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May 27, 2012

The Love Competition

The Stanford MRI Lab hosted the world’s first ever "love competition", in which contestants had five minutes to love someone as hard as they could while their brain activity was measured and compared. "Love is a feeling you have for someone you have feelings about."

Gas Prices On The Move Before Memorial Day

"… it's time to put to bed an old myth that gasoline prices rise ahead of a major holiday," Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for GasBuddy, said. "Average gasoline prices will likely continue to decline in the days ahead of Memorial Day."

Difficult Women

The latest viral buzz from

The Eurovision Song Contest Is The Original Reality Singing Show

The song contest has been going since 1956 and it pits European countries against each other to see who can write the best and most infectious tune. Celine Dion, France Gall, ABBA, and Katrina and the Waves are all past winners. Today, the final prize went to Loreen of Sweden with "Euphoria," but decide for yourself whether she deserved it...

Crystals Could Give Volcanic Eruption Clue

BRISTOL, England, May 25 (UPI) -- Crystals in volcanic rocks hold clues about when a volcano is about to blow, a discovery that could yield predictions about future eruptions, researchers say.

Top 10 Ways To Stand Out At Work

For many men, the biggest challenge at work isn't trying to do the work well. Most of us are competent at our jobs, and even if there's an area or two we're working on, we're generally not struggling to get it done. No, for most of us the challenge …

Are Scott Schuman And Garance Doré Over Street Style?

The CFDA Awards are coming up and, for the first time, two bloggers will receive the Media Award: street style power couple Scott Schuman (aka The Sartorialist) and Garance Doré. While we already knew blogging could be a potentially lucrative career…

Black People Incoming! Miami Beach On Max Lockdown!

You may remember how last Memorial Day, Miami Beach police officers gunned down black tourists and seized the cellphones of anyone recording the cops in action. (Spoiler: the shot bystanders, ignored for a full year now, are suing!) Well, Urban Beac…

Trailer For K-11, Jules Stewart's Transgender Prison Movie

You don’t get to be an actress as famous and as young as Kristen Stewart without having parents in the business, and Kristen Stewart is no different. While as far as I know, her mom (Jules) isn’t her manager like Katherine Heigl’s, she does still wo…

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