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May 2, 2012

YouTube Is Launching A Lady Channel With Stars Like Jennifer Garner

The channel, called Wigs, will feature a number of original web series, all of them telling stories about women. They'll be produced and directed by top Hollywood directors and feature actresses like Jennifer Garner, Julia Stiles, America Ferrera, and Dakota Fanning.

"Perfect Strangers" Game Reveals Users' Secret Wishes

Someone made a "Perfect Strangers" video game where you type in a wish, then play as Balki wins points to make your wish come true. The game kind of cool, but the real payoff comes at the end when they show all the other players "wishes". Some are jokes, but some are awkwardly earnest (mine was "eat pizza" which is pretty honest -- I'm hungry).

Fascinating Trivia You Didn't Know About "Wings"

Not that "Wings"! Bonus Fact: Until today, most you didn't even know "Wings" was the most celebrated and accoladed silent film of all time.

40 Pictures Of The Tannest Woman In The Universe

Patricia Krentcil is the mother who is accused of taking her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning bed. She is also the tannest woman you have ever seen.

Photo: Barack Obama's New York Girlfriend

David Maraniss writes in his new biography about Barack Obama's relationship with Genevieve Cook, the daughter of an Australian diplomat, beginning in 1984, when she was 25 and he was 22. Here is a picture of a woman identified as Cook in the 1978 yearbook of Swarthmore College, which she attended.

Ten-Time All-Pro Junior Seau Is Dead

One of the NFL's greatest linebackers died today, reportedly from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. He was 43 years old.

Innocent California Student Forced To Drink Own Urine

Daniel Chong was "forgotten about" in a DEA holding cell for five days -- during which time he drank his own urine, lost his mind, and cut himself with glass -- until authorities finally heard his screams and remembered he was there. He should get a "get out of jail free for life" card for this.

The Ryan Gosling Workout

In hopes of testing out MillionShort — the search engine that removes the top million hits, leaving only the crap — I typed "Ryan Gosling" into the search bar. What I found was a totally misleading, stupid website.

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