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May 26, 2012

Rockabilly Batman Characters

Dennis Medri's awesome sketches pay tribute to Batman by setting him, his enemies, and his cohorts in the jump jivin' rockabilly scene of the 1950s.

Songs For An Imaginary Wes Anderson Movie

NPR recently did a feature on how the "Moonrise Kingdom" director develops his amazing, moody soundtracks. The "Wes Anderson sound" is impossible to nail down to one era or genre alone, although a healthy dose of forgotten or under-appreciated '60s-'70s rockers is a requirement... Mostly, though, all of his soundtracks share a certain, specific je ne sais quoi that I wanted to try to recreate for my fantasy soundtrack.

Kristen Stewart Almost Falls Out Of Her Plunging Red Hot Gown At Robert Pattinson's Premiere

She was seen sharing a series of passionate kisses with her boyfriend Robert Pattinson on Wednesday night, and he is clearly mesmerised by her.

Texas Honors Student Jailed For Missing School

According to KHOU in Houston's story, seventeen-year old Diane Tran's parents split town leaving her to help provide for her siblings. Since, she's been working two jobs while taking advanced and college level courses. But Judge Lanny Moriarity wanted to make an example of her, so when she missed class after a warning, she was arrested and put in jail overnight.

"Dragon's Dogma": The Review

This isn’t to say “Dragon’s Dogma” doesn’t have flaws. It does, and what makes them frustrating is that they’re basic stuff in the genre, put right up against mechanics that either substantially add to the game or are just so refined it’s glorious.…

Bill Maher Asks If Mitt Romney Is A Polygamist

Bill Maher's already come under attack from the Romney campaign for comments he made about Ann Romney, but now he's really asking for it. Says Maher, "Why did Mitt Romney strap his dog to the roof of his car? Could it be because his station wagon was full of wives?"

Meet The Weiner Truthers

One year later, a dogged handful still believe that Anthony Weiner was framed.

Robert Pattinson To Star In 'Hunger Games' Sequel On Patty's Blog

It's no secret that the highly anticipated book-turned-movie The Hunger Games did quite well at the box office (to say the least!) and that the series has quite the following with many fans - including celebs! Now that the first movie is over and do…

Jenna Jameson Arrested For DUI

The former porn star was arrested in Orange County early Friday morning and charged with a DUI after she got into a single-car accident, TMZ reports. Police say that Jameson sustained "minor injuries" in the crash, but refused medical treatment. She…

Anti-PDA Cat

Anti-PDA Cat is doing everyone a favor and making sure you get a goddamn room already.

Stuff I Learned From Video Games

Artist Chris Gerringer -- aka paperbeatsscissors -- specializes in the adorable side of nerd culture (you might remember his awesome "I know that feel" series). His latest is an ode to all the life lessons that our old NES and Genesis games taught us...

What If EA Didn't Have Exclusive Rights To The NFL? From

In 2004, Electronic Arts struck a deal with the National Football League giving its games Madden NFL and NFL Street exclusive rights to use the league, its teams, and stadiums. While the original deal was supposed to expire in 2009, it has since …

ATM Pins Tied To Financial Fraud

The average debit card fraud in 2010 was $2,529, according to a study.

A Life In 873 Stock Photo Images

The creative folks behind this film spent six months gathering and sequencing this surprisingly moving stop-motion video made completely from stock photos. "From love to bingo."

Anderson Cooper Is A Saint

Here's his interview with Stacey Pritchard -- a staunch defender of her Pastor Charles Worley, even after he recently suggested on the pulpit that gays and lesbians should be put into an electrified pen to "kill them off." I don't know how he doesn't completely lose it when she fails to understand the most basic reasoning or simple questions.

"Call Me Maybe" Supercut Makes It Official...

This is definitely the summer jam of 2012. See if you can spot James Franco, Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber! There are other celebs as well, and my personal favorite Carly Rae Jespen fans, the Harvard baseball team.

