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May 12, 2012

Is It Ethical To Pay Drug Addicts To Get Sterilized?

Controversial non-profit group Project Prevention is doing just that -- offering $300 to addicts who agree to sterilization or long-term birth control. The group's posters hang in homeless shelters and read things such as "Don't let a pregnancy ruin your drug habit," or "She has her daddy's eyes ... and her mommy's heroin addiction."

Mitt Romney's Pitch To The True Believers

At Liberty University, the Mormon candidate finds an army of (reluctant) political supporters — but little apetite for theological bridge-building.

Guilty Pleasures

The latest viral buzz from

Jay Bird Playing The Video Game Of Life

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones. 8 bit sounds + cute bird video = just try not to smile.

Republican Senator: I Wasn't Sure The President's Views On Gay Marriage Could Get Any Gayer

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul joked about President Obama's changed postion on gay marriage in a speech in Iowa Friday: “Call me cynical, but I wasn't sure his views on marriage could get any gayer."

See Ashton Kutcher In Costume As Steve Jobs

A young Steve jobs had mutton chops? Awesome.

"Thank You Mom!"

In honor of Mother's Day, Michael Marantz asked people in New York City to thank their moms. Reggie Watts is included, but every single one of these people and their moms are amazing. THANK YOU MOM!

Britain's Got Talent 2012 'Fix' Row: The Loveable Rogues Were Hand-picked By Producers

Despite the fact that most viewers assumed The Loveable Rogues were going through a normal audition process, it has emerged that they had been specially chosen by producers to appear in front of judges.

7 Money Mistakes Women Make More Often Than Men

How we handle money can often be determined by our gender, according to studies.

It Happened To Me: My Dress Broke And I Maybe Mooned Drew Barrymore At The New York City Ballet Spring Gala Last Night

Remember YM’s awesome “Say Anything” column? Where readers wrote in their with most embarrassing stories about getting their period unexpectedly or farting in front of a boy they liked and being MORTIFIED about it? Well I’d like to submit the follow…

Is Harry Styles Ditching One Direction On Patty's Blog

One Direction may be one of the hottest and most popular groups worldwide right now. From their radio hit "What Makes You Beautiful" to their sold-out tour through 2013, guys around the world wish they could fill the boyband shoes of Niall, Harry, L…

Romney Is 'Lying' To America About Not Remembering Bullying Incident, Shure Says

Michael Shure, Tricia Rose and Michael Hastings talk about the right-wing attempts to counter allegations that Mitt Romney bullied a prep school peer with stories of President Obama’s supposed bullying as a child.

John Axford's Adorable Handwritten Note To The Media

Last night, mustachio'd Milwaukee closer John Axford ended his streak of 49 straight saves. More importantly to a man with his priorities straight, his wife went into labor. Here's the note he left for the media looking for a post-game interview.

Capcom Pins Its Hopes On Dragon's Dogma

After Bethesda's open-world fantasy RPG Skyrim sold 10 million units, no one could blame Capcom for hoping there's room for more than just one fantasy RPG title about slaying dragons and saving the world. Dragon's Dogma represents a three year devel…

Bryce Harper Hit Himself In The Face With A Bat

Last night, the nineteen-year-old baseball phenom took his frustration (at his worst major-league game so far) out on a wall and his bat swung back. The ensuing wound required ten stitches.

How Obama's New Position On Same-Sex Marriage Is Polling

A new Gallup poll shows a "net minus" for the President's change of heart. If this was a calculated political decision, it isn't working... At least not yet.

20 Magical, Creative Animated Photos

The iPhone app Cinemagram seems to be an amalgamation of Instagram, animated GIFs, and the moving paintings at Hogwarts. Now we just need the technology to print these out for walls and wallets, and it will really be the future.

Marc Jacobs’ Lace Met Ball Dress Is Sold Out

Remember the show-stopping ensemble Marc Jacobs wore to the Met Ball and then dismissed to reporters as “just a lace dress?” Clearly, the black lace polo dress he threw on that night, via Comme des Garcons spring 2012 menswear collection (yes, it is…

Awesome Dad Makes Geeky Pancake Art For His Kids

Make me a life-sized Tauntaun one so I can crawl inside! Once in a while we like to highlight a parent who's doing geeky, awesome, creative stuff for their

The Color Pink | The Awl

Columnists, Amy Jean Porter, Drawings In A Hurry, The Color Pink

Rare Lobster Spared Boiling Pot

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 10 (UPI) -- A Massachusetts restaurant said a lobster was spared the boiling pot after its rare marbled color pattern was recognized.

