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May 30, 2012

Why Politicians Delete Tweets

Sometimes it's because they're gaffes. Other times it's because they're strange. But most of the time, at least judging by the posts on Politweet, it's because they're just too boring.

How To Make Your Movie Better With A Typo

This looks a lot more interesting than the actual title of the film, Love in the Buff. Perhaps foreign companies will finally learn to use an English speaking proofreader (or at least a more clear font) before publishing?

Stately Sandwiches Look As Delicious As They Are Creative

The brain child of Kelly Pratt, Stately Sandwiches aims to put together the most delicious sandwiches representative of all 50 states. Here are a few she has done so far. What sandwiches do you think she should make for other states?

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