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    16 Gross Pizzas From International Pizza Huts

    Other countries and the stuff they eat are, like, totally weird, amirite?

    1. Malaysia: Mediterranean Chicken Pizza with French Fries on top

    2. Malaysia: Golden Happiness Pizza with Pineapple-Topped Cheesey Stuffed Crust

    3. Philippines: Star Pops Pizza with Mini-Hot Dogs w/ Mustard Baked into the Crust

    4. Malaysia: Atlantis Pizza with Prawns, Eggplant, and Cheesy Stuffed Crust

    5. Japan: Shrimp & Mayo Roll Stuffed Crust Pizza

    6. Philippines: Suckling Pig Pizza

    7. Malaysia: Fish Prawn King Pizza w/ Stuffed Crust

    8. South Korean: Coconut Shrimp Pizza

    9. Malaysia: Pizza Sambal with Anchovies, Chilies, and Sambal Sauce


    11. Japan: Salmon Cream Stuffed Crust with Shrimp Topping

    12. India: Corn and Jalapeno

    13. Indonesia: Crown Crust with Chicken Finger and Honey Mustard Built-In

    14. Middle East: Crown Crust Pizza with Cheeseburgers

    15. Indonesia: Fish and Potato Chips Toppings

    16. India: "Full Punjabi" (actually this looks pretty good)