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May 14, 2012

Prom Gone Wrong Photo - Buzznet

I found a bunch of funny prom pictures online and thought I'd share with you guys! Do you have a bad prom picture you'd like to share with me? Post it in the comments and we'll add it to the gallery:P I've never gone to a prom but if anyone wants to…

'Swamp People' Star Mitchell Guist Dies

NEW ORLEANS, May 14 (UPI) -- "Swamp People" star Mitchell Guist died Monday morning along Louisiana's Belle River, authorities said.

9 Famous Breastfeeding Images

That Time cover is hardly the first to shock people with the image of a child suckling at the teet of a full-grown woman. Here are eight more famous photos of just that.

Of Course The Star Of "Pregnant In Heels" Gave Birth On Mother's Day And Of Course She Live-Tweeted It

Maternity guru and reality star Rosie Pope's new baby is named Vivienne Madison.

What Americans Think About Gay Marriage In 7 Charts

A Gallup Poll showed that 54% of Americans view same-sex "relations" are morally acceptable. Fewer think gay marriage should be legalized, and this percentage drops dramatically when civil unions are an option.

"First X-Men" Reveal Is Comic Lore Heaven

Professor X was only the middle of the story. There were mutants long before Charles took on the mantle of leader, and this will be their chronicle.

Signs You're Lonely

The latest trend on Twitter has us facing a tough question.

Thor Delivers Uncomfortable News To A Radio Listener

The Avengers had already smashed a bunch of records when it opened, and it broke more records this weekend. It crossed the $1 billion mark in only 19 days (only 12 films have done so) and became the first movie ever to bring in nine figures for mult…

Economic Opportunity Is Better Than Sex Ed At Preventing Teen Pregnancy

A new study says America's teen birthrate may be influenced by something that has nothing to do with condoms or sex ed: poverty. Teenagers who feel like they have no shot at economic success may be having kids instead.

Here's The Trailer For Mindy Kaling's New Show "The Mindy Project"

Bill Hader and Ed Helms make appearances, there was a talking Barbie and she is told she is a "raper of peace and quiet." So all in all, not too shabby! I'll be watching.

Fighter Jets Taking A Bubble Bath

Either that or the fire suppression system went off accidentally. You decide.

Mitt Romney's White Guys Say They're Not Boring

Mitt Romney will choose an "incredibly boring white guy" as his running mate, Politico reported Monday. Three of those white guys filed their protests with BuzzFeed; Tim Pawlenty declined to comment.

In A Post-Hunger Games World, Is Archery Going To Be The Breakout Sport Of The 2012 Olympics?

Will Katniss cause a ratings boom for one of the oldest sports in the world?

People Smiling For Pictures Without Realizing It's Actually A Video

Dean Fleischer-Camp — one half of the brains behind "Marcel The Shell With Shoes On" — secretly video taped people while they were posing for pictures on his phone, and then created this gem. He can't fool his fiance, Jenny Slate though.

3 Rocking Horses Of The Apocalypse

Pestilence was indisposed due to time constraints. Sculptor Carrin Welch needs to shrink these down and mass produce them because of reasons.

NBA Players' First Tweets After Getting Eliminated From The Playoffs

Losing in the playoffs can be traumatizing, but come on, guys. Some of these are just weird.

Paul Supporters Aren't Giving Up

The revolution lives! "Rock on! Freedom, then Pizza!"

15 Things You Didn't Know About "Game Of Thrones"

Brace yourselves, trivia is coming. (via

A French Woman Discovers What A Hipster Is

A "clueless foreigner" named Lorena travels around Williamsburg on a quest to find out what a hipster is. This is her journey.

Usher Has Somewhere Better To Be Right Now

"It's time for goodbyes on Saturday Night Live? One sec, I'm in the middle of a really intense round of Draw Something."

Why Tech CEOs Seem So Dumb

Most of them aren't visionaries! They're just middle-aged rich dudes. Tech CEOs are like the opposite of power users.

Penis Print Leggings Are An Actual Thing

For €119,00 I'm not sure what kind of women would actually buy these. PS - They are also available in mens sizes.

The 28 Happiest Photos Of A Soccer Miracle

Manchester City hadn't won a English league title since 1968, and had grown accustomed to tortuous, heartbreaking losses. Sunday, that all changed.

26 Gifs Of Really Clumsy Animals

These poor little guys just can't stay on their feet.

Kate Middleton's See Through Dress And Other Links

A concert in honor of British Olympians never looked so stunning. She knocked it out of the park. Plus, Jack the Ripper may have been a woman and Betty White announces her political leanings.

