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May 25, 2012

Mitt Romney's Got A New Education Plan — But He Should Really Look To Finland If He Wants To Be Improve Our Schools

Schools in Finland are among the best in the world, whereas the U.S. routinely ranks somewhere down around 25th or 30th. Cenk talks to reporter Anu Partanan about her coverage in "The Atlantic" that explains how one country is getting an A+ in educa…

The Amazing Owl Cat!

His alter ego is as an adopted stray named Wingshing. But at night he fights crime, obviously.

Naptime Lineup

This is what happens when you line up a bunch of kittens in a sunbeam. It's a dangerous business. (More at LoveMeow!)

What Does Dressing "Smart" Mean?

Besides not looking "stupid." The Fashion Mailbag is here to help by explaining smart's various interpretations when it comes to dress code.

Otter Swimming Lesson

This is how otter pups learn to swim. It's unbelievably cute.

Beck's Son Adorably Busts A Move On Stage

He is such a good dancer!!!! What a cute li'l scientologist.

Japanese Chef Serves Own Genitals For Dinner

Nothing in that headline is inaccurate or an exaggeration. Mao Sugiyama is a Japanese chef who recently served his/her surgically removed male genitals to five connoisseurs for about $250 a plate. WARNING: Yes, there are photos.

Free To Be... Straight White Males

Here is a tweet that Gawker writer Max Read retweeted a few days ago. RT @DavidWinkies: @max_read actually if you call a lawyer and say you're white a dude and str8, they say you have no case #truestory— max read (@max_read) May 23, 2012 So, sor…

The Guy Fieri Witch Project

The scariest thing I've ever seen.

How To Have A Crazy Cannes Film Festival In Your House With Netflix

You probably couldn't make it to Cannes. Not to worry! These films from Cannes directors on Netflix are crazier than anything they're showing in France.

40 Derpiest Shotput Faces

"Put" your best face forward! There could be a whole other more challenging Olympic event called "Photogenic Shotput."

Lady Goes Topless At Jimmy Fallon's Book Signing

Holly Van Toast AKA the "topless paparazzo" struck again!

The Best Golfer In The World Now Can't Even Touch Tiger Woods' Prime

Rory McIlroy's about to miss his second cut in a row as world #1. Know how long Tiger went without missing a cut?

Secret Service Agent Does Not Appear To Enjoy One Direction Concert

Last month, boyband-of-the-moment One Direction turned down an invitation to perform at the White House. But last night, this Secret Service agent could be seen with his charge at their Washington, D.C. concert.

Gif: The Future Of Ketchup

There's a whole interesting story behind the non-stick waste-free ketchup bottle of the future. But this is probably the only thing you need to know about it.

The Worst Sports-Related Tattoos

These exist. And that's sad. [Be warned some are offensive.]

Why Girls Aren't Engineers

A plausible explanation. Thanks society!

Rahm Emanuel Wins Mayor Of The Week

This woman was on the phone for a job interview when he decided to grab her phone and give his recommendation, his press secretary confirms. Beat that, Cory Booker.

21 Things You Won't Be Able To Stop Staring At

Better just cancel all your plans.

The Little Free Library Is Just The Best

This serves as a reminder that most of us, contrary to reality television, are actually decent people. From the great city of Lawrence, Kansas.

Levi Johnston Is Broke And Living With His Mother

Levi Johnston had his 15 minutes of fame -- and about $1 million of fortune -- but now he's reportedly penniless and living with his mother in Alaska.

Cover Gallery: Box Art From Another Reality From

The games you'd be playing today, if only things had gone differently.

Paris Hilton Desperately Tries To Stay Relevant And Other Links

It's like she raided Aphrodite's closet. Plus one Hollywood star just announced her engagement and a man is filing for divorce on the grounds that his wife is a crazy cat lady.

Liking Is Not Favoriting

No matter what Facebook tells you.

Are You Sure That's A Baby In There?

These ultrasounds sure look like something other than a human baby.

Mark Zuckerberg's Dog Has A Few Things To Say About Facebook's Stock

Beast told Mark he would've been a great CFO, and now look what happened.

10 Elephants Waving At You

Remember the friendly bears who were waving to you? Well here are elephants that love to wave too!

