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May 3, 2012

What She Said: That’s What Friends Are For

I was the first of my friends to take the plunge with Botox. But over time, I’ve watched almost all of them succumb to the delicious temptation to stave off nature with injections.

Roman Emperors, Up To AD 476 And Not Including Usurpers, In Order Of How Hardcore Their Deaths Were

84-65 (tie). Titus (died in AD 81), Nerva (98), Trajan (117), Hadrian (138), Antoninus Pius (161), Marcus Aurelius (180), Septimius Severus (211), Tacitus (276), Constantius I (306), Gallerius (311), Constantine I (337), Constantius II (361), Theodo…

If I Won The Lottery… Photo - Buzznet

I found myself reading a fellow buzzmaker Kelties blog and she had done a post on what she would buy if she had a million dollars. I started thinking about the things that I'd buy and if I would I really wanna buy a lot of things at all so I made it…

15 Minute Fashion Head Band Tutorial Photo

The summer is almost here and I know you need something chic to rock at all your summer festivals and outings:) 3 Thinking of you, I found an easy way to make this fashionable head band. No stitches required and everyone should be able to make one i…

Conservative Activist: More Navy SEALs to Attack Obama

Joel Arends, the man behind the ad hammering the White House for “taking so much credit” on Bin Laden, believes more Special Forces operators will come out against Obama. Arends objects to the term "swift boat."

Are Teenagers Better At Solving The Thin Model Problem Than "Vogue" Editors?

As one 14-year-old led a well-publicized protest outside Seventeen magazine's offices, 19 Vogue editors drafted an apparently meaningless "Health Initiative."

Watch Mark Zuckerberg Explain Facebook As If It Came Out Yesterday

This video may be aimed at investors, but it's still dazzling to watch Zuckerberg, who as of today is worth $18.7 billion dollars, basically sell the service that nearly a billion people already use. If you ran into him in the street and asked him, "by the way, what's a Facebook?" this is pretty much what you'd get.

Is Watching Football Unethical?

Junior Seau's death raises a question that's going to gather momentum over the next few months: are we, the audience, partly to blame for football's brutality?

The Other Guy Named Mitt Romney

The Republican Presidential candidate is named for his father's cousin Milton "Mitt" Romney.

Sneakers Inspired By Popular Websites

Poor YouTube, their pair of Keds look like something you'd wear to go bowling.

Jeremy Lin Has A Replica Of His Jersey Made Entirely Of Fruit Roll-Ups

So this is a thing. The people at Fruit Roll-Ups felt the Knicks star needed this. Why? It's really stupid.

7 Things CNN Can Do To Make Us Watch Again

You've probably heard the latest report about CNN's terrible ratings. Here's what they could do to turn things around.

First Stills Of "Spider-Man" Lizard Villain

Of course, they're still copping out on showing us his face. But we do learn a couple of things. One: The Lizard is tall and loves his lab coat. Two: Peter Parker wants to make sure everyone knows that camera is his!

Transgender Woman Wins Mammogram Coverage After Fight With Insurance Company

Beth Scott's doctor recommended that she get a mammogram, but her insurance company, Aetna, refused to pay for it, saying the procedure was related to her gender-reassignment surgery. Under threat of a lawsuit, though, Aetna relented — the company has now apologized.

Who Built The 405?

Oberstar says it's Berman. This is what they're fighting about in L.A.

10 Stocks To Buy In May And Go Away

BOSTON (TheStreet) -- The stock-market adage "sell in May and go away" is particularly appropriate this year, given the uncertainties facing investors. The European sovereign debt crisis is dragging on, and the economic recovery is showing signs of …

Here's What Happens When Glamour Modelling Goes Wrong...

A leather-clad grandmother pouts and clutches a pair of handcuffs, while a plus-sized princess flashes a full foot of cleavage. These are just a few of the funny, bizarre and truly terrifying bad glamour shots going viral online.

The Comedy Awards 2012 Class Photo

Do you recognize these famous faces?

How To Get And Keep A Mentor

First off, know that I want to help you. I do. I enjoy being a mentor. This is largely because I’m so inspired by, and thankful for, my past and present mentors. I credit most of my career (in publishing) to the five or six people who took the time …

The Most Erotic "Sherlock" Fan Art [NSFW]

Fan art on the internet runs the gamut from "this is totally adorable" to "OH GOD MY EYES". In honor of the upcoming second season US premier of BBC's "Sherlock", we put this list together. Be warned: it gets graphic.

15 Reasons I'm Terrified Of Samsung's New Android Phone

This is the most ominous smartphone announcement I've ever seen. Apparently the Samsung Galaxy S III is "designed for humans." But for doing what to humans??

