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May 5, 2012

Kentucky Derby 2012: What Time Does The Action Start?

The 138th running of the Kentucky Derby officially kicks off at 6:24 p.m. EST with coverage on NBC, but there are hours worth of events that you need to be paying attention to beforehand so that you know what to expect from the big race.

Shanthi The Elephant Plays The Harmonica

Shanthi lives at Washington D.C.'s National Zoo and she is 36 years old. Her hobby is jamming on the harmonica.

16 Reasons Why "We Are Doing Great"

Parks and Rec star Chris Pratt wants you to know that mankind isn't so bad after all. Last night, #WeAreDoingGreat was trending and the man who started it all retweeted some the best responses. Chin up, humans!

Happy Sinko De Mayo!

It's my duty as a human being to post this picture.

New Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson Slams Republicans For Gay Staffer Flap

Johnson, who just landed the official Libertarian Party nomination, indicts Republicans for the treatment of a gay Romney staffer. "It speaks volumes to the intolerance that continues to be present in the Republican Party."

20 People You'll Only Meet At ROFLcon

ROFLcon is a convention where people get together and talk about internet laughs. Here's who I met:

Three Promises From 2008 That Obama Made Again Today

President Obama officially kicked off his re-election in a speech to Ohio State students and supporters in Columbus today. While Democrats say the President's agenda stalled because of partisan gridlock, Republicans will attack the President for failure to deliver on his promises.

This 10-Year-Old Girl Can Squat Lift 215 Pounds

Naomi Kutin bench presses 82 lbs, deadlifts 209 lbs and holds the world record in the squat at 215 lbs. In other words, she could squat lift around twice as much as the average untrained adult male. Did I mention that she's 10?

Coldplay's Tribute To Adam Yauch And The Beastie Boys

Regardless of your feelings about Coldplay, this impromptu cover from last night's Coldplay performance is incredibly touching. Stay for the end, when Chris Martin adds the line "we're sending all our love to the Beastie Boys." Indeed.

The Supermoon Will Shine Tonight

A "supermoon" is a full moon paired with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth. According to Wikipedia: "The association of the Moon with both oceanic and crustal tides has led to claims that the supermoon phenomenon may be associated with increased risk of events such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions."

Judy And Sophie's Story

Oh, what was that? You haven't shed your daily allotment of "animals are so amazing" tears yet today? Let me fix that for you with the story of Judy, a progressive multiple sclerosis sufferer, and Sophie, a capuchin monkey.

24 Happy Birthday Songs For Adele

The English songer/songwriter turns 24 today. To celebrate, here are the most fabulous YouTube covers of her songs. Love you, girl.

Blk Is The New Black Photo - Buzznet

Have you guys heard of blk. yet? I'm so glad that my family and I are a part of this. It's AMAZING! It's water, but it's sooooooo much more benefitial than your average water. --and get this, IT'S BLACK! The color may freak most people out at first,…

Paula Deen Still Really Loves Butter

Just in case you thought she had changed her programming and/or recipes in light of her diabetes diagnosis.

Men's Breast Cancer Often More Deadly, Study Suggests

FRIDAY, May 4 (HealthDay News) -- Breast cancer in men is much less common than it is in women, but it may be more deadly, new research suggests. "Men with breast cancer don't do as well as women with breast cancer, and there are opportunities

Summer Movies 2012 Guide

The Plot: Thor's no-good brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) has declared war on the good citizens of planet Earth. So the American government calls upon Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), director of S.H.I.E.L.D. -- or the Strategic Homeland Intervention, En…

Star Trek: The Next Generation Is 25-Years-Old. Celebrate With This Awesome Panel Featuring The Entire Cast

So, the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation (including Wesley) recently reunited in honor of TNG’s 25th anniversary (yes, TNG is 25 years old) in Calgary. Why Calgary of all places? Don’t ask me to explain the mysteries of the universe. Th…

Kiko Mizuhara, The Most Twee Model Ever

I don't think models are supposed to be this smiley and cute. She might be the Zooey Deschanel of Asia.

Police Drugging Occupy Protesters // Current TV

Video documentation by local activists and independent media shows that police officers and county deputies from across Minnesota have been picking up young

Angelina Jolie And Russell Crowe Hang Out With Kids On 'Les Miserables' Set

Angelina Jolie took her older kids on a special field trip Monday: a visit to the Les Miserables set to hang out with her celebrity pal Russell Crowe.

The Slippers You Need In Your Slipper Arsenal [NSFW]

Well, it IS bachelorette season, is it not? It's probably the wispy hairs that are throwing you off about these.

Technology And Identity

The latest viral buzz from

SEC Football: Breaking Down The SEC Teams In ESPN's 'CFB Live' Top 25

It seems like just yesterday that Alabama hoisted the crystal football in New Orleans, but we are nearly halfway through the offseason already. So what does that mean? Time for preseason rankings...

Neighbours At War: Bloody Chainsaw Battle Sees One Man's Arm Almost Severed... And Another's Finger Chopped Off With A SAMURAI Sword

Police who rushed to Minto, south west of Sydney, found pools of blood in the street and Mark Jorgenson, 29, crying in pain from his almost-severed arm, which surgeons tried to save. Troy Thornton, 26, had to be treated after losing his finger.

Samuel Jackson Twitter Beefs With AO Scott Of The NY Times

When New York Times film critic AO Scott, the Old Grey Lady’s be-initial-named, monocle-polisher in chief, wrote an uncharacteristically Armond White-like review of The Avengers (here’s mine!) earlier today (sample: “For all their maverick swagger, …

Trailer For Expendables 2: Arnold Beats Up A Car, Statham Marries A Knife

The Expendables 2 just released a full-length trailer, which you can watch below, and I’m having trouble deciding which part I like the best. Right now it’s between the part where Jason Statham dressed as a priest says, “Oi! I now pronounce you man …

The 7 Best GIFs From Ted Nugent's CBS Freakout

Ted Nugent appeared on CBS' today to discuss controversial comments about President Obama that earned him a visit from the Secret Service.

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