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May 17, 2012

John Travolta's Second Accuser Also Hires Gloria Allred

On Wednesday, we learned that John Doe No. 1, the man who filed the original lawsuit against Travolta, had dropped his claim, fired lawyer Okorie Okorocha and hired Allred (who has a history of bringing civil suits against celebrities who abuse thei…

Gary Sinise Throws Terrible First Pitch At Rangers/A's Game

Actor Gary Sinise has accomplished a lot in his 35-year film career — he’s shot Lennie Small in the back of the head, gone on a mission to Mars, helped the Apollo astronauts get back to Earth and dropped an atomic bomb on World War II Japan — but he…

35 Lifechanging Ways To Use Everyday Objects

These handy little things are all things you probably own already. I know this is a topic usually reserved for moms on Pinterest, but seriously — who has time to properly iron a shirt or clean a toilet?

Sex Advice From Hannibal Buress

My girlfriend and I have been together for three years, and our sex life is becoming routine. What can I do? Spice that shit up! Watch porn. Think of some new stuff; switch positions. Change your sex music. I put on some weird-ass stuff when I hav…

Bootleg Teaser For Anchorman 2

Bros! Call up Dozer, Cumsponge, and Black Steve and get them off Dawn Patrol, stat! Those Delta Sig fags are gonna shit when they see we’ve got the Anchorman 2 teaser! DOROTHY MANTOOTH WAS A SAINT! THE ARSONIST HAD VERY SMALL FEET! LOUD NOISES! I’M …

In Scents: 9 Amazing Indie Perfumeries You've Probably Never Heard Of

Delve into the fantastical, esoteric world of niche perfumeries creating obscure, conceptual scents you'd never find at a Macy's counter. Their exotic names and pretty packaging are all tempting in their own way, but evaluating the actual fragrances is what really matters. Here are the best batch, as determined by a panel of six BuzzFeed sniff testers.

Lazy Harp Seal

Get a freakin' job, you lazy seal. If seals had houses, this guy'd still be living in his mom's basement.

The Spurs Are The Basketball Illuminati

San Antonio has missed the playoffs only four times since joining the league in 1976, and they could be in line for their fifth championship this year. Are the small-market Spurs America's basketball team?

Suffer For Fashion: Spiked Heels Photo

It's been almost half a decade now since I've noticed spikes everywhere in fashion! Metal adds the feeling of weight and expensiveness to me and spiking things is a great and super easy way to add some edge and new life to your old stuff. I just spi…

'Grey's Anatomy' Season Finale: Who Will Die?

People die on Grey's Anatomy all the time. (It's set in a hospital, after all.) Not even the main characters always make it out alive. (R.I.P., Drs. O'Malley, Adamson and Percy.) But it's still shocking when a character you've come to know is sudden…

The Pacific Ocean Is Dying // Current TV

The Pacific Ocean Is Dying Posted on May 2012 by cosmicconvergence2012 A Special Report On the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe The Pacific Ocean Is Dying

A Seventh-Grader's Letter To Ronald Reagan

As a kid, Andy Smith thought the only way he could get his room cleaned was by declaring it a disaster area and requesting disaster relief with the President. Here is President Reagan's response to the boy.

Anja Rubik's Bare Hip IS Lying To Us

With a bit of research, I think I've determined how exactly her insanely high slit at the Met Gala — and others like it — actually work.

Rachel McAdams’ ‘Passion’ Looks Fantastic

Brian DePalma has been pretty quiet since releasing The Black Dahlia in 2006, with his Iraq War protest film Redacted being his most recent work. But he’s returning with a heavy hitter this year in Passion, the remake of the 2010 French film Crime d…

Taylor Armstrong Leaving 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills'?

Is it time for Taylor Armstrong to take a break from reality TV? After her estranged husband Russell committed suicide last August, Taylor moved forward with filming the third season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But everything that's hap…

Black Metrosexual Abe Lincoln Being Awesome

A Super PAC's scheme to depict Barack Obama as a "black, metrosexual Abe Lincoln" in a GOP ad campaign was discovered by the New York Times today. Here's a Photoshop rendering of how literally cool Metro Abe would look.

What's The Craziest Party Photo You Have?

High school and college seniors are graduating across the country right now, which means party time... which also means crazy (embarrassing) party photos flooding Facebook. So which one of you guys has the craziest, weirdest, or grossest party photo? Bonus points for the best story that goes with it!

Donna Summer Has Died At 63

The "Queen of Disco" had reportedly been keeping her cancer a secret. She was also working on a new album.

Damn. Jennifer Lopez Is One Hot Swimsuit Model In Vogue

Olympic hopefuls in bathing suits may have scored the cover of Vogue June issue (which hits newsstands May 22) but Jennifer Lopez, featured in an array of gorgeous swimwear inside the glossy, more than holds her own against them. Did we mention she’…

7 Times In 2008 Obama Promised To Create 7 Million New Jobs

President Obama often comes under attacks from Republicans for his failure to deliver on promises of new jobs that he made as a candidate in 2008. Democrats blame the economic crisis for reaching further than previously envisioned. In these seven videos from 2008 the President promises that he will created seven million new jobs in green energy and construction.

Woman Arrested For Taxi Sex Swears She's Innocent

Dubai authorities say British recruiter Rebecca Blake had sex in the back of a taxi there, and now she could face three years in jail for having extramarital sexual relations. However, she says she never had sex in the taxi, and was in fact alone when she was arrested.

Corridor Digital's 'Art Of The Instakill' Is A Flawless Victory

We’ve previously featured the work of Sam Gorski and Nick Pueringer of Corridor Digital when they made awesome fan films based on Battlefield 3, Call of Duty, and Team Fortress 2. They also ventured into sci-fi with the short film Prism. Their new…

Tom Cruise, Abbey Lee Kershaw, And Their Nipples Get Wild In W

File this under “things that make us feel weird inside”: Tom Cruise’s crazyass W spread has just been released in its entirety. Photographed by Mario Sorrenti, the shoot sees Cruise, in character as an aging rock god for his upcoming role in the big…

50 Hottest Cheerleader Twit Pics Of The Week

I've often written about the never-ending source of amazing that Twitter is. Politicians, professional athletes, actors, musicians and even regular losers (like us) are constantly over-sharing the details and digital photographs of their private liv…

Disney Princesses Go Punk Photo

We here at Buzznet can't seem to hide our big L-O-V-E for Disney and all of Disney's glory, from Mickey Mouse to Disney parks to Disney princesses! So when we saw these Disney characters gone punk, we figured we just HAD to share them with you! Enjo…

NBC & FOX Reveal Fall TV Lineups!

We've told you what to expect from this spring's season finales, which shows got the ax last week (bye-bye, Alcatraz!), and which were renewed (yay, Parenthood!). Now NBC and FOX have both revealed their full TV lineups for the fall, including some …

The Bodybuilder's Guide To Getting Rid Of "Computer Back"

Do you suffer Computer Back? I do. Mine is caused by the terrible habit of hunching over the laptop while also curling my legs under the chair in a sort of corkscrewed position that is osteomuscularly nightmarish but somehow conducive to concentrati…

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