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May 10, 2012

Burger Mania! 15 Crazy Hamburgers

What happens when you combine a burger, a patty melt and two grilled cheese sandwiches? The Fatty Melt, an over-the-top burger that doubles the gooey American cheese and toasty bread factor. Do we really need to be chowing down on two grilled cheese…

Obama Gay Marries Francois Hollande On A French Front Page

Here's tomorrow's cover of the liberal French newspaper Libération, celebrating both Obama's and President-elect Hollande's support for same-sex marriage. "They said yes!" reads the headline, calling it "a turning point."

A Tribute To Mom Fashion

Moms are the original hipsters: pure beings uncorrupted by irony. Let's hear it for moms, the most unpretentious people in the world. They've been shaping fashion since before you were even born. Here are some of their signature looks — and a look at how their kids have totally stolen them.

Erotic Fanfic About Bono In The Style Of "50 Shades Of Grey"

Today is Bono's birthday. In honor of him, please enjoy this 50 Shades of Grey inspired fanfic.

Battlefield 3 Relying On Its Community To Pay For Servers, Much To Players' Chagrin

Players are now forced to play on rented servers as official servers are all but gone.

25 Weird And Wonderful Bras From Triumph Lingerie

Luxurious undergarments and Japan's predilection for useless inventions, together at last. The Triumph Lingerie company is fond of unveiling novelty bras in Japan on a yearly basis, most of which never get past the prototype phase. Here are but a few.

Trekkies Get Their Own LMFAO Parody

Will this song ever not produce high quality spoofs? It's a year late to the party, but well worth it.

The 35 Greatest Animal Photobombers Of All Time

The most creative, innovative, and inspiring practitioners in the professional animal photobombing scene.

Welcome Aboard The USS Brogrammer

"Imagine a community that gathered one thousand of the boldest, brightest, and most talented tech entrepreneurs from around the world." Now imagine all of them living together on a boat anchored off the coast of Silicon Valley. This is a serious thing!

15 Ways To Make All Your Friends Hate You

I'm still doing all of these.

37 Unexplainable Photos Of Moms

Moms: they all have their quirks. Just be thankful if your mom is anywhere remotely close to being normal.

How Hillary Clinton Convinced Us Not To Care About Her Clothes

From pantsuit-shaming to being praised for shunning makeup, Hillary has convinced us to put as little stock in her wardrobe and appearance as she does.

6-Year-Old Turns An Unassisted Triple Play

Someone call up the last place Twins and get this guy a tryout.

What Lisa Turtle Looks Like Today

In terms of what some of the other Saved By The Bell cast has been up to, it could be much worse. I'm trying to figure out if there's a nice way to say "OH MY DEAR GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO LARK VOORHIES?!?!"

Missoula Residents Claim Girls There "Cry Rape"

Missoula, Montana is the subject of a federal investigation into its handling of sexual assault cases — there have been 80 reported rapes there in three years. But residents seem to believe local young women are making the whole problem up. Says one: "I think a lot of the sexual assaults are pretty fucking legit except for there are a lot of really slutty girls here who want to get with a lot of people and then they want to claim rape."

The 10 Best Sitcom Mothers Of All Time

In honor of Mother's Day this Sunday here are the top 10 sitcom moms of all time. Enjoy!

Watch A Couple Get Engaged On The "Colbert Report"

Definitely the cutest television engagement you'll see all day.

The New Poster In Obama Headquarters

This photo was posted on the President's Instagram last night.

11 Charts To Explain The NBA Playoffs

Because everything's easier with charts!

Vogue Korea Is Bringing Flappers Back

Elegant dresses and sparkly fascinators take the forefront. We've recycled the 70s, 80s and 90s. Can we borrow this trend from South Korea and get our glamour on?

Prominent Ron Paul Supporter Muses About Assassinating Mitt Romney

Adam Kokesh, a co-founder of Veterans for Ron Paul who received Paul's endorsement for his 2010 congressional run, contemplates a Romney assassination on his talk show. The Secret Service promises a "follow-up."

14 Other Things Moms Do When You're Way Too Old

The latest cover of Time stirs up the debate about how old is the right age to stop breastfeeding. But moms are always doing things for us when we're way too old for it, and sometimes it's our own dang fault.

How Joe Biden Convinces President Obama To Do Things

This is how things REALLY get done.