Teen Mom Amber Portwood Asks Judge To Send Her To Prison

The judge gave Amber Portwood one last chance, but it appears she's given up on herself. The Teen Mom star, who was recently arrested again for probation violation, has reportedly given up on rehab -- and asked to go to prison instead. The 22-ye…

Female Racecar Drivers: "Half The World Loves Us And Half The World Hates Us"

Drivers Shea Holbrook, Verena Mei, and Emilee Tominovich, members of racing's first all-female team, talked to me about their dads, Danica Patrick, and how much they sweat during a race (hint: a lot).

'Gone With The Wind': Devil In A Black Bombazine Dress

I'd love to be able to say, as one does about C.S. Lewis, "oh, I didn't get the super-offensive subtext about how Muslims inadvertently worship a flaming devil-beast, even though Jesus will still consider taking them to heaven so long as they don't …

Injured Transformers Extra Gets $18.5 Million Settlement

I have to cover news, and sadly, not every story can be puppy dogs and ice cream and Zac Efron getting peed on. This one is much less fun. You may remember Transformers 3 extra Gabriela Cedillo, who was left with brain injuries after an accident on …

Is It Okay To Give Away My Old iPhone As A Present?

The ethics of slightly used gadgets as presents. Plus, what do you when you send someone a highly insulting text message they weren't meant to see?

Republicans' New Video Touts D.C. "Mutiny" Against Obama

The GOP counts 14 Democrats who have broken ranks with the president over his attacks on Bain. "It's been a bad week for President Obama but a bad three years for Americans."

Priscilla Chan Is Not "Mrs. Zuckerberg"

It's weird that people can't seem to understand it when a woman keeps her name after marriage.

This Is What 8 Tons Of Pot Looks Like

That dog is so high right now. Photos from Colombia.

Sister Wives Exclusive Clip: Kody Brown Gets A Bad Birthday Gift

Getting a birthday gift from your spouse is always a treat -- and when you have four wives, the gift should be four times as awesome, right? Well, not exactly. In this iVillage exclusive clip from the upcoming episode of

26 Animals Sitting Like Humans

Good. Great. Wait, no. This is actually terrifying and not OK. I am not OK with this.

Burlesque Dancer Says She Dressed As Obama To Entertain Silvio Berlusconi

A 28-year-old Dominican dancer revealed that she was asked to dress up as Barack Obama at one of Berlusconi's racy "bunga bunga" parties. The former Italian prime minister is currently on trial for charges of hiring an underage prostitute and then abusing his powers to get her released from police custody after she was caught stealing from her roommate.

Hello, My Future Wife

Thank you for responding to my online dating ad. Allow me to give you a tour of the home that we can share together.

GIF Breakdown: Watch Logan Morrison Turn Into Neo From The Matrix

This is what happens when your teammate tries to throw the ball through you.

Tons Of People Are Disappointed By Priscilla Chan's Ring

First people were let down by her low-key wedding dress, and now they're bummed about her relatively modest ruby ring. Maybe they should stop trying to live vicariously through her.

Why "Jersey Shore Shark Attack" Will Be The Best Movie Of The Summer

Shut the beach down — there are white-finned, killer albino sharks all over the Jersey Shore!!! Yeah, this movie is gonna be great. Here's 15 reasons why:

"Community" Dan Harmon Damage Control Memo Leaked

This can only end poorly. In what may be the most condescending memo ever leaked, Sony feels confident the out-of-left-field firing of Harmon will fall off the public radar quickly.

14 Amazing Photos Of The SpaceX Dragon Docking

The Dragon has landed! Photos of this morning's historic, first-ever instance of a private space craft docking with the International Space Station.

Gendered Pricing: The Surprising Costs Of Being A Woman

California, the first state to ban gendered pricing in 1996, found that, on average, women spent an extra $1,351 per year in these extra costs and fees.

Another Reason Why Bill Murray Is The Coolest Celebrity Ever

Some kids asked him if he would walk in slow motion for a video, naturally he said yes.

5 Things You Never Thought You Could Grill

If you’re tired of conventional, familiar Memorial Day fare, here are five new dishes you never thought would work well with smoke. Including oysters and peaches!

Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Take In The Sights At Cannes

Those sights primarily being Kim Kardashian. Caught lookin'!

In Defense Of Dwyane Wade's Hot Pink Pants

The Miami Heat guard was ridiculed by the Internet last night, when he arrived at the arena in pink pants. Those people clearly don't understand the power of SWAG.

