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May 13, 2012

Newsweek Names Obama 'The First Gay President' In Shocking Cover Talking About His Support Of Same-sex Marriage

In a gutsy move, Newsweek has released the cover of their next issue, on the cover of which they depict President Obama with a rainbow halo and the title of 'The First Gay President'.

Bus Wrap Fail

It's the Nesquik bus. Probably accidental.

Reddit Users Shower Terminally-Ill Man With Hundreds Of Letters

Scott Widak has Down syndrome and suffers from liver disease, and he loves receiving mail. His nephew Sean posted his P.O. Box on reddit and the site's users responded with hundreds of letters, packages, and gifts. Reddit users are really on a good deeds roll lately.

Rihanna Posts Topless Shots From Behind-the-scenes Of Where Have You Been Video

And now Rihanna has revealed just how she achieved her animalistic look for the film shot to accompany her latest track.

"My Friend Jason" Tells His Mom How Much He Loves Her

Filmmaker Shot at the Dark put together this video of his friend Jason describing the circumstances of his mother's last moments. This is so simple and beautifully moving. Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Let's All Watch David Caruso's One-Liners, One Last Time

CSI: Miami Has Been Cancelled. If I could figure out how to spell that sound effect, I would put my sunglasses on and do so [here].

McDonald's Soda Thief Arrested Again

NAPLES, Fla., May 12 (UPI) -- Police have again arrested a Florida man who made headlines last month for allegedly stealing a $1 soda refill from McDonald's.

The 10 Worst Special Effects Ever In Movies

Bad special effects and terrible CGI afflict many films, from blockbusters to b-movies. Here are some of the worst offenders.

What Was Your Favorite After School Snack?

Almost everyday when I'd come home from school my mother would make me nachos cause she knew I loved them. What did your mom make you? Add it in the comments!

Scopolamine: Powerful Drug Growing In The Forests Of Colombia That ELIMINATES Free Will

Scopolamine, a powerful drug made from the borrachero tree, is used throughout Colombia as a powerful aide for rapes and robberies - many times, the victim is lucid once drugged, but has no memory of the event after.

Manchester City Wins Premier League Title For The First Time In 44 Years

In a riveting game, Man City beats Queens Park Rangers 3-2. Going into stoppage (injury) time, Manchester City needed two goals to win. Sergio Aguero’s scored the game-winning goal in the final seconds of the game.

Kanye And Kim Take In A Lakers Game

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West went to the Lakers/Nuggets Quarterfinal last night at the Staples Center. She's wearing some kind of leather sheath.

Your Mom Used To Be, And Still Is, Awesome!

Let's all make sure we tell them so today. Do you have any amazing pictures of your mom to share with us? Let's all talk about our moms!!

Obama Campaign's Mother's Day Video

The campaign's video uses President Obama's reflections on his mother, his grandmother, and Michelle to trumpet his first term accomplishments on womens' issues.

Newsweek's Latest Cover: The First Gay President

The magazines's latest cover, which hits newsstands Monday, focuses on President Obama's recent shift on gay marriage.

Romney Campaign Releases Mother's Day Video

The Romney campaign released a new web video today, "#MothersDay" featuring the five Romney sons praising their mom Ann.

Mitt Romney Rephrases His Stance On Gay Adoption

"I simply acknowledge the fact that gay adoption is legal in all states but one."

Tiny Statues By Nick Joly

Art doesn't have to be towering to create a large impact. Artist Nick Joly's detailed itty-bitty Under Foot series is delightful.

This 86-Year-Old Man Lives On His Own Island With 120 Tortoises

Brendon Grimshaw bought this island for $20,000 in 1964. He lives alone on the island with tortoises he reintroduced to his private island in the Seychelles. Also, he is hilarious and seems very happy.

How A Bicycle Is Made

From British Council film, a short film from 1945 that shows how a bicycle is designed and manufactured. (via stellar)

The 100th SNL Digital Short: Tonight We're Gonna...