ROFLMNBAO: A Tribute To The Many Faces Of Tyler Hansbrough

Indiana Pacers forward Tyler Hansbrough is the prototypical love him or hate him player. He’s energetic, intense and borderline obnoxious on the

Kate Middleton Ups Her Fashion Game In Bright Jenny Packham And A Braided Updo

After heading out in a daring slit-to-there Roland Mouret dress on Wednesday, the Duchess is at it again, appearing in a teal Jenny Packham gown at Our Greatest Team Rises, a black tie gala that marks the final countdown to the London 2012 Games, th…

Moms | The Hairpin

Brenda “My daughter is now 36, and lives in San Francisco. I remember when she sold Girl Scout cookies door to door. Nobody ever really bought them. But she never gave up.” To celebrate Mother’s Day, we talked with 20 moms during an overcast, leaf…

Time Magazine Covers

The controversial Time cover looks tame next to these.

Things Women Wish Men Knew

This was originally published by GalTime, our female friends who shed some light on the other sex. The biggest challenge with romantic relationships is having excellent communication. It's also the single most powerful thing you can do to maintain …

Katy Perry Goes Goth: Hot Or Not Photo Naz Buzz's Photos

Katy Perry is known for changing up her style a lot. But recently she changed up it totally by going goth at the NARM Music Awards. Remember her bubble goth outfit at the KCAs? Well, this is pretty much the opposite of that. She is sporting a black …

My Lovely Carousel Photo - Buzznet

I'm so in love with carousel, is the first time I took pictures like this, this weekend I did photos with my friend Lua (Chemical), nothing planned, but it was amazing! photos: chemical; clothes: tokyolux; edition: myself and chemical Enjoy it 3

Kris Jenner: Kardashian Sisters Aren't Firing Me As Manager

Kris Jenner isn't ready to retire her "momager" title just yet. The mother of Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian has come out swinging against rumors that her daughters are firing her as their manager.

Grey's Anatomy Stars Renew Their Contracts

According to Deadline, after prolonged contract negotiations,  Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers, James Pickens Jr. and Chandra Wilson have all signed on to remain on the series.

Chris Brown Brags About “smashing” Rihanna Like A Pumpkin

You were wrong if you thought Chris Brown couldn’t be any more of a dickhead but in your defense, you didn’t know he was going to release a remix of the Kanye song ‘TheraFlu’ last night, and say this at the 1:12 mark:

Photo Of MGM's Stable Of Movie Stars In 1943

A group photograph of MGM's stars and starlets under contract, taken for the studio's 20th anniversary in 1943. The full-size p

Check Out H&M’s Full Fall 2012 Lookbook

The Swedish retailer debuted its fall 2012 collection at a press preview yesterday, and from the looks of things, there will be sleek silhouettes, harnesses, very short shorts, leather peplums, digital floral prints, brocade, turtlenecks, baseball j…

The Vidal Sassoon Effect: A Look Back At His Famous Cuts From The 1960s To Now

The world of beauty lost a genius today. Vidal Sassoon pioneered so-called ready-to-wear hair–no rollers, dryer, or hair spray required. He was the father of the bob and the shorter, more geometric five point cut. It was a shocking look in the 60s, …

Nina Dobrev Tells Conan She Had To Be Cut Out Of Her Met Ball Dress So She Could Pee, Then Put Her Feet In His Crotch

Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev looked stunning at the Met Ball in her Donna Karan Altelier gown. We always figured getting prepped for the “Oscars of the East” takes some serious time and effort but on Conan last night, Dobrev let us in on just ho…

Eldridge: Obama's Remarks 'An Enormous Step Forward For The Country'

Sean Eldridge, senior advisor to Freedom to Marry, tells Jennifer Granholm, “Our president is not just a political leader, he’s not just the commander in chief, he’s also a moral leader and a cultural leader, so when he speaks out on an issue like t…

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