Mother Day Wishes From Superheroes

And one super villain. Even with superpowers, it's best to remember Mother's Day. She brought you into the world, and she'll come back from the dead to take you out of it.

Pedophilia Documentarian: "Eighteen Is Just A Number"

The documentary Are All Men Pedophiles? argues that we should be more accepting of sex between teenagers and adults. Unsurprisingly, not everyone agrees.

9 Reasons To Be Excited About Mindy Kaling's New Show

Fox just ordered a pilot of a show that The Office's awesome Mindy Kaling will write, produce and star in. Here's why you should look forward to it!

30 Times Rihanna Stuck It To The Man

This is the definitive "Rihanna giving the finger" list. She doesn't give a shit.

Bristol Palin Blasts President Obama For Supporting Gay Marriage, Says His Daughters Watch Too Much Glee

Here's what Bristol Palin had to say about the President endorsing gay marriage yesterday in a column for Patheos. My face right now ---> : 0

New Car Commercial Features Man Diving Between Wife's Breasts

It's titled "Boob Job". It's for the new Fiat Palio, via Argentina.

Tom Cruise Tattooed And Shirtless And Other Links

This photo is giving me conflicting emotions. How do we feel about this Internet? Plus, Olivia Munn talks about her tragic childhood and The Avengers clean-up would cost a fortune.

The New Ultimate Hipster Thing

It's a tiny skateboard made out of vinyl records. They're sold in Williamsburg, and they come with a pair of sunglasses. Your vinyl collection is totally complete now.

The One Way Bing Beats Google

Bing's upcoming redesign is all about the one thing it has the Google doesn't, and really can't: actual social search. I guess that's the price you pay for competing with everyone.

'The Amazing Spider-Man' Is Releasing 'Super Previews' Now

A four minute long “super preview” (whatever that means) of Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man will air during America’s Got Talent next Monday, promises the video below. The show airs at 8 PM on NBC. Will four minutes of Spider-Man be enough to ge…

Hot Or Not Snooki's 'V Magazine' Make-Under Photo Yasi's Photos

I love Snooki. I don't care what anyone says. She seems like a super fun time, she's nice and sweet and clearly DGAF. However, sometimes her combination of 42 different beauty products is a bit much for me. Luckily V Magazine features photos of the …

Painfully Erotic Stock Photo Of The Week

We're well beyond awkward with this one.

14 Reinterpreted White House Photos

Captions reflect only deeper truths.

Canadian $20 Bill Has Naked Ladies Atop The Twin Towers

At least that's what focus groups saw. It's in fact the Vimy Memorial in France, dedicated to Canadian soldiers who lost their lives in World War I. Certain participants in focus groups said the new bill contained imagery too reminiscent of the World Trade Center and was too pornographic.

In Praise Of James Harden, The NBA's Sixth Man Of The Year

So elegant, he can only be honored in verse.

Ultra-Realistic Hamburger Socks

You NEED these on your feet. And if not, this Japanese web store has a bunch of other fashion funwear you'll probably want to purchase.

1957 Arkansas Vs. 2012 North Carolina

It must suck to have parents who are on the wrong side of history.

Real-Life Quidditch Wants To Be Taken Seriously

"It's still not flying through the air, which would make this an amazing television event."

Romney High School Classmate:He Was Kind Of A Jerk

Mitt Romney's campaign is asking for old friends from high school to come out in support of him in response to a Washington Post story alleging Romney bullied a gay classmate and forcibly cut his hair. But according to one Romney classmate, Michael Barone, who is now a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, Romney was "kind of a jerk" like many other 14-year-olds.

How Do You Know She Loves You?

The latest viral buzz from

First Look! Who Is The New Iron Man?

That's a lot of classified panels. After everything that's gone down in The Invincible Iron Man" arc, maybe Tony Stark getting a hand is a good idea.

The Mitt Romney Bullying Story

The sad, troubling tale of when a teenage Mitt Romney attacked one of his classmates. The Washington Post found numerous eyewitnesses to verify this incident from 1965. Romney has since apologized.

Is The Free Internet A New God?

The connection between memes, the internet and the divine. It's more profound than you think.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Addresses "Boob-Gate"

JLH says that when she saw the ads for her show that were photoshopped to cover up her breasts she thought, "who played with my boobs — and not in a good way?"