Germs At Work

The latest viral buzz from

Blake Griffin's Dunks, NBA Jam Style

This video is the work of mad geniuses. Geniuses, I say.

Teenager Invents Simple And Cheap Test For Pancreatic Cancer

He's only 15 years old, but he may soon save thousands of lives. Jack Andraka of Crownsville, Maryland won first place at this year's Intel Science Talent Search. He did so by devising a simple dipstick test that can detect pancreatic cancer cheaper…

Casey Anthony Movie: Holly Deveaux To Play America's Most Hated Mom And Rob Lowe As Lawyer

Holly Deveaux will play the 26-year-old, who has been vilified by the public after a Florida jury found her not guilty of killing her two-year-old daughter Caylee.

The Best Tweets From The New Showrunners Of "Community"

So, Dan Harmon got fired and replaced by two guys, Guarascio and Port. Looks like "they've" got some fine (obviously fake!) ideas.

The Story Of Jeff Barth's Campaign Ad

Including when, exactly, he rode the ostrich. "I absolutely was kind of winging it a little."

12 Reasons Why Shaq Would Be A Super-Great GM

Shaq announced that he wouldn't take the general manager job that the Orlando Magic would never give him. I disagree with all of this. Here's why Shaq would be the best GM ever.

Jenna Jameson's Mug Shot

She was arrested for a DUI this morning and this is her mugshot. She looks pretty amused.

Will Smith And Jimmy Fallon Perform 1920s Versions Of Will Smith Songs

Also known as, Gettin' Jiggy With It For Grandparents.

Every Dress-Up Outfit Dean Pelton Has Ever Worn On "Community"

Dean-a-ling: Dennis Culver's drawings of Jim Rash in Dean's many outfits are pretty fantastic.

Study Finds Men Are Attracted To Women Who Bite Their Lips And Act "Exploitable"

According to a study, men were attracted to women who demonstrated "dumb" characteristics that made them seem "exploitable" – such as biting their lips or looking tired. Oh, great.

Adorable Two-Year-Old Dances Ballet On "So You Think You Can Dance"

She's going to vegas! Okay, so her mother is going to vegas, but they should put this little girl through to the next round for extreme cuteness.

Christians, Muslims Unite In Hatred Of Lady Gaga

Earlier this week, Christian groups protested Lady Gaga's concert in the Phillippines. Now, Islamic fundamentalists in Indonesia are doing the same.

See A Pregnant Male Model In Bondage-Themed Editorial In ‘Candy Magazine’

We were really excited when we saw how amazingly fierce Tilda Swinton looked all drag queened-out on the cover of Candy Magazine #4. Little did we know that this juicy little gem was lingering within the pages: “Baby Boom,” shot by Steven Klein and …

Artist Creates Incredibly Lifelike Carvings Out Of Wood

Bruno Walpoth uses simple carving tools to turn pieces of wood (lime and walnut) into human sculptures with detailed features that seen from afar look incredibly life-like. He has been sculpting since the '70s, and his talent shows in these amazing carvings. Warning: Some of these images may be NSFW.

Premature Ejaculators—These Ads Are For You

Don't get too excited before you click...

Obama Promised To Sign The Freedom Of Choice Act On Day One, Hasn't Touched The Issue Since

The legislation would make abortion rights government policy. The President promised to sign the bill it "first thing" as President during a speech to Planned Parenthood in 2008. In an April 2009 speech the President said the bill was not his "highest legislative priority. The bill won't pass the Republican House, and he hasn't touched the issue since.

How To Hold Your Liquor

The latest viral buzz from

A User's Guide To Smoking Pot With Barack Obama

Barry was quite the accomplished marijuana enthusiast back in high school and college. Excerpts from David Maraniss' Barack Obama: The Story dealing with the elaborate drug culture surrounding the president when he attended Punahou School in Honolulu and Occidental College in Los Angeles. He inhaled. A lot.

Ayrton Senna's Heel-and-toe Braking Technique

There's a driving technique called heel-and-toe where the driver uses all three pedals (brake, clutch, throttle) at once to make deceleration smoother, especially in the turns.