6 Amazing Photos Of Igor Vovkovinskiy, The Tallest Man In The United States Getting Fitted For Shoes

Igor Vovkovinskiy says "he's had 16 surgeries in six years to fix problems created by shoes that didn't fit. He's 7 feet, 8 and one-third inches tall with a shoe size somewhere between a 22 and 26." With the help of Reebok he will finally get a pair that fits (at a cost of $12 to $20,000)!

Black Women Overlooked In Stay-At-Home Moms Debate

Recent discussions surrounding stay-at-home motherhood has focused on Ann Romney, Hilary Rosen, and whether staying at home can be feminist. But some black stay-at-home moms say they're still constantly forced to justify their existence.

12 Steps To Surviving A Long Distance Relationship

Just because one of you is moving that doesn't mean your relationship is doomed.

Angelina Jolie Gets Silly In Silk PJs And Other Links

The U.K. version of Marie Claire got her to loosen up for their cover shoot. Plus, Skyrim is going online and maybe "LOST" isn't as over as we thought.

Which NBA Star Has The Most Embarrassing High School Photo?

The hunt through the awkwardness begins!

Rove Endorses Obama "Swift Boat" Ad

The ad from "Veterans for a Strong America" attacks Obama for, it says, taking too much credit for ordering the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. The endorsement of Karl Rove, whose allies attacked John Kerry's military service in 2004, will help the group raise money and encourage its anonymous backers.

Watch Justin Bieber Do The "Double Dream Hands" Dance

I'm pretty sure that Ryan Seacrest just failed at making "the ultimate viral video", but seeing The Biebs do the "Double Dream Hands" dance was pretty enjoyable, right?

Video Poker With Dogs Playing Poker

In 2002 (a really good year for the internet), someone made a video game version of the painting "Dogs Playing Poker". What a beautiful example of art inspiring someone.

Is The "Sorority Squat" The New Duckface?

This Reddit post seems to think so.

Engage Hyperspace -- Obi-Wan Kenobi Causes Five-Car Pileup Then Flees The Scene

Brace yourself Star Wars fans, your once great series has been dealt yet another serious blow — Obi-Wan Kenobi has been arrested for a hit-and-run incident. According to California police Kenobi, who was driving without a valid license, caused a fiv…

Miley Cyrus Adopts Adorable New Puppy

She named the sweet-looking rottweiler-beagle pup "Happy" because he was abandoned at a Wal-Mart and Miley didn't "understand how people can be so cruel."

Topps Has Given Kate Upton Her Own Trading Card

Super duper model Kate Upton took one more step toward immortality after Topps announced that she'll have a trading card in their upcoming set.

Conspiracy: Are Tilda Swinton And David Bowie The Same Person?

The Tumblr blog Tilda Stardust is making a very strong case for YES, THEY ARE.

Amusingly Horrible Things I Have Said: The Bracket

This is the last in a series of tournaments pitting the amusingly horrible things people have said to one another ... against one another. This round turned out to be a little trickier than the past few (see: strangers, moms, bosses, significant oth…

Who Follows The Romneys?

PeekAnalytics compared Mitt and Ann Romney's Twitter followers, and shared the results exclusively with BuzzFeed.

This Boy Has Failed Shopping Carts

That or he is about 9 months late to planking. You pick.

John Edwards Trial: Daughter Cate Leaves Court In Tears During Testimony Of Parents' Fight

Former Edwards aide Christina Reynolds was testifying about an argument Elizabeth Edwards had with her husband on the day in October 2007 that a tabloid published a story about his affair.

How People Came Out In The 1920s

Apparently it was a little more confusing back then.

The Obama Campaign Also Hit John McCain On Offshore Bank Accounts

Mitt Romney's Cayman Island investments have become a favorite Democratic attack. In the 2008, the Obama campaign took a similar line on McCain, using comments he made in Bermuda supportive of offshore accounts to paint McCain as a out-of-touch friend of rich tax dodgers.

Megan Fox Is The New Face/Body Of Sharper Image

This is a sneak peak publicity shot just released by the brand. She's of course wearing lingerie, because...because.

15 Things You Need To Know About The Blind Chinese Activist Who Became An International Incident

This is the remarkable story of Chen Guangcheng, the blind human rights dissident who has sparked a diplomatic crisis between China and the United States. It's a bizarre and terrifying story that involves everything from daring escapes to Batman.

Kind Of Creepy Stock Photo Of The Week.

Nothing to see here, as they say when they want you to look. Just a mother lovingly kissing her daughter. Very lovingly.

15 Rules For How To Act In Public

I've been noticing some bad behavior, and I think a refresher course is in order, people.

Emma Watson Looking Like A Troubled Young Hollywood Tee

Uggs, track suit, and thigh/forearm tattoo. It's for a movie.

This Is Our Country's Mona Lisa

An illustration of Mel Kiper, Jr. in this week's New Yorker might be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Meet "Success Kid," 5 Years Later

Ever wonder how the internets most successful kid turned out? Wonder no more.