Beth Ditto Says Karl Lagerfeld ‘Is Not Even Sane’

Beth Ditto may be one of the few people in the world who isn’t afraid to say she thinks Karl Lagerfeld is, er, insane. A few weeks ago the outspoken singer came out in defense of Adele, whom Karl Lagerfeld had called “a little too fat.” He apologize…

15 Sports Hotties We Wish Were Still In Sports

Do you remember that time when Kim Kardashian was all anyone could talk about? Or what about when Kate Hudson was touring the country with her beau, Alex Rodriguez? And everyone remembers Tom Brady's first love, right?

Brand New Photo Amanda Lynn's Photos

FINALLY! The end of day 3 came around and the band I wanted to see the most hit the stage. There's no denying that Brand New is made up of some very talented members. Although, I had heard they mainly played new songs the night before, they played A…

Breakup Rules

The latest viral buzz from

Beautiful Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Posters

Tomorrow is a big birthday for the most beautiful bridge in the world. Celebrate with these six graphic designs commissioned by the Golden Gate National Parks Conservatory.

The Playlist: May 25th

We're highlighting the rad, the bad and the straight-up sad in music.

Who Wore It Better Melon Tones At Cannes: Shailene Woodley VS Jessica Chastain Photo Yasi's Photos

While I pretty much across the board despise orange clothing (even for children and clowns), melon tones are a whole different ball game. There's something about these sorbet shades that soothe the eyes and the soul, and these sassy pastel dresses a…

Because We May Sale Makes Indie Games Cheap(Er) For A Week

A quick look at a few of the games worth checking out as part of this indie sale.

Jennifer Lopez American Idol Style

The best complement for toned legs? Why, sky-high stilettos, of course! On Feb. 29, Jennifer Lopez coupled a towering pair of Christian Louboutins with a monochromatic, dark-green outfit, comprising high-waisted shorts and an asymmetrical, ruffled V…

Anja Rubik’s Erotica Mag 25 Advises Readers To ‘Let Him Watch You Masturbate’

Better hold on to your knickers! Anja Rubik‘s erotica magazine, 25 has officially re-launched–and if the sneak peek that Oyster magazine just posted is any indication, the project is shaping up to be even better–and of course, sexier–than expected. …

'Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Posters

Just as Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are photographed making out at Cannes, striking posters of the 'Twilight' stars hit the Web. Get your first look at 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' posters now!

Scientific Secrets?

Soon after the US dropped two nuclear bomb on Japan in 1945, a group of physicists at the University of Pennsylvania decided to investigate for themselves how nuclear fission and the bomb might work using non-classified materials. In doing so, they …

Kreayshawn's New Hand Tattoo Is Out Of This World Photo Yasi's Photos

Our girl Kreayshawn has gotten some new ink, and it's pretty out-of-this-world. No, like literally. It's a hot alien babe wearing a bikini on the beach...and I LOVE IT. The pint-sized rapstress got her new ink in Los Angeles on May 23 at the Shamroc…

How To Start A Conversation

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Elton John Hospitalized, Cancels Concert Dates

The "Candle in the Wind" singer, 65, became ill following a May 20 performance at Caesar's Palace's Colosseum in Las Vegas, and was hospitalized at Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Wednesday morning. On doctor's orders, John has canceled three upcoming…

Christian Louboutin: ‘It Is Not My Job To Create Something Comfortable’

For whatever reason, shoe designer Christian Louboutin felt the need to dispel the fairly ridiculous notion, stemming from a previous quote, that he wants his ubiquitous red-soled shoes to be uncomfortable. While that may be the case for these fetis…

The 13 Best Fake Politicians On Twitter

13. And an honorable mention goes to the best fake fake-politician on Twitter, Josiah Bartlet (@Pres_Bartlet). Sure he may not have actually exist, but he's still got better ideas most of Congress.

Kate Upton, Kelly Kelly Among Top 10 Sports Hotties From Maxim's Hot 100

The most anticipated list of the year is finally here, and as usual, it did not disappoint. The kind folks over at Maxim have released their annual Maxim's Hot 100, which counts down the hottest babes (and one dude) on the planet!

Tom Cruise Is Remaking The Magnificent Seven

For all the criticism that it has received, The Expendables was at the very least its own movie. But now MGM and Tom Cruise are going to borrow Sylvester Stallone’s already-borrowed formula of cramming the biggest action stars in the world into one …

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