Romney Gets Facts Wrong On Gay Adoption

The former Governor cited "the fact that gay adoption is legal in all states but one." That's not correct, and where Romney got the statisitic remains unclear. UPDATE: The campaign says he's referring to Mississippi.

Why Women Really Like "50 Shades Of Grey": It's About Being Served

At a SiriusXM fan forum on the show, one fan of the book said she'd gotten so much, er, use out of it that "my vagina is sore." And a theme emerged: some women love the book because it shows a man doing all the right things in bed — without having to be asked.

12 Things You Missed While Howard Stern Was On Sirius

Howard Stern debuts as a judge on America's Got Talent tonight, but a lot of you haven't heard his show since he started on SiriusXM in 2005. Since I've been listening dutifully every day to the King of All Media for the last 7 years, allow me to bring you up to speed.

In The Style Of: Kooky Grandma

These sweet, old-fashioned, and slightly off-kilter pieces are inspired by the sort of things you'd find in your grandmother's attic. Just remember to take your curlers out before leaving the house.

Rihanna's Scaly, Reptile Boobs

On set for her latest music video for "Where Have You Been"? Rihanna's dinosaur boobs: hot or not?

You Will Never See People More Excited By Sports Than These Guys

Sky Sports' announcers during the spectacular Manchester City — Queens Park Rangers game went absolutely berserk. It's not often that you see a team win the championship with two goals in stoppage time.

See The World From The Perspective Of Puppies

It's everything I expected and more. What I wouldn't give to be a dog for a day.

Two Guys Take The "Ghostbusters" Tour Of New York

The guys at Bleeding Cool spent an entire day checking out all of the NYC locations of "Ghostbusters" — so you don't have to!

Ron Paul Is Basically Dropping Out

Paul says in a statement that he's ending his primary campaign. He'll still scrap for delegates, but the long march is over.

13 Steps To The Perfect Celebration

If sports have taught us anything, it's how to celebrate.

21 Reasons Why Baseball Used To Be Super Weird

Learning about America's pastime from bizarre and beautiful old photos.

Kim Kardashian Is Making Her Vogue Debut. Really.

So Anna Wintour (allegedly) may not want Kim Kardashian anywhere near her Vogue, but Franca Sozzani doesn’t seem to feel the same way towards Kardashian. Kim Kardashian just posted the above picture with this tweet (which goes out to, you know, the …

MTV Says "There's No Sex In Heaven"

This theory is illustrated via safe sex ads with flaccid angel penises doing non-sexy things. Muslims have beef.

You Don’t Need Drugs To Have Fun

There are so many better ways to have fun without them.

17 Unsettlingly Detailed Repainted Dolls

Noel Cruz has a very specific set of skills. You'll never be content with off the shelf reproductions again after seeing his talent.

How Pixar Almost Deleted Toy Story 2

Taken from the Studio Stories series included on the Blu-ray versions of Toy Story 1 & 2, here's a short story about how Toy Story 2 was almost erased before the film could be rendered for theaters.

Welcome To Life

Just skip over those Terms & Conditions, because you're going to agree to them regardless. Assuming you want to live.

Portman Defends Romney: "That Is Capitalism"

The veepstakes frontrunner gives no ground on Bain. He's not trying to be exciting, or boring.

Hello Kitty Flower Bouquets Exist In Japan

These were gifted to Lady Gaga in Tokyo over the weekend by a fan. She's so lucky, I really want one!

"Mad Men" Fashion Recap: Megan's Dressed Down Housewife Clothes And Betty's Chubby Clothes

Also, Pete's mistress plays with fur, man plaid sweeps the office, and more style highlights.

20 Best Friends Who Are Planning Their Lives Together

So, this is a cute thing that happens a lot. I am assuming that they are planning their lives together, but they could just be plotting their escape.

Adele Vs. Sonic 3

This awesome mash-up reveals Sonic and Tails really know how to roll. See what I did there?

Kobayashi Drinks Way Too Much Coffee With Jim Breuer

The world champ goes in to taste test some coffee and ends up drinking 42 cups. More shocking, however, is the total disregard in mentioning Kobayashi's incredible peep feat in their graphic. Snub city.

Larry David Has Joined Twitter

Hopefully he tweets a lot more than Dave Chappelle has.