The 30 Best Celebrity Name Puns

With a few fictional characters. So stupid, yet so funny.

Movies Starring Jimmy Fallon And Amy Poehler That We Never Saw

On last night's "Fallon", Amy and Jimmy shared and reminisced about some of the old movies they've been in — and one that isn't even out yet. I Highly recommend "Man Without a Nose."

Harmless: A Christian Horror Film About The Dangers Of Pornography

A group of Christian filmmakers have put together this trailer for horror movie about pornography. What you are about to see is NOT A JOKE.

1968 Union Carbide Commercial Boiled Baby Chick Alive

It was to demonstrate UC's new Super Insulation. I wonder if they suffocated any chicks while filming?

40 Horrifying Images From Kathie Lee And Hoda's Live Plastic Surgery Hour

The fourth hour of "Today" was dedicated to airing LIVE plastic surgeries throughout the episode and Kathie Lee and Hoda even got procedures done themselves! I know, I can't believe this was broadcast on morning tv, either.

53 Reasons Why Asians Are The Superior Race

By use of deductive reasoning, I have concluded that Asians are the superior race. This is scientific proof.

The Indiana Pacers Are Trolling Amar'e Stoudemire

"Please Do Not Hit" this fire extinguisher.

11 Tired Hipster Fashion Trends That Are All Over Instagram

Instagram is like a giant lookbook of what the girls of "so four summers ago" are wearing these days. All the trends kind of blend into each other to form a general look that resembles a hobo stripper. (See under: Rihanna.)

Neil Patrick Harris Meets Oprah

Because, of course.

What Happend To Sue Simmons During The Commercial Break

Sue Simmons, best known for this legendary blooper, had a little slip up on the news last night. Apparently she got hit by a ball in the breast? Listen closely.

Meet Rex Velvet: The People's Villain

Living in Seattle just got a lot more interesting. In response to vigilante Phoenix Jones, a new breed of super-villain has been born. Seriously. This is actually happening and not a parody of "Watchmen".

What Could That Noise Possibly Be?

A man asks: what am I hearing? The results may surprise you.

Hot Or Not Super Mega Ultra Extreme High-Waisted Pants Photo Yasi's Photos

High-waisted pants are a polarizing topic. Very few people stand in the middle of this debate; you either LOVE them or you think they are the most unflattering thing since nude spandex unitards. Whichever side of the pants-fence you're on, I'm prett…

The Top 10 Prada Red Carpet Looks From 1995 To Today

With the Met exhibit just around the corner, we’re expecting to see a lot of celebrities in Prada. While it might be difficult to imagine some of those runway frocks on the red carpet (we don’t see dresses over pants as a go-to for celebrities), it…

Ashton Kutcher Does His Best Karl Lagerfeld Impression

We thought for a second that Karl Lagerfeld had signed on to endorse yet another random product, but fortunately it’s just Ashton Kutcher playing “Darl,” one of five “bachelors” in a Pop Chips promotional video (below) that we guess is meant to poke…

The Playoffs' Best Dunk So Far Came On An Oop From Chris Paul

DeAndre Jordan slammed it home over one of the league's best defenders, Tony Allen. Yes, Allen's seven inches shorter than Jordan, but you have to appreciate the emphasis.

12 Things You Might Ask Yourself About Australia Fashion Week

Australia's Fashion Week is going on right now — and the pictures have me asking a lot of questions, including: is that Lindsay Lohan dressed as a nun?

3 Flying Squirrels Eating Peanut Butter

FACT: Squirrels prefer creamy peanut butter over chunky.

The Most Adorable Interview Ever

Tip to all athletes: Bring your adorable baby up to the podium with you.

Chocolate Candle Turns Cake Into Molten Deliciousness

God bless the French. Move aside, Singing Birthday Candle, FX Bakery is changing the cake game forever.

Why A Former NBA Star Is In Love With NASCAR

Current ESPN NASCAR analyst and former Cleveland Cavalier Brad Daughtery talks to us about why racing is a sport worth your attention.

Listen To 62 Years Of The Billboard Charts In One Place

Pour yourself a drink and settle into the couch. This is going to take a while.

Mitt Romney's 2008 Plan For Iran

Presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney has been criticizing President Obama for his stance on his Iran saying the country "will have a nuclear weapon" if Obama is reelected. In 2008 Romney proposed a plan to deal with Iran that called for tightening sanctions and isolating the country diplomatically. While Obama began by fulfilling his campaign promise of offering an olive branch to the Islamic Republic, he has more recently followed much of the path of Romney's 2008 plan.

Terrell Suggs Tore His Achilles Playing Basketball, Done For The Season

It looks like the Ravens will have to do without the reigning Defensive Player Of The Year.


How long until we see these on Lady Gaga and/or Nicki Minaj? Designer Elroy Klee is tempting me to pull out my old blocks and give this a try.

