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May 3, 2012

Watch Mark Zuckerberg Explain Facebook As If It Came Out Yesterday

This video may be aimed at investors, but it's still dazzling to watch Zuckerberg, who as of today is worth $18.7 billion dollars, basically sell the service that nearly a billion people already use. If you ran into him in the street and asked him, "by the way, what's a Facebook?" this is pretty much what you'd get.

7 Things CNN Can Do To Make Us Watch Again

You've probably heard the latest report about CNN's terrible ratings. Here's what they could do to turn things around.

Who Follows The Romneys?

PeekAnalytics compared Mitt and Ann Romney's Twitter followers, and shared the results exclusively with BuzzFeed.

You've Been Loki'd!

He's horning in on your bit, Biden! Tom Hiddleston trying to be evil is pretty much the most adorable thing ever.

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