The boys celebrate with a new video reviving many of their biggest hits. See if you can count the celebrity cameos -- I'll get you started: Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Jon Hamm, Natalie Portman, Usher.......

Lillet Rose

Lillet / AskMen

TV Renewal Scorecard: Which Shows Will Be Back -- And Which Got The Ax? May 2012

Next week, advertisers will gather to see the big TV networks unveil their fall lineups. So throughout this month, a giant game of shuffleboard has been going on in those network boardrooms. Where to put the new shows? What to do with the old ones? …

Horrifying Footage Of Malaysian Mother Beating Her Defenceless Ten-month-old Baby Girl Goes Viral

This makes me sick to my stomach! If she doesn't want that baby someone will love to have that baby! This reminds me of the poor little baby brienna that was 5 months old and killed by being beat by her mother and father. You can vote and keep her m…

Jetpack Joyride Might Already Be Facebook's Best Game

It's only in beta, but Jetpack Joyride is every bit as fun as it is on iOS.

My Mothers Day Gift Guide Photo

It would be unfair to make just one gift guide cause all moms are so different. I happen to have a sporty mom where my best friend for example has a traditional mom. I made a cute little guide for all the different types of moms I could think of. Ad…

Exclusive Interview: Ashlee Holmes & Andy Grammer At Mentos Rock Surprise Event On Ashlee Holmes' Blog

Check out my interview with the AMAZING Andy Grammer. It was so awesome being able to attend the Mentos Rocks event at Bancroft Middle School. Mentos and Andy Grammer donated a VERY generous check to the school's music department which will go towar…

Sean Bean Arrested For Allegedly Harassing His Ex-Wife

Sean Bean is in trouble for allegedly harassing his former wife. The Game of Thrones star was arrested in London on May 8 over claims he has been victimizing his former (and fourth) wife, stage actress Georgina Sutcliffe.

Walt Disney's Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver reimagineered to portray Travis Bickle as obsessed with Mickey Mouse. (via waxy)

OMG: Karl Lagerfeld Tweeted A Photo Of His Kitten Playing With An iPad

Well, our day is off to the best start imaginable. It’s all downhill from here. This morning, Karl Lagerfeld tweeted the above photograph of his adorable little baby kitty Choupette relaxing in what appears to be a bed, playing with an iPad. Ahhh. T…

Why Jessica Simpson (And Any Celeb For That Matter) Won’t Rake In Millions For Their Baby Photos Anymore

People mag has reportedly paid $800,000 to publish the exclusive first photos of Jessica Simpson’s new baby, WWD is reporting. The WWD article also rather snark-ily points out that $800,000 is a relatively low fee for exclusive new baby photos, and …

Republique's Success Demonstrates How A Kickstarter Can Adapt

With seven hours to go, Republique's Kickstarter surpassed its $500,000 goal.

Wandsworth Deaths: Jeff Boots Finds Wife Felicia With Their Smothered Children At Home

Horrified father Jeff Boots returned to his new £1.2million home in Wandsworth, south London, to find his 10-week-old baby boy and a one-year-old girl were discovered dead.

John Travolta Was BANNED From Top NYC Spa For 'Inappropriate' Behaviour, Claims Masseur

Mike Caputo served as a masseur at the Peninsula Hotel's spa in New York from 1992 to 2008 and claimed that John Travolta was banned for three years for his lewd conduct

Trailer For Gangster Squad, Starring Gangster Ryan Gosling

No one was really sure what to think about Gangster Squad after the release date got bumped twice (it’s still not set, though we can assume some time this year), not to mention that it comes from director Ruben Fleischer, whose 30 Minutes or Less di…

Ten Adorable Sandwiches To Say Happy Birthday, Sandwiches!

Did you know that today, May 12, is the 250th anniversary of the sandwich? According to Sandwich, sandwiches were invented so that the Earl of Sandwich could eat while playing cards. Brilliant!

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