North Carolina's New State Motto

Well, it should be.

AP Refers To The Wrong Cuomo

Mario Cuomo, father of current governor Andrew Cuomo, hasn't been the governor of New York since 1994. h/t Azi Paybarah

The Cast Of Top Gun Today

This is heartbreaking.

Nokia's Lumia Rap Video "Dev City" Is A Must See

I always welcome video parodies of Rack City with open arms. Especially when that video parody comes from a giant corporation like Nokia.

Should College Football Be Banned?

A sham of a public debate held on NYU's campus this week shows how far away we are from anything resembling a mature discussion about football.

Bachelorette Emily Maynard Meets Her Suitors

New Bachelorette Emily Maynard will start picking from 25 available suitors next Monday -- but Us Weekly has provided a sneak peek at her first encounters with a couple of her handsome bachelors.

John Travolta Has Proof That He's Innocent Of Sexual Assault?

Let's take a look at John's alibi first. The man who's suing him, a.k.a. John Doe, claims that Travolta tried to pressure and physically coerce him into sex during a massage at the Beverly Hills Hotel on the morning of Jan. 16. However, Travolta say…

Exclusive! Archie Resurrects "The Mighty Crusaders"

From the ashes, a new generation must rise. For the first time in two decades, Red Circle Comics is dipping their toe into the superhero pool.

Since Brad Pitt’s The New Face Of Chanel, Here Are Other Famous Dudes In Fashion Ads

Chanel announced today that Brad Pitt would be the new face of Chanel No. 5–making him the first ever male spokesperson for the iconic fragrance. That got us thinking: Could other storied brands go the same route as Chanel? Will we be seeing more ha…

The Most Amazing Photo Of Earth Ever

This photo was taken by Russia's latest weather satellite, the Electro-L at approximately 36,000 kilometers above the equator. The original photo (download it here) is a whopping 121 megapixels. Wowsers!

New Australian Vodka Ads Mock Polish People

Poles: Good at Vodka. Terrible at everything else.

Learn How To Relax With A Punch Punch Kick

Don't ask questions, just listen to Mr. Benefitness' wisdom. And Punch Punch Kick.

Japanese Cat With Lots Of Stuff On Its Head

The owners of this cat, Neko-Yanagi, put a lot of stuff on it's head. I'm ok with this.

A Man And A Goose Have A Lightsaber Battle

Because everything is more entertaining with lightsabers.

How To Do Duckface

Start with tanner. Add booze. Then upload your raging hotness.

The 15 Sexiest Moments From Ryan Gosling's New Gangster Movie Trailer

Warning: lots of gangsters, guns, and Gosling ahead in this post.

Horrifying Picture Of Anja Rubik

This picture isn't photoshopped. I swear.

Cat Coaches Pushups

"Come on soldier! Is that all you've got?! Give me 20 more. RIGHT MEOW!" Or something like that. Anyway, the cat is coaching pushups. Lookit.

Andrew McCutchen Is Crazy Fast

The perfect video to show someone who says baseball is boring.

Prepaid Cards Growing In Popularity

Increasingly, Americans are deciding that prepaid cards are a good idea. In fact, prepaid cards are one of the few banking services products that are on the rise. A brand new study out from Javelin Research shows pre-paid card use was up 18% in 2011…

Howard Stern's "Today" Show Antics Lead Him To Ask Matt Lauer If He's On Crack

This morning on "Today," the king of all media himself announced he "liked Al Roker better fat," right before jumping into Matt's lap and planting a big ol' kiss on him. Here are the best moments from his interview.

Chris Brown And Rihanna Are Feuding Again

Chris Brown is the worst.

Breastfeeding Three-Year-Old On "Time" Magazine Cover Might Regret This Later

Next week's Time cover features a mom proudly breastfeeding her three-year-old. Hope the magazine is planning on paying this kid's therapy bills.

Prince Charles Now Moonlighting As BBC Weatherman

This is the most British thing you'll see all day.

The Funniest GIF Of The NBA Playoffs

No wonder the Knicks lost. This is bad karma, Amar'e.

Airport MCA Tribute

Puns are almost always evil and wrong. But sometimes, they help heal the pain.

Time Magazine's Provocative New Cover

The print giant adresses the debate over attachment parenting with a bold cover image of a 26-year-old mom breast-feeding her almost 4-year-old son.

