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May 16, 2012

Violence Against Women Act Gives "Men's Rights" Its Moment

Some men say they're the real victims of the protections for immigrant women in the Violence Against Women Act. They say these women plot to falsely accuse men of domestic violence — and Republican legislators appear to be listening.

The Marc Jacobs Vs. Kidult War Rages On, Gets Real Meta

Late last week, Marc Jacobs and French graffiti artist Kidult were involved in a little tête-à-tête, if you will: It began when Kidult allegedly vandalized Jacobs’s SoHo storefront with his signature gigantic letters, spelling out the word ‘ART.’ In…

Will Kim Ng Be Baseball's First Female General Manager?

She's the most powerful woman in the sport right now, and lots of people think she'll be the first to head up a major league team. Because of her, she says, team owners can now conceive of a female general manager, something that was never on their radar before: “The thought process has changed.”

Indie Band Picks Up Hitchhiker Who Turns Out To Be John Waters

Here We Go Magic was driving through Ohio when they stopped to pick up John Waters, who was sticking his thumb out on an interstate highway. Oh, directors and their bizarre hobbies. This is now the single best thing for bands to look forward to while touring.

Train Like An Olympian

Speedo Pace Club's new Goal Mapper lets you to track your swim route wherever you go! Think you could keep up with these guys? Where would you swim?

Pale Is The New Tan

Women around the nation are pressured to get tan to look hot. Getting married? Get a tan. Got a high school reunion? Get a tan. Well I'm here with some photos of some hot pale people to say go ahead and be your pale, natural-born self.

The Worst Album Covers Of All Time Photo

Yesterday my friend sent me this list of the worst album covers of all time made by Some of them are so funny and weird! Which one do you think is the worst and which one's the best? Be sure to check out's blog for a few m…

Dwyane Wade Shoves Darren Collison, Criticizes Pacers

With less than 10 minutes to play in the 4th quarter of last night’s Game 2 matchup between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, Dwyane Wade got a little pissed. Pacers guard Dahntay Jones seemingly went up-and-down on Wade (I knew a girl in college w…

Howard Stern Surprises Everyone With His Kindness

Howard Stern's two episodes in to his new role as judge on America's Got Talent. So, how'd he do? Well, he was funny, honest and — maybe most surprisingly — nice! This supercut of his gentlemanly ways on the first two episodes of this season of AGT might make you tear up a little.

George Lucas The Latest Director Feuding With His Neighbors

The long and short of it is, George Lucas wanted to build a state-of-the-art production complex on his ranch in San Rafael, but one of those proto-fascist homeowner’s associations that tells people what they can and can’t do on their own property sh…

The Dictator Throws George Clooney's Ex-Girlfriend Overboard

Elisabetta Canalis was dumped into the ocean in a body bag following a spat with the dictator himself — Sacha Baron Cohen. Don't worry though, it was just a publicity stunt happening over at the Cannes Film Festival. No Italian models were actually killed.

How Much Are Your Broken Electronics Worth?

When your phone breaks, do you bother trying to sell it on eBay, or just toss it out? Here are some prices for completed listings in "for parts or not working" condition on eBay that might surprise you.

John Travolta Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Fourth Man

A fourth man has come forward to accuse John Travolta of making inappropriate sexual advances towards male massage artists. Michael Caputo, a former masseur at Manhattan's swanky Peninsula Hotel, claims that the actor was actually banned from the ho…

It's All Greek To Romney

As Republicans try to get average voters to care about the deficit, they may have found the perfect object lesson. It has nothing to do with prairie fires.

Offensive Comedies

Some people like gentle comedies designed to provoke fuzzy feelings on life-affirming themes. This list contains nothing of the sort. Nope, this article is dedicated to movies that put the most vile, disturbing and controversial themes or images on …

Colombian Communities Are Bringing The Girdle Back

In Colombia, fajas used to be used to help liposuction patients recover. But now they're being imported to the US for use as shapewear, and their popularity may be on the rise. Says importer Monica Arias, "In the beginning, it was almost only for Latinos and black women. Now the white people are asking for fajas.”

More Details On Fairchild’s Acquisition Of NowManifest

Seemingly out of nowhere, Fairchild Fashion Media, the unit of Condé Nast that publishes WWD and, announced that they had acquired NowManifest, which “hosts” fashion blogs BryanBoy, Fashion Toast, Anna Dello Russo, Mr. Blasberg, and Style …

Penis Print Pants Exist And They Cost $150

Looking for a new way to try out the mixed print trend? Here’s something that even the Man Repeller probably hasn’t tried yet. How about pairing your floral blouse with this new NSFW print: penises. Yes, penis print leggings–meaning leggings covered…

Micaela Schaefer Made The ‘Men In Black 3′ Premiere Hot

Model and attention whore Micaela Schaefer went to the German premiere of ‘Men in Black 3’ in Berlin last night wearing little more than a belt and video tape. Which covered like a belt and video tape. But everyone seemed to love it, even German…

How Three People Survive Living In The Middle Of Nowhere

I have a little bit of an idea. I grew up in Boise, Idaho, and almost every weekend, my parents dragged me to our cattle ranch two hours outside of the city, in a tiny town called in Ola. Activities included: cleaning out sheds, clearing cow manure …

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