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May 14, 2012

Economic Opportunity Is Better Than Sex Ed At Preventing Teen Pregnancy

A new study says America's teen birthrate may be influenced by something that has nothing to do with condoms or sex ed: poverty. Teenagers who feel like they have no shot at economic success may be having kids instead.

Penis Print Leggings Are An Actual Thing

For €119,00 I'm not sure what kind of women would actually buy these. PS - They are also available in mens sizes.

Two Guys Take The "Ghostbusters" Tour Of New York

The guys at Bleeding Cool spent an entire day checking out all of the NYC locations of "Ghostbusters" — so you don't have to!

17 Unsettlingly Detailed Repainted Dolls

Noel Cruz has a very specific set of skills. You'll never be content with off the shelf reproductions again after seeing his talent.

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