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NBA Players' First Tweets After Getting Eliminated From The Playoffs

Losing in the playoffs can be traumatizing, but come on, guys. Some of these are just weird.

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Grizzlies center Hamed Haddadi employed a classic symbol of angst to show exactly how he felt after Memphis fell to the Clippers.

Teammate and notorious Twitter-er Tony Allen referenced the notorious G.O.D. in hopes of getting everyone off his back. Including his own family, apparently.

And after retweeting some brutal abuse from fans...

...O.J. Mayo wants us to know he's all good. Also, that it's his "blow," whatever that means.

Jeff Teague, meanwhile, has his priorities straight. (Full disclosure: I think he was describing "Man vs. Food," but it's funnier this way.)

Oh, what's that? You're stinging from a hard loss? Here, take this MIND VITAMIN, courtesy of god-he's-so-old-now Vince Carter.

Melo dropped some poetry. Looks like he might have to change his name to C.S. ANTHONY, whoaaaa.

J.R. Smith retweeted a bunch of haters and then hinted that they might not have J.R. Smith to kick around for much longer.

Last but not least, Delonte West did something very Delonte West-ian. Keep in mind that the Mavs got knocked out the night of May 5, and this tweet is from May 6, soooo at least we know what he did after the game.