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May 16, 2012

School Desks Are Shrinking Before Your Eyes

BuzzFeed's Dave Stopera talks to the team at Right This Minute about all the things that will drive you nuts. Shrinking school desks, dying remote controls and trying to figure out why the letter E is left out of the grading scale. Dave has answers.

31 Rock Stars' Sexual Prowess, As Rated By Groupies is a site that appears to be last updated around 2002 that catalogs what groupies say about different rock stars' sexual habits. We can't claim that any of these are actually true (although it did accurately know Lance Bass was gay before he came out), but they're funny as heck.

Michelle Obama Works Out To "Whip My Hair"

Her gym playlist also includes Beyoncé, and J. LO! But — Whip My Hair. Awesome. Let's all watch the video right here, right now.

15 Famous Characters With Their Creators

In honor of the 22nd anniversary of Jim Henson's death, here are some notable famous fictional characters with their loving creators.

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