Stephen Colbert To Anna Wintour: "Don't Suck Me Into Your Gay World!"

The Vogue editor-in-chief was on the show last night to talk about her staff's tears for joy over Barack's gay marriage endorsement — and ask Colbert why his clothes are so drab.

The Most Epic Movie Scenes Of All Time

Can you name which movies they are from?

Why Beauty Salons Are So Foolish to Ignore Black Hair

A stylist at the ritzy New York salon Orlo is suing her former employers for allegedly berating her for bringing women of color into the salon. But doing just that is actually incredibly smart business.

Survey: Women Want Sex Most On Saturdays

According to a survey by Women's Health magazine, women feel friskiest at 11 PM on Saturdays. Also, 40 percent of women surveyed said they'd had sex outdoors.

Obama's Gay Marriage Shift Puts Pressure On Other World Leaders

Other countries now asking their leaders to take a side.

A Mitt Romney Gay Rights Timeline

President Obama came out in support of gay marriage yesterday. Here's a look at Mitt Romney's early support for some gay rights, and his move away from that.

How Barack Obama Lost Hollywood

Last time they fell in love, volunteered, gave millions, but now "they hate him." Can gay pride and a Clooney bash make his star twinkle again?

Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: 7 Stocks To Scoop Up When On Sale

Search Jim Cramer's "Mad Money" trading recommendations using our exclusive "Mad Money" Stock Screener.

The Old Republic Still Going Strong, Even With A 400k Subscriber Drop

The Star Wars MMO still has 1.3 million subscribers, but threats are looming.

Obama Still Hates Gay Marriage, No Matter What You Want To Think

Some people are confused! • "Why doesn't Barack Obama just come out in support of gay marriage?" asks the Guardian. Uh, because he doesn't believe in it? • "'The gay community was fully happy in their belief that he ‘wink, wink’ supported it,' a t…

What Are The Best Audiobooks For A Road Trip?

Summer is on its way (let's ignore this dreary spring)—and for many of us that means climbing into a car and driving for a long, long time to reach wherever our vacation is taking us to (the beach! college reunions! Chicago!). And what better distra…

Wolfenstein 3D Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary In Style

With Wolfenstein 3D celebrating its 20th anniversary this month, it's fitting -- if unexpected -- to see a nearly 30-minute developer commentary track from industry legend John Carmack exploring his memories and recollections from the early days of …

Unnecessary Censorship Meets Chevy Volt

Conservatives borrow the meme for a favorite automotive target.

Obama's First Gay Mentor Calls President's Move Brave, Cynical

Lawrence Goldyn knew the future president at Occidental College, and only learned Obama remembered him when he Googled himself. "Imagine what that's like ... to learn how much of an impact you had on that student," he tells BuzzFeed in a rare interview.

One More Reason To Be Excited For Prometheus -- It's Finally Confirmed To Be R-Rated

Time to breathe a sigh of relief fans of people going splatter in outer space — it’s finally confirmed that Prometheus will be R-rated. Ridley Scott filmed both a PG-13 and R version of the movie, and for months Scott and FOX have been vague about w…

The 10 Credit Card Commandments

MainStreet outlines the 10 steps that will ensure consumers don't take their credit cards in vain.

Why Donkey Kong Country Is A Better Platformer Than Super Mario Bros.

Donkey Kong Country was the game that began Rare's ascent to creative bliss. Anyone who owned a Super Nintendo or a Nintendo 64 has undoubtedly fond memories of playing any number of the British developer's classic titles, whether it was slappin…

Layla Kiffin And The 25 Hottest College Football Coaches' Wives

The start of the 2012 college football could not come soon enough, but we are less than four months away from everything getting underway...

Here Comes OpenLeaks: How It Won't Be WikiLeaks

Almost exactly a year ago I spoke via email with ex-WikiLeaks spokesman Daniel Domscheit-Berg. He and the four or five others who'd defected from WikiLeaks in September of 2010 were already at work on OpenLeaks, a successor organization with the sam…

Mindy Kaling Just Got Her Own Show

She'll be writing, producing, and starring in It's Messy, which was just picked up by Fox. She'll play "a young Bridget Jones-type doctor." It means she'll be leaving The Office but needless to say, this is EXCITING.

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