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May 22, 2012

Barbie Gone Bad Photo - Buzznet

"On the surface, Barbie appears perfect. She’s beautiful, has great clothes, several good careers, and a perpetual smile on her face. As a child, I was always bothered by that smile- I put her through any number of tragedies, but no matter what befe…

Deval Patrick Defends Bain Capital: "Not A Bad Company"

Democratic Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick appeared on CNN and defended the Boston-based company Mitt Romney led, saying it wasn't "a bad company." Patrick added “I respect what Bain does and its role in the free market system," he said.

Sperm Brows, Waxing Mishaps, And More Tales Of Beauty Doom

As a beauty editor in a constant quest to find the best treatments and products on the market, I’ve had my whole face burned off, my brows sculpted into sperm, and my nether regions disturbingly waxed. Also, not only do butt-lifting creams never work, some smell embarrassingly bad.

Weird Things Your Favorite Teen And Child Stars Are Up To Now

In the recent months, we've learned that Alicia Silverstone is bird-feeding her kid, Mayim Bialik is still breast-feeding her three-year-old kid, and that Lark Voorhies looks absolutely nothing like she used to. I guess that means it's time to figure out which of our other fan favorites are doing weird things in 2012.

15 Incredibly Awkward Moments

Ugh, animals have absolutely no social skills. I honestly don't even know why we hang out with them sometimes.

Kate Gosselin: The Kids Want Another Reality Show

Kate Gosselin has no problem admitting that her children would love to be in the spotlight again. The mother of eight, whose TLC show Kate Plus 8 was cancelled last fall, told the Today show on Monday morning that her clan is ready for more reality …

Democrat Defends "Propaganda" Bill

Smith stands behind the amendment allowing domestic information campaigns. The argument: electoral accountability will be enough to safeguard against the spread of propaganda.

Daisy Fuentes Still Looks Pretty Good

Remember Daisy Fuentes? You should, because you just read her name in the headline. Like 2 seconds ago. If you don’t you really need to lay off the weed. I’m saying this as a friend.

Every Rihanna Line In Battleship

This is one of those internet creations I see and think, “Dammit, why didn’t I think of that?” Those jerks at Vulture beat me to the idea I should’ve had, compiling every line of dialog spoken by Rihanna in Battleship. I still haven’t seen it, but j…

Thick Watches

The latest viral buzz from

The Next Ten Years Of CGI In One Video

Before you see them in movies and video games, the most interesting new 3D, physics, and video effects get shown to pros at SIGGRAPH. Here's the amazing stuff they'll see this year.

How "House" Ended

The series finale of House aired last night and we've got video of the final minutes. Spoilers ahoy!

Prince William Adorably Admits To Getting No Sleep Before His Wedding

But it wasn't just prenupital nerves that kept him awake. Blame the royal ruckus on the streets, which left the prince with just 30 minutes of sleep before his big day. Don't worry, Wills — we Americans were also up all night, but because we were waiting for the live stream to begin.

60 Powerful Photos Of Joplin Rebuilding

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the EF-5 tornado that devastated the town of Joplin, Missouri. The tornado left behind is responsible for 161 deaths and hundreds of injuries, but one year later there are signs that the town is beginning to recover. Truly amazing stuff.

"Meet The Fokkens": 69 Year Old Twin Dutch Prostitutes

Here is the trailer to a new documentary,Meet the Fokkens, about twin sisters (their real last name is Fokken) working in the red light district of Amsterdam. I especially love the surreal scene where one sister is spraying mounds of whipped cream into her orange juice.

14 Ineffective Car Alarm Notes

"Brick/rock through your windshield" is popular, but so, so expected. These people need to hire me. I'd give them creative causticity.

10 Things To Stop Wearing Right Now

Click here to follow AskMen Fashion on Twitter. There are few absolutes when it comes to style. After all, who would have predicted a rebirth of the double-breasted blazer or our recent obsession with bow ties? Fortunately, for guys who like to liv…

For Indian Women, Cell Phones Can Improve Marriages

Demand for cell phones may be on the rise among women in rural India, and with good reason. Women with cell phones are more economically independent and less likely to endure domestic violence or controlling behavior, according to a study. Cell phones also help newly married women keep in touch with faraway relatives — one young wife says her phone "made me feel less lonely in a new world.”

8-Bit Radiohead

Created by composer Quinton Song, here's two classic Radiohead albums rendered in glorious, glorious 8-bit. You can also download them at the links below. Have fun, be safe, etc.

Douche Parking

I can't tell if the app featured in this video is imaginary or not, but it's a great theoretical solution to the problem of douche parking. Douche parking is basically parking like a douche, and is way more prevalent in Russia than in the US. The Vi…

'Anchorman 2' Teaser Trailer: Will Ferrell Stars

Dab on some Sex Panther, and get ready for a trip to Pleasure Town. That's right, world: Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, David Koechner and Paul Rudd are back and more wildly inappropriate than ever in not one but two(!) new teaser trailers for Anchorma…

Santorum, Romney Sex Toys Come In Handy For GOP Lovers

To get more intimately involved with the GOP primary, Matthew Epler launched Grand Old Party sex toys. From Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich to Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, each plug is molded based on their popularity poll and the, ahem, length of thei…

Style And Substance: 10 Ladies Who Have Proven You Can Have Both

If there’s one thing I’ve learned while working and meeting people in the fashion industry, it’s that the two are definitely not mutually exclusive. One of my favorite quotes about this comes from writer/director/style icon Sofia Coppola circa Marie…

"You Get On The Internet And Pretty Soon You’re Drunk"

While the ultra-Orthodox steadily streamed down the 7 train platform and onto the pavilion, a group of four teenagers sat around the big red New York Mets apple, waiting for their friends. This was last night, an hour or so before the Citi Field gat…

Can Aliens: Colonial Marines Free Itself From Prometheus' Shadow?

Based on this new clip, Gearbox seems to be hitting the mark. It's asking a lot for a developer to try and match the tone and visual splendor of a Ridley Scott film, but this trailer comes close. It's clear that they're trying to communicate that …

Kevin Smith's Anti-movie Review Show, Spoilers, Premiering On Hulu

Kevin Smith’s transition from cult filmmaker to one-man media empire continues this week as Hulu has announced that Smith’s “anti-movie review” show, Spoilers, will premiere on Hulu starting June 4th. SPOILER ALERT: He wears his hockey sweater in th…

What If?: Gaming's Alternate Realities From

1UP is tackling the future by changing its approach to game coverage, and what better way to look to the road ahead than by contemplating the past? All week long -- across more than 25 articles! -- 1UP's What If? cover story looks at key moments in …

Why Does Vinyl Sound The Best? A Chat With A Musician Who Knows

This post is brought to you by Milk. Who needs imitations when you can have the real thing? Check out I have a confession: I don’t think I can rightfully be counted as among the new wave of vinyl fetishists. Sure, I own a turntable, li…

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