Here Are All The Best Cannes WTF Red Carpet Moments (So Far)

This year’s International Cannes Film Festival has provided us with more gorgeous photos of gorgeous people in even more gorgeous clothing than we could wish for from a thousand Academy Awards red carpets combined. But just when we thought our daily…

Fridays Before Holidays Are For Cat GIFs

So, here's a good one. [Jack's note: Add yours in the comments! We're going to need at least a hundred of these to make it through the day.]

What If Steve Jobs Had Never Returned To Apple? From

In reality, Steve Jobs did return to Apple... and not only did he save the company (widely seen as doom as its stock plunged to $10 per share in the late '90s) he turned it into the most valuable in the world. It almost didn't happen, though; Jobs p…

The Digital Skeptic: DuckDuckGo Cooks Google's Goose

NEW YORK (MainStreet) -- Turns out the recipe for cooking Google's(GOOG) goose -- or Amazon's(AMZN), eBay's(EBAY), Facebook's(FB) or really any Web giant for that matter -- is pretty darn simple.

Michelle Obama On Swimsuit Woes, Bedtime With The President, And Wanting To Be Beyoncé

Despite her widely admired bod (her arms practically have their own fan club), Michelle Obama says she doesn’t relish putting on a swimsuit, which we all know is a soul-sucking experience sometimes. In fact, she told People, she steadfastly avoids b…

Professor Obama 2002 Syllabus

This syllabus, accessed online, from a course then State Senator Barack Obama was teaching on voting rights showed the President taught about Bush v. Gore. He also had an AOL email address.

Becoming Joan Didion | The Awl

Every profile of Joan Didion begins the same way: some quasi-poetic observation of the slight figure she cuts out there in the world, seguing to a contrast with what has often been called the "steely" quality of her prose. (Most hilariously awkward …

A Christian Girlfriend

A reader's girlfriend has a sudden religious conversion that leaves her not knowing what she wants.

Gay Celebrities Who Have Come Out

Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper may be the epitome of bluntness, but the man who portrays him, Jim Parsons, is a bit more subtle. Two-time Emmy winner Parsons quietly came out in a May 23 New York Times profile that -- three-quarters of the way thr…

Why I Quit Dieting! True Stories From Real Women

“I was shocked when I found out that there is not a single study where dieting was successful for more than 5 percent of people. Most people can lose weight, but the body has physiological and psychological responses that cause the weight to be reg…

Sharon Stone Sued For Harassment

According to a lawsuit filed Wednesday, Stone's former nanny and live-in housekeeper Erlina T. Elemen is claiming damages for harassment sustained by the Basic Instinct star. Elemen says that Stone insulted her Filipino accent by telling her not to …

Skydiver Lands Safely Without Parachute

Gary Connery is apparently the first person to skydive out of an aircraft and land on the ground without injury without the use of a parachute.

Fashion Medical Alert: Your Skinny Jeans Can Hurt You

We knew skinny jeans could sometimes be ego-damaging, but now doctors are warning that they may be physically damaging as well. ABC News reports that they can cause a nerve disorder called meralgia paresthetica. So do we need to immediately throw ou…

Anja Rubik Gets Raunchy With The Relaunch Of Her Fashion Erotica Magazine 25

Does Anja Rubik know good sex? We’ll soon be finding out: The catwalk queen with the pelvic bone seen round the world is set to relaunch 25 Magazine, a project she started way back in 2009 with her then-future husband, fellow model Sasha Knezevic. S…

Guess Ordered To Pay $4.7 Million To Gucci In Trademark Infringement Case

Gucci has won the three-year-long legal battle over a Guess logo and diamond pattern that the luxury brand says are direct copies of Gucci trademarks. But while Gucci may be the victor, the company isn’t exactly raking in the dough like they expecte…

Sony's Rumored Cloud Gaming Deal Intrigues

The company will reportedly announce a deal with OnLive or Gaikai at E3.

Teen Solves Centuries-old Math Problem

DRESDEN, Germany, May 23 (UPI) -- A 16-year-old in Germany who solved a centuries-old math problem credited his accomplishment to "schoolboy naivety."

A Hook Prequel Centered On Rufio Supposedly In Development

What’s cooler than getting a Rufio tattoo to cover up your Edward Cullen tattoo? The possibility of a Hook sequel centered on Rufio, easily the coolest Filipino character in early 90s pirate films not counting Cutthroat Island. This according to Dan…

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