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May 31, 2012

Michigan Congressional Candidate Buys His "Likes"

Electablog reported Thursday that Democrat Steve Pestka has been buying Facebook “likes” to boost his social media campaign. How common is purchasing social media support in politics?

John Edwards' Fall, As Told By The National Enquirer

The former candidate was acquitted on one federal charge today, as a jury hung on other counts related to a concealed affair. One thing that's clear: The supermarket tabloid got it right.

The Superhero Who Will Save Giant Sodas For Us All

So NYC Mayor Bloomberg wants to ban sugary sodas over 16oz? Better call in - dun dun da DA - Pepsiman! Actually.. wait... WTF is this?

Yelp Uncovers The Biggest Scam Pizzeria Ever

$75 a pie? I can't believe you have kept this place in business for so long Boston. Here are 11 amazing reviews for you to shake your head in disappointment at.

Inside The Crazy World Of Rihanna's Instagram Commenters

Rihanna's Instagram has already made headlines for its scandalous photos, but have you taken a look at the people who comment on them? They're a group of shameless, Emoji-loving groupies trying to take celebrity fandom to a new level.

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