevin Durant Slayed The Los Angeles Lakers With This Cold-Blooded Dagger

This shot, with the game tied 98-98 and 13 seconds remaining, means the difference between the Thunder leading the series 3-1 and the Lakers tying it up at 2-2. Kobe then misses a smiliar shot on the other end.

10 Fashion Brands And People We Really ‘Like’ On Facebook Right Now

Unless you live under a rock (even rocks probably have Facebook now), you’ve probably heard that Facebook went public today! The potentially $140 billion IPO means different things for different people. Since our pockets won’t be getting any bigger,…

Ashlee Holmes: Catching You Up On Ashlee Holmes' Blog

This is going to be a decently long rant. I hope you're prepared. I guess I'll explain what's been going on in my life since I moved to LA. In short, I moved to LA last August. I lived in a large studio in a really nice building. I spent money on ri…

"Lazy Sunday 2"

Tonight on SNL, we watched Andy Samberg's Digital Shorts end the very same way they began. This time, they aren't seeing The Chronicles Of Narnia, but Sister Act on Broadway instead.

Former Teacher Turns 45 In Space

MELBOURNE, Fla., May 18 (UPI) -- A Florida high school teacher who became an astronaut said arriving at the International Space Station was the perfect gift for his birthday.

Mark Zuckerberg's Wedding Already Has 500x More "Likes" Than His IPO

Celebrity first, tech CEO second. And he knows it: Zuckerberg's IPO post was only open to comments from friends; his wedding update was open to everyone.

Mark Zuckerberg Got Married Saturday

His timeline announced a new "life event" the day after Facebook went public: he's now married to Priscilla Chan, his longtime girlfriend. Congrats and "likes" to the happy couple!

WATCH: Who Dies On 'Grey's Anatomy' Season Finale

If there's one thing Grey's Anatomy does well, it's adrenaline-spiking disasters. Bombs. Floods. Crazed gunmen. And now a plane crash. Someone always sustains a fatal injury, enabling a loved one to make a heart-wrenching deathbed promise that of co…

Conan O'Brien Talks Jay Leno On David Letterman Show

For the first time in 13 years, late-night talk show hosts Conan O'Brien and David Letterman reunited on CBS' Late Show with Davis Letterman, and as anyone could guess, Jay Leno came up in conversation.

Face Flapping Photography

Many more of Cern's photos are available on Facebook. (via colossal)

Kim Kardashian Is Headed To Kannes Cannes With Kanye West

It looks like the Cannes International Film Festival might soon be known as the Kannes International Film Festival. As reported by Pitchfork, Kanye West (the newly minted Mr. Kim Kardashian– by us, right now) is set to premiere a “short art film” in…

'Mark My Words, He Will Win': Ron Paul Fans Hold On To A Fantasy

Tommy Funebo on Politico's "Paul: I can't win the GOP nomination" via Facebook: "As everybody knows, if there is not >50% for any one candidate on the first ballot in Tampa, all bets are off. GOP insiders also knows, at least since a statement from …

Rebecca Blake 'Arrested In Dubai For Having Sex With Conor McRedmond On Backseat Of Taxi'

They were held for five days and accused of having sex outside marriage and being drunk in a public place – both criminal offences in the strict Islamic state.

Sharon Stone Is Showing Off A Few More Tummy Rolls But Still Looks Trim As She Defies Her Age In String Bikini

She rose to fame showing off her immaculate body in iconic movie Basic Instinct in the 1990s.

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