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May 13, 2012

McDonald's Soda Thief Arrested Again

NAPLES, Fla., May 12 (UPI) -- Police have again arrested a Florida man who made headlines last month for allegedly stealing a $1 soda refill from McDonald's.

Obama Campaign's Mother's Day Video

The campaign's video uses President Obama's reflections on his mother, his grandmother, and Michelle to trumpet his first term accomplishments on womens' issues.

How A Bicycle Is Made

From British Council film, a short film from 1945 that shows how a bicycle is designed and manufactured. (via stellar)

My Mothers Day Gift Guide Photo

It would be unfair to make just one gift guide cause all moms are so different. I happen to have a sporty mom where my best friend for example has a traditional mom. I made a cute little guide for all the different types of moms I could think of. Ad…

Sean Bean Arrested For Allegedly Harassing His Ex-Wife

Sean Bean is in trouble for allegedly harassing his former wife. The Game of Thrones star was arrested in London on May 8 over claims he has been victimizing his former (and fourth) wife, stage actress Georgina Sutcliffe.

Trailer For Gangster Squad, Starring Gangster Ryan Gosling

No one was really sure what to think about Gangster Squad after the release date got bumped twice (it’s still not set, though we can assume some time this year), not to mention that it comes from director Ruben Fleischer, whose 30 Minutes or Less di…

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