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May 8, 2012

The Avengers: What Did You Think?

During its opening weekend, The Avengers grossed a record-setting $200.3 million stateside. And we know your hard-earned money had something to do with it. Some of you might have gotten your post-movie discussion fix, but judging by our office, men …

The Most Entertaining Fail Faces In Sports

Fear of failure keeps many athletes out of the spotlight and far from success. But there are plenty of talented individuals who always give their all, regardless of possible defeat...

Abraham Lincoln Invented Facebook

[Ed note: read the update below...this is likely definitely a hoax.] Intrigued by a possible connection between PT Barnum and Abe Lincoln, Nate St. Pierre travelled to the Lincoln Museum in Springfield, IL. Once there, he stumbled upon something cal…

Naked Woman Seen In New Canadian $20 Bill

OTTAWA, May 8 (UPI) -- Focus groups say Canada's coming new plastic $20 bill has images of a naked woman and New York's World Trade Center towers, CTV News reported.

PICTURE: The Avengers In High School

I found this picture of The Avengers in high school over on Reddit, and while I know I said Hawkeye and Black Widow were mostly worthless characters (Whedon did an incredible job trying to make them seem relevant, but trying to make a girl with a pi…

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Photo

For all the My Little Pony fans: There's a MLP heaven happening in the Toy Art Gallery on Melrose in Hollywood!! Featured are customized 18 ponies by 25 international artists and a bunch of original Pony inspired paintings. 3 All my sweet Moon Babie…

The Best Photobombs From The 2012 Met Gala

Last night’s Met Gala offered plenty of ultra-glam shots–but thanks to the crowded red carpet it also gave us some excellent and hilarious photobombs. And, as everyone knows, as fun as it is to see your favorite celebrities looking all poised and fa…

Mommy Bloggers Are A Wealthy Bunch

According to a new study, mommy bloggers have an average household income of $84,000, which is $14,000 more than the average for moms who don't blog. No word on whether any of this money actually comes from blogging — it may be that women with higher household incomes simply have more time and resources to put their thoughts on the internet.

Dad Pulls Jesus Shirt Teen From School

CHESTER BASIN, Nova Scotia, May 7 (UPI) -- A Canadian 12th-grader suspended for wearing a "Life Is Wasted Without Jesus" T-shirt was pulled from school by his father over a religious tolerance forum.

How Amazon Could Become The Next Saks Fifth Avenue

The online retailer is pouring money into its new Gilt-esque division that specializes in high fashion clothing. Despite being better known for selling everything from gardening tools to cat trees, it has the fashion industry on edge.

Republicans Admit: We Have A Latino Problem

From Romney's elusive immigration proposal to the party's lackluster relationship with Spanish-language media, Republican Party officials they've got a lot of "rebuilding" to do. "Give us a little time."

Vienna's First Cat Cafe

After three years of negotiations with city officials over hygiene issues, Vienna, Austria opened its first cat cafe last Friday. 'Cafe Neko', "Neko" meaning cat in Japanese, was opened by Vienna resident Takako Ishimitsu from Japan. Customers can stroke and interact with their five feline hosts while enjoying coffee or reading a magazine. It's heaven.

Thorgi! It's A Corgi Dressed As Thor!

You might not think The Avengers earning more than $200 million this weekend warrants a picture of a corgi dressed like Thor occupying an entire post, but come on, have you read FilmDrunk before? You know I’m posting this. I hear Thorgi’s brother Lo…

Wisconsin Democrats: Cancelled Unity Rally A "Nonstory"

The Wisconsin Democrats cancel a unity rally planned for after today's primary to decide Scott Walker's recall election challenger. Conservatives allege "disunity," while rumors swirl that Tom Barrett's side pulled out.

Important Catnip PSAs

Law enforcement officials, cat counselors, and state legislators agree—catnip (called "Nip" on the streets) is tearing apart families and destroying lives. Please take a second to read these important catnip PSAs and share them with your cats or kittens. Nip: Not even once.

Intrepid Researchers In Los Angeles Discover Real-Life Pikachu

I don't think that I'm going to be the first person to say, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING. There are many conclusions we can take from this discovery, first and foremost being that Nintendo has misled us for years about Pikachu being the "mouse-type" Pokémon. More to come.

Step By Step Guide For Surviving A Robot Uprising

The gang over at Epipheo interviewed Daniel H. Wilson — author of "Robopocalypse: A Novel"— to find out exactly how to survive a robot uprising and then made this awesome animated video to go along with it. In case you learn better via lists, we've got that for you too.

Fewer Young Women Are Getting The HPV Shot

A study found that fewer women are getting the series of three shots to protect against HPV, which are supposed to be received during a six-month period. In 2006, 50 percent of young women studied had completed the series of three shots. By 2009, there was only 22 percent completion. The vaccine, which can protect against cervical cancer, is recommended for all women under 26. It may have hurt a little, and it was a pain to have to go back to the doctor every two months, but I'm glad to be protected.

New Poll Says Half Of Americans Support Gay Marriage

Fifty percent of respondents in a recent Gallup poll thought same-sex marriage should be legal. That's down from 53 percent last year, but still only the second time in history that half or more of Americans have been in favor of legalization.

Yogurt Gives Mice Bigger Balls

In studying yogurt's effects on obesity in mice, a team of MIT scientists discovered several unanticipated results. Basically, yogurt turned these mice into Kanye. Science is weird. First, the scientists noticed that the yogurt-eating mice were inc…

Cenk Interviews Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner (Part 1)

Cenk interviews Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy magazine, about the right wing’s “war against sex,” where President Obama has fallen short, and criticism from some feminists for exploiting women.

Megan Fox's Publicist Pulls Plug On 'ET' Interview

Actress Megan Fox was scheduled to do an interview with Entertainment Tonight and all went well as the star began the session... until someone tried to Hound this Fox. Correspondent Steve Jones slipped in a quip about a baby (which, as a stipulation…

All The Looks From The 2012 Met Ball Red Carpet

It’s the buzziest, most fashion-oriented red carpet of the year and it’s finally here! Welcome to the 2012 Met Ball red carpet! We’re updating our red carpet gallery in real time so check back often. Click through to see all the looks. Photos: Gett…

Here Are All The Fashions Kanye West Hates

It’s been a while since Kanye went on a Twitter rant. His Cinco de Mayo/Derby Day “things I hate” rant will not live up to the epic DONDA rant of January 5 but it’s still pretty good. As far as we can tell, Kanye was driving through NYC (and by that…

Avengers Earns $200 Million In A Single Weekend For New Record

Well it looks like Ben may have already locked up the win in our Fantasy Summer Box Office pool. Ben had The Avengers, which exceeded even Hollywood’s most coke-fueled delusions, crushing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows‘s previous opening weeke…

Kickboxer Supercut: Kickboxer: Just The Kicking

Sometimes, you hear an idea for a Supercut and you just know it’s going to be good. For instance, “Kickboxer: Just the Kicking.” There’s no way that could not be good. After the jump I’ve got just such a super cut, and I’m willing to bet that it’s e…

The Finger-Wave Hair Tutorial

@The Lady of Shalott I've got super-curly hair, like mach 5, Felicity-level curly, like curlier than the after shot of Jane's Flashdance-esque curling tutorial. and to do this look, I apply a LOT of gel to wet hair, fingerwave the top down to the e…

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