1994 Romney For Senate Ad Says He Created 10,000 Jobs

The Obama campaign released two videos today, along with a new website, attacking Mitt Romney for plant closings at Bain Capital. In 1994 Romney countered similar attacks from Ted Kennedy in his ill-fated Senate race with this ad claiming he created 10,000 jobs. Romney now claims his time at Bain created 100,000 jobs, a number that has been attacked by Democrats.

The Video App That Fixed the World

VLC, a beloved free app that can play virtually any video, has been downloaded over a billion times as of last week. How did this odd little piece of software become one of the most popular in history?

Lena Dunham Had A Birthday Party At Spin Class

The Girls creator threw a 26th birthday party on Sunday in which she forced her friends to exercise on stationary bikes. Sounds like, err...a blast?

Introducing: The Banana Trucker Hat

Fruits will NEVER be the same. Use the photo editor give yourself your own banana trucker hat! Just like you've always dreamed!

Avengers Expected To Cross $1 Billion Worldwide After 19 Days

The Avengers be breakin’ records, y’all. More records, I mean. Following last week’s record for the biggest domestic opening ever, it also locks up:

Skrillex Eating Bacon

Ok, technically just *holding* the bacon. For those of you into those kind of things.

Peter Griffin Joins The Tea Party

Because of course he did.

JP Morgan Executive Ina Drew Steps Down After $2 Billion Loss

Drew, who became JP Morgan's Chief Investment Officer in 2005, announced her retirement today after taking much of the blame for the bank's recent huge loss. Prior to her resignation, she was one of the most powerful women on Wall Street.

Party Cruise. 4 Days, 3 Nights, 2 Ships, 1 Beer. Wait, What?

This better be the biggest beer, ever.

"Dark Avengers" Get A Reboot

No time like the present to milk anything with the word Avengers in the title. Of course, these guys are more the Island of Misfit Superheroes than anything else.

11 Ways You're Annoying On Twitter

You should never do these things. Never ever ever.

Cat Trains Puppy To Roll Over

That's right, puppy. You do as your betters tell you to.

15 Things NYC Can Buy With The Money They Saved From Having Almost No Snow This Winter

With a budget of $42.8 million and almost no snow this year, it makes me wonder, what are some things New York City could do with all that extra cash?

Jon Gosselin Has Officially Hit Rock Bottom

“He played Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and Rihanna and he took requests. He was nice and I had a good time.”

How To Borrow Your Boss' Lipstick And Other Lessons From "Girls"

Also explored: the difference between a notebook and a journal, basic sexual etiquette, and more.

Pat Robertson: Romney's Not Jesus, But We'll Take Him

The host of "The 700 Club" reminds Evangelicals that Romney could be their best choice — even if he is Mormon. [UPDATED]

Reminder: Do Not Drink And Sit On Window Awnings

Or else you may be subject to this.

Biff Tannen Carries Around An FAQ

Tom Wilson from Back to the Future fame gets asked so much about the movies that he carries around this business card to save time. (via

Vogue‘s Olympics Themed June Cover Features Athletes Hope Solo, Serena Williams And A Shirtless Ryan Lochte

Vogue is getting into the spirit of the Olympics for its June cover. The Fashion Spot posted this picture which promptly racked up several pages of comments on the forum. Shot by Annie Leibovitz, it features soccer player Hope Solo, swimmer (yum) Ry…

Metta World Peace Has Fighting Words For James Harden And Co.

Metta, are you really in the position to be calling James Harden a "substitute?"

This Dog & Owner Performance Should Win Every Competition Ever

On "Britain's Got Talent," Ashleigh and her dog Pudsey put on a "Mission Impossible" themed show that got even Simon Cowell smiling. Pudsey for president.

If This Doesn't Get You Pumped For The Olympics, Nothing Will

Vogue did a spectacular photo spread of the hot male Olympic athletes posing with model Karlie Kloss, wearing evening wear and this yellow Versace onesie.

What If Wes Anderson Directed The Movie "Battleship"?

Apparently, there is an even dumber way to do a film adaptation of Battleship. On the plus side, this would have a way better soundtrack I guess.

The Avengers Will Help Get You Pumped For Lakers/Thunder

The fan that made this better get a job at ESPN or TNT immediately.

A Horse Talking To A Giraffe At A Baseball Game

I thought it was weird when Cincinnati put David Lynch in charge of in-park entertainment.

The Best Of The "Restraining Cat" Meme

Don't do it, Carl. It's what the humans want.

The "Mad Men" Likability Index: Weight Watchers Was Much More Awkward 40 Years Ago

Betty struggles with her weight, Don struggles with feeling threatened at work, and Megan struggles with... nothing!