27 Reasons Why NBC's "Best Friends Forever" Should Not Be Cancelled

Save BFF! This show, only in its 4th episode, was taken off the air indefinitely and is now in purgatory between cancellation, and — fingers crossed — reinstatement on the air.

Online Dating Advice From Insane Dudes

My online dating profile isn't a request for guidance, and you sir are no Dear Abby.

Best Older Brother In The World

Makes you feel ok about peeing your pants.

Intense Double Rainbow

Spotted over Hamilton, Ohio.

Tinsley Mortimer's Secrets For Throwing A Surprise Bridal Shower Your Friends Will Love

The socialite, former reality star and debut novelist also answers reader questions about how to rock a high school reunion and mitigate awkwardness when meeting the boyfriend's folks.

Watch Jered Weaver Become Immortal

The Angels ace has been one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball for the last few years, but last night he wrote his name in the history books when he threw a no hitter.

The Infinite Strangeness Of Zazzle

Day and night, night and day, thousands of semi-automated Zazzle designers are pushing the frontiers of spam. This? This is art.

If The Avengers Were Cast By Adorably Super Animals

The Avengers movie comes out Friday at midnight, and let's face it, the movie would be way better with adorable animals saving the world.

After A Twitter Win, Romney Meets The Online Right

A united front against Obama and the liberal media. But: Huffington Post broke news of the meeting.

The Truth About Caramelized Onions

Tom Scocca wonders why recipe writers don't tell the truth about how long caramelizing onions really takes. Onions do not caramel

Portal 2 Makes Designing Test Chambers Satisfying And Easy

You might be surprised by how much fun creating your own Portal puzzles can be.

Secret Service Agents Paid 9 Of 12 Women They Brought Back To Hotel

Agency officials have interviewed 10 of the 12 women agents brought back to the Hotel Caribe in Cartagena, and say 9 of them were paid for sexual services. Some Secret Service agents have also submitted to lie detector tests, but others have refused — including the supervisor who tried to underpay an escort, kicking the scandal off in the first place.

Newly Found Apple Video Starring Steve Jobs As FDR

Titled "1944," it was meant to be a follow-up to Apple's famous "1984" Super Bowl ad. It is cringeworthy.

Doctor Has An Unfortunate Last Name

I mean, you wouldn't be able to help yourself either.

9 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Yard Sale

The latest viral buzz from

Lion Thinks Kid In Striped Hoodie Is A Baby Zebra

That kid is one cool customer.

Romney Has Momentum, But Paul's Fans Have Flair

Remember Ron Paul? Romney has momentum, but Paul's fans have flair

Rick's Cabaret Holds Pep Rally For New York Knicks

If you need proof that New York City is one of the greatest sports cities on Earth – I can’t rule out Middelfart, Denmark – it’s hard to look beyond the incredible enthusiasm that our good friends at Rick’s Cabaret constantly show for all of their t…

Lou Ferrigno: 'I Know How The Hulk Thinks And Feels.'

There’s a weird thing that happens to aging actors who have appeared in beloved cult classics. I suspect they spend so much time hanging around people with who are obsessed with whatever show they were in that they start to assume that everyone was …

Best Kate Upton Videos

There's one thing all men can agree on: We love Kate Upton. And she's worked for our love. From her latest video, in which she dances the Cat Daddy in the tiniest bikini we've ever seen, to the Dougie that made her famous, she continues to amaze us.…

Music Video Time: Die Antwoord Photo

I'm in love with Die Antwoord! Yolandis style is to die for and me and my friends have been obsessed with the latest track of theirs. If you haven't heard it yet, check it out: Check out my new The Creepiest Place In The World - The Island Of Dolls,…

Cheap Xbox 360 Contract Deal May Herald A Cell Phone-Like Future For Games

Microsoft is reportedly preparing a $99 Kinect bundle with a two-year contract.

Snarf That Scarf: Gaming's Coolest Scarves From

Scarves. Scarves. You like scarves.

Chargers' Junior Seau Found Dead, Apparent Suicide

OCEANSIDE, Calif., May 2 (UPI) -- Former football star Junior Seau died Wednesday of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound at his beachfront home in Southern California, police said.

Kirk Cameron Vs. Ian McKaye: Whose Birthday Party Sucked More?

One of our more memorable posts last year was the above picture of Kirk Cameron, seen celebrating his 41st birthday with a crappy cake, two chicks and 42 inches of Subway – though of course the chicks were fully clothed and one of them wasn’t even a…

Supervillain Rex Velvet's Video Is Anti-Phoenix Jones

We first met Seattle’s “real-life superhero” Phoenix Jones last October when he tried to escalate/break-up a fight between some drunk meatheads, along with a sidekick who appeared to be a vigilante Juggalo. Jones, who’s also known as amateur MMA fig…

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