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Blasé Tweet About Hazardous Material Spill In Genome Lab

Ha ha ha Universe, this zombie "apocalypse" joke is super funny. Stop now. Please?

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Two days after a Florida man gnawed the face off another man despite being shot it appears the window of opportunity to quarantine the Sunshine State has passed.

At 10:16PM CST on May 28th this automated tweet went out to University Of Illinois students.

Totally not ominous. At all. How far do we need to evacuate? The block? The county? THE STATE?

Almost an hour later, these two tweets were released assuring everyone that all was well because the fire department is completely equipped to deal with hazardous materials spills.


You'd think that'd be the end of the story but a couple of tweets below caught my eye as slightly suspect. Early in the morning of the 28th, gun shot was reported and police warned everyone to stay away from the area.

Almost an hour later it turns out the shot was self-inflicted. But who is shooting themselves at two in the morning on Monday? First assumption is drunk college students followed quickly by terrified zombie victim that didn't remember their training from two years ago and haven't fired a shot since.

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