Funny "Black Swan" Promo Stunt

A mechanized, talking black swan is loosed on the French to promote the film on the "Canal+" premium channel.

TV Season Finales 2012: Spoilers For 'How I Met Your Mother' & More

It's that time of year, when TV series pull out all the stops for their season finales in the hopes of leaving viewers' jaws firmly planted on the floor. There are births and deaths, breakups and weddings, sad endings and happy beginnings, and (of c…

Ledbetter Act May Not Actually Boost Women's Pay

The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which increases the time people have to file gender-based pay discrimination lawsuits, hasn't actually upped the number of such lawsuits filed. And the wage gap has widened during the recession — women's salaries were 77.4 percent of men's in 2010, compared with 77.8 percent in 2007. One possible reason the gap isn't closing: it's not always easy to find out how much your colleagues make, so women who are making less than men may not even know it.

Bree Olson Is A Good Model

Actually the picture agency didn’t say who this model was, but I’m pretty sure it’s Charlie Sheen’s ex and super famous porn star Bree Olson, doing a photo shoot yesterday in the window of the Oliver Peoples store on Sunset Blvd (*).

Casting The Comic Book Heroes Who Should Have Movies

With the smashing success of The Avengers, superhero movies are bigger than ever. Here are my choices for heroes that need their own film. Fellow comics nerds: further casting suggestions are highly encouraged in the comments!

Why Is Pink Hair Still A Thing? We Investigate (Plus Tell You How To Get It, Keep It, And Lose It)

A bit of a mea culpa may be in order here. We reported (hoped?) that unnaturally-colored dip dye was a trend that was going to be left back in 2011. The spring 2012 runways (which we saw back in February of this year) proved that colored hair had mo…

Survey: Swedes Fear Gas During Sex

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, May 11 (UPI) -- A Swedish pharmacy chain said its survey indicates one in three women in the country have declined sex due to fears of flatulence during the act.

Sister Wives Talk Jealousy, Parenting And Mother's Day

But that's certainly not the only thing that's unique about Brown's family. When iVillage caught up with Kody and his wives -- Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn -- they dished about the challenges of their lifestyle, responded to their critics and …

Ronald B. Scott On #Bullygate: Memory Problem Or Honesty Problem?

Ronald B. Scott, author of “Mitt Romney: An inside look at the man and his politics,” says he was shocked for the first time when the bullying allegations against Romney were revealed. Scott says Romney’s lack of recollection of controversial events…

8 Social Media Clues About David Maraniss's New Obama Biography

The Washington Post writer's forthcoming biography of Barack Obama is widely anticipated, promising the first challenge to the president's own memoir. On top of an excerpt in Vanity Fair, Maraniss has offered a few hints on Twitter and Facebook of what lurks in the 672 page tome.

Eva Longoria Denies 'Desperate Housewives' Cast Feud

As the Desperate Housewives finale looms just a couple of days away, speculation about the cast's personal relationships continues to spread. Despite rumors that Teri Hatcher was on the outs with the rest of the original stars, Eva Longoria sets the…

Anne Hathaway Is In A Bikini, Odd Looking (Update!)

Anne Hathaway wore this little black bikini to the beach in Miami earlier today, in fact she’s probably still there as I write this, so hopefully some better pictures will show up soon. Because these aren’t that great. The haircut is especially …

How The Costumes Get Made At New York City Ballet

At the New York City Ballet’s spring gala last night (read about my misadventures here), the renowned company performed two world premieres–one choreographed by the company’s director Peter Martins and one choreographed by former principal dancer wi…

Marc Jacobs Seems To Be In A Feud With Graffiti Artist Kidult

On Tuesday, employees of Jacobs’s SoHo boutique found themselves dealing with the unexpected and unpleasant job of scrubbing their storefront after what appeared to be Kidult’s latest graffiti attack. The spray paint, a gigantically scribbled hot pi…

Exclusive: Watch A Bikini-Clad Gisele Bundchen In Behind-The-Scenes Video For New David Yurman Shoot

Yurman chose Malibu as the backdrop for his Fall 2012 campaign, starring Gisele and shot by Lindbergh. “The beach continues to be a favored backdrop for David Yurman because of its basic beautiful natural elements: sand, water and the sky,” a spokes…

Janitor, 52, Graduating From Columbia

NEW YORK, May 11 (UPI) -- A 52-year-old custodian at Columbia University in New York said he is scheduled to graduate with honors from the school this weekend after 12 years of study.

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